The Date Revenge

by VampDragon

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Magic, Slavery, Fiction, MaleDom, Light Bond, Harem, Lactation, Water Sports, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Jake gets teased then dumped. What happens when magic is used on the bitch?

Well life is great now but getting to this point was a hell of a time.

It all started about four years ago in my freshman year of college. I was attending the local state college for four years to get a Computer Science degree. This was my school of choice as it is well known as a leading Computer educator.

A little about me, my name is Jake, and I'm about six feet tall with a slim build. I usually dress in jeans and a T-shirt or Sweatshirt if it is cold. Wire rimmed glasses frame my brown eyes and I have short clipped brown hair, as if I let it grow out, it gets truly unruly. I have had a little experience with the girls, but they usually pass me by for the jocks. I did well in my classes and had a 3.0 GPA throughout high school. That usually got me the nerd tag but I cared more about the grades than a social life. The only thing that got me dates and laid at the prom is that my family is filthy rich.

I still live at home with my mom Pattie, in a huge mansion. My mom is just a bit shorter than me and has a nice figure. I always got along fine with her and we like to spend Sundays at the movies watching all different sorts of films. It is only the two of us as I am an only child because my father was killed in a car crash when I was three. The accident was caused by a truck driver for a very big company and we got a huge settlement.

On Friday of the first week of classes, during the last class of the day I was shocked to be asked on a date by one of the hottest girls in the class, Melanie. She is a super hot cheerleader with blonde hair down to her waist and an amazing five and a half foot tall athletically built body. Her best asset is her ass though; those massive tits on her chest are a very close second. Of course once I am over the shock I agree to the date and we make it for seven that night, dinner followed by a movie.

I drove the Mercedes home and got there just after five, as my mom pulled up in her Vette. We entered the house and I told her of my date and she gave me the standard talk of being a gentleman and to have a good time. Rich doesn't mean spoiled! I told her that Melanie was picking me up and went to get ready.

Melanie picked me up at about 7:10 and we were off to dinner. After a meal at an Italian restaurant, I paid the bill (my idea). We got to the 8:30 showing of a romantic comedy, her treat (she insisted). The movie was a dud to me but she laughed her ass off so it was a great date. After the movie finished she took me to the local lovers point and we made out, but she stayed dressed the whole time. She dropped me off at home and with a quick kiss on the lips, she was gone. Well I did get a date for next week. I'm not much of a football fan but I did go to the stadium for Saturday's home game to watch her cheer.

This was the pattern for the next five dates. With me being the one to ask her out, I paid for the meal, and the movies. Of course, after the second date, I had to buy her a dress to wear to the restaurant with the jewelry to match. The dresses got progressively racier, but I never got past feeling her up over the dress. The restaurants, as well as the dresses and, jewelry, also got progressively pricier. Every date we had she'd tell me that the next time she'd be comfortable enough with me to go further. I was getting to know her and thought that I was falling in love.

On the next date she told me that she thought she'd be able to go further but wanted me to buy her something to prove my faith. So I went and bought her a diamond and gold locket with my picture inside. She said that she loved it, loved me, and that on our next date we would go all the way. That made my weekend and I was floating all around the mansion. My mom was happy that I had found love, and was excited for me.

Then came Monday, I got to Comp Theories class that I shared with Melanie, I had just looked around the door and got the shock of a lifetime. She was hanging all over Burt the football star showing him the locket and bragging to him and her friends how she was taking me for a ride. I saw her lean over and kiss Burt and grab his crotch. I was so devastated that I ran from the room and went to my car.

I'm still not sure how I made it home that day. The one thing I do know, it is the close relationship with my mom that helped me turn my life around. When she saw my car and me sitting there without getting out of the car, she came out to see what was up. She took one look at my face and saw the tear tracks and was able to figure it out. Somehow, she was able to coax me out of the car and into the living room where I crashed onto the couch. She grabbed my hand and gently asked me to explain what had happened. In a very tearful hour, I told her of what I saw and since Melanie hadn't noticed me, what I had been able to hear.

This of course caused her explosion. After a good 10 minutes of cursing which included multiple repetitions of the word bitch, she calmed down. She asked me to wait right there and she'd be right back. I was too drained to move anyway, so it was all good. When she reappeared, I was shocked at her expression. She had a very determined look on her face and carried a book that I had never seen.

If that shocked me, what I heard next completely blew my mind. She pulled a chair over to sit next to me and pulled my hand into both of hers. She said, "Jake I was hoping to never have to share this with you. Now I want you to listen closely and please save all questions until I am done. Will you do that for me?"

All I could do was nod. She continued, "Jake for the last 20 years I have completely ignored the fact that I am a witch." She nodded at the shocked look on my face. "Yes Jake, a witch. In fact I was and still am one of the most powerful witches in the country. I had promised your father that I wouldn't practice magic around you or him. And until today I had no need to use it. But this treachery upon your person cannot be tolerated. I can easily forgive Melanie's manipulation for the gain of monetary items. But this crushing of your heart I can never forgive. The fact that she promised sexual favors for gifts may be a practiced art. But there is no excuse for stringing you along then crushing you on the day after the promised favors were going to be paid.

"Now as to how I can help you? That is easy; do you still have the receipt to the locket?" I nodded, "OK then great, I can use that to link a spell onto it, and through the locket onto Melanie."

She then explained to me the principles of magic and what it could do. After that, we got into the discussion of what to do to Melanie. The talk lasted so long that the thought of food was forgotten until my stomach rumbled. A bathroom break was called and mom ordered a pizza. After the bathroom break, we sat at the kitchen table and continued the discussion. A tip to the driver 20 minutes later signaled the pizza. After the food was gone and leftovers stored, we had a general plan.

A curse was going to be placed on Melanie. She could get excited twice as easily, but couldn't cum without a word from me. Just to be mean, the word decided on was 'sack.' Fitting since she dumped me for a quarterback. So now, unless I said the word sack, she couldn't cum. Just to punish her more, I added another layer to the spell. From now on, her arousal level will not go down until she orgasms. She just gets hotter and hotter and stays that way until she cums.

With the plans set, I went and got the receipt and gave it to mom to cast the spell. About 25 minutes later, with gestures and words that I'd never follow, it was done. This made it late enough for me to go to bed and surprisingly, I was able to get my sleep without any nightmares of what Melanie had done to me.


It wasn't until Wednesday that I had the class with Melanie again. The sight that greeted me then was much different. A frazzled Melanie was yelling at Burt about how he couldn't satisfy her. It was funny seeing the neat and tidy cheerleader so upset with her hair all frizzed out. I walked over to her and asked her what was up. She had no idea what to say to me and asked to talk to me after class. During the class she was constantly fidgeting and squirming in her seat. Knowing that she has probably been close to cumming for some time I decided to have a little fun. Right at the end of class I ask Burt in a voice just loud enough for Melanie to hear, "Hey Burt I missed Saturdays game, did you get sacked?"

The resulting reactions were so hilarious I had a very hard time not to burst out laughing. Melanie was unable to hold back a gasp as she exploded into orgasm. Burt's answer of no was barely heard. He looked at her but was unable to see what happened. Puzzled and knowing that Melanie was pissed at him, he just left the class. Burt had missed Melanie's physical reaction which caused most of the hilarity. She was in the process of getting up and sat back down hard. She slid forward while almost spreading her legs wide enough to see up her ankle length dress.

The only other person who saw and heard Melanie's reaction was Ai, a Japanese exchange student who was a fellow bookworm like me. Ai was a short 5 foot tall very slim woman. She had straight jet black hair down to her knees, and usually dressed in a white button down shirt which covered her small breasts. This was complimented by a black knee length leather skirt, and heel boots up to mid calf. Ai of course recognized the signs of orgasm, but was very puzzled as to why Melanie reacted like that just at the end of class. Ai reached Melanie while I was chatting with Burt. I was able to overhear Ai's questions as the conversation with Burt was so quick.

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