Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Story of an older man who has learned the value of the spoken word in his persuit of women.

While washing his coffee cup in the sink, fourty-six year old Ray Durbin looked out the window and thought that it was going to be a great day. Temperatures were supposed to be in the high seventies. The sun was shining already and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. In another week, Ray's current live-in girlfriend would be coming home from Texas where she had been for the past two weeks visiting her daughter and playing the role of grandma with her grandkids. It was a little lonely with her gone but Ray knew she loved the grandkids and if visiting with them made her happy, it made Ray happy.

On what to do today, Ray thought he would start with washing the cars and checking the fluids just to make sure everything was in order. Opening the garage door of his townhouse, Ray went outside to pick up the morning paper which had been deposited on the driveway. As he walked toward the paper he noticed that the next door neighbor's garage door was open. He saw Jane, the lady who lived next door holding a cell phone to her ear with one hand while her other hand was going up and down in an excited manner. He could only hear bits of the conversation and whoever was on the other end was being chastised by Jane.

Jane in Ray's opinion was a fox. She was about forty-five years old, five feet seven inches tall, long straight dark hair and around 120 pounds. Everything about her just radiated that she was a classy lady. Ray estimated her breasts size was 34-C. When she was dressed up to go out and put on her war paint, she looked like a thirty-five year old. She apparently did have a little temper which was now in evidence.

Jane ended her call and noticed that Ray had the morning paper in his hand looking at her.

She smiled and said "Hi. How are you?"

Ray walked toward her and responded, "I'm fine but it looks like you have some problems. Anything I can do to help?"

She said, "Well, I have an appointment to go to and my car won't start. Vic has taken the other car and won't be back till tomorrow evening. He wasn't much help on what to do other than telling me to call the repair shop and have the car towed in."

Ray said, "No problem. Why don't you take one of my cars for your appointment and if you want I can take a look at your car while you are gone."

Jane smiled and said, "That would be great. Are you sure that's no problem?"

Ray shook his head and took a car key off his key chain and gave it to her. Jane opened the car door and slid into the seat. Ray noticed the skirt coming up to her mid-thigh and thought she has a nice set of pins.

After Jane was gone, Ray tried to start her car which was a four year old BMW. It was as dead as a door nail. A jump from his other car got the BMW started and with the battery connections appearing to be clean Ray diagnosed the problem as a battery needing to be replaced. Since this was a sealed battery that was as far as Ray could go in diagnosing the problem. He connected his battery charger to the battery and hoped it would give a sufficient charge to start the car, but he doubted that it would.

In the afternoon Ray was sitting in the shade on his back deck sipping a gin and tonic while reading a new best seller he had checked out from the library. Jane came around from the side of the townhouse and handed Ray his car key. He invited her to sit down and offered her a drink.

She said, "After the start this morning I could use one. Thanks for the use of the car. I really couldn't afford to miss that appointment."

Ray made a gin and tonic and handed it to her. He told her what he thought her car problems were. He offered to pull the battery out and get a replacement to install if she trusted his diagnosis. She confirmed it was the original battery and thought his offer of help was great and asked him to do it. He said that if she wasn't in a hurry, he would do it first thing next morning. They talked about a multitude of other things including her oldest daughter who had just filed for divorce after four years of marriage and one child. They had another drink and before they knew it two hours had just flown by. Ray always enjoyed being in the presence of a beautiful woman and Jane's skirt at mid-thigh and the subtle perfume she was wearing made for an enjoyable afternoon.

Since both of their significant others were not available this evening Ray hoped he wasn't presuming anything and asked Jane if she would want to come back over this evening and have dinner with him. He said it wouldn't be anything fancy and that she should just dress comfortably. Jane hesitated for a moment but said she would love to come over for dinner. Ray asked her not to bring anything as he had whatever they needed. He thought there was some possibility that she would just see him as a man trying to hit on her, but then again maybe she didn't.

At six there was a knock on his kitchen door and Ray saw it was Jane. By coming through the back door she had avoided the prying eyes of the neighbors. Ray saw that she had put on fresh make up and was wearing a crème colored silk blouse and white shorts that came down to mid-thigh. The shorts weren't overly tight but were cut so that the wiggle in her butt was evident when she walked. He could see a slight outline on her backside which indicated she was wearing a thong or butt floss as the kids called it now-a-days. Ray told her she looked "spiffy." Neither was sure if that was a proper word but they both knew it was a compliment to her looks and he thought he saw a little color come to her cheeks.

Ray offered to make her a drink. She told him that whatever he was drinking was fine with her, so he made her a gin and tonic. They talked some more and the subject of her daughter getting divorced after four years of marriage and one child was the main subject of conversation. Apparently her daughter wasn't going to accept her husband running around with other females when he was on the road working. Ray could see this was bothering Jane but he felt that there was something more that she wasn't saying but he didn't want to pry.

When the drinks were finished, he asked her to take a seat and politely refused her offer to help. The table had been set and he lit the two candles he had placed there. Ray went and prepared their plates which consisted of rice, some spears of asparagus and a large piece of salmon on which he poured a lime flavored crème sauce that had mushrooms in it. He also refreshed their gin and tonics.

Jane was impressed by the delicious meal and enjoyed the conversation and attentiveness Ray was giving to her. Her husband Vic had been paying less and less attention to her and she had wondered if he wasn't also playing around when he was away from home. To her the signs were all there and this had been bothering her for some time. She thought Ray's compliments were what she needed and it was making her feel like a desirable woman.

When the meal was done, Jane helped Ray clear the table and wouldn't take no for an answer when she offered to help with the dishes. Ray washed and Jane dried. Ray poured some Midori on the rocks for an after-dinner drink and she sat in the middle of the sofa in the living room while Ray sat on the matching chair. Judging by her actions, Ray thought Jane was getting a little high so he watched her drink and didn't want her to get drunk. She was pleasant company and he enjoyed being with her. He also thought something was bothering her but he would leave it up to her to disclose what it was.

The subject of her daughter getting divorced was brought up again and Ray noticed that Jane was hesitating in talking about it and then he saw a tear run down her cheek. Jane then stopped talking and put her head down. Ray got up and went to Jane and sat down next to her. He put his arms around her and Jane put her head against his chest and started sobbing. Nothing was said so Ray just held her. Her crying lasted for about five minutes.

Jane pulled her head back, looked at Ray and said, "I must look like a mess. I am sorry for acting this way."

Ray told her to just stay there and went to get a box of tissues. He came back and sat down next to her. He took a few tissues and wiped the tears away that were on her face.

Ray said, "I don't see a mess, I just see a beautiful woman who is bothered by something."

She smiled at him and said, "You don't know how glad I am to hear you say that. I get fewer and fewer compliments these days. The reason for my breakdown is that I think Vic may be fooling around and I don't know what to do. He seems to be losing interest in me."

"Well, if I were you, the first thing I would do would be to make an appointment for Vic with an optometrist as his eyes must be going bad if he can't see the beautiful and desirable woman you are. Then I would talk to him about your suspicions. Tell him what is bothering you and see what he says. Don't leave something like this to fester. Maybe there is something that you don't know."

Jane looked into Ray's eyes and said, "Thanks, I'll think about what you say," and gave Ray a quick kiss on the lips.

She pulled back, looked deeply into Ray's eyes and then returned for a much longer kiss. Ray put his arms around her and felt her tongue searching for his lips so he opened his lips and she immediately sought entrance. The kiss went on for a while and Ray could sense a deepening of Jane's breathing and heard her give a slight moan.

Through Ray's guidance they moved to where they were laying on the couch. She continued to search for Ray's tonsils while Ray had one of his hands caressing her back. As his hand started to go up and down, he could feel her bra strap. His hand went lower and it reached her buttocks where he rubbed and squeezed and pulled her hips up against his. There was no resistance from Jane and she had one of her hands on the back of Ray's head curling his hair with her fingers.

Ray's hand went from her buttocks to her breast were he cupped it and felt her nipple which was stiff. She moved back a little from Ray's chest to give his hand room to work. His cupped hand encircled and rubbed her breast and then his thumb and forefinger slightly pinched her nipple which elicited a moan from Jane. Ray continued to kiss her and his hand started unbuttoning her blouse without meeting any resistance from Jane.

When all the buttons were undone, his hand went under her blouse and found her bra strap and with some skill he was able to open the catch. With the bra undone, he cupped her breast and could feel the hardness of her nipple. His thumb would rub the nipple and he could feel her trying to press more of her breast into his hand. Ray and apparently Jane were content to lie side by side and continue the kissing.

Ray felt for the button on the side of her shorts, opened it and pulled down the zipper. With the pressure on her waistband released he went under her shorts and confirmed that she was wearing a thong. Going under the thong he moved a finger up and down the crack of her ass. He pressed against her anus and felt a hesitation in her breathing. He tugged on her thong and shorts at the same time trying to pull them off of her legs. She raised her hips to help him in his efforts and then lifting one leg at a time to shed her clothing.

One of her hands was underneath Ray and was pinned down by him. Her other hand, however, had moved to where it was feeling and measuring the size of Ray's shaft which had gone into full erection. She was able to pull down the zipper and slip her hand into Ray's shorts to grab his tool. Her cool hand on Ray's warm erection was giving him terrific sensations.

Ray moved down to where he could put some kisses on her breasts and then put a nipple between his lips and flicked at it with his tongue. He repeated this movement with her other breast. Her hands were now on Ray's head and seem to be guiding him lower on her body. He rained some kisses on her stomach and continued down to her most private part which he had not yet touched or seen. As he was getting there she opened her thighs to give him a sign that this was what she wanted and for him to continue. Her arousal scent was now becoming evident the closer he moved down.

As he arrived at her slit, he saw that she was completely shaved except for a small tuff of hair on top that matched the color of the hair on her head. The lips were moist and swollen. They seemed to be waiting to be kissed and Ray did so which elicited a low moan from Jane. Ray licked the slit up and down and then wormed his tongue in as far as he could and wiggled and licked inside. He moved up to her clit, which had now stiffened and sucked on it. His actions caused Jane to close her thighs against Ray's ears and rock her hips. Ray thought she must be having an orgasm. He continued to suck on the clit and moved one of his fingers to her anus where he rubbed and probed. Her shaking became more severe and the pressure on his ears increased.

"Oh, God, Oh, God," she said, "It's been so long. You don't know how much I love this," and then her whole body just shook.

He waited for a while and she opened her thighs so Ray now stood. Looking at her, he unbuttoned his shirt and dropped his pants and under shorts.

She saw him staring at her and asked, "What?"

Ray said, "I am looking at one warm, beautiful, and sexy woman that is burning a picture in my mind that I will never forget."

Jane smiled, spread her thighs more and raised her arms to welcome him into the classic lovemaking position. He descended into her arms and Jane raised her legs and with her heels on his buttocks, locked him into position.

One of her hands slipped between them were she grasped his lance and placed it at her entrance. He slowly pushed into her tight, warm, wet crevice that fit him like a glove. Giving her a little time to adjust to his size he kissed her and was greeted by her very active tongue. Both of her hands were on his head directing his kissing efforts. Ray started a slow piston action and could hear the smacking wetness sound of this coupling. Jane knew how to move or control her internal muscles and she was milking his shaft as he moved in and out.

Ray would like to have lasted a long time and savored this experience, but the reality was that he was as excited as she appeared to be. He was trying to think of other things to delay the inevitable and just when he couldn't delay any longer he heard her say, "I'm coming, I'm coming." He came as well and collapsed on to her.

He whispered into her ear, "I forgot to ask you about birth control. I am sorry."

Jane said, "Don't worry about it. After the birth of my daughter there was some scarring and I could never get pregnant again."

Ray felt that his weight may be too much for Jane so he uncoupled and lay next to her on the sofa. He reached into the box of tissues he had brought for her tears and took some out. Ray wiped Jane and then he wiped himself.

Jane said, "That's the first time anyone has cleaned me after making love." Ray was about to take make a response when he heard the ring of a cell phone. Jane said, "The cell phone is in my shorts. Please give the shorts to me because that might be my daughter calling to check on me and I need to talk with her or she will come over here."

Ray gave her the shorts and while Jane was on the phone went into the bathroom in order further clean up, sprayed on some cologne and he popped a Viagra pill. Better safe than sorry he thought.

Upon his return, Jane was ending the call. She looked at Ray boldly and said, "Well, there should be no more phone calls. I am now free till she comes over at ten tomorrow." Jane started to put on her blouse.

Ray said, "I was hoping you would spend the night with me but if you do there will be one condition I will insist on."

She said, "God, you make me fell like a real woman and yes, I would like to spend the night but what is this condition?"

"The condition is that you don't put your clothes back on. You are one beautiful and sexy woman and sometimes clothes on a woman adds to the sexiness but in your case they detract. I enjoy looking at you and want to continue to do that."

She was flattered and excited by his comment and noticed his partial erection. It had been so long since someone was appreciating her physical appearance that it thrilled her. She thought about it for a minute and said, "Okay, it's a deal, if you will do the same," and grabbed his love tool.

He didn't hesitate when he said, "Deal" and moved to kiss her.

She was one passionate woman and she certainly knew how to kiss.

It was too early to go to sleep but it wasn't too early to go to bed. Ray suggested that they refresh their drinks and go into the bedroom. He helped her up and bent to give her a kiss on the lips when she was standing. His hands were groping her fine butt. Jane walked in front of Ray as they went to the kitchen for the Midori refill.

Ray said, "You may have heard this before but lady, you have got one cute butt." When she heard his comment she put an extra wiggle in her walk for his benefit. "Don't stop now," he said and she turned and smiled at him.

If she had some initial shyness from being completely nude in his presence, it now was gone. She was enjoying flaunting her body in front of Ray. He was pouring the drinks when Jane grasped Ray's partial erection and said in a sexy voice looking him right in the eyes, "I hope you are up for a little more exercise."

Ray said, "If he isn't, my tongue can take his place."

"That is something I look forward to and you can be sure I will enjoy."

Jane kissed Ray on the lips, never relinquishing her hold on him and said, "If it was to end now, this is more pleasure than I have had in a long, long time. You have got me so excited that I just want to jump your bones."

To bed they went and finished their drinks, cuddled, kissed, and made love one more time. This time it was in the doggy position with Jane wiggling her fabulous ass for all she was worth. They fell asleep with their arms around each other.

The next morning they were still together with their arms around each other. When Ray opened his eyes, he saw that Jane was awake and she was staring at him.

"I don't know if what we did was right, but I will say this, I really enjoyed myself. You know how to make love. I wish it could always be like this," she said.

Ray said, "It can," which caused Jane to blink and pull back because of the many ramifications of that statement. Ray saw her do this and said, "Oh not with me but with Vic, your husband. What we had last night was because we talked and I complimented you about your looks and intelligence which by the way all were true. Those comments gave you an inner satisfaction of your beauty and attractiveness. All of us, both male and female have hidden desires to hear nice things said about ourselves, it's only natural. If someone starts complimenting you, the feeling that you have for that person becomes more positive.

"Unfortunately a lot of people want just to receive compliments. They don't want or know how to give them. Now I don't know if Vic is or isn't fooling around, but I would wager that if you talk to Vic about your concerns and give him some compliments you will be pleasantly surprised by his response. Become the love sick girl you were when you got married. Let him see the fine woman and lover that he married and what you have become."

"Let me make one more thing as a suggestion and please take this the right way. You need to control your temper a little. Now before you say anything about that, think about yesterday morning and your phone conversation with Vic when your car wouldn't start. Your temper was asserting itself and it wasn't pretty, was it? There have also been a few times when the windows were open that I could hear you also expressing some anger to Vic. Have you thought how you would feel if the situation was reversed? What if he hollers at you that way? What have you got to lose by not trying what I suggest? Just remember to stroke his ego and who knows maybe you will be stroking something else."

Jane was quiet and deep in thought as she weighed what Ray had just said. She finally looked at Ray and said, "Well, it's worth a try. I will try and do it. It won't be that hard to do either. We have had a lot of good years together and I do love him. You do know that these last night activities are going to be a one time only thing between us. I do want my marriage to work."

Ray said, "Well, it doesn't have to end just yet and we have time to take a shower."

He rose from the bed and extended his hand to her. She smiled took his hand and hand-in-hand they walked into the bathroom.

In the shower they kissed and soaped each other up really well. Ray paid particular attention to her breasts and vagina. In soaping up her butt, he washed the crack very well and when he touched her anus, she became tense. His other hand was rubbing her clit and when he could tell she was starting to cum his finger pressed into her anus up to the second knuckle. Jane put both of her arms around Ray's neck and gave him a passionate kiss and clung to him as he massaged her anus and clit. She had a mind scorching orgasm. Jane soaped Ray's cock lovingly and bent to talk directly to it and thanked it for the pleasure it had given her. She then mouthed it and sucked on it till Ray discharged into her.

They dried each other off and reluctantly put on their clothes.

As she was leaving, Jane said, "Thanks, it was a great time and an evening that I won't forget. The advice you have given is something I will try to do. I feel like I have been given a second chance and I won't let it slip by."

Ray asked her to open her garage door and he would replace the battery as he promised. She turned and walked out the door exaggerating the wiggle in her hips while twirling the thong around her finger. She was softly singing the song, "You make me feel like a natural woman."

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