The Date

by Tabooteller

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, True Story, Interracial, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A romantic date between a husband and wife-with spanking.

Writer's Note: This story is mostly true. I made up some of the conversation and thoughts, but according to an online friend this is the way it happened, which is why I decided to make it First Person from the wife's Point of View. The names have been changed to protect the guilty, even though the only thing they are guilty of is having fun married style. :)

I came out of our bedroom feeling excitement and anticipation. This was my husband's and my first date since the birth of our child six months ago. Actually it had been eight months since our last date, for we stayed close to home the last two months of my pregnancy.

I was wearing my LBD - Little Black Dress - that both Ryan and I like. It is low cut even though it doesn't show too much cleavage. The hem ends at my knees, and it's a thin almost formal dress, so it shows off my shape nicely.

By the look on my husband's face I knew he was thinking that he wanted to stay home so he could pull the dress off of me. I could see his love and passion for me in his expression and in his body language. An online friend said I must be exotic with my almond eyes and very dark skin. I'm not sure about that but I do know my husband thought of me as hot with a capital H.

Little Halle was at my parents' so there would no interruptions. However as tempting as his idea sounded - he is tall and, with his broad shoulders, red wavy mane of hair and lighter red beard, he looked hot in his outfit and, even though his lighter skin looked almost pale next to mine, it looked good on him - I wanted to go out with him. We would have time to give in to our mutual passion after we got back home. As it turned out things didn't work out quite as I envisioned them, but I didn't mind.

He wanted to go in my car, a Mustang, since it was more sporty and looked like it was what a couple out on the town should drive, not to mention it got better gas mileage than his. I didn't mind so we drove to the restaurant in it.

We were seated quickly and ordered quickly. I had a glass of wine before dinner and another two with the meal. We talked about each other, our friends and such. I kept leaning forward as I talked to him so he could see down my dress. I had on a half bra so he got a good shot at my breasts. Twice I noticed he lost his train of thought when I leaned even further.

When the waiter brought our salads, I noticed his eyes going up and down as he looked at me. He smiled as he asked me if we needed anything else. With his head turned only my way, I almost giggled as a picture formed in my mind. It was of him placing Ryan's salad down without looking and the salad ending up in Ryan's lap.

When the guy left I decided this was a good time to tease Ryan.

"You better be sweet to me, Honey. It looks like I have options."

He grinned and told me, "You better make sure the guy can pay the house mortgage."

I was relieved at that, since Ryan can get jealous at times, but tonight he wasn't feeling threatened. Perhaps he knew me well enough by now to know that I was his alone.

As we talked and chatted through the salad and main course, I continued to lean forward, making sure Ryan could see down my top. Every time I heard the waiter come by I straightened, for my show was only for my husband. Once though the waiter may have seen more than I intended. I was so into the discussion with Ryan that I didn't hear or see him come up when he suddenly asked if there was anything else we needed. I jumped, straightening in my seat faster than I thought possible. He started to apologize, but I had recovered by then and told him it wasn't his fault. I added that he was doing a very good job.

There was a reason he had come by unexpected like that. I was feeling a little giddy because of our night out and the wine I had drunk already, so every time our waiter came by I looked at his eyes and I told him how good a job he was doing, no matter how small the job had been. As I said before I always sat up when he came by, but he was very attentive, checking on us more often than waiters usually do.

I would glance at Ryan while I was talking to the waiter and he had a small secret smile on his face, like he was trying not to laugh, or because he was thinking that I would get mine later for teasing him like that. It turns out that my second guess was correct; he did get back at me, but I didn't mind.

Dinner was very nice, not only the food, but being out with Ryan, and being able to tease him like I was. I kept tapping the top of his foot with mine, or rubbing the side of his foot with mine.

I had a warm glow about me, since Ryan was taking my teasing well tonight. He knows what I'm like and he loves me and trusts me not to go too far. All that was very comforting and as I said produced a warm glow in me. This continued with desert, where I had a last glass of wine. I started rubbing the top of his foot with the bottom of mine. I slipped off my shoe and was rubbing him bare footed. As I said I had been doing that all evening, even while talking to the waiter which had made Ryan smile that small smile even more.

Ryan had been alcohol free the entire meal, so it was obvious that he would have to drive home, which I didn't mind, I could tease him some more on the way.

We were finally done and he paid the bill, but on the way out I got a hint of what was to come. As we were walking out of the restaurant, I said softly, "Was I bad girl? Do I need punishment?"

He said, "You bet your ass you do," then he swatted my bottom hard.

He had said that loud enough for people standing around us, to hear him. I felt like I almost blushed because I knew people would be staring at us even though I didn't look.

One thing I didn't expect though was that the public humiliation was a turn on. I was already aroused being with my husband and watching him as he sat on the other side of the table. I love his beard; sometimes I've even thought about licking it so I could taste it as well as feel it and look at it. He looks so good in it. Added on top of that was the knowledge of what we would be doing later, and now this unusual teasing by my husband added to my arousal.

We got in the car, Ryan put down the top and we drove away, but we didn't end up back home, as I thought we would. Ryan pulled into a parking lot of a store closed for the night. He drove around to the back, then stopped and turned off the engine. We both looked around to make sure we were really alone and we were. We had had sex in the car in semipublic places before - the chance of discovery added to the thrill, and being naughty also added to my enjoyment - so I knew what he had in mind. I thought I knew that is.

As soon as he stopped I unbuckled my seatbelt and after we looked to make sure we were in the clear I sat there for a moment. I wasn't sure what he wanted exactly. He surprised me be suddenly reaching over and grabbing me, pulling me his way.

I let out a small sound because I hadn't expected that, even though I should have. He pulled me partially over his lap faster than I was able to react, even if I had wanted to. He pushed my head over so I wouldn't hit the steering wheel, but that was the only concession he gave to my comfort. Ryan positioned me so that my elbows were on his door handle and my knees were on the console that was between us. Actually I had to help him position me just right, which kinda ruined the event, but we both ignored that. He ended up using his left arm to help keep my body up.

This all happened so fast that he was pulling up my skirt before I knew it. I had worn a thong that evening and so all he had to do was raise one hand and bring it down hard on my butt cheek. I didn't see him move his arm, so I was still thinking that he was going to play with my vagina when his hand landed.

It stung enough so that I let out a yelp. As I said I should have expected it for I liked being spanked at times, but for some reason this was a surprise.

He hit my other cheek, and I yelped again.

He said, "You were naughty tonight - flirting with that waiter in front of me."

He slapped my butt again. He had to reach further than usual when I was over his knee, but his swats were still hard enough to sting.

As I said he has broad shoulders and arms like a weight lifter. He uses his arms a lot on his job and doing things around the house, which meant I was in for a long spanking, even if he had to reach.

Sometimes he would pull his hand up and leave it there for a moment causing me to flinch in anticipation of a blow that didn't come. Then he would bring his hand down hard enough to elicit a cry from me. He would spank one cheek for a while then switch to the other for the same amount of blows, while other times he would alternate blows going from one cheek to another then back to the first. He did it long enough so that each new swat hurt more than the last one. And his style kept me from knowing when to expect the next slap. Every time I thought I had his rhythm he changed it, so I never knew when the swat would land, or on which cheek.

His hands are large to go with his body, which meant that each slap covered most of one cheek. That meant the whole surface area stung each time his hand landed.

Toward the end I couldn't help myself; each slap on my butt hurt, and I cried out involuntarily. Of course I usually didn't try to keep silent for he liked hearing me yelp. It let him know that he was doing it right. But that night I couldn't stop it even if I wanted to. I sarted making my special mewling sound: a kinda of grunt I let out when he slaps my butt. It's something like a pain sound, but its also a pleasure sound at the same time.

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