The Date Revenge

by VampDragon

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Magic, Slavery, Fiction, MaleDom, Light Bond, Harem, Lactation, Water Sports, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Jake gets teased then dumped. What happens when magic is used on the bitch?

Well life is great now but getting to this point was a hell of a time.

It all started about four years ago in my freshman year of college. I was attending the local state college for four years to get a Computer Science degree. This was my school of choice as it is well known as a leading Computer educator.

A little about me, my name is Jake, and I'm about six feet tall with a slim build. I usually dress in jeans and a T-shirt or Sweatshirt if it is cold. Wire rimmed glasses frame my brown eyes and I have short clipped brown hair, as if I let it grow out, it gets truly unruly. I have had a little experience with the girls, but they usually pass me by for the jocks. I did well in my classes and had a 3.0 GPA throughout high school. That usually got me the nerd tag but I cared more about the grades than a social life. The only thing that got me dates and laid at the prom is that my family is filthy rich.

I still live at home with my mom Pattie, in a huge mansion. My mom is just a bit shorter than me and has a nice figure. I always got along fine with her and we like to spend Sundays at the movies watching all different sorts of films. It is only the two of us as I am an only child because my father was killed in a car crash when I was three. The accident was caused by a truck driver for a very big company and we got a huge settlement.

On Friday of the first week of classes, during the last class of the day I was shocked to be asked on a date by one of the hottest girls in the class, Melanie. She is a super hot cheerleader with blonde hair down to her waist and an amazing five and a half foot tall athletically built body. Her best asset is her ass though; those massive tits on her chest are a very close second. Of course once I am over the shock I agree to the date and we make it for seven that night, dinner followed by a movie.

I drove the Mercedes home and got there just after five, as my mom pulled up in her Vette. We entered the house and I told her of my date and she gave me the standard talk of being a gentleman and to have a good time. Rich doesn't mean spoiled! I told her that Melanie was picking me up and went to get ready.

Melanie picked me up at about 7:10 and we were off to dinner. After a meal at an Italian restaurant, I paid the bill (my idea). We got to the 8:30 showing of a romantic comedy, her treat (she insisted). The movie was a dud to me but she laughed her ass off so it was a great date. After the movie finished she took me to the local lovers point and we made out, but she stayed dressed the whole time. She dropped me off at home and with a quick kiss on the lips, she was gone. Well I did get a date for next week. I'm not much of a football fan but I did go to the stadium for Saturday's home game to watch her cheer.

This was the pattern for the next five dates. With me being the one to ask her out, I paid for the meal, and the movies. Of course, after the second date, I had to buy her a dress to wear to the restaurant with the jewelry to match. The dresses got progressively racier, but I never got past feeling her up over the dress. The restaurants, as well as the dresses and, jewelry, also got progressively pricier. Every date we had she'd tell me that the next time she'd be comfortable enough with me to go further. I was getting to know her and thought that I was falling in love.

On the next date she told me that she thought she'd be able to go further but wanted me to buy her something to prove my faith. So I went and bought her a diamond and gold locket with my picture inside. She said that she loved it, loved me, and that on our next date we would go all the way. That made my weekend and I was floating all around the mansion. My mom was happy that I had found love, and was excited for me.

Then came Monday, I got to Comp Theories class that I shared with Melanie, I had just looked around the door and got the shock of a lifetime. She was hanging all over Burt the football star showing him the locket and bragging to him and her friends how she was taking me for a ride. I saw her lean over and kiss Burt and grab his crotch. I was so devastated that I ran from the room and went to my car.

I'm still not sure how I made it home that day. The one thing I do know, it is the close relationship with my mom that helped me turn my life around. When she saw my car and me sitting there without getting out of the car, she came out to see what was up. She took one look at my face and saw the tear tracks and was able to figure it out. Somehow, she was able to coax me out of the car and into the living room where I crashed onto the couch. She grabbed my hand and gently asked me to explain what had happened. In a very tearful hour, I told her of what I saw and since Melanie hadn't noticed me, what I had been able to hear.

This of course caused her explosion. After a good 10 minutes of cursing which included multiple repetitions of the word bitch, she calmed down. She asked me to wait right there and she'd be right back. I was too drained to move anyway, so it was all good. When she reappeared, I was shocked at her expression. She had a very determined look on her face and carried a book that I had never seen.

If that shocked me, what I heard next completely blew my mind. She pulled a chair over to sit next to me and pulled my hand into both of hers. She said, "Jake I was hoping to never have to share this with you. Now I want you to listen closely and please save all questions until I am done. Will you do that for me?"

All I could do was nod. She continued, "Jake for the last 20 years I have completely ignored the fact that I am a witch." She nodded at the shocked look on my face. "Yes Jake, a witch. In fact I was and still am one of the most powerful witches in the country. I had promised your father that I wouldn't practice magic around you or him. And until today I had no need to use it. But this treachery upon your person cannot be tolerated. I can easily forgive Melanie's manipulation for the gain of monetary items. But this crushing of your heart I can never forgive. The fact that she promised sexual favors for gifts may be a practiced art. But there is no excuse for stringing you along then crushing you on the day after the promised favors were going to be paid.

"Now as to how I can help you? That is easy; do you still have the receipt to the locket?" I nodded, "OK then great, I can use that to link a spell onto it, and through the locket onto Melanie."

She then explained to me the principles of magic and what it could do. After that, we got into the discussion of what to do to Melanie. The talk lasted so long that the thought of food was forgotten until my stomach rumbled. A bathroom break was called and mom ordered a pizza. After the bathroom break, we sat at the kitchen table and continued the discussion. A tip to the driver 20 minutes later signaled the pizza. After the food was gone and leftovers stored, we had a general plan.

A curse was going to be placed on Melanie. She could get excited twice as easily, but couldn't cum without a word from me. Just to be mean, the word decided on was 'sack.' Fitting since she dumped me for a quarterback. So now, unless I said the word sack, she couldn't cum. Just to punish her more, I added another layer to the spell. From now on, her arousal level will not go down until she orgasms. She just gets hotter and hotter and stays that way until she cums.

With the plans set, I went and got the receipt and gave it to mom to cast the spell. About 25 minutes later, with gestures and words that I'd never follow, it was done. This made it late enough for me to go to bed and surprisingly, I was able to get my sleep without any nightmares of what Melanie had done to me.


It wasn't until Wednesday that I had the class with Melanie again. The sight that greeted me then was much different. A frazzled Melanie was yelling at Burt about how he couldn't satisfy her. It was funny seeing the neat and tidy cheerleader so upset with her hair all frizzed out. I walked over to her and asked her what was up. She had no idea what to say to me and asked to talk to me after class. During the class she was constantly fidgeting and squirming in her seat. Knowing that she has probably been close to cumming for some time I decided to have a little fun. Right at the end of class I ask Burt in a voice just loud enough for Melanie to hear, "Hey Burt I missed Saturdays game, did you get sacked?"

The resulting reactions were so hilarious I had a very hard time not to burst out laughing. Melanie was unable to hold back a gasp as she exploded into orgasm. Burt's answer of no was barely heard. He looked at her but was unable to see what happened. Puzzled and knowing that Melanie was pissed at him, he just left the class. Burt had missed Melanie's physical reaction which caused most of the hilarity. She was in the process of getting up and sat back down hard. She slid forward while almost spreading her legs wide enough to see up her ankle length dress.

The only other person who saw and heard Melanie's reaction was Ai, a Japanese exchange student who was a fellow bookworm like me. Ai was a short 5 foot tall very slim woman. She had straight jet black hair down to her knees, and usually dressed in a white button down shirt which covered her small breasts. This was complimented by a black knee length leather skirt, and heel boots up to mid calf. Ai of course recognized the signs of orgasm, but was very puzzled as to why Melanie reacted like that just at the end of class. Ai reached Melanie while I was chatting with Burt. I was able to overhear Ai's questions as the conversation with Burt was so quick.

Ai asked, "Are you OK?" At Melanie's nod Ai continued, "Wow that must have been some cum! But why were you doing that during class? I know the professor is boring but did you have to during his class?"

Melanie now recovered softly said, "I have no idea. I have been super horny all day today then just at the end of class I came like a cannon shot. I swear I wasn't even touching myself during the class, it just happened!"

With a smirk to myself that Melanie hadn't figured out my key-phrase I ask, "Did you still want to talk Mel? Oh and Ai, can you hang around for a sec I want to ask you something?"

Ai nodded and walked over to the doorway. I focus on Mel and say, "Well?"

Composed now and relieved of her sexual tension she said, "Jake I'm sorry but there is no way we are going out again. I like you but you just aren't aggressive enough for me. Besides Burt is 3 times bigger than you are and I only like the big dicks. Hope we can still be friends?"

I put on a sad face and said, "Well Mel I'm sorry you feel that way. You know I was in love with you? Well you managed to shatter my heart on Monday. You do know I saw you coming on to Burt didn't you?" With a hard edge to my voice and a very stern expression, "Doesn't matter now, and I'm sorry but the only thing I'd ever let you be to me now is a slave. Oh yea and you will ask to be that soon, I can feel it."

Melanie is so shocked at the last; all she can do is stare at me. She snapped out of it and gathered her stuff together. She left without another word. I gathered my things and followed her to the door to speak with Ai. I had fun looking at the huge wet spot on the back of Melanie's dress as she left.

Ai also noticed the wet spot and had to hide a small grin as Melanie blustered by. I asked Ai, "Do you want to catch a quick bite at the Quad?" She nodded and we talked as we walked there. I found out that she was still looking for a permanent residence for the summer and the rest of her school years. She wasn't happy with her roommate and would even like to get out of the dorm. While eating I also got to know her hobbies and interests and found that they closely matched mine. We got along fine and I knew that she was a nice girl so I had to ask, "Ai? Would you like to go to dinner and a movie with me?"

She replied, "But Jake I hardly know you. We do seem to be getting along fine now, but I have to ask what is up between you and Mel?"

I tell her of my dates with Mel and how she led me along. How I had thought it was love then as soon as she promised me sex, she bumped me for Burt and didn't even have the nerve to tell me until today. That I had been so crushed to see her all over him on Monday that I had to go home. I even told her of how the only way Mel would ever be in my life is as a slave and a lowly one at that.

What I didn't know was that the slave sentence hit a hot spot with her, and not in a bad way. Her whole body language changed and she said with feeling, "Jake if you can do that, I will marry you!"

Shocked I gasped, "Let me get this straight. If I enslave Mel, you'll be my wife?"

Ai said with a straight face, "Yes Jake. Please make her your slave and me your wife. Oh yea and yes why don't we go on that date."

Floored I say, "Sure but I need to go home first, let mom know and get changed into date clothes. Do you want me to walk you to your dorm?"

Ai said, "The heck with that, I'm all ready to go now. Can I go to your house with you?"

I had no problem with that and led her to my car. As soon as she saw the Mercedes she let out a squeal. It was the only car in that lot so she knew it must be mine. I led her over to the passenger door, opened it for her and guided her in. She was looking all over the car and it was a joy to watch her. After she settled down, we belted in and drove home.

She was enjoying the scenery until she noticed my direction. She recognized the area that we were heading to and had to ask, "Jake? Are we going to The Gates?"

The Gates is the rich area of town of course. I said, "Of course Ai. You know Mel was only after me for my money right?

Ai was quiet for almost the rest of the ride until I turned into my driveway. "Holy Shit!" She exclaimed, "This is your house?"

"Yep" I got out of the car and went around to open the door for Ai. She was so shell-shocked that I had to pop the seatbelt and guide her onto her feet. I gently grasped her hand and led her to the front door. As we reached the door, mom opened it.

She had a big smile on her face as she asked, "Who is this lovely girl? Jake you sure rebounded fast from that bitch Mel."

I introduced mom to Ai, "Ai this is my mother Pattie. Mom this is Ai, She is in my Comp Theories class and saw Mel's reaction to my sacking question. Ai will you please tell mom about your offer concerning Mel?" With that not so subtle hint I went to change.

Once dressed in my suit I walked into the kitchen where the women were seated. They were chatting up a storm and getting along great. Ai saw that I was ready to go so she got up and grabbed my hand. As I led her out the door, I looked back at mom and with a smile she gave me a big thumbs up.

As soon as we were in the car Ai slapped my shoulder, "Bastard! Do you realize how embarrassing that was? I love your mom, she is so cool. Of course you do realize that now you have no choice. You MUST marry me! After she calmed me down from my embarrassment she explained what you meant by sacked. And we both blew up laughing when I told her Mel's reaction. Can you do me a favor and say that at least ten times during class on Friday?"

Laughing I said, "Sure no problem. Ten huh, you must really like Mel. If I do that she is sure to figure out what is happening to her. I'm sorry I embarrassed you but that was the best way to get mom to tell you about what we did. Besides I loved that pink tone on your face when I said it. As for marriage do you want to skip the movie and go to a jeweler?"

That last comment forced me to pull to the side of the road as Ai tried to jump all over me. As soon as I had the car stopped, she was unbuckled from the seatbelt and kissing my face.

When she settled back into her seat she said, "Food then ring. Now to McDonalds' Jeeves!"

I got the car back on the road and she was so anxious that we went to the drive thru and ate on the way to the mall. The mall was the only thing still open that had a jewel shop so that's where we went.

I think it was my suit that attracted the sales lady as we entered the store. With a crisp, "Welcome to Sams my name is Elise how can I help you?"

I pulled out my black AmEx and said, "The lady wishes a ring show her only the best."

She led Ai over to a display near the back wall and went behind it to show off the rings. After a sizing and quick decision the ring was selected and my account was billed. We were told Ai's ring would be sized and ready in an hour. We window shopped till the ring was ready and saw a Victoria's Secret. Ai promised that we were going in there as soon as she had her ring. Sams had the ring ready early so we got it then over to VS. We entered the store and I went to the counter to speak to the manager. I told her that Ai needed a whole new wardrobe and that meant at least three weeks worth of clothes and undergarments. I told her I'd be waiting on the bench outside the store and to fetch me when Ai was done. I gave Ai a kiss on the lips and told her to get what she needed. I also told her to have some fun.

It was a relaxing time on the bench for I had no idea how long it would be for when I was finally summoned to pay the bill. I didn't even check it as I trusted Ai would make sure I wasn't cheated. All that left was shoes to complete her wardrobe and we were able to get those and some toiletries, and hit the check out just as the mall was closing. An ecstatic Ai and I made it to the car and secured the purchases in the trunk. I opened the door for her and she almost floated into the seat. I got into the car and looked over at her.

"The only place you better take me is to your bedroom where you are going to get so lucky!" She continued, "I know it has been real fast but I think you feel the same pull as I do that we are made for each other. I have always been taught that you should wait to get to know a person before sleeping with them but in just this one day I feel like I've known you for years."

I nodded, "Yes Ai I feel it too. I thought I felt love for Mel but what I feel for you is so much stronger I can't even number the multiple."

She reached across the seat and we held hands in silence the rest of the way home. I helped her unload the trunk and we carried the plunder into the house. Mom had left a note saying that she had gone to bed and we were on our own till after school tomorrow. We quietly made our way to my room, once there I cleaned out a closet that I barely used for all of her new things. I'm sure if it wasn't for the huge closets the clothes would never have fitted in. She gathered a few things and went into my adjoining bathroom to get ready for bed. After a while she emerged wearing a new robe that she bought and told me to go and get ready. After a quick bathroom trip, shower, shave and a tooth brushing, I was ready for her. I wore my black silk boxers covered by my robe.

When I emerged from the bathroom, her robe was on a hook near the bed and she was under the covers. All of the lights were off and the only light in the room was a small bedside light. I went to the other side of the bed and got under the covers without lifting them high enough to see what she was wearing.

She waited until I was settled under the covers before she turned on her side to face me. "Jake I have to tell you that this has been the best day of my life. I am so glad that I noticed what happened with Mel and that incident led me to meet you. I believe with all my heart that it is my destiny to be with you and be your wife. Now please don't interrupt me and hear me out. My mother back in Japan told me that I would meet and fall in love with my perfect man. That this man would be different from all the other men around. She also told me that my man would have relations including maybe other wives but I would always be in his heart." She placed her finger over my lips to quell the protest she knew was coming. "I know Jake you're going to tell me never and that I'm the only one for you. Well that's not what I believe and I won't listen to it. As long as I get that piece of paper that makes me your legal wife and I get most nights with you I'll be happy. Like your mother with magic I believe my mother has some future sight. I know she has never lied to me and the few times she warned me something would happen, it did. I was brought up to be subservient to my man but I will be dominant to any and all the slaves you will acquire. Yes that means I believe you will get Mel and probably a few others as well.

"But enough of the future stuff, now for tonight. I want you to know that even though I no longer have my hymen, thanks to a dildo, I am still a virgin. I have never had any type of sex with either a boy or a girl. I expect you will teach me about sex with a boy. And I bet soon we will have Mel here to teach me the joys of girl/girl sex. I will try just about anything once, I just ask you to take things slow with me and explain fully what you want to do. I have read a few BDSM stories and I suggest the safe words of 'Yellow Light' to slow down and explain and 'Red Light' for stop. OK I think that is enough for now, your turn."

I needed a few minutes to gather my thoughts, "Ai, I am extremely, honored that you choose me to be your first. I have not had much experience myself; just a few girls during high school and all of those were cash hounds. As far as other women in this bed I will never discount what your mother has told you and just say that right now there is no one else that could come as close as you are, in my heart. And yes when we want to try something new in this bed I will discuss it before the attempt and give you as much time as you need before we try anything. The main thing I have learned in my limited experience is communication is the key to a good relationship. If things are going good we let each other know that. If something even starts to bother either one of us then we need to stop and discuss it immediately! The last thing I want to say before I forget is mom left us a spell scroll; it will allow us to feel what the other is feeling and help cement our relationship. The only side effect she said it had was that we will need to stay near each other for the next 24 hours. I know I only have one lecture that I can afford to miss tomorrow, how about you?"

Ai thought for a moment, "All I have tomorrow is a study group but I can call one of the other girls and let her know I won't be there. That spell sounds lovely, what is needed to cast it?"

"Just a small clip of hair from each of us sprinkled over the ashes of the scroll. It disintegrates once it is read." I got a small clipper and trimmed a bit off the edge of her hair after she nodded to me. After clipping my own hair I read the spell and sprinkled the hair. It took a few minutes then we both fell backwards onto the bed as the magic clicked in. Seconds later we were back to normal. To test the spell I lightly kissed her on the lips. I mostly felt the kiss from my end but I was able to slightly feel her side of the kiss as well. It seemed like it was just a light link, enough to feel it but not so much that it was distracting. I looked into her eyes and got a nod to continue.

I gently pulled her to me and placed her face up in the center of the bed. After another nod from her I drew the covers down and off her to the end of the bed. This was my first good look at what she was wearing. It was a smoke grey baby doll. I leaned down and kissed her and slowly ran my hands all over her. A few minutes of this and we were ready to move on. She nodded again and I slowly stripped off the baby doll as she pushed my boxers down my legs. Her small breasts were tipped with quarter sized areolae and she had nice long pink tipped nipples. Her bush was sparse in a landing strip shape that perfectly matched the hair on her head.

With a blush in her face, "I'm not happy with the hair there but I've been to chicken to shave it all off."

I told her, "Don't worry about it, hun. I'm sure mom has a spell that helps with that. Now tonight is all about you so just lay back and relax."

I wanted to make sure that she was well relaxed, so I started with a massage. After ten minutes of that I used another few minutes to massage her breasts. Ai was moaning softly as I then moved to capture one of her tasty nipples with my tongue as I tweaked her other nipple with my hands. After about five more minutes of this she gasped with a small orgasm. The feeling of her orgasm gave me a pleasant buzz through the empathic link.

I dropped down further and grasped both her thighs and started to lick the juices leaking out of her. I used my tongue to open her up as much as I could. I placed both of her legs on my shoulders and licked all around her lips as I inserted a finger into her tunnel. Once I had stretched her out a bit more, I inserted a second finger. I used the link to help make sure I found her G-spot. Then I shattered her senses as I used both fingers on her G-spot and captured her nice big clit with my tongue and gave it a lashing.

She came with a huge scream and passed out. The feedback was so intense that I came on the sheets and fainted as well.

It was only a few seconds later that I was back awake. I gently got myself out from under her and went to the bathroom for a washcloth. I had to wash my face as well as she had gushed her juices all over my face when she came. I cleaned her up a bit and snuggled up to her. It was about half an hour later when she finally woke up.

"Holy shit Jake! That was by far the best orgasm I've ever felt. Now let me do something for you before we make love."

I gently grasped her shoulders, "Don't worry about it hun. Thanks to our link I actually came when you did. In fact the feedback was so good; I fainted with you for a few seconds. Besides, making you feel good gives me more than enough pleasure. I want you to be on top first so you can control the speed and depth of the strokes, OK sweet blossom?"

I rolled over on my back and she got on her knees above me. She said, "Sweet blossom? I like it! I'm just going to call you stud because that is what you are!" With that she held my cock, positioned herself above it, and sat down.

We both let out a huge moan as the sudden pleasure with feedback was heavenly. After a few practice strokes, she got down to business. Her varying pace and our link helped her to five climaxes before she was able to get one out of me. Between bouts of sleep, we made love all night long. It was hard to keep track but I think she had about 20 total orgasms that night, to my 4.


It wasn't until about 10 am that we finally got up and out of the bed. We shared a shower and put our robes on then went to the kitchen in search of food. Mom was up and sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper. She looked up as we went in and when she saw us up together there was a huge smile on her face. Ai went over to her and they started talking a mile a minute. I wasn't that hungry, so I just fixed myself some peanut butter and toast. With the toast and a big glass of juice, I sat at the other end of the table and just watched them talk.

Mom was ecstatic with our engagement and they spent some time making plans.

Eventually, we did all have a breakfast / lunch. While we were eating mom explained some of the other spells she had that we may want to use. Ai did get the spell to control her hair growth, and chose to lose all but the hair on her scalp and eyebrows. I chose a spell to lengthen my tongue and Ai got that as well. Mom gave me a potion to help increase my stamina and sperm output. Ai also went for the stamina to keep up with me she said.

After all that, the three of us, went to work out in the home gym.

With the workout finished, it was just a lazy day after that. Ai barely left my side; we just chatted and got to know each other some more.

After dinner and a movie, we went to bed. That night was a marathon of sex. I broke my record with 8 climaxes and Ai was well over 50.


We got up early as we had a lot to do. Ai dressed in one of her new outfits and I went with my jeans and shirt. We shared a quick breakfast with mom then it was off to school. Our first stop was the admin building where Ai put in her notice to be out of the dorm by the end of the weekend. Ai also changed her address information to my place and changed her status to engaged. Ai knew her roommate had class so we went to her dorm and started packing. Ai had the boxes that she moved in with broken down in the closet, so with the extra rolls of tape we brought with us we had her stuff boxed up and ready to go by noon. She hadn't arrived at the college with much so it was only about 6 boxes and we were done. There was a cart to help the students move and with its assistance we got Ai all moved out. After the car was packed, we checked the room one last time. Assured it was empty Ai left a note for her ex roommate, then we left locking the door behind us. We dropped they key off with the dorm RA and we were done.

After lunch we split up for our classes and agreed to meet in front of the door of Comp. Theories.

Two boring classes later and I was in theories. Ai met me at the door and we shared a big kiss then went into class, hand in hand. We sat next to each other near the window in the back row. Melanie finally arrived and sat in the seat and row in front of me. Burt came in, saw Melanie, frowned then sat in the front row. There were only a few other students and they all sat some distance away from us. The other two girls that Mel had bragged to were absent. I knew Melanie hated to sit alone, so she chose to sit close to me rather than Burt who she thought was the reason she was so unsatisfied last time. Mel was again very frazzled looking and I could tell she was frustrated from unfulfilled desire.

The professor finally arrived and gave us a reading assignment. He said that he had to step out for a moment and left. I took advantage of this, leaned forward and whispered, "Sack" in Melanie's ear. She tensed then sagged in her seat. Ai held up a finger where only I could see it. After a quick glance around, nobody noticed so I again gave her the command twice more. The third was too much for her and she let out a big gasp as she trembled in her climax. The girl three rows ahead turned around and looked over at Mel. Mel was face down in her book on the desk. I was still a little forward and Ai was looking over at Mel.

The girl got up and sat next to Mel and asked if she was ok. Mel gasped fine and put her face back down in her book. The girl turned to me and again asked what was up.

I answered, "I don't know, she just slumped forward and gasped. Do you think we should take her to the nurse?"

"Maybe we should," she said, "I have seen her around the last couple days and Mel has been really flaky lately. My name is Janice; I know you're Jake as I've heard about you from Mel."

"Thanks Janice I'll help you get her there. Ai can you take her things while Janice and I guide Mel?"

The professor walked in the door just as we all got to our feet. A quick explanation later and we were out the door.

Janice was on Mel's left, I was to her right with Ai next to me. I knew it was about 700 feet to the nurse's office so I whispered 'sack' every 100 feet. It was nearly impossible for Ai and I to hold our laughter as Mel gasped, spasmed, and shook while trying to walk.

Just as we were about 25 feet from the office door, I said 'sack' for the tenth time this hour. This is the one I think that finally broke her. The constant orgasms were too much for her, and she turned into dead weight as she fainted from her pleasure. However consciousness isn't the only thing she lost. Janice and I heard water dripping and looked down. Mel had pissed herself! There was a trickle of drops all the way to the office.

Mel was completely boneless by the time we made it to the office. Once inside Janice went to get the nurse.

Mel had barely started to revive when I saw Janice approaching with the nurse. I whispered in Mel's ear, "You must've figured it out by now that I control your orgasms. You can only cum if I say that word. You will just get hotter with no way to get release unless I let you. If you want to change this listen closely. I want you to just claim lack of sleep because of studying to the nurse. If you want control back I want you to meet me at the quad at noon tomorrow."

Moments later Mel was whisked away. About 20 minutes later, the nurse came back out and told us that Mel just needed rest. She was going to let Mel sleep there for a while then drive her to her dorm at the end of her shift. Janice walked with Ai and I out the office.

Janice asked, "Jake? Did I hear you whispering 'sack'? Why were you doing that? And what is the story between you and her anyway?"

I gave her a quick rundown on what she had done to me. That she had broken my heart was and being punished by orgasm control. I told her if she didn't believe me she could meet us at the quad tomorrow at noon.

Janice said she'd have to see it to believe it so she'd meet us there, and then went to catch a late class.

Ai hugged me and said, "Jake that was so great! And the last one when she pissed herself was hilarious! Have you made any plans yet with what we are going to do with Mel?"

"I have a few ideas hun. But I want to ask you something, what do you think of making her eat you out?"

She shrugged, "Honestly I never really thought about it before. I guess a tongue is a tongue, since it is to punish Mel I'll allow it."

"OK great I'll put that on the list of what I get her to do. I told Janice to meet us tomorrow as well. I figure Mel will have to eat out a few girls to work off some of her debt to me. I have a couple other ideas but I need to ask mom about them so, let's get home. OK sweets?"

She agreed and we went off to the car.

Back at the house I asked mom to have a chat with us at the kitchen table. I outlined a few ideas of what I wanted Mel to do. I wanted to make sure that nothing would upset Ai. Mom was laughing at a few of my ideas and told me that she did have the spells needed for a couple of the effects.

Happy that the plans were good, we broke up the meeting. We all had dinner then watched a movie in the theatre room. After that it was off to bed. It was another marathon of sex with Ai followed by sleep.


It is so nice to wake up with Ai in my arms. I gently kiss her awake. Off to the shower then breakfast. At the breakfast table mom gave me a small tablet that will produce my desired spell effects. All I have to do is get it in Mel, doesn't even have to be swallowed.

After an early lunch we were off to meet Janice and Mel. We got there at 11:45 and both of them were waiting. Mel looked rested for once. Janice was looking good. Janice was tall at almost 6 feet; she had long brown straight hair to mid back. She was thin with medium sized breasts, and today was wearing a red dress that went down to her feet and on her feet were matching heels. Her best feature was her hazel eyes that you could swear could see right through you.

We talked with Mel and Janice for a few minutes and decided that we should all go back to my place for a little chat. We made small talk on the way back to the car. Ai got in the passenger seat, while Janice and Mel got into the back seat of the Mercedes. A short drive later we were back at the mansion. Janice was speechless at the size of it. Mel sobbed quietly; I could hear a faint whisper that said, "Stupid, stupid." Hah serves her right that she didn't realize just how rich my family was.

I let them both in and we all went to our parlor. It was arranged with a circle of couches so we could all sit comfortably and chat. I asked if anybody wanted drinks and water was ordered all around. I went and got it, and put the tablet in Mel's glass. I served the drinks and joined Ai on the loveseat.

I had Mel tell me her side of the story. She admitted that she was using me for my money. She was sorry that I fell for her that hard as she thought I knew that she was a gold digger. She was going to dump me that Monday anyway because she was starting to fall for Burt. She claimed that she was bragging like that because she had to prove to Burt that she didn't love me. But now that Burt couldn't satisfy her and her leave of senses on Friday, she didn't know what to do. Then she said something which would change her life forever, "Jake I remember what you said yesterday and what you said on Wednesday. Therefore I humbly beg that you take me for a slave and keep me until I have repaid all of my debts."

Janice was stunned. It took a few minutes before she said, "WOW! Well Jake I never would've believed it if I hadn't heard and seen it. Since I have an idea of what will make up her punishment may I help? I am openly bisexual and would love to help you put Mel down a peg or three."

I looked over at Ai and she nodded. I turned to Janice, "OK you can help. But this is going to be a very long term project. So I have an offer for you, my mom will hire you to be our head housekeeper. The responsibilities will be to help me with the management of the help. The job pays $100,000 a year and includes room and board in this house."

Janice couldn't agree fast enough and asked when she could move in.

I told her that next weekend we'd help her empty her dorm and get her settled here. There were plenty of empty rooms and Janice would take the room next to mine.

With that settled I turned to Mel, "Now you cum slut. First you will also take a job here. You get the job of maid, and it pays $5,000 a year. It also comes with room and board, plus you get a uniform. As my new slave you will sign a power of attorney over to me and we will put all of your paychecks into an account with both your and my name on it. You will transfer all other accounts that you have into it. I will pay off all of your bills and help you set up this account. Eventually, I will have the only card and password to the account which will be used to pay for your expenses. Starting next semester you will meet with me so we can plan what courses to take to maximize your value to the household.

"Now as to your slave duties. I will be generous in that you will only have sex with a few people. As an added bonus I will now be the only man you'll ever know. However you will learn how to eat pussy, and if you ever want to cum again you better learn how to do it well. Mom has said she doesn't want you to do that for her but you will obey her as if those instructions had come from me. For now, I want you to maintain your birth control as Ai will be the first to carry my child."

I turned to Ai, "Sweetie I know we haven't talked about this, but I feel we should wait until we are out of college before starting a family OK?"

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