Dragon Planet
Chapter 1: John's Life

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, non-anthro, Harem, Safe Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1: John's Life - A young man enters a cave and ends up on another planet. Can he survive naked and unarmed in a harsh environment? Will he set the slave girls free? Very little sex, none in first chapter.

I am John Henry Sanders III, an averaged size 27 year old man. My friends call me JH which was my mother's nickname for me. She gave it to me when I reached nine years old and asked her to stop calling me Johnny. Being smaller than most of the other boys I wanted to start changing people's perceptions of me.

I had been out of University for a year and a half now and living in Tucson, Arizona. He had grown up in New Haven, Connecticut and then gone to Boston College where he studied accounting. His father and uncles had all been accountants and also his grandfather. Accounting was the family business and the Sanders men were all regular kind of guys.

I was an only child and wasn't big enough for any of the all American sports but had excelled at running cross country. Today I liked light mountain climbing and caving. Physically I am 5' 9" tall but am what you could call wiry. My muscles don't stand out like some guys, but I am considered tough and athletic. After graduating from high school at 17 (I had skipped a year) and finished my degree in only three years.

I was good enough to compete in high school track, but my stature did not allow me to compete well against the bigger men found at a large campus I was able to devote himself to my education.

My family is not rich in the traditional sense, but is what they called "comfortable" so when I had the money and desire to get a masters degree, I moved over to Harvard to the Graduate School of Business Administration to get my MBA.

I now work at a Tucson Bank in the business services area and am on a fast track to become a leader in the bank someday. I work with businessmen setting up their merchant services, credit cards, debit cards, check cashing and sometimes even some basic investment counseling.

As far as romance was concerned, I have dated quite a lot, but was in no hurry to get tied down. I like women and love the sex, but hadn't found one that could take my physical lovemaking style for long.

Today my coworker and semi-buddy Hal and I were going caving. We had to get up early because the cave in question was four hundred miles away near Yuma Arizona. Yuma was in the bottom left corner of Arizona, but there were freeways most of the way there. We were going in Hal's old F-150 which gave us lots of room for gear.

"So you met George Villanueva while in college" I asked.

"Yes, he and I went to Arizona State in Phoenix at the same time. He works at the Cocopah Casino now. He was sent to college specifically so he could be a manager at the casino. He is lucky to get away this weekend because unlike you and me, he doesn't have bankers hours" Hal said.

"Well, it's a lucky thing you know him because it can be very difficult to get an invitation to a real live American Indian reservation. Those folks tend to be insular after all the years of bad treatment" I said

"Yes, and like your south and north, the poor have a high incidence of alcohol abuse and drugs too. That creates all kinds of problems" Hal said.

"Where are we meeting George" I asked.

"We are meeting him in Yuma at a 76 station just off the freeway. George said we would never be able to find him on the reservation. The Cocopah are more urbane than most other tribes since their reservation is adjacent to Yuma so they get more exposure to a city than many other tribes" said Hal.

They continued to talk about work and even stopped once to get some more coffee for the road before they got to Yuma.

They pulled off the freeway and pulled into the 76 station where they were supposed to meet George. Even before they were stopped George was standing next to Hal's side of the truck.

"You boys looking for a good time" George asked.

"What do you have in mind" asked Hal.

"Just joshing, I know you white guys are always wanting some of our fair Indian maids so I thought I would BS you a little" George said.

"I think we have about BS'ed each other out the past few hours while driving here" I said.

"You must be JH" George said.

"That would be me, nice to meet you" I said as we shook hands.

"Well, lets get the show on the road" George said.

"OK, we'll follow you" Hal said.

They followed George's truck out of town and down several two lane blacktop roads. The only sign they saw that it was a reservation was when they first crossed onto Cocopah land. There were a few signs there. Eventually they were on a dirt track that took them to a bluff over the Colorado River.

George pulled over and told them this was it. They pulled out their tents and set them up as this would make it easier when they got back from caving, they could eat supper and drop into bed. They had a quick lunch of sandwiches and sodas and they got their gear on for caving.

Caving used ot be known as spelunking, which is a halfhearted attempt at exploration and more resembled a walk in the park than today's modern caving does.

Caving was much more intense and often included the negotiation of pitches, squeezes, and water. A lot of climbing or crawling is required, and ropes and even pitons are used.

According to George, this is called Three Women Cave. It had been searched many times for silver and other valuables but nothing worthwhile had ever turned up. It had one large cavern inside the entrance and several passages that went different ways. Some went several miles into the earth. There were steep walls, water and tiny little passages that were almost impossible to get through.

That afternoon they took it easy and explored one of the main passages for a couple miles. It was mostly just rock. There were a few areas where dripping water had caused a few stalagmites and stalactites to form, but mostly it was rock and almost all of that was sandstone. Some deeper areas had some granite. After a few hours we headed back. Tomorrow would be a long day of caving.

We had canned stew for supper and George (I think) turned canned milk and packaged biscuit mix into some fried biscuits to sop up the stew. It was a stick to your ribs dinner, also we enjoyed some coffee before going to bed.

The next morning we wanted to be in the cave early. For breakfast we had coffee, bacon and scrambled eggs, we hurried to get ready to cave. It was just 7:00 am when we entered the cave, almost an indecent hour for young men on the weekend.

We went down one of the smaller tunnels for a while. We reached one point where we were 75 feet above a hole. We used the ropes and lowered ourselves to the floor where we found two large tunnels and a small one. We took off down the tunnel that moved away from the river hoping we would not run into water.

We followed it for quite a way before it dead ended in a rock fall. We backtracked until we got to the beginning and took a break. It was almost lunchtime so we broke out the trail mix and beef jerky and washed it down with bottled water.

The other two wanted to continue their break so I decided I would check out the smaller tunnel, it was very small. As I was worming my way in on my belly, at one point, I had one arm out in front of and the other behind so I could wiggle through a real tight spot. Even though I had on tough pants, going through this tunnel was putting a hurt on them.

I entered a larger room sized area. It seemed lighter here and there was a lot of dirt on the floor. I turned off the LED lamp on my helmet to see where light was coming from. There was a small hole very high up that appeared to be a small opening out of the cave.

I pulled a flashlight out of my bag it was a special min-mag light with LED clusters for use inside caves. The LED's gave a lot more light and the Ni Cad batteries would last under constant use for days. As I looked around I saw what appeared to be a small clay bowl. This looked to be the type you would use with animal fat as a lamp.

I also saw a few scraps of leather, it was very old and there were several small pieces of scraps. I stood up and looked at the white wall that towered over the artifacts and played the light back and forth across it. It seemed to shimmer in rainbows or something, it appeared to be a common white quartz with a touch of pink in it.

As I reached out to touch it I felt a spark go from my right hand where the flashlight was, across my chest and into the wall through my left hand. Several things happened at once. The light went out as I stumbled toward the wall and then I felt as if my skin was flayed off as I burned all over and fell to the ground. Everything went black.

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