Debbie Crosses The Line Again

by R

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Debbie once again finds herself attracted to one of her massage clients. This time it's a woman.

It had been several weeks since Debbie had her sexual encounter with one of her clients. At firs she was afraid that he was a state inspector and she would lose her license but as time passed she became more confident that he wasn't. Today she had two clients, both female. The morning appointment was at 9:00am and the afternoon wasn't until 5:00.

At 8:45 the doorbell rang. Gina was right on time as usual. She has been a client for almost two years now and was never late. Debbie walked her to the massage room and left her to get undressed and comfortable. The massage went smoothly and they made small talk. Gina left as soon as the massage was over,

Debbie felt a bit tired from working late the night before so she headed to her bedroom to grab a nap. Her head hit the pillow and she was asleep in seconds. She slept and dreamed for almost three hours. When she awoke she remembered the dreams and smiled. She loved having erotic dreams and this one was very sexy! She slid her hand between her legs a slide one finger slowly into her wet pussy. Tingles ran over her body and she knew she would cum quickly. Soon she had four fingers pumping in and out of her pussy and her hips were bucking violently. Her orgasm came over her in waves and it felt like she was cumming forever. She lay there for awhile a basked in the afterglow. This wasn't the first time her dream was about having sex with another woman. Each time she masturbated thinking about it her orgasm was stronger. She wondered if she could go through with the real thing. She did find herself attracted to a few women but never thought about doing anything about it.

It was getting late and she wanted to take a shower before her next client. She used the new soap and shampoo she picked up at the natural food store. It had a soft lavender scent and it made her feel soft and sexy. Her next appointment was new. She hoped the lavender wouldn't bother her. It wasn't very strong and it certainly was very feminine. It was a beautiful fall afternoon. Not too warm with a nice soft breeze blowing in from the water. Debbie decided to wear a light skirt and a halter top. She was feeling very sexy and dressed the way she felt.

At 4:45 the doorbell rang. Debbie opened the door and standing there was a very attractive middle aged woman. She walked in and introduced herself as Collette. She was about 5' 8" and in very good shape. Her shorts showed off her long shapely legs and firm ass. Her long chestnut brown hair accented a very pretty face. Debbie caught herself staring and turned a little red. She quickly escorted Collette upstairs to the massage room. Debbie asked if she had ever had a professional massage and Collette told her that she always wanted one but was afraid to use a man because she didn't feel comfortable laying naked on a table with only a towel covering her "personal" parts. She said that Debbie was highly recommended by a good friend who talked her into trying it. Debbie said that she should relax and just enjoy it. Debbie then left the room to give Collette some privacy and also to use the bathroom. She closed the door behind her and looked at herself in the full length mirror. She looked great for her age and was firm all over thanks to her daily exercise regime. Suddenly she caught herself. She was unconsciecely making sure she looked good as if she was going out on a dater with a man instead of getting ready to give a massage. Then she realized that she was sexually attracted to the woman she was about to massage. Her hands would be all over her naked body. Already she could feel the wetness beginning between her legs. "What the hell am I thinking"? Her brain was screaming at her to get control. She splashed some cool water on her face and knocked on the massage room door. Collette softly said she was ready. When Debbie walked into the candlelit room she couldn't help stare at Collette's beautiful silhouette. She was laying on her stomached and had used one of the smaller towels to cover her ass. Debbie wondered if she had made a mistake or was sending a message. Again she had to remind herself that this could be a setup and she could lose her license if she did anything wrong. Besides, she had never been with a woman sexually and she wasn't sure if she was ready now. Still, Collette was very attractive and there was something very, very sexy about her.

Debbie turned on some soft soothing music and asked Collette if she preferred scented or un scented oil. Collette breathed in and said that she really loved the scent that Debbie was wearing. Debbie told her that it was the soap and shampoo she used and she didn't have any oils or lotion that had that scent. Collete sighed and then told her to use unscented lotion so she could enjoy the lavender fragrance of her body. Debbie flashed back to her encounter with the male client several weeks ago. Once again the fear of losing her license crept into her mind.

Debbie poured some of the unscented massage oil into her hands and rubbed them together. She worked her fingers into Collette's shoulders and could feel the firmness of her muscles. She was already feeling a tingle in her pussy and knew she would have trouble keeping her passion under control.

Debbie started slowly massaging Collette's shoulders and upper back. She could feel the firmness of her muscles under her fingers. Here mind wandered a bit as she worked her way down towards the top of the towel that covered Collette's firm round ass. She let her fingers slide under the towel and massaged the tops of Collette's cheeks. Collette started to softly moan and Debbie could feel her slowly start to roll her hips. At first she thought she was just adjusting herself but soon Debbie realized that her client was definitely getting sexually aroused.

Debbie was mesmerized by the way Collette was rolling her hips arching her back and gently grinding her pussy into the massage table. She could feel the warmth of her own arousal start to spread over her body and she knew her pussy was getting wet. She let her hands slip lower and now she was kneading her fingers into the cheeks of Collette's firm ass. Now Collette was moaning louder and was grinding her pussy harder into the table.

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