Shit For Luck
Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Humor, Harem, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Violent,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A squad of Marines, 9 female and 1 male, are whisked to a parallel universe where they fight for their lives against giant insects and animals. They try to establish a new Eden. This is a survival story. Please check my blog for a note on size problems.

This all started on an April day in 2073. They were tooling along with their convoy through the Jordanian desert when they were hit by RPG and mortar fire from both sides. The damned ragheads had managed to ambush them within a few miles of their refueling station, and they had been too lax in their security.

The ragheads had blocked the road at a cut through a ridge of rock, so they couldn't get around without fighting. They were in a Mk 8 APC (Mark 8 armored personnel carrier) and the armor did a good job of protecting them, thank God for FMC production standards! They were near the rear end of the column, so they could see the devastation happening to the rest of the convoy. They were escorting a line of fuel trucks, and they could see water splashed everywhere. At least, by carrying their hydrogen fuel as water, they didn't have the explosion hazard that gasoline used to be.

The self-guided robot trucks didn't have any people in them to get killed, but they sure did make a mess of the road when they were hit. The only other manned vehicle in the column was another Mk 8 leading the way. It had been smashed into a blazing inferno with the first fusillade. They were the only good guys around left alive, so the squad leader ordered the driver to turn around and get them the hell out of there! He didn't argue!

They had enough water to get to the previous station, so the squad leader wasn't worried about that, provided they didn't run into another ambush. The odds were pretty good against that, since one APC was too piddling a target for most ragheads to mess with.

The squad consisted of all women, except for the driver, Cpl. Ed Fugerro. They were all competent grunts, but the Marines had this thing about putting women on the direct firing line. So the women were relegated to guarding convoys and such as that. Sure, they saw some combat, but nothing like that the male grunts had to face. It was kind of demeaning, but they put up with it to stay Marines.

"Oh, I'm Sgt. Mary Adams. I'm 5-feet, 6-inches tall and weigh 142 pounds, all of it muscle (except for my D-cup tits). I have a 'pleasant' face, I'm no beauty, but I don't scare kids or men. My hair is auburn and cut short, except for my eyebrows, I had all of the hair on my body electrolyzed off as a sanitary measure. I have the 5-year implants, just in case I get captured and raped, but they are due to run out in two years.

"Ed is 6-foot, 2-inches tall and 190 pounds of muscle, Even his prick is strong, I KNOW! He's all Marine and pissed to have to be driving a bunch of women around, but he'll be back in the line in a few days; he had a minor wound and is driving us while he recovers. He's pretty good looking in a rugged sort of way. He has black hair that kind of sparkles in the moonlight and his brown eyes just tickle me where it does the most harm. Yes, I like Ed.

"We were high-tailing it back to our previous strong point to report the ambush. I couldn't radio in a report because one of the RPGs or mortars had messed up our antenna. This wasn't surprising, it was always happening. I sure wish some bright engineer would come up with a solution to the problem."

Ed suddenly spoke up with, "Hey, Sarge." (He always called her Sarge or Sergeant Adams on official business.) "Do you see that line of storm ahead? It looks like one hell of a sand storm!"

Mary looked where he was pointing and saw a line of blowing sand about 300 feet high and several miles long. "Shit! That's a big one! Think we'll miss it, Cpl. Fugerro?"

"I doubt it. I'll get as far as I can before we have to stop, but don't look for miracles."

Ed put on the speed and he got up to 60 MPH, but that wasn't enough to beat the storm. They hardly got into the storm before Ed had to pull up to a dead stop. He couldn't see a damned thing! Mary stuck her head into the squad compartment and said, "Girls, it looks like we may be here for a while, so just relax while we wait out the storm. Turn on the interior lights, if you want to." As expected, they all groaned, she sure didn't expect any cheers.

Very soon after they were surrounded by the storm, the Mk 8 was rocked by what felt like the world's most powerful wind, but it settled down after that and just sat for about an hour.

They had closed up all of the protective panels when they were first hit in the ambush and had left them closed during the sand storm. Mary got as bored as everyone else, so she looked out the periscope to see if the storm was completely gone, yet. "HOLY SHIT! Look outside, Ed, and tell me what you see!"

"OH MY GOD! Where are we? Look at the size of those trees!"

"Those aren't trees, they're grass! How did we get in a bamboo forest?"

Ed grimaced and said, "I spent a year in the Philippines, and I know bamboo when I see it. THAT AIN'T BAMBOO!"

Mary turned back to the squad and said, "Girls, don't panic when you look outside, but it looks like we're not in Jordan anymore. Stay put until Ed and I can puzzle this out."

Ed said, "The blacktop for the highway has completely disappeared. It looks like we're in an almost circular clearing about 100 feet in diameter. The ground seems hard enough to support the APC, but we're not going anywhere unless we can break through that jungle growth."

"Yeah, that's what it looks like on my side, too. You got any suggestions?"

"Not many. We need more information. Let's put somebody in the weapons turret to stand guard while the rest of us look around the clearing."

"OK, I agree. Elsie, you stand guard in the weapon's turret while the rest of us go outside to look around. Use your best judgment about whether or not to shoot; we're depending on you."

"Yes, Sergeant Adams. I'm going up now."

"The rest of you form up on my side of the APC, and we'll decide what to do, then.

They got out and the squad lined up alongside the APC. Ed and Mary stood in front of the crew and she said, "I have no idea where we are. It looks like the storm tossed us somewhere, but your guess is a good as mine about where we are." Mary was talking loud enough so Elsie could hear her. "There's 7 of you, so the first 6 pair off and look around. Jean will stay here to be our mobile reserve, and Ed and I will also form a pair. Each pair take a 90 degree segment of the clearing and see what you can find. Pairs should stay together and don't anybody leave the clearing for any reason. If you have to piss, don't go in the bushes to do it! OK, let's get started."

They spent about an hour looking around and didn't find a damned thing of significance. Mary called everybody back to the APC and they were not all there when Elsie let out a yell and fired off a string of shots toward the perimeter. They all looked where she had shot and saw the damnedest apparition!

It was a black beetle as big as a cow. Its legs were still moving, but Elsie's shots had flipped it over and demolished its head. Somebody asked, "If its head is gone, why are its legs still moving?"

Jean said, "I remember from high school biology class that insects have a distributed nervous system, and cutting off an insects head doesn't kill it immediately. It will die, but it takes time for the rest of the body to get the message."

Wanda said, "Yeah, I'm cool with that, but where did such a monster bug come from? And, are there more of them? And, do they eat people?"

Mary said, "Those are all good questions, but we, sure as shit, can't answer them all right now. But, now you see why I told you to stay out of the bushes. Jean, go relieve Elsie and tell her to bring a couple of shovels. We need to dig a latrine. I, for one, feel the need."

When Elsie came out with two shovels, they went to the side of the clearing opposite the bug and dug a slit-trench latrine they could squat over. She had also brought the toilet paper and Mary warned everybody to go easy with that, because they'd be in trouble if they ran out. Everybody, including Ed, used the latrine while the rest of them stood guard, and then they all went back to the APC.

Mary's stomach said it was time for chow, even though she had no idea of the local time, so they broke out the MREs and Tabasco Sauce. Mary figured that she better assume that they were still in a war zone, especially after that big bug had shown up, so she assigned guard duty in 2-hour shifts. That way, everybody could get a decent sleep. There's a surprising amount of room in a Mk 8, so they all had a place to lie down.

Before they went to sleep, Ed and Mary sat up front and talked about the situation. "Mary, you know I read a lot of science fiction and this situation reminds me of some of the stories I've read. What bothers me is that, in none of the stories I've read, does the hero get home! We may be stuck here for the rest of our lives."

"Maybe that's the way it is in your stories, but I'm not ready to give up, yet. We've only been here a few hours. Somebody could find us, or we could find our own way out."

"Oh, I didn't mean that I was ready to give up. I just meant that we better plan for the worst. Like, can we eat the local food, once our MREs give out? How about ammunition? The size of that beetle scares the hell out of me! And we better find a source of water; you know humans consume a hell of a lot of water."

"You're right about planning ahead. Tomorrow, I'll get a complete inventory of what we have on hand. We've got to work out what we're going to do for tampons. That and toilet paper are a woman's greatest concern, under these circumstances."

"How about ammunition? I've got a bad feeling about that giant beetle. If the rest of the bugs around here are proportionate in size, we may have a fight every day. We're lucky that we were issued the new coil guns a few months ago. They will shoot almost anything that has magnetic properties, which means that we could put rocks inside bags made of aluminum foil and have a half-assed shotgun. We better save the metalized bags that come with the MREs, we could use them to hold shot."

"That's a good idea. I don't know what Wanda uses it for, but she keeps a couple of rolls of aluminum foil in her kit; we could use that to wrap rocks. Now, all we have to do is find the rocks."

They talked about some other things for a while, then Mary tipped her seat back to sleep and Ed did the same. They had been sleeping for about three hours when there was a tremendous clang against the side of the APC and whoever was on guard duty opened up with the big gun. They all grabbed their weapons and moved to the firing ports.

Outside, there was the biggest damned mouse any of them had ever seen! It was dead now; its head was full of holes. It looked like your common, every day field mouse, except that it was as big as an elephant! Shit! Were all the animals going to be that big?

Ed looked out the window on my side and breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank God! It looks like we can find something local to eat." He looked at Mary's grimace and laughed. "Oh, come on, Mary. People have been eating rats for years. Just close your eyes and think of roast beef!"

Mary had to admit that an animal that size could feed them for a long time, if they could just keep the meat from spoiling. Maybe they could rig up a smokehouse.

Mary looked out the window again and realized, "It's broad daylight! Did we sleep that long? No, my watch says it just 3:00 AM. Now, what? I'd have to quiz the watch keepers from last night to find out if it ever got dark." She shouted to her people, "OK, GIRLS, BACK TO YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP! IT'S NOT TIME TO GET UP, YET!" Mary lay back to go to sleep, but her eyes popped open. She thought, "There's going to be one hell of a stink if we can't move that thing away from the APC pretty quick."

The next "morning" it was still the same level of daylight outside. Didn't it ever get dark? All of the guards reported that the light level stayed the same all through the "night." Shit, another weird thing to worry about!

They ate breakfast and then tried to figure what to do for the rest of the "day." Ed said, "Sarge, can I borrow a couple of your troopers to back me up? I'd like to take a closer look at that jungle. We may be able to batter our way through it with the Mk 8."

"Sure, take Liz and Ann. Oh, hell, let's all go. We're not accomplishing anything here."

Ed climbed on top of the APC and looked around. He came down and started walking toward the jungle. "This way looks as promising as any. Let's see what we can find."

We came up to the jungle and he looked closely at the "trees." "Ha! I thought so! Look at this. This growth is much thinner in width than it is in breadth. You were right when you called it grass. I think that we can push through with the Mk 8. We won't be going fast, but we will be going."

"OK! Dammit, you convinced me. Let's give it a try."

They piled back into the APC and Ed drove to the edge of the clearing. He dropped the electric drive into its most powerful setting and he crept up to the first of the grass. The APC pushed it out of the way fairly easily; it bent over to let them pass and then popped back into place.

Ed drove at a steady 5 MPH for a couple of hours. They popped out of the grass onto an area of sand. Based on their previous experience, Mary expected the sand grains to be as big as the proverbial bread box, but, no, the sand grains were the size they had always seen. With this much sand, maybe there was running water around somewhere close. Ed hoped so, because he would need it soon for both them and the APC.

Ed shifted the drive into a more comfortable range for the machinery and they rolled along at about 30 MPH. Ann, who was in the weapons turret, said, "Hey, down there. I see water off to our left about two miles."

Ed turned toward the water and they reached it in no time. Ann said that she could see a far bank, so this was probably a river, or a stream, or whatever. If it was fresh water, they were in business! Ed drove right up to the edge of the water and they all got out to see what there was to see. Mary did order Ann to stay on guard; she'd get a chance in a few minutes.

Everybody went up to the water and bent down to touch and taste it. "ED! NO!" Mary yelled to get his attention. He straightened up to look at her kind of funny and she said, "Ed, you are our only source of male comfort. We can't take a chance with you. Let one of the women do the dangerous details."

He laughed and nodded. "OK, Sergeant Adams. Whatever you say!"

Mary said, "Julie, you taste the water. Only a taste, now. Not too much."

"Yes, Sarge." She dipped a finger into the water and tasted it. "Hey, that's the best tasting water I've tried since leaving home. I don't think we can go wrong with that."

"OK, we'll give Julie another 10 minutes, and, if she doesn't turn green, we'll assume that the water's good." There were some nervous giggles at this, but everybody stepped back from the water.

Ed said, "If she didn't taste salt, we can use it in our fuel bladder. I could use some help in setting up the hose and pump."

"Helen, give him a hand."

Ed and Helen had the pump and hose set up before Julie's 10 minutes were up, but Mary insisted that they stick to the timetable. The APC didn't have the same limitations as the human body, so Ed started pumping water into its nearly empty fuel bladder.

Julie hadn't turned green within 10 minutes, so Mary decided to call the water safe. She sent Linda to take Ann's place in the turret with a caution not to get lax. Mary pointed out that she would be responsible for their safety for the next hour. Mary asked, "Anybody interested in a little skinny dipping?"

The reply was a unanimous "Yes!" so she ordered 4 girls and Ed to strip off and jump in. She did warn them not to go more than waist deep and to keep an eye out for trouble. Too bad they didn't have any soap, they'd try to remedy that once they had a permanent camp set up somewhere.

All of the women started laughing when little Ed came to attention at the sight of the 4 naked Marines. Even Ed grinned. Mary let them play for half an hour and called them out to dry off and stand guard while the rest got wet. Once they were dressed and had taken up arms, Mary sent Julie in to relieve Linda, and the rest of them went in. It sure felt good to get some of that grit and dried sweat off. Mary sure she was not the only one who thought of Ed while washing her pussy.

Ed was timing them and called them out at the end of 30 minutes. They got dry and dressed and that was when Mary noticed her shadow. They had been at the water for over an hour and her shadow hadn't changed in length or direction! They ate lunch while Mary thought over the length of the day.

Ed and Mary talked about where they went from here. Neither one of them wanted to go back to the dense grass they had left and there was no way to cross the river that they could see, so they had the choice of either up stream or down. They couldn't reach a logical decision, so Ed flipped a coin. They climbed into the APC and drove up stream.

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