Millie Continues Her Computer Education

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Group Sex, Harem, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Millie's Computer Education resumes with a return visit to the home of the Couple, who have been teaching her computer skills. Millie is a fast learner; and, as she maneuvers through the Bits and Bytes; as promised, she becomes creatively involved in the little ménage à trois the three of them have planned.

It had been two weeks since my wife, Beth and I had last seen our friend Millie. Just when we thought she had forgotten us, we got an E-mail.

"Hi Teachers," it read, "I think I'm ready for another computer lesson when you are. I'll be shopping in our usual place tomorrow around ten o'clock. See you there?"

Love you guys!


To say that Beth and I were pleased would be a definite understatement. We were ecstatic! Beth was especially delighted since she had been shortchanged during our last torrid session.

Next morning, although we had just done our shopping the day before, Beth and I headed over there. Just at ten o'clock Millie pulled into the store's parking lot and pulled up next to us in the adjoining parking space.

Having not seen her for two weeks, when she got out of the car, I could not believe how sexy she looked. She had that radiant vibrant look of a woman very happy and confident in herself.

Coming over to us, she embraced Beth and they did the little girlie kissing routine that girls do so sexily.

"Hey," I joked, "Don't I deserve a kiss, or something," I teased her.

"Sure you do, but just not in Public!"

Millie laughed, with a little blush, which was so becoming. "As I recall I gave you a lot more than a kiss, not all that long ago," She teased.

Beth laughed.

"Millie, I think you'd better get used to the fact and just accept it—my dear husband gets aroused just looking at you," she whispered.

"Why are you whisp—"

"SShhh!" Beth whispered, pointing at a couple in the parking space next to us, looking our way as they entered their car.

"I have to go in and do some shopping which will take me only a few minutes," Millie explained. "Are you guys doing anything later?"

"No," we both assured her.

"Then, would you have time to show me some more things on the computer if I come over later this morning?"

"I'll give you a hello kiss!" she said, tempting me—her quirky little lips curling up in that sexy smile of hers, "if it's alright with Beth?"

Beth laughed. "Millie, I think you have just made a certain guy's day!"

"Sure, How soon can you come on over?" I asked.

"I can be over to your house by 11:00 this morning," she said. "And, Beth—I haven't forgotten what I promised you."

Beth leaned over and whispered something in Millie's ear to low for me to hear.

Both Beth and Lillie laughed and hugged each other again.

Darn it! I was beginning to feel left out. On the way home, I finally got up the nerve to ask Beth what she had whispered in Millie's ear.

"I told her that I couldn't wait!" she laughed.

"She's here! Hon," Beth said, looking out the window at a car that had just pulled into our driveway.

Beth knew I was eager, so she allowed me to meet Millie at the door. As soon as the front door closed, —Millie looked up at me, and said, "Well... ! Do you want a hello kiss or not?"

For the next few seconds I was in heaven. Here was this beautiful sexy woman standing just inside our front door almost daring me to kiss her.

Sitting on our sofa was my sweet wife who was smiling at our verbal exchange—letting us both know she didn't mind.

As I pulled Millie into my hungry arms, I was like a man dying of thirst. Now in my arms, her expensive cologne and her womanly essence seem to surround me, engulf my senses!

I will never forget the way her sexy little lips curled up so invitingly as I bent down and crushed her hungry mouth against mine. I kissed her so hard; I could feel her sexy little lips were being push back against her beautiful little teeth.

She groaned. "Not so hard... you're hurting me," she giggled. So, I let up a little. A moment later, my tongue was exploring her soft warm cavern. I felt her tongue curling around mine like a delightful little snake.

(Ever think back and try to remember which time you were most aroused in your whole life?)—Well, kissing Millie was definitely in contention for the honor in mine.

"I'd like to carry you into the bedroom and take you right now!" I laughed, my arousal soaring.

"Hey! What am I?—Chopped liver!" my wife's delightful little voice said at our elbow.

"Sorry Beth," Millie said, still breathing hard and panting from her sexual exertion and arousal. "Forgive me for being so hungry," she laughed. "I could just about devour your husband."

"Come here," Millie, said to Beth. With that, her sexy soft little fingers pulled Beth's head down to her, by Beth's brown hair.

The two of them melted together, mashing their soft curvaceous moist lips against the other's girl's feverish mouth. They moaned so soft it was almost inaudible.

"Gosh... ! Beth, you taste so good," Millie whispered.

"Shut up... ," Beth laughed. "Kiss me some more."

Standing back a few feet away, I watched as Beth insert her sexy little thigh between Millie's warm shapely little thighs.

"OOOOooo!" Millie gasped, "That feels so good. Your hot thigh is right on my pussy... ! AAAaaahh!" Millie groaned. "I'm glad I didn't wear any panties... !" she giggled.

"Let's go on the bed," Beth breathed. I could see her sexual arousal was starting to rage like a wild animal. I hoped I would get a chance to watch Beth release her pent-up sexual arousal on sexy little Millie. What a female sex fight that was going to be!

Millie moaned again and replied in a husky sexy whisper, "Oh, Gosh! Yes!"

Then looking over at me, she giggled," I know you don't want to miss this, so you can come too."

"Oh, Millie," Beth whispered sexily, "You have no idea how much my husband is going to enjoy watching us do each other."

Unlike the last time, Millie had visited us—this time our bedroom was quite light. The Venetian blinds were adjusted to give full light but not allow anyone to see the delightful erotic activities about to take place inside.

I hoped I might get a chance to look and compare my wife's pussy to Millie's. I wasn't disappointed!

Beth quickly slipped out of her baize summer dress. I saw her as I had seen her hundreds of times. Now naked, her beautiful shapely figure was on full view. My eyes traveled to her perky little breasts. I could see they were swollen and her nipples stiff from her arousal.

Millie, no longer the bashful widow, proved she had joined the sensuous ranks as she brazenly stripped her green and orange skirt off. Then her white blouse followed.

Oh, hurry up—take your bra off; I pleaded silently, my cock swollen and aching as I waited for even further delightful pain from my arousal.

I could smell both women's cologne, but there was something else in the room. A certain heavy fragrance... I realized it was Beth's and Millie's combined womanly fragrance, their essence blending together. This is driving me out of my mind, I thought. How much more of this can I take?

Millie stepped over to me. Looking up she asked, "Would you like to take my bra off?" With that, she turned her back.

With my fingers all thumbs from my excitement, I slipped the little catch and her beautiful mounds of delight sprung free. Her's were just a bit more full than Beth's perky little titties. Whose were the most beautiful? Well, I would not want to live on the difference.

As much as I had enjoyed the tittie and breast show, I couldn't wait to see their two pussies.

My girls didn't disappoint!

Millie whispered something to Beth. Beth laughed and said, "Okay!"

"Hey, no secrets!" I protested.

"Honey," Beth said, "Be patient, okay?"

Before I could reply, the two luscious naked-as-the-day-they-were-born women crawled on the bed. Once they were at the center, —they both rolled over onto their backs.

"Amazing!" I said, hardly able to catch my breath. They slowly parted their thighs! I had seen Beth's golden brown haired pussy many times. However, this was something quite different.

I was looking at Millie's beautiful dark brown hairy pussy. In the daylight, it was just beautiful. Little firm, but fleshy labia lips—almost closed from her swelling passions. A lush jungle of dark brown hair covered her forbidden spot coming down in a triangle from her little belly button.

"Whew!" I said looking at Millie's exposed sex, "You are one beautiful woman!"

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