Chapter 1: Jackie gets caught

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Jackie gets caught - Getting caught stealing a few apples brings both pleasure and pain for Jackie.

"Why did I take that last lift? The sod dropped me in this God forsaken place. No traffic, no people, nothing. How was I to know the place he was going to was only a two house dump?" Jackie muttered as she trudged sore footed through the latest of a series of tiny picturesque rural villages; villages that, even if they sported a shop, it was closed. A signpost at a crossroad indicated 'Marlesford 7'. "Seven miles to the next place that is big enough to be put on a sign. I shan't get there tonight and I can't afford a B&B anyway. I need to find somewhere to sleep and get something to eat. Only had a Mars bar since last night and my guts feel sodden empty. Weather doesn't look too good for sleeping out either. Maybe there'll be a barn or something."

A mile further on, nestling alongside a large area of woodland, she came to a farmhouse with a barn standing a little beyond. "That's it!" Jackie said to herself, "I'm not walking any further today. Looks like some apple trees too. I don't care if they're not ripe. Should be though. It's September. If I sneak through the woods maybe I can get to the barn without being seen from the house." Jackie tossed her rucksack over the barbed wire fence, pressed the lower strand of wire down and slipped through the opening without snagging her clothing. The slight track she thought to follow petered out after only a short distance causing her to make detours to avoid brambles and nettles. "Glad I wore jeans otherwise my legs would be scratched to hell. I only really wore them because my shorts seemed too provocative and might have gotten me into trouble with some of the drivers." Eventually she came to an opening in the trees close to the barn and squatted down to assess the situation.

The wooden clad barn was typical of the area. Probably a century or more old, with the ground area open on one side for the storage of farm machinery and above it the building was enclosed except for large square openings in the end walls. Originally these openings were covered with double wooden doors and used to give access to the upper floor when grain and other crops needed storing. One door at each end had long since disappeared and the place seemed unused.

"There's little cover between the woods and the barn but I'll make a dash for it and hope no one in the house is looking this way. It's only about twenty yards so there's a pretty good chance that I won't be seen." Putting her thoughts into action, Jackie dashed across the open ground and into the open lower part of the building and crouched behind a tractor. With bated breath she waited to see if there was any sign of movement from the house. There wasn't. "I'd better look upstairs to see if there is anywhere I can sleep and then go and scrump a few apples before it gets too dark."

At the inner end of the open area, a set of rickety stairs led to the next floor. It was gloomy and with a distinct odour. "Smells like a chicken shed but they can't keep hens up here. More like a junk store." The only light came from the two openings at each end and near one she saw a stack of straw bales. "I'll make a bed out of them and I should be okay for one night." Before she had moved any, a noise outside caused her to freeze and lay down flat on the straw. Footsteps; footsteps from heavy boots. They didn't stop. Her heart pounding, cautiously she peered through the opening and saw the back of a heavyset man with a shotgun in the crook of his arm, heading towards the house. "I'd better wait a bit longer before I go scrumping. Better give him a chance to settle down in the house and by then it will be nearly dark. Wish this straw didn't smell quite so strong. Smells of bird shit." Moments later she found out why. A flock of pigeons flew in to roost for the night. "Just my bloody luck to have to share my bedroom with them," she cursed. "Better get to the apple trees."

Slowly, with great caution and, keeping a low profile, she ran to the nearest tree, reached up and quickly picked four. Pulling her shirttails from inside her jeans, she clasped them basket-like to hold the purloined fruit. Everything was very quiet. "I wonder if there is anything edible in the kitchen garden?" Greatly daring she moved nearer to the house, all the time keeping in the shadows as far as she could. In the dim light she peered to see what was growing. "Carrots. Apples and carrots, not the best menu I've ever had but better than nothing at all." She pulled a few and started back.

The silence was broken by the sound of a door opening. Jackie dropped to the ground and lay still, her heart beating faster than she thought possible.

"Grrrrr! Grrrrr! Wooof wooof." "Oh God no! They've got a bloody fierce dog." Still clutching her shirttails she started to run. The man yelled something in an angry voice then, more clearly, a younger voice yelled for her to stay still. The dog was almost at her side and growling ferociously.

"Stay still, then he won't bite you," the young man's voice commanded.

"Don't let him get away Mark. It's time we caught one of those young varmints and this time I'll certainly give the bugger something to remember his visit here." It was the older man's angry voice and Jackie could see the silhouette of him with his shotgun again under his arm. She started to walk away, not really knowing why. There was nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. The dog growled and nipped at her ankles without actually biting them but it was enough to cause her to fall. She screamed as the dog jumped on her.

"It's a girl dad," the young man called out. "Here Nero. Here boy!" Obediently the dog left Jackie and went to his master.

"Bring her into the house son. I'll give her a taste of my belt anyway. She won't want to come stealing from us again," the father's gruff voice ordered.

"No please, I only wanted somewhere to sleep," Jackie pleaded, "And I needed something to eat. Don't hurt me please. I didn't mean any harm." Tears ran down her face.

By now the younger man was standing over her, "Get up," he said quietly, "I'll take you into the house and see what is to be done with you." Thinking he was going to thrash her Jackie put up her fists and managed to land a few totally ineffective punches on his chest. The lad laughed, tossed her over his shoulder and started to carry her back to the house. Fearful and angry, Jackie screamed and beat on the lad's back with her fists but desisted when a hard slap landed on her arse. "Calm down," the boy said, "You haven't been hurt yet."

"That's right boy, don't let the little bitch get the better of you," growled the older man.

"Well what have you brought in this time Mark? Certainly doesn't look like a brace of pheasants. What's your name luv?" the large woman asked when Mark deposited the girl in the kitchen. "You're not from about here are you? Haven't seen you around before."

"Jackie, Jacqueline Holmes. I'm from Colne in Lancashire. Please don't let them hurt me. I only wanted somewhere to spend the night and I've not had anything much to eat since yesterday." Tears still streamed down Jackie's face.

"It's okay luv. I'm Pauline Britton and this is my husband Roland and my son Mark. I guess from the smell of you that you intended sleeping with the pigeons. Well I think we can do better than that. I'll make the bed up in the spare room and I'm sure we can find you something a bit more filling than what you could find in the garden. Get yourself sat at the table lass. I originally came from up north too."

"Don't be so soft with her woman," Roland grumbled, "She was stealing our stuff..."

"Oh stop moaning man," Pauline chided, "What she would have taken is nothing, nothing compared to those thieves that came with a trailer t'other week."

"Maybe but there's no sense in making up another bed, she can sleep with Mark. He'll have to get used to sleeping with a woman when he weds Laura and doing what a man has to do. I bet she's not letting him have her before she has to. He might as well have some practice first. I bet she's a runaway and a whore who sleeps with anyone who'll give her a bed."

"I might be a runaway but I haven't slept with a man since I left. I'm no whore!" Jackie protested vehemently.

"Well you can still bed with Mark," Roland spoke with finality.

"Oh just stop your arguing. Here get this inside you. It's still hot, we've only just finished eating," Pauline cut in. Jackie hesitated, unsure about the whole situation. She looked across at Mark sitting quietly at the table opposite her. "It'll be okay," he mouthed silently. The smell of the hot food, the noises from her stomach and a general feeling of things being completely out of her control, combined to take away any doubts she had about eating. Pauline hovered around putting dishes away and when Roland grumbled about her feeding a thief she chivvied him out of the room. "Don't anger him Jackie none of us will be able to control him if he loses his temper. Do as he says. Go with Mark. He won't harm you." Jackie looked in askance at Mark who merely nodded his agreement.

Pauline served her apple pie and custard and then made tea. Setting mugs in front of Jackie and Mark she spoke to her son, "When you finish your take her to the shower room and bring her clothes down here so I can put them through the machine. Yours as well. You smell of pigeon shit too."

"You don't mean he is..." Jackie started.

"It'll keep you out of father's way and less likely to feel his belt," Pauline answered. "As I said, Mark won't hurt you and I daresay he'll find an old shirt or something that'll cover you a bit afterwards. Take your time. It'll give the old man time to cool off a bit more."

Although Jackie tried to make her tea last indefinitely, in the end she stood as if she was ready to acquiesce and then made a dash for the door. She hardly made two steps before Mark caught her and hissed, "Don't be stupid. Do you really want a thrashing from dad? You wouldn't walk properly for days afterwards." Once more he threw her over his shoulder and carried her squealing upstairs into the main bathroom and showed her a smaller shower room off to one side of it. "It's got two showerheads so we won't have to share. Used to need them more when we kept our own cows and pigs. Undress and put your stuff in this basket and I'll take it down to the washing machine." He started to shed his own clothes. Reluctantly Jackie followed suit. Mark showed her the controls and noticed she kept glancing at his prick. "You get started while I take the clothes down," he said, "I'll be back in a mo."

Jackie noticed he hadn't bothered to cover himself as he took the basket. "Perhaps nudity is normal in this house," she thought, "Might as well make the most of the shower. I can't run away now I've nothing to wear and the rest of my stuff is in the barn. I wonder what his dick is like when it's hard? Looks bigger the Daddy Paul's."

Her thoughts were interrupted by voices outside the bathroom door. "I'll take them Mark. She okay? You take good care of her and remember you're a big boy in the man department so go a bit easy with her." The voice was Pauline's.

"I will Ma. She seems nice and you know I won't do anything to really hurt her."

It wasn't long before Mark returned and started the second shower going. Mark stood for a while and admired her small, slim body and her pert breasts. "My God, compared to mother she's very small. Nice though. Her hair's lovely, even when it's wet. Wonder if she'll really let me fuck her tonight," Mark pondered. Jackie turned to face away from him but after a few minutes she felt him soap her back. He was gentle so she allowed him to do it but didn't return the favour.

An hour later sitting on the side of his bed dressed only in a shirt many sizes too big, she grinned at him as he again stared at her. "Sorry," Mark laughed, "It's the best I can do." Jackie laughed too when she saw herself in the mirror. They'd been to the utility room and hung out the washing and Pauline gave her a hug and suggested they went straight up to bed. "Roland's still in a grumpy mood because the football team he supports is losing," she informed them.

"Have you really been fucked by a man? I've never had a woman," Mark asked.

"Yes, but not with one as big as that." She indicated his prick.

"Are you on the pill or anything? Jackie nodded. "Look Jackie, I know this may seem almost like a rape to you and it is not how I wanted my first time either. I imagined it being with a girl I was in love with and who wanted to do it with me but I like you and we're going to have to sleep together so take my shirt off and we'll get into bed and have a bit of a cuddle. We'll see how it goes from there. Okay?"

"What about Laura? Don't you love her? What will she think about you fucking me?"

"I don't love her. It's just a supposedly legal arrangement her dad and mine have come up with. I really don't want to marry her and I'm determined not to. She's a snooty bitch and neither of us even likes the other. It's all to do with money and land. I've only been allowed to kiss her once and that was only a peck. Can I kiss you? Properly?"

By now they were both in bed and he held her close so it wasn't difficult for her to kiss him. She hadn't kissed many boys either and was surprised at the warmth of his lips. He kissed her back, twice and then let his large hands roam over her breasts with a gentleness that impressed her. She snuggled close; she felt warm and protected. Jackie sensed his prick pressing hard against her stomach, she felt the wetness flowing in her vagina and decided she might as well get it over with. He was going to do it anyway and she was no stranger to having a man's prick inside her. "If I wait too long the moisture might dry up and it could be even more painful," she rationalised. Taking his prick in her hand she massaged its hardness and felt the pre-cum seeping from its eye. "Do it Mark, do it but take it easy. Please." Rolling on her back she opened her legs as far as she could and assisted him to find the entrance. Once in, he fucked gently half afraid of crushing her with his weight, until, now fully aroused, she pleaded with him to do it harder. Two climaxes later, he came and slowly withdrew. Jackie lay back and thought, "Daddy Paul was good but I think I enjoyed that one better than any."

"Thanks Jackie. It was wonderful," Mark enthused. He kissed her again while she murmured her thanks and snuggled in his arms.

"This isn't how I expected to spend the night when I climbed through the fence," she thought, "Perhaps it is better to share a bed with him than with the bloody pigeons."

They lay still for a short while until there was a knock at the bedroom door. "Come in Ma," Mark called out. Jackie quickly pulled the bedclothes up to her neck and held them there.

"Sorry, I thought this vaginal lubricant might help." Pauline held out the tube. "I've got another one. I've found it helps if I'm a bit dry..."

"Thanks Ma, but it's too late," Mark laughed. Jackie blushed.

"You've done it already. Well I never..." Pauline laughed too and Jackie had to grin. "Well I'll leave it anyway, in case you need it." Pauline hesitated, "Jackie, I've got to ask you this. I know you said you were a runaway. Are you in trouble with the police or anything we should know about? I don't want us to find ourselves in trouble too. Do you feel you can tell us?"

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