Sergeant Rockwell

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, MaleDom, Rough, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: The lieutenant was scared of her First Sergeant but she wasn't sure why - tonight she would find out and she was going to enjoy it!

It was after seven at night when I walked into the dark and empty Charlie Company offices while First Sergeant Rockwell parked the jeep. Of course I knew he was mad, after all it had been patently obvious when he hadn't said a word during the hour long drive back from the field. Not only had he driven the whole way in total silence with his eyes staring straight out through the windscreen, his jaws had been clenched and he had a death grip on the steering wheel which was better than him having one on my neck. I didn't know if Sergeant Rockwell knew how much he frightened me but I sensed that tonight wouldn't be a good time for him to find out. I had been assigned as the Company Commander of Charlie Company, 3rd Marines right out of Officer Candidate School and Rockwell was my first sergeant although he certainly wouldn't have been my choice.

Although Rockwell was a highly decorated combat veteran with three tours of duty in Iraq I didn't like his strong armed tactics with the troops and I didn't like his attitude towards me. He was a huge man standing almost 6' 5" and weighing around 250 pounds most of which was solid muscle. I knew that he didn't like me, hell he probably didn't like any officer much less a brand new second lieutenant. I heard the door to the office slam shut and I jumped at the sound. It didn't take him long to cross the room and spin me around and get into my face.

"God damn it Lieutenant what in the fuck were you thinking out there? Christ if you had done that stunt in combat you would have gotten half the squad killed. You are one God damned fucked up Marine lady; shit, didn't they teach you anything in OCS?"

As he yelled I felt his spittle on my face and without thinking of the consequences I responded in kind, yelling right back. "First off Sergeant Rockwell I made an error in judgment, and that's all, an error in judgment and besides it's just a training maneuver for Gods sakes. Christ how do you expect me to learn anything if I'm not allowed to make mistakes. And secondly Sergeant I'm your superior officer and I won't have you in my face screaming at me. The next disrespectful word out of your mouth and I'll have your ass court martialed, do you understand me Sergeant?"

I never saw it coming but I sure as hell felt it - his fist hit me squarely on my jaw and I went down like a sack of potatoes. When I came to I was lying on my back and Rockwell was straddling my chest, his knees shoved up into my arm pits, his butt sitting on my breasts. I flailed around trying to get him off of me but he was so big that I couldn't budge him. "God damn it Rockwell get the fuck off of me!" My fists pounded in his chest then I felt a cold piece of metal touch my face and I was staring down the barrel of Sergeant Rockwell's 9mm Beretta. His thumb flicked off the safety and I pleaded with him to stop. "Oh my God, don't! Please Rockwell, please don't do it!" Then I started to cry... and he stated to laugh.

"Oh that's just fucking great, a little tap on the chin and a gun in your face and you're crying. Yup, you're my superior officer alright, Christ I'll have to remember that the next time I'm in trouble in Iraq." He looked like he was thinking about something and I hope it was putting the safety back on. "I'll tell you what I'll do Lieutenant, I'll put the gun in your mouth and you can suck on it and pretend it's my dick... and if you do a good enough job I won't pull the trigger, how does that sound?"

Jesus he was one sick puppy. "You... you won't do it, you'll go to the brig!"

He laughed. "Maybe, maybe not. Maybe I'll claim PTSD, maybe I'll tell them your 'judgment error' today sent me over the top, maybe they'll even believe me."

I was sniveling and had tears running down my cheeks when he pushed the gun in between my lips trying to force my mouth open. I tried to resist him but he just laughed at my feeble efforts then he pinched my nose closed and when I finally gasped for air he shoved the gun inside my mouth and all the way to the back of my throat. I looked into his eyes and knew he could see how scared I was as I laid on the floor my body shaking. He just looked at me for the longest time then he started to slowly shove the gun in and out of my mouth.

"Go on Lieutenant, give it a blow job and then we'll see what happens."

As I sucked on the cold barrel I realized that he was mentally fucking me and I shivered with fear. He saw me shivering and did something I never expected, he took his free hand and gently brushed back my hair and then wiped the tears from my eyes. As scared as I was there was something weird going on inside my body as I felt the first tingle of excitement as the gun slid in and out of my lips, I felt my pussy getting wet. I couldn't believe that I was sexually responding to him but the combination of the fear of getting killed and his gentle touch was apparently just too much for my libido. I don't know if he realized it or not but he took the gun out of my mouth and placed it on the desk and then he smiled at me.

"I just can't decide Lieutenant, are you scared or excited? Me, I'm betting on excited but maybe I'm wrong and maybe you actually pissed your pants. Are you going to tell me which one it is?"

I didn't say a word and without taking his eyes off of me he reached behind him and I felt my belt buckle being undone then the zipper to my trousers was pulled down and his fingers were inside my panties touching my wet labia. I didn't move.

"Well I feel something wet down here Lieutenant, is it piss or cum?" When I didn't answer he continued. "Well I guess I'll just have to check it out myself."

He ran his fingers inside my pussy then pulled his hand out of my panties and put his fingers up to his nose and sniffed then he smiled again and sucked my cum off his fingers. I already knew it was cum of course, I had felt myself leaking before his fingers ever touched my pussy.

"I'll give you that Lieutenant, you do taste spectacular. Now I'm wondering what those tits of yours look like... are they half as nice as your pussy?"

I still didn't respond, why should I he was holding all the cards. He reached down and began to unbutton my uniform blouse, button by button until he could pull it open and see my plain white bra. I wasn't very big but I did have a nice set of 34B's that were always pert and responded nicely to someone sucking on them. His fingers slowly traced a pattern on the bra and his mouth watered and I squirmed. He put a finger under the bottom of each cup and slowly lifted it up until my bra slipped up onto my chest. He looked at me for a minute then he took a nipple in between his thumb and index finger and rolled it back and forth. It felt really good and I moaned.

"Well you have a nice set of tits Lieutenant, small but very nice and it seems like you're enjoying what I'm doing, you do like it don't you?

I nodded yes and he leaned down and sucked a nipple into his mouth. He suckled for a while alternatively licking and biting on my nipple. I was squirming around and could hear my own voice as I expressed the pleasure I was feeling. He sat back up.

"Well I'm glad you liked that, now how about something else?"

I nodded my head.

"Good then I'll get off your chest and you can get undressed and we'll finish this off. You do understand that I'm going to fuck you — don't you Lieutenant?"

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