A Master Craves More

by Phoenix Rising

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Torture, Anal Sex, Petting, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Enema, Body Modification, Caution, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A submissive returns for more of the treatment that she craves from her Master. Viewed through the dominants eyes, she is put into her place and finds release in a variety of ways.

The distant sound of thunder echoed ominously outside. I started to smile in anticipation because I knew that it would unbalance her. Even now, I am already losing track of her name. To me, she is simply my pet. A very loyal pet, to be sure, but a pet that knows such exquisite tricks. I remember our last session and it still amazes me what I can do to push her boundaries. But right now I need to get my apartment ready.

I receive the call that I had been waiting for.

"Master, I am almost a half hour away. I just wanted to let you know."

"Thank you my pet. Your graciousness is very nice and I am glad that you are on time. Is the weather alright there?"

"Y-Y-Yes, Master. I am a little bit scared, but it seems like it is holding off for a little bit. I think that I will just miss it."

"That is good. Remember, when you arrive at my apartment, be sure to knock 3 times, pause, and then knock twice. Also, be sure to pull off before you get here because I don't want you to wear panties now for the rest of the day. Be thankful that I am allowing you to wear your bra though."

"Thank you Master." I hear the sound of the passing traffic on her phone and when it quiets realize that she has stopped.

"Are you there pet?"

"Yes, Master. I am at a convenience and gas store right off of I-35."

"Good, now go into the bathroom and take off your panties. I want you to put them into your front pocket so that just a little bit of it is hanging out. Also, is there anyone there you find attractive?"

"The checkout clerk is rather nice looking master."

"Well, grab yourself a Dr. Pepper and when you check it out as you hand the money over, lean over to him and say, I am not wearing any panties because you are sooo hot."

I am met by silence as I say these words. "I understand, Master. I will comply. Do you want to stay on the phone while I tell him that?"

"Yes, my pet. Keep me on the phone."

I hear a door open and imagine her panties hanging out of her pocket. Soon, I hear her gasp because of the coolers air touching her moistening cunt. Her light steps are barely audible but I hear the checkout clerk ask her, "Is there anything else?"

My pet leans over and only so audible that myself and the clerk can hear her, she states, "I am not wearing any panties because you are sooo hot."

I hear a loud gasp and my pet states, keep the change and her steps sound a lot louder as she steps outside.

"Very good job, pet. I am very pleased that you followed my instructions to the letter. Now I want that bottle finished by the time that you arrive at my apartment."

Within 25 minutes, I heard my pet knock at the door. I went to the door with my coffee in hand and opened it up. I immediately looked down at her pocket and noticed her panties showing, maybe even more than I had wanted. I smiled and looked up into her face and said, "Enter."

Bowing her head, she walked in. I stood there and she stopped, seeming embarrassed. Then, realizing what I was expecting she closed the door and locked the door. As soon as the door was locked, I told her, "Strip." Slowly, she started to take off her shirt and as her arms started to become encumbered, I grabbed them, stopping the shirt from showing her head. "Stay like this for just a minute. I have a surprise for you." I went to my computer desk and grabbing some rubber bands and clamps, went back to her bra covered breasts. I unbuckled it and as soon as her tits were available put the rubber bands around them. I placed the clamps close by and told her to continue. She finally removed her shirt and followed with her bra. I started to grin as I saw her body start to feel the effects of the rubber bands. They were changing to a very nice even color and I wanted to try out my new thing. As soon as her bra was off, she started to sit on my bed and I just looked at her. Again, nodding in recognition, she lowered herself to the floor and removed her shoes and socks. I noticed that she painted her toes and they looked to be very nice.

"Very nice, pet. Why did you paint your toenails?"

"I wanted to surprise you master because I know how much you like looking at a beautiful woman."

Nodding at her to continue, she deliberately slowed her strip to provoke me and I stored it in the back of my mind for later. As soon as her pants were off, I told her to kneel. She did that immediately so I knew that something was up. However, I would continue to entice her for the time being. I went to my pillow and grabbed my blindfold and wrapped it around her eyes. I moved my finger underneath it to see if she moved her head. Since she didn't, I assumed that the blindfold hid everything. Finally, her tits seemed to be the perfect shade and I grabbed my clamps. Putting them on the end of her tits, I heard her gasp and saw her hips shift in obvious pleasure. This was something new and I was waiting just to be certain that the safe word wasn't spoken. At the end of the chains there was a little hook and I grabbed the weights and put them on as well. My pet groaned as I put the first one on and I waited just to be certain. After a few seconds, I attached the other one. Her sigh of contentment seemed to echo throughout my entire apartment. Even better, she was acting just as I had hoped, not moving so that it did not cause too much aggravation to her nipples. Thankfully, I had already done my research and when I went behind her I stated in a demanding voice, "You sure took your time taking off your pants, I guess you need some discipline. Also, don't speak unless I tell you to. I don't want to have to grab the gag quite yet. I find it immensely more enjoyable you restraining yourself instead of using a toy to keep you quiet." With that I leaned back and grabbing my brush for just such an eventuality, I swung it hard smacking her ass and watching the weights swing ponderously. Her cry of pain was quickly quieted with another smack. Every time the weights were closest to her hips, I smacked her ass. It was a challenge to see how far the weights would swing as I paddled her ass. After about the fifth smack, my pet was begging me to stop.

I gave her a couple more smacks just to remind her who really was in charge and then I reached towards the plug. Taking my hand and slowly running it over her inflamed ass cheeks, I started to pour some lube onto the plug. As she started to quiet down, I took the hand that had been massaging her and dripping lube onto it, I brought it up to her hole. Realizing the futility of her position she just spread her legs and I saw her crinkled hole wink at me as she relaxed. I took my finger and started to run it around the edges and after it was sufficiently lubricated, added a little bit more lube right above her hole and used my fuck you finger to push it inside of her relaxed ass. Her groan was obviously of pleasure and I brought my other hand down to test her cunt. It seemed that even though she had almost screamed in pain, the effect on her cunt was exactly the opposite. Her entire hair was soaked in her juices and her clit seemed to be at the point last week when we had finished. If she is this turned on now, I thought, I wonder what will happen by the end of the session. I flicked her clit and started to slowly finger fuck her ass. Her body had by now passed beyond rational thought and she started to thrust herself back onto my finger. I shoved my finger in three more times and when she seemed started to get into it I stopped. "Master, I am close. May I cum please?"

"Fuck no!! This is the other part of your punishment for taking your time undressing. Now relax once again and don't talk again unless you want to leave." Starting to feel irritated at her, I didn't put much more lube on the plug and placing it at her entrance, started to push it inside of her. Once again, her groan was tinged with pain. I kept up the steady pace and finally at the thickest point added just a little bit more lube so that she wouldn't be torn and shoved it in quickly before she started to tense with the pain. Groaning more and more, I finally had to pull out the gag so that the neighbor's wouldn't investigate and I strapped it to her mouth. "There, now you can't bring any other people to see you in this compromising position." Shivering with understanding, I took out my camera and paying attention to not get her face, I went around and started to take pictures of her kneeling. Very gently, I flicked the weights and saw her face flush with excitement. She really likes these, I think. I went around to her backside and I know she could feel the tickle of hair against the backs of her thighs. My view was unencumbered and I saw a horse tail fall between her cheeks and almost touching the floor. I took one hand and grabbed the hair being careful not to touch her thighs and pulled on it slightly. Feeling the shift in her ass, she groaned with understanding. Perfect.

I went to my computer and started to check my emails. Glancing back occasionally, I noticed that she would deliberately move her chest causing the weights to move around. I enjoyed seeing her play with herself in this fashion. After I was done checking my emails and chatted a few minutes with another Dom, I looked back at her and noticed a frown cross her face. Not understanding, I turned in my chair and asked, "What is wrong, my pet?"

"Master, I need to pee. I should have went before I came here but I was too busy following your instructions for the convenience store that I forgot how full my bladder was."

"Well, you are just going to have to wait. I have told you in the past that you were to empty yourself before you saw me so it is now time to pay for your lack of following simple directions."

I went back to my conversation and informed the Dom about her "predicament." She laughed in understanding and told me not to be too harsh. After all, she does love you. I was grateful that I had female Dom's that I could talk to at that because a part of me was really pissed that she just wasn't working out today. However, a woman tends to think of things in the long term and something must be wrong in my pet's life to have caused her to forget these things. I nodded in understanding and told the Dom thank you.

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