Daddy's Bad Girl
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, BiSexual, Mother, Daughter, BDSM, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Masturbation, Squirting, Water Sports, Cream Pie,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Recently divorced William is about to discover a part of his sexuality that has lain dormant his whole adult life. He is going to find out his 57 year old former mother-in-law will be the new slut he always wanted his ex-wife to be!

Williams divorce had become final three days ago. His former wife had decided the grass truly was greener on the other side of the street and had decided to be unfaithful to him after more than a decade of a seemingly ideal marriage. They had lived in their home in the quiet bedroom community for more than six years. It was a beautiful home set in a quiet cul-de-sac with their closest neighbor atleast a half a mile away. They had fallen in love with their home not only because of its isolation but primarily because of the size of it. The former owners being desperate to sell their home quickly had agreed on a price that had to be atleast 20% below its market value. Cheryl had left more than a year ago leaving him in a beautiful house now occupied by himself and his former mother-in-law.

He had never been really close to Cheryl's mom, he didn't want to be alone so he hadn't asked her to move after her daughter had left. Their relationship was very cordial and very platonic,

Carol was 57, she was raven haired now streaked with lines of gray because she had resisted temptation to color it. Stood around five foot nine her weight around 130 pounds William guessed. She did have a little junk in the trunk but all things considered for a 57-year-old woman she was in remarkable shape. She looked made fortyish rather than almost 60.

Not only did he feel abandoned by Cheryl so did her mother. She came home one afternoon and announced she was leaving, she had a new lover but because of the death of her father she had decided though she was happy there had to be more to life. She went to their bedroom packed a couple suitcases returned to her car and drove away never to be seen or heard from again.

Will had thought it was just a phase when he reached the one-year anniversary of her departure he began divorce proceedings and intuitively knew he would never see or hear from her again. Carol had been affected by her daughters behavior almost as much as he. She had taken at first to moping around the house but as the weeks turned into months she became obsessive about cooking and cleaning and maintaining their home. It was like she was trying to make up to William her daughters abhorrent behavior.

William had adapted nicely to Cheryl's absence and Carol's seemingly odd behavior. Because of the hurt living within him he had failed to notice that his life had moved on without his wife and their marriage and had fallen into the routine of nine to five supporting not only himself but Carrol's as well.

The day the final divorce decree arrived in the mail he was forced to take stock of his living arrangements. He had no plans to sell his house he also had no plans to ask Carol to leave his life had become fairly routine and comfortable. He knew so had Carol's.

He had no desire to get involved in another relationship, he hadn't dated and his socialization has been kept to a minimum, by choice. He had never given any thought to Carol's social life or lack of one. His life had become exactly what he needed from it.

It finally came to pass one afternoon when a seemingly insignificant incident occurred forcing him to examine its relationship with his former mother-in-law. It was also innocent he had accidentally opened a piece of mail belonging to her, it was a letter she was sending to her sister and the mailman had not picked it up and when he placed the incoming mail into the box it had become mixed up with it.

William had opened the letter and began to read the correspondence she had written to her sister. Sharon the letters started what on earth am I going to do. I am afraid he's going to wake up (he being William) and asked me to leave. When that day arrives when am I going to do? Where will I live? How am I going to support myself? I'm afraid he's going to toss me on my ass onto the street.

As he read the note it began to dawn on him. She had been using him as a means of support and a place to live. He had no idea what exactly he thought of him and what had happened to him and her daughter. She went on to explain to Sharon she was afraid he would tire of her presence and put her out on the street. When he finished her note the hormones that had been dormant in his body switched on. The anger he had buried for so long came bubbling to the surface.

He could hear her in the kitchen preparing their dinner holding the letter in his hand he went to the doorway of the kitchen and began to watch her preparation of tonight's meal. Carol sensing his presence turned to face him and saw the letter she had written to Sharon in his hand. "Hey" she said, " what the hell are you doing with that?." The streak of anger she was feeling because he had read the letter and violated her confidence almost completely overwhelmed her.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked her, "why would you think I would throw you out on your ass? Am I that big of a son of a bitch?" He questioned her.

"William we have been together living alone for more than a year and as close as we are physically I know nothing about you." She said "I know you're not an SOB but I know little else, and I was afraid.

I know you and Cheryl seemed fairly happy with one another but because of that slut and the way she behaved I'm not sure of anything any longer." She told him "please William" she begged "I'll give you whatever you want if you don't ask me to leave."

"You're welcome to stay Carol I won't ask you to leave but there are some things that are going to change in my life." He told her "I'm lonely I need more, to put it bluntly I need to get laid, I have been living here like a hermit and with one wet dream after another I finally decided to go find a woman."

Carol felt completely inadequate she had failed to realize the unconscious signs he had been leaving. When she thought back about the past few months she could see the looks and the lears he had been giving her, he was completely unaware he had been doing it, it had been stroking her ego seeing a man look at her the way he had been lately. Had she known the wet dreams he had been having involved her sexually she would have been pleased. Now that she knew he had read her letter and had nothing to fear she decided she was going to escalate their life together and attempt to snare him sexually. But a funny thing happened when William had decided if few days earlier it was time for Carol to become more than a lodger.

He came home from work and early Friday evening to find her asleep on the couch wearing a sheer nighty, obvious to him with nothing on underneath it. Through the sheer fabric see her large C cup breasts, even though he could see they were a little on the flat side they were still holding up nicely on her chest. Her nipples were large and either she was cold or dreaming because he could tell they were rockhard making two sharp peaks in the fabric of her nighty. Finally his eyes were drawn to her crotch, her pubic hair was still Raven colored fine straight years that framed her vaginal opening, it was easy to see her labia because they were so large it was also obvious to him because of the bulge of her clitoral hood she possessed a larger than average sized clitoris. He stood before her and drank in her year naked body, he wasn't sure what she had planned for him tonight so he backed out of the living room and retured to the front door and made a great deal of noise entering the house so she would know he had arrived home.

He came into the house and when he entered the living room he was disappointed to find her now wearing a robe hiding her body and attire from his eyes. Not as brave as you thought are you Carol he thought to himself. He also thought to himself now now is the time. "Stand up" he said in its sternest voice, she stood quickly. "Drop that robe onto the floor." She stood before him now wearing only the sheer nighty he approached her and began to circle or near naked body. "This won't do Carol, we need to go upstairs to Cheryl's closet and dress you in some of the slutty things I had purchased for Cheryl that she refused to wear. Taking her hand he led her down the hallway to his bedroom and stood her before the closet. "Open it" he said to her pointing towards the door "choose something different to wear, stay away from the leather things, but I want to see you in at least stockings, panties and heels and choose wisely a bra that it won't hide your tits but will enhance them.

As he was going out the door he told her to do it quickly she had five minutes and she better be properly dressed or there would be consequences. Five minutes and one second later he returned to the room just as she was about to pull up the silk stockings. "Your first task is already failed!" He crossed the room and sat down on the bed using his index finger he motioned to her and then patted his lap. "You're a naughty girl Carol, now lay down here across my lap it's time to teach you a lesson. She hesitantly laid across his lap when she was seated in lower her panties and began to spank her now bare bottom. "This is going to be a brief lesson you've earned five swats this afternoon, and for each transgression will receive more than the new ones you receive will be harder and more numerous. Do you understand?" He asked her. Carol was so completely overwhelmed by the new William she could only manage a "yes daddy" in response. "That's my girl." William said to her, "now stand up and let me have a look at my little girl." Carol jumped to her feet and began to twirl in front of him. She was wearing pale purple stockings with a matching garter belt, over those she had on a high cut pair of lavender panties that covered her moms and with a small triangle covering her ass. "You have chosen well baby girl, while I am preparing our bed you need to go down to the bathroom and shave away all that hair." He said to her pointing to her pubic mound. She quickly turned and left the bedroom.

William went to the nightstand and removed the restraints that had been hidden there for well over a year, one time they had been used and because Cheryl had not liked being in control, they had never been used again. He quickly attached them to the bed frame, if Carol was thus far willing to submit to his desires, he had plans to push her into places his former wife had denied him.

When she returned about 10 minutes later she was once again dressed in lingerie she had chosen. "Carol I have some fantasies I need to live out, you are going to be my vessel for that. I hope you will do it gladly and we can enjoy a new and fulfilling life together." He said to her. "There is going to be a little pain, a little punishment and I expect you to completely obey my whims and desires, if you can live with that, I hope this will become the relationship we both secretly desired."

"Yes daddy" she said to him demurely.

"Good girl" he said "you need to choose a word, a special word that will tell me what we're doing is too painful or too demeaning, all you'll have to do is say that word or words and I will stop." He said, "now choose wisely honey."

In a baby girl type voice she said to him "will I scweem cown be okay daddy?" She asked, "that one I will always remember."

"That's a good word little one ice cream cone will be one I will never forget." He said. "Now climb up here." He said tapping the center of the bed "your daddy is going to begin to show you exactly what you need to do to be his special girl."

She quickly hopped up onto the bed and settled into the center, William reached down and slid her panties down her legs and off her feet, and his eyes were drawn to her pussy. Apparently the shaving and the role-play had begun to excite her, her pussy lips were swollen and extended separating at the opening of her vagina, her clitoris tip was poking through its hood, already engorged with blood from her excitement. The aroma she was emitting was intoxicating.

William climbed onto the bed and perched next to her, he reached over her head and pulled down to restraints and attached them to her wrists raising her arms and spreading them wide above her shoulders. He next slid a pillow underneath her ass, lifting it off the bed, "now don't forget your special word little lady, because if this becomes too much for you, you need to tell me." Once again he reached over her head and pulled down two more restraints and spreading her legs, he attached them just above her knees, exposing her pussy completely to him. He stood on the floor next to the bed and admired his handiwork. "I am choosing not to use a blindfold this time but I will use it from time to time in the future." He said to her.

Once again in a childlike voice she said to him, "I twust you daddy, pweas tweat me spesaho."

Will was thrilled, not only with how she lay exposed to him, but with her role-playing of the little girl. "You're doing so good Carol, daddy is going to make you feel like a big girl." He told her. "The most important thing, is no matter what mommy told you, it's all okay even if I touch you in your special girl place." His cock which was still covered in his pants was now rock hard, Lord he thought I am going to fuck her so hard,

"Sweetheart have you ever seen a boys peepee before?" He asked her. As she was shaking her head no he undid his zipper and withdrew his cock, her eyes were drawn to his length, his cock was impressive 7 inches in length and not overly fat. The head, with a large purple tinged, mushroom shape was already dripping pre-cum.

He crawled between her legs and began to manipulate her labia. Her pussy lips were long they drooped and hung a couple inches away from her vagina. Using his thumbs he spread them open, when opened and engorged with blood they were at least 5 inches from tip to tip. When she was excited that color would change from a fleshy brown to an angry red as they filled with blood. And then there was her clitoris, it had to be when exposed, two and a half inches long at its base, and was as big around as her index finger at its tip it was shaped almost like a penis. The other thing that was extraordinarily appealing was her wetness, when she became excited her pussy juices didn't just moisten they oozed and dripped, always soaking the sheets beneath her.

He pulled out his digital camera and began to photograph her naked and exposed body, making sure not to include her face so no one would be able to identify her when he posted them on the Internet... "I'm going to loosen your hands and I want you to use your fingers to spread open your lips and to play with yourself." He instructed her "I want to see you push your fingers inside your girl hole and the last thing I want you to show me is how you rub your special place. I want you to rub it until you get that special feeling inside of you!"

"But daddy" she cried "mommy told me to never ever show my special place to any boy, she said if I did I was being a very, very bad girl." She spoke those words as childishly as she could.

Once he freed her hands, she lowered them and began to rub her pussy, she paid special attention to her lips, first pulling on them and then pinching them tightly together and pulling on them again maneuvering them so her clitoral hood slid up and down her clitoris. "Oh daddy I'm scared, it feels so strange, is it okay if I do this daddy?" She asked him in a pouting voice.

"Yes sweetie, it's okay just close your eyes and make-believe your daddy isn't here watching you." He told her.

Her fingers were now a blur pulling and pinching in round circular motions, her eyes were tightly closed. Her hand cars for a brief moment with her left hand she began to slide the hood of her clit up and down like she was masturbating a cock. With her right hand she bunched her fingers together and began to slide them into her dripping cunt, forcing it almost up to her wrist, in and out it went, up-and-down went her other one.

"Something's happening daddy inside my special place oh gosh Oungh Oungh Oungh what's happening?" the walls of her vagina were gripping and releasing her hand her orgasm began to wash through her body "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DADDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WHATS'S HAPPENINGGGGGGGGG?" Her pussy began to spray large amounts of her feminine nectar, William's camera was recording the whole event, when her pussy began to squirt he quickly climbed between her legs and drove his cock into her, he was so excited in three short strokes his cock began to erup, t splashing the insides of her womb with an enormous load of his milky semen.

"Oh Carol you were such a naughty girl, look what you made me do." as he backed his cock from out of her pussy, he crawled upwards towards her face, with his cock head inches from her eyes and dripping the remains of his load onto her face he told her. "You've earned a spanking young lady look at daddy's peepee, you shouldn't have made that happen to him!" He told her. "I guess that means I'm going to need to show you exactly what a big girl needs to learn about daddies and other boys who want to see your special place."

"I'm sorry daddy, I do need you to show me, and if you think I need a spanking please not to hard okay? All I want is to always be your special girl." She said.

"Okay Princess, daddy would like that very much. "

In a normal speaking voice Carol said to him, "William, teach me to be your fantasy! I will be your lover and your wife, not a married one, but everything else in life will be." She said "I hope you give me a chance."

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