Druid Love
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Magic, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Harem, Slow,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mike leads a uneventful life. Till he dies. When all is said and done will he grab the girl and fate that belongs to him or will he be a nobody again? (these codes will be in the story but some will be in later chapters.)

Staring at his screen waiting to write the words that pop in to his head, Mike had a bad problem as of late. He seemed to fall into a melancholy that he could not shake. He knew some thing was on the horizon just out of his reach, though what it was he could not say. Nevertheless, he knew it was coming with every repetition of his heart.

He had decided to sit down and work on a story that he's spent years trying to write, and had only got five pages done so far, that didn't even satisfy his own wants in the story. He was hoping it would center him enough to find out what was going on inside him. It wasn't working. As the days grew into weeks he was a flood of emotions. He was finding himself easily agitated, aggressive, restless and most of all nervous.

He was still plagued by not knowing what was causing these feelings and why. So he decided that diving into a lot of extra work might tire him out enough to at least sleep. Mike was a computer setup and repair expert going to people's houses to service their computers. It was his own business as he didn't like having a boss.

It was on his way to one such call that some of the peaces started to fall into place. While crossing the bridge in his city, he got into an accident with a truck that was speeding. When he woke up it was to the steady beat of the heart monitor beeps. The oddest thing he noticed was the fact he was not in a hospital; in fact he couldn't even see the bed the wires or anything. It was just him in his work clothes in a tunnel. Suddenly all he heard was "beeeeeeep." Then he thought oh my god flat line.

Without warning the idea that he was now dead flowed into his thoughts. He wondered what to do. He felt so helpless. Then he remembered that a lot of people with near death experiences say that there's normally a beckoning to them to travel through the tunnel to meet what ever fate awaited them. But instead, in his tunnel, there was just him and resounding nothingness. After what felt like hours sorting out what had happened, and why to him, and about a few thousand other questions he decided to start walking down the tunnel.

He figured if in fact he were dead what did he have to lose. In a weird way, he almost felt liberated, not so sullen anymore.

So with that thought, he walked through the tunnel. Another thing that stuck out as different about the tunnel was that there was no bright light at the end. Just a luminescence that he would not really call light, just a light source to see by, is how he put it in his mind when he finally reached the end, there was a room.

The room seemed to be an imperfect circle, made of a soft red brick. In the center was a pedestal that seemed to be the source of the dim light. On the pedestal was a book that he thought of as an old tome, like the ones he used to see while playing some computer games. Looking around he approached the pedestal. When he was a few inches away, it got a little brighter.

The book could be seen clearly now, it was bound in gold, silver, platinum, ivory and copper.

On the front cover their where no words giving a title, just a bunch of gems huddled together to form a circle. Mike opened the book and saw that the book was written in a language he had never seen before. None of the symbols made any sense at all. However when he tried to read them it was as if the words floated off the page and directly into his thoughts. The title that he could see in his head was Journal of Mortanium. Looking on he could see the face of some one forming in his head.

The face was an older man probably mid fifties, long beard. He introduced himself as Mortanium. Mike tried to think what he wanted to say instead of speaking it. Mike thought,

"Hello I'm Mike, please tell me what's going on and what happened to me."

Mortanium responded. " You are not the first this has happened to and you will not be the last. Through a combination of your mental gifts and a terrible imbalance that occured during your death, you are neither living nor dead."

Mike said. " Ok this is just a dream right. When I wake up I''ll be in my bed right?"

Mortanium responded. "Sadly no that is not the case. It will take some time to explain the past, and what happened to you and to present what we are doing now and the future and what you must do."

Mike said." Well it doesn't look like I have much choice in the matter so please continue."

Mortanium said. "When the first person reached into where your are now he was a druid of frightening power, but was on the road to harmony with everyone and everything. He sealed his entire knowledge into a book so those future travelers may have a way out and learn of what's happened to them and what to do next.

That was I, the face you see before you now. I take it upon myself to deliver this knowledge to you. So here it is. As I said before your are not dead nor are you living. You are something else the ones who came before you gave a name to those who where like them, Druids. In honor of their teacher who led them from where you are now."

Mortanium paused briefly the said "I shall now tell you of the present. To the world as you knew it your are dead. Everyone you knew believes you to be dead. Technically speaking you where slain while you were driving. Because you posses a small portion of druidic powers you did not travel to the spiritual realm as others do. You came here.

Generally, even those that possess druidic powers don't travel to this realm either. It is a cosmic misfire so to speak that brings almost no one here."

Mike asked. "How many people have been brought here?"

Mortanuim said. "There have been less than ten thousand travelers since the beginning of my knowledge."

Mike asked, "Now what is to become of me? Everything I've ever known or loved is gone."

Mortanuim said. "Now we reach the future of what will become of you.

First, you are not going to stay here forever. However by the time I'm done teaching you what you must know that everyone who knew you will have made their own travels to the spirit realms."

Mike said, "So you are telling me that I can't go out there to see my friends or any one I've talked to till I'm done learning what ever the hell it is you intend to teach me?"

Mortanuim says." With deep regret, I'm saddened to say yes that's the way it has to be but I can tell you this, time will soon mean very little to you. If the world at large knew you to be alive there would be horrible consequences."

Mike said, "I guess I can't argue with that logic. I can see where that would probably get a little nasty."

Mortanuim said. "It has led to all kinds of stories of what they call the undead. Now I want to talk to you face to face so please place your hand over the book and say, "I summon thee."

Mike did as he was instructed. Suddenly the room was bathed in a pure white light, swirling into a mist at Mike's feet forming a person.

It was Mortanuim, with a long gnarled staff of what looked like oak. He was the classic image of a wizard without the hat and that he was wearing white monks robes. Mortanuim told Mike, "I've been in that book for nearly a hundred years since the last druid came to me."

Mike just looked on totally amazed at what he had just seen. After the shock of the whole book thing and coming to realize all that has happened to him, he finally began to ask questions. "So you intend to teach me magic, is that it?"

"Yes and all the ways of the druid. What you choose to do with the gifts I bestow upon you is up to you. However know this, ; there are druids on both sides of the coin. Those who are pure evil and those of good. There has been, and always will be, a war between the two sides. They will want you to pick a side. I will not get involved with whatich side you should choose."

Mike already knew what side that was going to be on. He wasn't a mean or bad person. He liked to help people. As time went on Mike learned a lot from the old druid. He learned that there are three different kinds of magic, runes, mental, and spells. He was given a ring that held his crystals for his runes. He had to memorize what he could of the spells and mental stuff.

Soon Mortanuim came up to Mike and said, "You are ready to leave this realm and walk with the others." Handing Mike a book much like the one on the pedestal, he told Mike. "This book will keep us in contact with each other and will hold spells you haven't memorized." With that, Mortanuim wished Mike luck and held up his staff. White light spilled throughout the room and then seemed to consume Mike from head to toe. Mike woke up lying on the ground in a park.

When he came to, he realized that the park was where his house should have been.

When he saw a newspaper on a bench, he could see he had been gone for seventy-three years. Looking around to see the sun for the first time in seventy- three years was amazing to Mike. The very air smelled cool and sweet. One of the spells Mike remembered he wanted to try out was to hold a dollar in one hand and in the other hand transfer many different dollars from a place of his choosing. He just had one problem, no money. He walked around and found a quarter. Using his spell, he made three other quarters appear from a pay phone.

With his four quarters, he walked to a newsstand. He handed the clerk four quarters for a dollar. With his new dollar, he went by banks and gathered enough money to get a hotel for a week. He was planning what he was going to do when he heard a knock on the door.

Opening the door Mike saw the most beautiful creature that he had ever seen. She had long blonde hair and deep brown eyes. As his eyes traveled lower, he noticed that her breasts where as lovely as she. He found it almost impossible to breathe around her. She introduced herself as Amanda Cain. Mike introduced himself and asked. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

She said, "No I just sensed your arrival and it lead me here."

Mike then asked, "Oh, are you a druid?"

Amanda replied, "Yes I am. We don't have much time to talk. The others will probably be here any moment. After you meet with the others, I'll contact you." and just like that, she vanished.

Shortly after she left Mike heard another knock at the door. This time there were two guys that were dressed all in black. When Mike answered the door, they immediately told him, "Join us or die."

When he told them that he had already died and did not seek to do so again, they started casting spells against him. He blocked them with his rune ring. He guessed Mortanuim hadn't given them rings and their spells where blown back at them, dissolving them into puddles of slime. After cleaning up what remained of his guests, there was another knock at the door.

He answered it and a man, dressed in a flannel shirt, jeans, and boots introduced himself as Mark Jones. Mike introduced himself. Ready to act the moment a spell was sent at him, Mark said, "You can relax. I'm with the good guys. We have come to ask if you're going to be with us or against us."

Mike replied. "I'm all for the good guys." Then asked, "Hey, would you happen to know a druid named Amanda Cain?"

Mark said. "Yeah, she was a warrior for our cause but has lost her will to fight and has forsaken us."

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