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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Rough, Interracial, White Female, Oriental Female, Petting, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Meet Bianca, a young woman who's life is fairly blah to her until an Asian woman comes to the club where she works and makes a proposition that has Bianca's curiosity piqued and promises the hope that he life may not be so blah anymore.

My life was really, really blah. Like, I lived in an itty-bitty studio apartment, the only place that I could afford to live short of moving back in with my parents, which I was not going to do, ever! Ever since my two-way sexuality was accidentally found out by my parents, it was a bit awkward in the White family. I stared hard in the mirror. Even my face, my face was blah, too, nothing that drew attention to it, good or bad. Plain blue eyes, freckles, and my nose that I felt was too small for my face. And my body, I just topped off at a skinny 5'2" with small A-cup boobs, a small ass, and I was way pale. Every time that I tried to tan I just burned like nuts, peeled, then somehow went back to being Whitey McWhitey. I was exactly the desired package for guys. Did I mention that I'd only had sex with one guy and it was the worth experience of my life? I was going to die a crazy spinster living with ten cats. Awesome.

But as usual, I didn't have time to lament my life, I had a job, like any other responsible adult. I worked part-time as a waitress at Down Beat on Friday and the weekends. Fun, fun, and more fun. I wriggled into my black jeans and black polo shirt that was my uniform, and stuffed my feet into socks and wide-heeled pumps. My brown hair went up in a messy but appropriate bun and a black apron equipped with three ball-point pens and my two pads. Shouldering my purse and fishing out my keys, I was ready and out the door.

The Down Beat music bar was a few blocks from my apartment building and I got there ten minutes before three, perfect. I checked in with Ben, the bartender/owner, and put my purse away under the bar and got to work.

Friday nights and the weekend nights were always busy. We were slammed by some of the business crowd along with the younger drinking cloud, and of course, the musicians. I was kept on my feet for the better part of my shift. I had half an hour to go when a petite Asian woman dressed in a black button-up dress that fell just to her knees.

"Hi, how are you tonight?" I asked, willing the friendliness into my voice. The woman gave me a bright warm smile.

"I'm fine, thank you for asking," she said. Even though her voice was soft, I could strangely still hear her over the low strains of jazz music playing from the speakers mounted on the wall. "And how about you," she said, pausing to read my name tag, "How are you, Bianca?"

I frowned. No one asked how I was doing. They just gave me their orders and expected to get them in good time. "I'm... I'm fine, thanks," I said. A genuine smile curved on my lips. "What can I get you to drink? We have some special daiquiris on the menu tonight, new recipes."

"That sounds good, especially with the heat wave and all," she said. "I think I'll have a strawberry daiquiri." Something warmer flooded her eyes and smile and I felt my cheeks warm at her attention.

"Okay then, I'll be right back with your drink."

I went to the bar and put in the orders I collected to Ben. I circulated again, getting more orders, clearing tables. When I went back to the bar, Ben filled up my tray with drinks.

"What'd you do to that chick?" he asked me.

"What chick?" I asked, rearranging the drinks on my tray so they wouldn't topple when I picked them up.

"The little Asian chick over in the corner," Ben said, nodding towards the woman. "She asked Ashley about you."

"What'd she ask?" I was curious now. She'd asked me how I was. No one did that. And the way that she looked at me, a dark promise.

"Well, she asked if you were single," Ben said, resting his arms on the counter.

"And what did Ashley say?"

Ben grinned at me. "Ashley told the lady to ask you herself."

"Aw fuck," I said.

Ben seemed to find this very amusing as he put the last drink onto my tray. "Don't keep the customers waiting."

I glared at him but he was the boss. I hoisted up my tray, balancing it on my shoulder and on hand, and weaved skillfully through the tables, dropping off drinks here and here and clearing away more empty glasses. I left the strawberry daiquiri to last.

"Here's your drink, ma'am," I said, setting down the cocktail napkin and the drink on top of it.

"It's 'miss' actually," she said, her almond eyes looking up at me as she took a sip of her drink.

"Oh, sorry," I said, feeling a bit awkward. "My boss said you asked about me?"

She gave me a graceful smile, not denying that she asked about me. "I did, your friend Ashley told me to ask you," she said. "Did they tell you what my question was?"

"Ben told me you asked if I was single or not."

"Are you?"

I swallowed. "Yes."

"What time do you get off work, Bianca?"

"Actually, right about now," I said, not believing that I was giving her all the answers. "I just have to finish up my orders and pass on my tables to the turn-over shift."

"Bianca, I want you to come over to my place tonight," the woman said, leaning back in her chair so sure of herself. She reached into the little black purse that she had with her and took out a name card and a pen. I watched her scribble something down on the back of it. "I'll give you time to think about it, pick up this card when you're done." I opened my mouth to say something but she shook her head. "I think that you have a few more orders to pick up at the bar, Bianca." My mouth snapped shut and I turned and went to the bar and did what she told me to.

Twenty minutes later, I had my purse over my shoulder and I drifted over to the woman's table. She was gone, her glass empty, and the white name card rested name up on the table, a white plastic card underneath. I picked it up. The name that read on the card was M. Jin. I turned the card over and read the address that she wrote on it in her sloping cursive. It was a hotel address and a room number. The plastic card was a keycard. I felt my mouth go dry as I held the two things in my hand. Should I go? I mean, I didn't even know the woman's name, well it was on the card, but who knows it could be a fake name. For all I knew she could be like some kind of hustler or something, or some kind of psychopath, but part of me, part of me wanted to go there, bad. Part of me wanted to go to that hotel room so fucking badly. I pocketed the keycard, went out to the street and hailed a cab.

I arrived at the Hyatt fifteen minutes later, butterflies in my stomach and my pulse raising. I paid the cabbie and headed into the hotel. It was cool and classy inside and I suddenly felt underdressed in my jeans and polo shirt, my apron still tied around my waist. Stiffening my spine, I walked past the front desk, trying to act like I belonged there and went for the elevators.

I pushed the button for the tenth floor and waited impatiently as the metal box slowly ascended. When it dinged its arrival, the doors sliding open, I had to force my legs to take the first step out. Thank God there was no one in the hallway because I would've chickened out. I went down the hall, checking the direction plaques that were mounted on the wall, and found room 1066.

As I stood in front of the door, I felt lightheaded and sweaty. I had the keycard in my hand and all I could do was stare at it. I decided to knock first. The door opened a few moments later and I was greeted by the woman.

"I gave you a keycard for a reason," she said coolly, "To use it to open up the door." But she stepped aside and let me in, and she closed the door behind me. I watched her walk into the interior of the room, the black silk robe that she wore just brushing about his ankles.

"I'm sorry, ma'am," I said, feeling nervous and fidgety.

"And as I said before, it's not 'ma'am, ' it's 'miss, ' Bianca, don't make me tell you again."

"I'm sorry... miss."

"It's all right," she said. I watched her sit down on the foot of the bed. "Right now, I bet that you're thinking whether or not the name on the card was mine or not, am I right?"

"Yes," I said.

"It is. My name is Jin," she said. She got to her feet and came over to me. Her expression softened and she smiled at me. "Don't be too nervous, Bianca, I'm not going to hurt you and I'm not going to do anything that you don't want me to do. All I want to do is give you pleasure." She touched my cheek and I couldn't help but sigh. Her hand was so soft, so warm. My eyes slipped closed when I felt her hand slide back to my hair, and I cried out when she gave it a sharp yank. "But, there are a lot of kinds of pleasure," she said, a gleam in her eyes. My breath caught in my throat when I saw her smile. Again, that dark promise. She released my hair and stepped away. "Now, why don't you get out of those clothes, I promise you that you'll be much more comfy."

I didn't question her. I tossed my purse and apron onto one of the nearby chairs and pulled off my polo shirt, revealing a naughty looking red bra. My weakness, pretty lingerie. I stepped out of my heels, pulling off my socks to stuff them into the shoes before wriggling out of my jeans to show off the matching red panties. I felt my cheeks warming with a blush but yet at the same time, I could feel myself getting aroused, that warm throbbing between my thighs.

"Very nice," Jin said, back to sitting on the foot of the bed. She smiled at me. "I didn't quite peg you for the silky-bra-and-panties-type, but maybe there's something more to you than meets the eye." She crooked a finger at me. "Come here, Bianca."

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