No Means Don't Stop Yet

by DOM

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A college student finally gets into his girlfriend after two years of trying.

When he started university Joe was still an old fashioned guy and he still didn't subscribe to the modern and politically correct tenet that when a woman says no she means NO! His primitive mind believed that the nay saying girl usually wanted to be fucked but didn't want to admit it. And sometimes he was right.

One such case may have been his first girlfriend in university. Janey was about a year older than he, a quiet, almost shy woman, who was more oriented towards intellectual pursuits than he but who seemed to accept his 'jock' mentality. She was all he could ask for in the kissing department but that was as far as he was able to progress for a long, long time. It was only the availability of other less reluctant girls that kept his non-fucking relationship with Janey alive.

Janey and he necked and petted at every opportunity but it went no farther than that. He would return to his room with achingly swollen balls and would take solace from his hand or sometimes he would go to the town and find a local girl who was only too happy to spread her legs for a college boy. Their objective was to get knocked up and thereby snare a college-educated meal ticket but Joe always used a condom.

During the summer he worked in the North in his pre-college job and Janey worked at a resort hotel. By the beginning of September, even though he'd found some relief with a schoolteacher from whom he got crabs, he was no longer willing to wait for marriage.

"Oh God, Janey, he've missed you."

They were in his hotel room in the city where they'd agreed to meet after the long summer apart. He was heading back to college and she to a teaching job in a small fishing village near the city where they were meeting. Their first kiss was deep and wet and he was determined that, this time, he wouldn't take no for an answer.

"No Joe... no... You can't," she protested when he tried to remove her panties. They were in bed, his pants were off but not his undershorts, and her skirt was up around her hips.

Please, Janey... please," he begged as he rolled on top of her. She closed her thighs warmly on his cock, which had slipped out of his shorts, and he began a dry-fuck. But that's as far as he got. He wondered since then how close she was to surrendering. She must have become excited with his prick rubbing over her pussy, even though her panties prevented direct, flesh-to-flesh contact. Anyway fucking her fleshy thighs was better than fucking his hand and she didn't object when he bathed her thighs and her crotch with his semen.

During the next year she came to visit him at the university on several occasions and he adjusted to the dry-fuck limitation although usually his cock would get raw and sore from rubbing over her panties. They never talked about it but he always wondered if she masturbated after he left. He assumed so for, to the best of his knowledge, he never made her cum by dry-fucking her. When he visited her home that Christmas, she gave him an 'almost handjob'. Almost because she didn't really get her hand completely around his cock but she did hold it enough that he shot a load halfway across their living room.

Joe's only 'date' during that year was with a married woman whose husband was in a mental institution. It was an enjoyable liaison that was made even more enjoyable by her plump, precocious twelve-year-old daughter. The word 'No' was never voiced by either the sex-starved woman or her precocious daughter.

It was late spring. The weather was nice, his college year was ended, and he was visiting Janey. She boarded with her aunt, a huge woman in her forties, and her uncle, a gay intellectual. Except 'gay' hadn't been invented in those days, at least not in its present meaning. He was more likely to be called 'queer' or a 'fruit' or some other derogatory term on the rare occasion that his sexual proclivities were mentioned at all. But that has no bearing on this story, anyway.

The house was in darkness except, near the window, where the soft light from a full moon shone. He was sleeping, or rather, lying, on a sofa in the living room of the house where Janey boarded. That was his bed. Janey was sleeping in the small room off the living room and her aunt and uncle were upstairs.

Ouch! He banged his shin on the coffee table when, as quietly as he could, he worked his way across the room to Janey's door. He froze at the loud squeak when he pushed the door open. It probably wasn't as loud as it sounded to him but the house was otherwise silent so it seemed loud.

"Joe? Is that you?" Janey whispered when he approached the bed. "You shouldn't be in here. They'll hear us."

There was a loud creak of the ancient bedsprings when he sat on the edge of her bed and they both held their breath, listening for sounds upstairs. "he had to come kiss you goodnight, darling," he whispered and her mouth opened under his as their tongues tangled wetly. The bed creaked again when he lay down by her side, lifting the covers first so they could be close.

He was wearing only a t-shirt and his jockey shorts and Janey had on a short nightgown of some kind so, when she turned on her side to face him their bodies were excitingly close.

"Joe... no Joe," she whispered between kisses, "You have to go... they'll hear us."

"We aren't making any noise," he whispered back. He'd got one hand under her nightgown and it was on her hip. God! He felt a surge of lust when he realized she didn't have any panties on! He'd never had an opportunity like this with her. "he don't think it'd bother your aunt, anyway." And that was true. Janey's obese aunt was definitely a free spirit and Joe thought she suspected he'd been screwing her niece, even though he wasn't. Not yet, anyway.

"Please Joe... hannh... you have to go," Janey panted when he eased her onto her back and tried to push his knee between her thighs. "We're making... hannhh... a lot of noise... too much." And, in fact, every time they moved the springs on the old bed made a racket that sounded like fighting tomcats.

He had his hand at the top of her tightly closed thighs and was surprised to discover the flesh there was wet and slippery. Was that why she didn't have her panties on? Had she been masturbating before he came into her bedroom? Joe was pretty sure that was the case and maybe that's why, that night, he was finally successful. He'd got to her after she'd ignited her own furnace.

"No... No... Please Joe... not tonight... we can't." He'd freed his penis from his shorts and it was pressed to the bare, warm flesh of her thigh. Was she saying they couldn't dry-fuck, or was she saying that, another time, she'd give in? Her voice sounded different and, somehow, he got the impression that she meant the latter. But, if so, it was likely just a ruse to get him to leave. And he wasn't about to leave.

Janey was strong but, as he continued to try to force his knee between her legs he sensed a gradual yielding. They were kissing again and, despite her entreaties that he had to go, her mouth and tongue were as active as his. And kissing smothered her protests, too. Her arms were around his neck and then his knee was between hers and her legs were parting. There was a slow but unmistakable weakening of her resistance and he gradually moved over her, first his knee clamped between hers, then part of his thigh and then he was on top of her, his throbbing penis trapped between her warm, naked hip flesh and his equally naked belly.

"Shhh... Don't move," Janey gasped when they heard a noise upstairs. He did as she asked. Well, almost unmoving. He was sort of fucking her hip. It was better than fucking her panties, anyway. He was leaking enough juice to lubricate a fleet of trucks and his cock slid easily in the fleshtrap of their close pressed bodies. But he wanted more than that. Much more.

They heard the roar and gurgle of a flushing toilet and he relaxed. Janey did too, a bit, and he slid a hand inward, over her hip and down to the barely accessible gap at the top of her thighs. Oh God! Her pussy! He had his hand on it for the first time. And it was wet.

"Nahh... Hannhh... Nannh," Janey sobbed and he suddenly realized that her face was wet with tears. But, more importantly, he realized also that her legs were no longer gripping his thigh. They had relaxed.

"Darling... oohh Janey, darling... don't cry." He covered her mouth with mine, tasting the saltiness of the tears that, somehow, had trickled down to her lips. But his fingers were there. He was playing with her naked pussy, feeling the fat lips with their wetly matted hair fringe.

"Is that your clitoris, Janey?" he asked although he knew it was. He pressed his finger into the wet slot on the hard, erect nubbin, rubbing it excitedly.

"Yunh... Hanh... yes... Hunnh... No... Hannhh," and he could feel her body shake with sobs as he fingered her. She was crying but she wasn't trying to stop him. Not physically, anyway. "Doh... hoh... hon't," she whimpered in a piteous plea but, like they say, a stiff cock has no conscience nor is it compassionate.

"I love you Janey... I love you," he whispered into her slack-jawed mouth as he pushed her legs wider apart with his other knee.

"Nah... Hanh... nah... Hannhh," Janey sobbed but her sobs were almost masked by her heavy breathing. Overwhelmed with passion, he guided his prick up to her pussy and found its long sought objective. "Nah Nah Nah," she gasped in a panic stricken whisper as he felt the tip of his cock engulfed by the soft, moist orifice. She was trembling under him, her thighs loosely clasping his, but otherwise she wasn't moving. It could have been her fear of making noise but he didn't think so. He believed that twenty three year old Janey was finally surrendering to her needs. (That is, unless she already had, with someone else?)

Joe was enjoying the thrill of successful conquest. The girl he'd been trying to fuck for more than two years was on the verge of admitting him to her holy of holies, the carefully protected (at least protected from him) cahnnel to her most intimate regions.

"Naahhh... naahhhh... can't let you," Janey gasped in a stifled whisper and her hand suddenly grasped his tool to prevent his entry.

"Darlinnng... pleeease," the young man pleaded."

"Hah... hanh... cahhhnnn't," she whined but she didn't try to move his rigid tool farther away from her soft, juicy genitalia.

Joe was not inexperienced in the art of seduction and even though this desirable young woman had prevented the ultimate sexual intimacy for two years he sensed that victory was imminent. He kept his throbbing cock pressed to the soft slit of her pussy while he kissed her asnd his hands stroked and caressed her naked flesh.

"Please darling... please let me fuck you?" Joe made a risky gamble that using the crude term might shock Janey into submission.

"Don't... can't... no... ooohhhh nooo," she whined but at the same time he thought he detected a change in the way she was holding his cock. She hadn't been pushing it away from her cunt since he'd first tried to get inside but she'd been holding it right against the hot, wet, pulpy flesh that surrounded the bulls-eye of his desire. Now, as she reinforced her vocal rejection of his assault she seemed to be drawing him closer, angling the bulbous knob of his organ to the clearly definable heat of her cuntmouth.

The licentious college student began to push slowly into her and, although the hot, juicy passage was tight, there was no obstruction. "Nooo Joe... Oohhh... hannh... Nooo," Janey whimpered as inch by thick inch he penetrated her hot, juicy passage. After he finished fucking her that night she insisted that he was the first and perhaps he was. He'd had others who claimed to be virgins too, some of whom he was sure weren't, but with Janey, he was never sure.

Janey tensed beneath him when he made his final lunge to bury his tool completely within her juicy toolbox and the springs protested with a loud squeak. Their bodies were meshed, hip-to-hip, belly-to-belly, her soft sheath compressing his cock within its delightful, exhilarating clasp. He always got a special high when he entered a woman for the first time and, if it's the first time she's been entered, the thrill is even greater. And he thought it might be Janey's virgin fuck, hymen or not.

He laid full weight on the woman's large framed body and savoured the moment. Finally he had succeeded. His throbbing cock was buried to its root in the hotly clasping depths of her body. He was fucking her. She was his. At last he had her.

"Joe... Hanh... no... Hanh... gotta stop... Hanh," Janey pleaded between sobs. "They'll... Hanh... hear you... Hannhh." This wasn't what he wanted. Even though her body jerked with each sob and the movement added to the pleasure of being in her, he wanted her to enjoy it, too.

"Will you get on the floor with me, Janey? Please?"

"I cah... hanh... can't... hanh... gotta stop," she whispered tearfully. "Tomorrow... hanh... somewhere else... hannh," Janey whimpered, but he was not only too aroused to stop now but also believed that she wouldn't let him back into the hot Heaven of her cunt if they stopped now.

"Please, Janey... I love you... but I can't stop... not now," and he punctuated his plea with another spring-squeaking lunge into her lovely tightness.

"Hanh... yah... if you have to... hanh... but... hanh... be quick."

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