The Golden Maid
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, MaleDom, Spanking,

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A jewelry story in Rio de Janeiro, a beautiful customer, a diamond necklace and a watchful owner make for a story set in the fifties.

The weather was beautiful, sky without clouds, the green-blue sea licking softly the white sand. Slight breeze lowering the temperature to barely bearable, at least to the beach-goers who always crowded Copacabana.

In 1958 Rio was at the apex of its glory and Copacabana was its queen. The moving of the government to the Central Plateau was yet to happen and Tom Jobim and Vinicius didn't write yet the 'Girl from Ipanema'. So Copacabana was it. The Beira-Mar Avenue which separated the beach from the buildings, was narrow at that time, mere two traffic lanes, one in each direction and two large sidewalks for pedestrians. The famous beach itself was one third as large as it is today. The city was smaller and people were happier.

Among taller buildings a few smaller ones, three or four stories high resisted the advance of real estate exploitation. Today, alas, there's not a single gap in the solid front of apartment buildings and hotels. The most famous hotel, The Copacabana Palace, impressive white building, glistering like a jewel in the middle of its large garden hadn't lost yet most of the green area to the avenue.

A mere block away stood a three stories high building. Richly decorated heavy golden doors between large windows were guarded by a black man in tuxedo. The windows displayed a variety of expensive-looking jewelry — from gold bracelets to diamond necklaces — to an impressive array of semi-precious Brazilian stones very much in demand by American tourists. Over the door a tasteful golden encryption informed that this was "A Casa da Garota Dourada" (House of The Golden Maiden) making a semi-circle over an image of a naked golden girl whose long hair covered modestly her breasts and pubis.

This image was associated with exquisite jewelry. Every socialite loved to boast her "Golden Maid" jewels. The image of the nymph on the lock or on the inside of the jewel was the warranty of authenticity.

The owner and manager of the place was Gilberto Amaro, a man in his forties, rich, handsome and charismatic but a bachelor by conviction. Differently from other rich bachelor "cariocas" (inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro) always in the news, he was discreet, didn't flaunt his girl-friends, didn't party till wee hours and never dated celebrities. His life seemed to revolve around his enormously successful jewelry where he had a team of jewel designers and where he lived on the last floor, a penthouse with spectacular view of Guanabara Bay.

A luxurious American car stopped in front of The Golden Maid door. The tuxedo-clad doorman beat the uniformed chauffer to open the door of the rear compartment. From the interior emerged long legs sheathed in tan stockings and 3 inches high black pumps. The hem of the owner's dress gathered at top of her thighs giving the doorman a glimpse of the delightful white skin above the dark bands of the tautly stretched nylons.

The girl alighted from the car and smoothed her simple but elegant black dress over her luscious thighs to cover her legs to a decent just-above-the-knee height. Her dress had a generous square décolletage showing the beginning of delicious breasts which stretched the material in a very enticing way. A long neck supported a face which wasn't as beautiful, as charming. Think of Audrey Hepburn but with a naughty look and pert nose of Leslie Caron. Huge black eyes, long lashes, delicate black brows, red fleshy lips and upturned nose. This girl was probably a spoiled heiress of an indulgent millionaire.

From her long neck hung a pearl necklace with three rows covering her milky bust. The pearls were round and perfectly matched. Each row had pearls of different sizes, the inner row the smallest and the outer row the largest. The pearls were linked by a silver or white gold cordon. A matching bracelet adorned her left hand which was clutching to her side a rather large hard leather purse. Her right hand annular finger sported a large golden engagement ring and on the right middle finger glittered a solitary diamond which would probably paid the doorman's yearly salary, judging by its size.

The beautiful woman spoke over her shoulder in the general direction of the chauffer: "stay here, Jarbas, I will be there but a moment." She glided through the door held open by the tuxedoed doorman. As soon as she was inside a very pretty salesgirl in a uniform designed to entice the men but not antagonize the women intercepted her saying: "my name is Tina, at your service, Madam, what can I do for you?"

Long fingers with perfectly done nails delivered the salesgirl a calling card where was written: 'Helena de Souza — Marchand des Arts' an address and a telephone. "Tina, my fiancée will throw an engagement party and I discovered that I have no necklace to go with this..." She pushed quickly her diamond in Tina's face. "I want something with white gold and diamonds, but not too expensive."

"And if I may ask, how much do you expect to spend, Madam?"

"More or less 30 thousand..."

"I think that we have beautiful necklaces that will match your ring and will be perfectly compatible with your budget, Madam de Souza. Please sit down. Do you accept coffee? Water? Tea and sweets?"

"A coffee with sugar and cream and a glass of water would be nice."

Helena sat on an upholstered red velvet arm-chair in front of a small table which sported a large mirror for the convenience of a client trying a necklace or earrings. There was also a telephone extension on each of the dozen or so similar tables. More than half of them were filled with clients, single or couples. At least ten salesgirls using the same uniform as Tina were hovering around the customers.

As soon as Helena sat down the telephone chimed and Tina excusing herself picked the phone. After a couple of "yes, sir," she returned it on the hook.

"Excuse me Madam, but my manager told me that a private room just got vacant and is at our disposal. Please follow me."

They entered a small room and Helena was left alone while Tina was fetching the jewels. Helena lighted a cigarette while examining the room which held nothing of special interest with the exception of a golden framed large mirror. She checked her looks and decided she was looking cool.

A pretty colored girl in a maid's uniform appeared bringing the refreshments. While Helena was sipping her coffee with cream Tina returned bringing a generous selection of necklaces. First she opened the more expensive ones, each in its own deep blue velvet seat. They were beautiful, the delicate golden links and the diamonds sparkling their luminous magic.

Helena looked at them and asked the question simply by raising her brows. Tina gave her the range and Helena shook her head. "No, Tina, something up to 30 thousand."

Tina opened another box. It held a dozen necklaces of different sizes and formats, small diamonds and rubies and emeralds in intricate patterns. Helena's eyes caught one of them. He chose that one and one of the others telling the salesgirl: "I'll try those. I preferred the first one. What do you think?"

Tina studied the jewels and the figure of her client and replied truthfully: "I also think that this one will enhance better your perfect skin and will match with your ring!"

Helena touched her pearl necklace. "Please Tina, help me out of this, the security lock is very tricky." The salesgirl passed behind her customer and opened the safety lock. As soon as she opened the main lock the whole necklace seemed to melt. All three strings escaped from the lock and a hundred perfect pearls fell down on the carpet in a rain of silvery drops rolling all over the small room.

With a cry of distress, Tina got on her knees trying to catch the escaping pearls. Helena jumped to her feet, her pretty face contorted by sudden fury and bellowing to the frightened salesgirl: "It's better that I get all my pearls back! I'm going! You know my address, I want all of them by this afternoon, or you and this shop won't hear the end of it!"

She marched out of the tiny room directly to the exit doors which the tuxedoed doorman was opening automatically, and was almost on the doorsteps, when strong fingers grabbed her painfully by her left arm. "Not so fast, my girl. Eric, stop that chauffer!"

But the chauffer didn't wait to see the results of the commotion. The shining car was racing down the avenue and around the corner before the startled doorman took two paces. "Did you write down the plate as I told you?" asked calmly the man who was keeping the struggling girl under control without too much effort.

"Yes, boss."

"Good." He raised the voice. "Jose!" A large man in black suit nodded. "Come with me and with the young lady to my office."

Between both of them they whisked the lady out of the main room and into the owner's office before she could protest and with such celerity that few if any of the patrons noted that something was amiss. She was forced into a visitor's chair where she sat primly with her knees together, clutching her purse to her bosom. An intent observer would see that her bottom lip was trembling, but this was the only indication of her emotions.

The man who captured Helena picked his desk phone and pressed a key. "Tina, here is Gilberto. Don't bother too much on those pearls, they are a fake. Just bring me the strings with the lock and check if something is missing from your display. After that don't call me, come to my office.

Gilberto sat behind his desk frowning at his unwilling guest. Jose took a standing place near the door. She was a trapped bird in a cage with huge predators. She decided to brave it: "I don't understand... Your employee spilled my precious pearls and you're detaining me! Who do you think you are? I'll call the police!" She was raising her voice, building her anger.

Crack!! "Silence, you little trollop!" His fist hit the desktop with such a force and noise that Helena almost peed in her panties. "I'll call the police as soon as Tina brings your necklace and we do a little search with witnesses."

There was a knock on the door and after Gilberto called "enter" Tina opened the door coming shyly into her boss's office.

"And?" Gilberto was impatient.

"Here's the necklace and a few pearls I gathered. And one of my necklaces is missing, the lot 245."

Gilberto studied carefully the strings and the lock of the former pearl necklace. He opened a drawer and pressed a few buttons. "I'm recording this session," he announced to nobody in particular. "Tina, describe please the necklace 245."

"Yes, sir. It's a white gold heart on a single chain. On the chain and on the heart's board there's half a carat of blue diamonds. The heart itself and the lock has one carat of rubies."

Gilberto looked at Helena and asked her directly: "Madam, for the record do you have in your possession a necklace Tina described."


"Please louder."

"NNNNOOOOOO!!!" she shouted.

"Be it known that the suspect negated being in possession of the missed necklace. We will proceed with a thorough search of her person." He barked to Helena: "Strip, strip quickly to the buff!"

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