Android Omnibus
Chapter 1: Y2K

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Y2K - An erotic, science-fiction novel. Follow what happens when a guy wakes up one morning to find out he's not quite human, and his entire life has been a lie.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Rape   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Drunk/Drugged   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Robot   Extra Sensory Perception   Humiliation   Sadistic   White Couple   White Male   White Female   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   Transformation  

Do we assume something is real because we can see, touch, smell, taste, or hear something?

We, as humans, rely entirely on our senses to tell our brain whether or not something is real. But, what are our senses anyway? Merely electrical impulses which traverse our body's vast network of nerves where they meet up with another vast network of ganglions and axions inside our brain which interpret the electrical signals our senses have provided it.

From the smell of a beautiful woman's perfume, to the immense pleasure of warm, moist lips around certain parts of our bodies; the sensations we feel, and love, are nothing more than electrical and chemical impusles.

That being the case, then how are we to know what really is, in fact, real?

"That was such a good movie!" Julie exclaimed, reaching over to kiss Michael.

He wasn't the biggest fan of Julia Roberts, even if she was from Smyrna, Georgia; about 30 minutes from where he lived.

"It was OK," he said, resting his head on the back of the couch.

She took her hand and caressed his scalp, running her fingers through his hair. She knew what that did to him, and also knew what was about to come. It was time.

The movie finished, and looking up at the clock on the wall he noticed it was close to 11 o'clock. Michael picked her up and carried her upstairs to the master bedroom. Julie couldn't move her hands away from his scalp as he carried her upstairs. He was so horny at this point, one could've probably hung a weight off the front of his trousers!

Gently, he set her down on the bed, and began to passionately kiss her; his tongue explored her mouth and hers did his. She loved to embrace his tongue with her lips since she knew this drove him wild.

He lifted her shirt off and over her shoulders exposing her round, perky breasts. With his left hand, he reached into her shorts, and guided his index finger down her inner thigh as he kissed and sucked on her left breast. Much to his delightment, she wasn't wearing any underwear. Then again, neither was he. They both loved the feel of naked denim against their flesh.

With his right hand, he caressed her face, and moved his hand down to her right breast and slowly began massaging it. Julie's nipples were hard, and erect. She loved it when he'd gently pinch each one while he was massaging them.

Next, he guided his left hand down and around her opposite thigh, up to her waist. She was wet with anticipation; her womanly moisture rubbing onto his wrist.

His left hand made its way up her waist and chest, allowing his lips and mouth to explore her body. Michael kissed and licked her chest all over, savoring the flavor of her essence. As his tongue traveled down past her belly button; Julie stopped him and gently guided him to his back.

She got up, and sat down on his legs, pinning him to the bed. "I am so lucky to have you," she said; smiling, brushing her hair out of her face.

"As am I, you," he said, cupping his hands behind his head; smiling gently up at her.

Julie began unbuttoning his shirt, starting with the bottom button and working her way up. As she made her way to the second button, and allowed his shirt to fall away, she giggled when she saw Mr. Happy was peeking up from underneath his shorts; an ooze of precum flowing into his bellybutton.

"Tee-hee," she giggled. "We'll have time for Mr. Happy later!" Gently she kissed his throbbing cock, licking the visible shaft as she continued.

Slowly, she unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, and began licking and kissing him; starting at his bellybutton, her tongue taking in the deposit of precum he had made earlier.

He caressed her hair as she moved her lips up to his chest.

She and he had this thing with each-other as they had foreplay: They loved to bring each-other almost to climax before actually, you know, doing it. It made both of their experiences much more intense that way. He loved that about her.

She let her hands explore the outside of his shorts; running her fingers around his balls, through the denim. With her middle-finger and thumb, she glided her hand up the length of his shaft, through his shorts, gently pinching his exposed head.

He moaned.

From the TV downstairs, they could here the announcer say it was 11:30PM.

They wrestled for a more comfortable position on top of the bed. He let his shirt fall off his shoulders, and Julie and he embraced each-other tight; their legs entwined with each-other's.

Their hands and arms explored each-other's backs; her nails scratching and digging into him.

When they finished their embracing, he maneuvered Julie onto her back. With his hand, he explored her crotch. First, outside her denim shorts. Slipping his hands deep into the crack between her and the bed, deep within the crevice, he could ever so slightly feel her moisture seeping through her, now soaked panties and denim. He maneuvered his hand up to the top button of her shorts, and let his ring and index finger inside to explore her folds. His middle finger gently flicking her engorged clit as he worked his way down.

She screamed the most pleasurable scream he'd ever heard.

Next, he moved his head down to her shorts, and gently undid the single button which caused her chaste. Gently, he took hold of her zipper with his teeth and guided it down.As she lifted herself up, he gently slid her shorts down her legs and let them fall to the floor. He took her right foot in his hands, and gently massaged it; kneading her arch.

He then knelt down; slowly kissing her sole. As his lips worked their way to her pinky-toe, he let his hands traverse up her calf. By the time his tongue and lips had made their way to her big toe, his hands were exploring her moist caverns, and he was giving her a toe-job with his tongue and lips.

He loved pleasing her, and she was pleasurably moaning throughout this whole experience. Fortunately for them, their next-door neighbor was old and deaf. It provided quite a bit of freedom for them sexually, in the bedroom.

He let his lips and tongue begin to traverse up her legs to her thighs as his hands moved their way up to her breasts; giving them some much needed attention at this point.

Slowly at first, he let his tongue explore her folds, then penetrate; tasting her magnificent juices, paying careful attention to her north pole, hidden by it's shroud.

As his tongue pleased her faster, he allowed his fingers to tune her nipples. Julie's moans were increasing in frequency at this point; her breathing becoming more deep and heavy.

Next, he concentrated on her shroud, and the magic hidden beneath it, and let his fingers maneuver back down to her thighs. Julie arched up; a shivering wave emanated from within; sighed, and briefly relaxed on the bed.

He climbed up to lay next to her and kiss her; they kissed and caressed each-other some more for a few minutes. Julie then moved so she could take his shorts off. As she undid the button to his shorts, his cock pushed slightly away from his body; it, no longer being restrained.

Julie then moved around to straddle his chest.

"Ooh, I love it when you're in this position," he whispered to her.

She knelt down to take him in her mouth, as he let his tongue travel up and inwards her back thigh. As she took him completely in her mouth, he buried his nose and tongue into her.

"Oooh!" she exclaimed, arching back to let his tongue bury even more deeply inside her.

Julie continued to knead his cock with her mouth, stroking his shaft with her to tongue. At this point, he couldn't stand it anymore. With two heavy thrusts, he quivered as he emptied into her. Julie then licked his shaft as if it were a Popsicle, savoring its nectar.

In a state of bliss, he relaxed as he sunk deep into the bed. Julie turned around to sit on his stomach and face him.

"I'm not letting you get off this easy," she said, smiling; tweaking his nipples with her fingers.

"I love it when you tell me what to do," he replied.

He was special, he thought. At least, Julie told him none of her other partners that she's had in the past could do what he could do. He was pretty virile, too. As far back as he could remember, he could climax multiple times in a relatively short period of time. Julie knew this, and she knew she wasn't about to let him get out of fucking her before midnight.

"11:55," she said, looking at the clock on the nightstand, "we better get busy!"

She turned around, so that her back was facing him. Slowly, she drew her fingers down to his balls. As she continued to glide her fingers to the edge of his anus, he became engorged again; throbbing. Next, she moved her fingers back up, kneading his sac and balls gently.

"Perfect!" she exclaimed as she moved downwards.

With care and perfection, she glided his shaft into her shaven pussy. He grabbed her hips with his hands as she began to rock back and forth, moving his shaft as if it were some joystick.

"Honey," she said, "I do believe that you're even harder now than before."

Slowly, Julie began to move up and down on his shaft. He let his hands move down in front of her; gently massaging the crest of her womaness.

Her moans became louder! He gently grabbed the remote control to turn on Dick Clark's New Year's Eve special. Cheers were being heard from Times Square. The announcer told us it was 11:58.

Julie stretched down to grab his ankles as she increased her thrusts slightly.

"11:59, just one more minute to go!" the announcer exclaimed.

She sat up again; her thrusts going faster and faster.

His breathing was becoming deeper, his heart racing faster with each thrust. Would he be able to wait almost another minute?

"10!" the crowd cheered on through the speakers, as he exclaimed "Oh, God!"

Julie paused.

"9!" they continued.

"Hold on, baby," she instructed.

He tensed up, trying to withhold his eminent eruption.


Julie turned around with him still inside her so she could face him.


"Almost time," she continued.

"Oh, Jesus!" he couldn't help from exclaiming.

"6!" Dick Clark said.

Julie continued moving herself up and down his shaft.

"5!" she yelled, going faster.

"4!" he said, joining in, moving his hips in opposite unison to her.

"3!" they continued, their hips moving like a well oiled machine.

"2!" they screamed.

"1!" she said, throwing herself onto his chest so he could embrace her deeply.

"Happy New Year!" they exhaled. As she pushed herself down onto his cock, he released what felt like a century's worth of sexual energy deep within her.

Then, time stood still.

His reverent scream of jubilation continued as his voice became more and more oscillated. He froze.

Julie was oblivious to this, at first – entranced in her own climax.

His eyes went black as they rolled back into his head, and he became unconscious.

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