Fun In A Belfast Hotel With Claire
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Tit-Fucking, Analingus, BBW,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Some times you see someone you really want to get to know, and it never happens. It does not mean you can't wonder what might have been. this is a story of one of those times! Some fun times with a BBW in a hotel in Belfast

I was recently sitting in the reception of a large hotel in Belfast, while I waited for a taxi to pick me up to take me to the airport. A gorgeous woman walked into the reception and our eyes met immediately. She was chatting with one of her colleagues but all the time our eyes were making contact, the furtive smiles and the eye contact lasted for well over fifteen minutes. We both undressed each other with our eyes.

On another day in another hotel, who knows what may have happened. Our moment of intimacy from a distance was then unfortunately ruined, when a taxi driver called out my name and I had to leave to catch a flight.

IF there is a hundred billion to one chance that you are that lady and you recognise yourself from my description, then get in touch please! This story was conceived in my head on the way to the airport. I chose the name Claire as it seemed to suit her!

I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it...

The hotel bar was noisy even though it was nearly empty apart from one crowd of people; I had ordered a glass of dry white wine and tried to sit as far away from the big party as possible. They looked like they were celebrating something; their voices were growing louder and louder as they each tried to out-shout each other. The group of about twenty was mainly made up of guys with a few girls. They all looked in their mid-twenties to early thirties.

I read the evening paper as I sipped on my chardonnay. Every now and then I looked up as another peal of laughter rang out around the room; they were so loud it was hard to ignore then totally. One of the women in the group stood out like a sore thumb. She was standing on the periphery of the crowd, whilst all of the other girls had joined the lads swigging from bottles of BUD, she was nursing a tall glass of wine.

She was quite tall, with a bobbed haircut, shoulder length brown hair that she flicked from her eyes every now and again. She stood out from the other females in the group for several reasons. She was tall and held herself with a self-assured dignity. She was dressed differently from the crowd. All of the other guys and girls where dressed casually in denim jeans and open necked sports shirts.

She had on a full-length brown suede skirt with a fawn brown cotton sweater, a sweater that did little to hide the fine pair of boobs she had been blessed with. She had boobs that shimmied and swayed as she moved. She had boobs that seemed to defy gravity. She had boobs that jiggled sensually when she laughed. She had boobs that seemed unnaturally firm, so much so that I wondered if she had had a boob job. They were not huge but not small; I would have guessed at a bra size of between 38DD or maybe 40E cup. So firm and full they were screaming out at me to suck them.

She was statuesque, with long legs and a big firm bum that looked so very sexy with her tight skirt stretched taut over it. I could see no lines so guessed at a g-string or a thong. Her skirt came down to the tops of the brown ankle high boots. She was indeed eye catching in a modest way.

There was burst of activity and I looked up as the party started to leave the room. Once they had gone the silence was deafening. The only sound was that of the barman as he tidied up the array of glasses and bottles that had been left behind. I waited until he had gone back behind the bar before I drained my glass and headed back up for a refill.

The bartender had to go to the storeroom to fetch another bottle of chardonnay, so I sat on a bar stool and waited patiently. The door of the bar swung open as she walked in. She looked even more stunning close up. She had light brown eyes and high cheekbones, and extraordinary full lips, lips that were painted pale pink and very glossy, so glossy they almost looked wet. I smiled and she smiled back as she sat on the stool two down from mine.

"He won't be long; he had to go and fetch some more bottles of chardonnay," I said explaining the barman's absence.

"Okay, thanks, that's what I was going to order anyway!" she replied, her voice was deep and sexy, with a beautiful Welsh lilt, like a young Bonny Tyler.

When the barman returned, I changed my order.

"Can I have the bottle and two glasses, please? And put it on my room if that's okay," I asked.

"No problem, Sir," he said adding two glasses to the bottle of wine on the tray.

I looked the gorgeous brunette straight in the eye. Time stood still as I formed the words in my brain. It was now or never. What could she say - either yes or no. It was a fifty - fifty bet. Okay, if she said no, I would look a fool but hey, faint heart never won fair lady.

"Would you care to join me?" I asked, using my best soothing, caring, seductive voice.

"That's very kind of you. I would love to," she replied with a smile.

We headed toward a table near the windows and well away from the bar. I set the tray down and pulled out her chair, helping her to get comfortable, in a courteous way.

"Mmm, you're quite the gentleman. I like that in a man," she giggled as she sat down, I thanked her as I poured two glasses of wine, and we both took a sip.

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Phil and I... "I said but she stopped me in my tracks.

"Hello, Phil. My name is Claire and I will stop you there if I may," she said, her voice was deep and sultry. "This is the fifth anniversary of my divorce. My dear husband left me for his stick insect of a secretary."

"I am sorry to hear that!" I said interrupting her, worrying that I had just decided to have a drink with a bunny boiler.

"That's okay, honey, I am over it and have been for quite a while, " she said, smiling at me, "but I have not really gotten back into the swing of dating and all that crap. However tonight I have an itch," then she took a big slug of her wine. I took an even bigger slug of mine.

My mind at this point was working overtime. Was she weird? Was she looking for a fuck? Was she looking for a husband? Claire ended all of my worries. She drained her glass and refilled it. I was hoping this was just for Dutch courage and that she was not some sort of alcoholic.

"I saw you checking me out earlier and, to be honest, you look like a nice guy, I need a guy to show me some fun tonight, if you know what I mean," she said, staring me directly in the eye. So directly, it unnerved me slightly I have to admit.

At first, I was lost for words and very stunned but still very eager...

"But let me tell you, Phil, I am not looking for anything serious. I have no desire for a live-in lover or a boyfriend. Tonight I just need some physical fun," she said almost purring. "Are you the man for the job?"

What could I say? At first I was stuck for the right word, and then it popped into my head. "Yes, yes, I think I am," I replied with gusto.

"Good, that's settled then," her reply almost business like. "I am in room one-twenty-nine. Give me half an hour to freshen up. Is that okay with you?"

I nodded my approval, "Yes, sure, Claire. I will be there in half an hour, room one-twenty-nine," trying to sound casual.

She drained her wine glass and then leaned over kissing me on the cheek. She stood up, and with a cheeky wink, she was gone. I watched her leave the room, her ass captivating me. I drained my glass and refilled it from the bottle. Had I just dreamed that? Had she said something but my ears heard something different?

I sat back in my chair and finished my glass of wine and headed off to the bar. I ordered another bottle of wine, and two glasses to be delivered to my room as soon as possible, then ran up the stairs to get ready.

Once in my room, I stripped and started the shower. I showered thoroughly but quickly. I always like to be squeaky clean for my lovers. I was drying myself off when there was a knock on the door; it was the waiter with the tray. I tipped him well and finished getting ready.

I was outside Claire's room minutes later, a bottle of dry white and two glasses in my hands. I knocked... there was nothing but silence from inside.

I knocked again - nothing. I was beginning to think I had been stood up or was part of an elaborate wind up, when I heard foot steps approaching the door. Claire opened the door wrapped only in a towel and quickly walked back toward the bath room, as I walked in.

"Make yourself at home," she called over her shoulder. I poured the wine and stood looking out of the window wondering what was in store for me. The delay was tantalizing, I stared out of the windows over the hotel gardens bathed in the evening sun light. I heard little sounds coming from the bathroom - taps running, that sort of thing. I was imagining all sorts of scenarios. The digital clock on the bed side table told me I had been waiting for around twenty minutes when I heard the bathroom door open.

She came out of the bathroom dressed in a standard white hotel bath robe. Her smile lit up the room. She smelled divine with her hair still wet. She took one of the glasses from the table and slugged back some wine. Then with a smile she dropped the robe. Underneath she had on black hold-ups, a pair of lacy black briefs and a lacy black bra, the bra just about holding her big boobs in check. The creamy white flesh seemed to be spilling out of the cups...

"Phil, I need a good shag. I need to be fucked hard and long. I need to be licked, fingered and fucked all night," she almost whispered and took another hit on the wine. "Are you man enough?"

I moved in close and took her in my arms, kissing her hard. My hands gripped her gorgeous buttocks kneading the flesh as my tongue dueled hers. I pulled her close to me, thrusting my erection against her. We kissed for ages, our hands roamed all over each other. When we moved apart I took her hand in mine and led her to the bed, sitting her on the edge, I kicked off my shoes, and pulled my shirt over my head, tossing it aside. I felt Claire's hands starting to un-button my trousers, lowering them down my thighs; I stepped out of them and removed my socks. Claire's hands stroked the back of my thighs as she kissed my lower stomach. She stood up and started to kiss my chest...

"I do love hairy chests, Phil," she purred.

And with that she bit one of my nipples, not too hard but enough to make me jump. Her kisses were all over my chest, her tongue traced patterns around my nipples. Her hands stroked my back; I could feel her nails scrapping at the skin. Her kisses started to head south and she was soon kneeling before me. She slid her hands into the waist band of my briefs and slid them down. Claire let out a little wolf whistle as my erection came into view.

"Why, helloooo, baby." She dipped her head and licked the length of my throbbing shaft. I moved her and lay back on the bed; she knelt between my thighs and kissed the tip of dick. I had not noticed before but she had very small hands, which were now wrapped around my throbbing organ. My average size cock looked huge in her hands. Her mouth covered the end of my dick, sucking gently; her right hand started to stroke me up and down slowly, wanking me into her mouth. Her left hand reached down and cupped my heavy hairy balls, gripping them, squeezing them, rolling them in her hand.

She had the whole of my mushroom-shaped helmet in her hot mouth and was stroking me gently; fuck me, this bird knew how to suck cock. She kept eye contact with me as she sucked my swelling cock. Every now and then a guttural sucking sound escaped from her lips. I saw her tongue flick out, licking a pearl of pre-cum from the tip of my cock. She groaned with delight as she saw me watching her, and licked the tip of my cock, running her tongue around its rim. After a few moments she slipped my helmet back into her mouth, holding the tip of my cock gently as her hand stroked my hard shaft with nice long slow strokes. Her eyes locked onto mine as she wanked me off. God, she was good...

Claire's hand slid off my cock as she slipped her lips down, slowly over the complete length of my hard cock, until her nose was buried in my pubes, then slowly slipped back up to the tip, dragging her lips over my hard cock. She did this slowly, deliberately up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down. I could feel her teeth on the taut skin of my cock. Every now and then I could see her cheeks bugle as my cock filled her mouth, Claire took me deep into her mouth. I had never been deep throated and this new experience was amazing. As my cock slid in and out of her red lipped mouth, I could feel her tongue stroking it.

She was slowly fucking me with her mouth. The sight of my angry red cock sliding in to her mouth was becoming too much, Claire must have sensed this as she took my cock from her mouth and kissed down its length before sucking one of my balls into her mouth... heaven. First one ball then the other was treated to a nice soft suck. She licked and kissed lower, her head disappearing between my thighs. I felt her nudge my legs open wider, then I felt her tongue on my buttocks. She opened them and I felt her hot breath on my asshole, and then her tongue lapped at me, licking my ring with gusto. It flicked and licked at my puckered ass hole.

"Would you like me to roll over - might be easier?" I groaned, my voice almost inaudible.

"Good idea, batman," was her reply.

I lay face down and felt her kneel between my legs, kissing the backs of my thighs. She sank her teeth into one of my buttocks, sucking hard giving me a shag stamp. I gasped at the pain and pleasure of the moment.

"Hold them open for me, Phil," she growled.

I reached around and pulled my buttocks apart slightly.

"WIDER," she yelled.

I pulled them wide apart giving her full access; I felt the soft skin of her checks on my buttocks, then the tip of her tongue on my asshole: licking, lapping, running her tongue over the rough skin of my ass. She licked along the length of my ass crack and licked at the very heart my puckered asshole with her tongue. I could feel every lick, every kiss like it was being amplified through my body. At one point I am sure I felt her tongue try to enter me, and then she was licking again, running her tongue all over my ass. By this time my cock was as hard as nails and I knew that, if she kept this up, I would explode. I maneuvered myself onto my back. My cock stood to attention, the tip shinning with pre-cum.

Claire got onto the bed and kneeling beside me started to stroke my chest, running her fingers over my nipples. Her fingers traced patterns in the hair on my chest. I could almost hear her purring.

Her lips replaced her fingers as she kissed and sucked on my nipples. Her tongue ran round the tips leaving a circle of saliva. Every now and then her teeth scrapped over the tips making me gasp. Her lips and tongue started to move down over my stomach kissing and licking. I felt her hand brush over my erection on the way to my balls. I felt butterflys in my stomach as Claire kissed lower and lower toward my throbbing cock. Suddenly she stopped and looked up at me and smiled.

"Phil, please hold my head and use my mouth," her voice husky. "Make me your bitch."

With that her mouth enveloped my cock; I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her head gently down onto my cock. Her eyes opened wide, but she did not fight me, just kept sucking. I held her head in my hands and started up a nice slow rhythm. Fucking her hot sweet mouth, my cock was shiny with her saliva. I started to hump my hips as I dragged her head onto my cock. Fuck me, Claire was hot and from the look on her face she was getting her kicks out of this as much as I was. I closed my eyes as I felt my balls beginning to tighten and knew I did not have long left. My hips started to move faster, driving my cock into Claire's mouth. My hands held her head tight. I forced my penis deep into her throat

I watched as her lips dragged up and down my erection, my hands forcing her head up and down, dictating the pace. I felt Claire's tongue lapping at my rod as it plunged in and out of her hot wet mouth. The sucking sound alone was erotic but the feel of her silky soft lips on my throbbing dick was amazing.

It was all too much. I lost control and was just using her to please myself; I entwined her hair in my fingers and roughly fucked her face. Pulling and pushing her head, my hips thrusting up to meet Claire's lips. My orgasm was nearing the point of being too much.

The tension in my balls, the tightness of her lips on my organ put me near the edge and I called out a warning but she just kept sucking my cock. My hips started to thrust my cock into her mouth, then with a deep grunt I came. I felt my cock jerk and swell in her mouth and the explosion as I shot my load deep into her mouth, but that angel just kept sucking, as if she was trying to suck every drop of cum from my balls. String after string of sperm shot deep into her throat. My hands slipped from Claire's head and gripped the duvet as my body was rocked by the power of my orgasm. My body shook and my breathing was labored as my body quivered with passion.

When I opened my eyes and looked up, Claire was kneeling between my legs, smiling down at me. She was licking up the last of the cum that was dribbling down the length of my cock. I reached up and pulled her to me. Kissing her hard, my tongue sliding into her mouth, I could taste myself on her lips. As we kissed I unclipped her bra, which she felt and sat upright with a giggle. Straddling my hips, she shrugged off the bra, exposing her gorgeous tits to me and, gosh, her breasts were magnificent. Big and full, pale but with that delicious blue hue about them that is only found with pale skin and big tits. Her nipples were huge, dark and standing proud. I reached forward and tweaked one nipple twisting it between my fingers, feeling it harden and grow at my touch.

Claire purred like a cat as I stroked and fondled her big titties. My hands cupped them and stroked them. I ran the tip of my index finger around her huge nipples feeling the crinkled skin of her areola tighten as I stroked it.

Her boobs drooped slightly into the classic pear shape. They hung just waiting to be sucked and fondled, so I rolled Claire onto her back and lay between her soft thighs. Cupping her left boob in my hand, I bit down on her nipple, my hands squeezed and fondled the firm, malleable flesh of her tit. I felt her hand on the back of my head pulling me into the flesh. Her tits were a joy to play with, so big, so soft, with my lips connected to one firm nipple which I sucked and chewed on. My hand reached for her right boob, stroking, squeezing, and fondling the silky smooth flesh.

Claire called on me to chew harder, to bite on her nipples.

I switch from left to right and sank my teeth into that hard rubbery nipple. I ran my tongue around the rough circle of her areola, leaving a circle of saliva. My hands stroked and fondled the flesh as I sucked on her magnificent teats. I tried to suck in as much of her tit flesh as I could, but they were huge and I only got a small percentage. I licked and lapped at the flesh, enjoying the taste and texture of her fine boobs.

I started my journey south, licking, kissing, stroking all the time her hands stroked my shoulders and the back of my head. As I reached her belly button I ran my tongue around it... she pushed me south.

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