Debt Collection

by Ernest Bywater

Copyright© 2007 by Cazna Rochester & Ernest Bywater. All rights reserved

BDSM Sex Story: A man is talked into loaning his ex-wife some money. When she can't pay on time, he takes it out of her hide as the star for his own home porno flick and humiliating her. He's surprised when the rest of her family want in on the deal, but they have many more surprises for him as well.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/mt   Mult   Coercion   Consensual   Slavery   BiSexual   Fiction   Incest   Sister   BDSM   Orgy   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   Oral Sex   Size   Revenge   .


All rights reserved 2007 by Cazna Rochester & Ernest Bywater

Story originally written by Cazna Rochester in 2007 with some later revisions. In late 2012 Cazna asked Ernest Bywater to revise and edit the story and transferred the copyright to him as well.

July 2016 Edition

Cover Art

The background image is Australian banknotes ten_thousand dollars by Cimexus and used under the Creative Commons Attribution licence with it at Wikipedia. The trimming, manipulation, and adding of text is by Ernest Bywater. All rights to the cover image are reserved by the copyright owners.

I use a Chapter Title, a Sub-chapter Title, and a section title.

Table of Contents
Chapter 01: Prelude
The Loan
The Debt is Due
The Cast

Chapter 02: Day One of Collection
Session One: First Instalment
Session Two: Second Instalment
During the Week

Chapter 03: Day Two of Collection
Session One: Third Instalment
Session Two: Fourth Instalment
During the Week

Chapter 04: Day Three of Collection
Session One: Fifth Instalment
Session Two: Sixth Instalment
During the Week

Chapter 05: Day Four of Collection
Session One: Seventh Instalment
Session Two: Eighth Instalment


I use a Chapter Title, a Sub-chapter Title, and a section title.

Chapter 01: Prelude


I got the opportunity to get my own back on my ex-wife. But before I tell you about that, let me tell you about her and our marriage.

I left high school at sixteen and was doing OK in a well-paid job by my eighteenth birthday. My older brother’s girlfriend roped me in to make up numbers for a four day long weekend party at her uncle’s holiday house. Her best friend’s sixteen year old sister needed a partner for the weekend. No date, and she won’t go; if she doesn’t go, her sister can’t go. The younger sister, Jane, was nice to look at, smart, but silly in a lot of ways. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t a raving beauty or a model type, but good looking, nice figure, pretty face, and lovely brown hair. Well, that first night we ended up in bed together, and spent most of the weekend there. She wasn’t too experienced when we arrived, but was enthusiastic; and well experienced by the end of the time we left to go home. Every time I got up to go somewhere she pulled me back, and fucked my brains out. I got a few photos of her sleeping nude on the third day. I never let her know I had them, because I later went to take a photo of her topless at the swimming pool and she went crazy about it. She doesn’t like people taking photos of her, especially showing skin.

Well, as these types of things go, we were married within six months and divorced just after our second anniversary. I wasn’t earning enough to keep her in the luxury she wanted. So she two timed me to latch onto another fellow who earned more money, and dumped me once she had him tied down. They were married within three months of the divorce being finalised. Here I was, married at eighteen, separated in time for my twenty-first, and divorced by my twenty-second birthday. Jane married her second husband on her twentieth birthday.

The real irony of all this was my work. I was due for a pay rise when she left me, and it came through the same day as the divorce papers arrived. There was no communal property worth talking about, and no children, so that side was easy. I did not mention my pay rise, because it wasn’t relevant since we had no children. With the divorce etc. I was a bit sour on life, because I’d made the mistake of loving someone who didn’t love me. When she left she made it clear I knew she always saw me as a stepping stone in her life. Anyway, I was sour on life, so I poured my anger and excess energy into my work. I’d been very badly burned, and was very careful about going near the fire again.

Being single, and not dating anyone, I was able to work overtime and ready to travel on short notice. My bosses sent me from one end of the country to the other to troubleshoot problems in the corporation. By the time I was twenty-five I’d been moved about and given pay rises a few more times, as well as being more than halfway through a company sponsored university course. I was now earning more than double what Jane’s husband was earning. At one hundred and twenty thousand dollars per annum, for the last few years, I was building a nice balance in the bank. Despite the increased income over the years I still lived in the same two bedroom apartment I rented when we separated, but now I owned it. I stayed frugal in my living arrangements, because I saw no reason to change my lifestyle. Only my work clothes improved in style and quality, and some personal entertainment gear at home. No one outside of work had any idea of how much I was really earning at my job.

I’d always gotten on well with Jane’s family, and we were still good friends. She has an older brother, an older and younger sister, and several cousins. I even get on well with her new husband, we’d bowled in the same ten-pin league for many years. So we all still saw a lot of each other, and exchanged gifts or cards at Christmas. I just had trouble talking to Jane, and dealing with my sense of betrayal by her.

One of her cousins was much older, and liked to go out a lot. Her husband’s job also involved quite a bit of going out to work dinners. During our engagement and marriage Jane and I did quite a lot of babysitting of their three children - two girls and a boy, because we lived within a few minutes’ walk. The flat I got when we separated was also close by, so I continued to babysit and spend a lot of spare time with the family. I got on well with the children, since I wasn’t that much older than they were; five years older than the eldest, and ten years older than the youngest. They were all great kids.

The Loan

Just after my twenty-fifth birthday Jane and John, her new husband, had financial problems and needed to borrow six thousand dollars on short notice, he figured for only a year. They were fully extended at the bank, and couldn’t get it anywhere. Well, as their deadline came closer Jane started wheedling me for the money. I don’t know how she found out, but she knew I’d several thousand bucks sitting in my main bank account. I was just thankful she didn’t know about the two hundred thousand dollars in my investment account, or the house I owned a few streets away. I was renting the house out since I didn’t need to live in a big house, yet. It’s my ideal of a house for when I do get around to having a family, so I bought it when it became available last year.

My team is bowling theirs this Wednesday night, and she’s applying the screws. Without the money their financial deck of cards would collapse and they’d lose their house. I didn’t care if she got kicked into the street, but I did care a little about what happened to John, as he’s a nice bloke. I didn’t want to lend them the money, either, because I knew she’d never pay it back to me. To anyone else, yeah, she’d probably pay such a large amount back in full, and on time; but not me. In her eyes I’m still the fool she can rip off all she wants to. She’d find a reason to defer payment, and continue to not pay until after we’re all dead.

In a whining voice, she says, “Look, Caz, we only need six thousand dollars, and you’ve got it just sitting in the bank. We’ll pay you back within a year. No risk at all.”

Jane is still good looking, and I knew, from John, she was still a nice, tight fuck, because she did some exercises to stay that way. I got so fed up with her pestering me about the money I decided to put her weights up, since I’d thought of a way to get my own back at her. I said, “Look, if it’ll make you shut up, I’ll loan you the money, but on my terms.”

Grinning, she asks, “What are they?”

I’m angry when I reply, “The loan’s to you and falls on you, not John. No need to make any payments until one year’s time. Then you pay back the loan plus one year’s interest of four hundred dollars. That’s about six point seven percent, much less than the current bank rates of seven and a half to eight and a half percent. That means you pay me six thousand and four hundred dollars in one year’s time, exactly one year’s time. If you can’t pay me the full payment at that time you’ll pay what you can, and then work the rest off with the outstanding debt earning interest at one percent per month. That’s the same rate as most credit card interest charges at the moment. All debts outstanding after the due date can’t be paid in cash, but must be worked off. You clear on that?”

Smiling, she nods and says, “How is it to be worked off, and at what rate? I’ll not clean house for five dollar an hour.”

With a big grin, I respond, “You can’t clean house, anyway. You’ll work at two hundred dollar an hour, with a minimum work period of four hours, as a model doing whatever type of modelling I want.”

Very wide-eyed she says, “What?”

I smirk, “You pay me back in full and on time, no problems. Fail to meet that debt in full, and you do modelling for me at the rate of two hundred dollars an hour. You sign a release form and do what I want. Which will be underwear and nude modelling at the very least. Essentially, pay me back on time or you stand around while I take photos of you nude, etc.” I knew she’d really hate the idea of photos, especially nude or semi-nude photos.

She stands there, red faced, and getting angrier by the second while John is trying not to laugh, so is everyone within earshot, because they’ve all heard the conversation. Finally she blurts out, “There’s no way I’m agreeing to those terms.”

“Good, then don’t. Find the money somewhere else. Those are the terms I’m offering. Take them or leave them.” Standing up, I walk over to the cafe to order some toasted sandwiches and a drink. On the way back I borrow a writing pad from the control desk. During the second game I eat my snack while I write out the terms of the loan, making three copies as follows:

The party of the first part, Cazna Rochester, will loan the party of the second part, Jane Flowers, the sum of six thousand dollars for twelve months. At the end of the said twelve months from the date of signature of this contract, the party of the second part will pay back the loan and interest in full, said amount being the six thousand dollars plus four hundred dollars interest. Should the party of the second part not be able to pay the debt in full on the said date the outstanding balance shall incur interest at the rate of 1% per month, or part thereof. Such outstanding debts will no longer be payable in cash, but will be paid out by work as a paid model. The party of the second part will be credited with $200 per hour of modelling against the debt. Modelling sessions will be a minimum of four hours and no more than five hours in any one session without a break, and a maximum of fifteen hours in any one twenty-four hour period. Should the total period of modelling amount to more than that of the debt the party of the first part will pay the party of the second part the difference in cash. At the start of each session the party of the second part will sign a release form in favour of the party of the first part, giving them full rights and ownership to the images made during the modelling session. The modelling session may be any one or all of the following types; fully clothed, partially clothed, striptease, underwear, nude, sexual activity by themselves or with another partner or partners of either gender or both genders.

With the contract finished I put the pad down near my gear, and talk to the bowlers. After John bowls Jane stands up to bowl. He sits beside me, and picks up the pad. He reads the contract. His eyes pop.

Turning to me, he says, “You really intend to film her fucking you or someone else?” I nod my head yes. “Shit, she’ll never go for you taking photos of her at all, let alone nude or while being fucked.”

I reply, “I don’t care if she does or doesn’t agree. Those are my terms. She’s quite free to go elsewhere to find the money, or to sign this and pay it back on time, the way she claims she will. But fail to pay it back, and she becomes my fuck-toy for over thirty hours while I film it.” I stand up to take my bowl.

A few minutes later he sits beside me again, saying, “You know she’ll not see paying you back as priority.”

Smiling at him, I say, “She’s never paid back a personal loan from anyone. Just ask her family. I expect I’ll never see that money again. But I do expect your help in forcing her to honour this agreement, if she signs it. So I get to spend some Saturdays fucking your wife’s arse off before my cameras, and I’ll fuck her every which way I can. She used me, and now I’ll have the chance to use her.” He’s stunned by the venom in my voice. Jane comes over to see what I’ve been writing. Without asking, her usual approach to anything, she picks up the pad, and reads it. Tossing it down she gives me a rude gesture, and goes to the ladies toilet. Soon after that we finish for the night, and we all make our separate ways home.

The next night I answer a knock on my door to find Jane and John standing there. John asks if we can talk. I show them into the lounge room. Sitting down, he says, “Things are worse than I thought. We need to be able to give people seven thousand dollars by lunchtime Friday, or lose everything. No one else is prepared to loan us the money. It seems Jane owes everyone we know some outstanding debt of some sort. If you can loan us the seven thousand she’ll sign that agreement.” I turn to look at Jane.

Swearing a lot, she says, “Loan us the needed money and I’ll sign the fucking agreement.”

Going to my computer I open up the file where I’d typed the loan agreement in full. I adjust the figures to read seven thousand dollars and five hundred dollars interest. I tell the printer to print three copies while I go next door for my neighbours as witnesses. One is a cop and the other is a Justice of the Peace (JP).

With everybody sitting in my lounge room I talk Jane through the terms of the loan, making sure all present understand it in full. They nod to acknowledge their understanding. Jane signs as party of the second part, I sign as party of the first part, and the three witnesses sign it. Opening my desk drawer I remove a bundle of cash, and count out seven thousand dollars in one hundred dollar bills. Handing the money to Jane, I have her sign the bottom of the contract as having received the money, and have the witnesses sign for witnessing the payment.

With all three copies properly signed by all I hand Jane one copy, and hand a copy to the JP with a request for him to keep it in his files, while I place the third copy in the small safe built into the bottom of my desk. Standing up, John thanks me for the loan, and ushers a very angry Jane out of my flat.

The rest of us wait a moment before going to the door, to watch them leave the building. As the front door closes behind them we all laugh. We all know Jane well: she’ll never pay me back the money. Oh, John will put it aside, but she’ll spend it on something else for herself. I knew they’d come to me, eventually, because they had no choice, now. So I’d withdrawn eight thousand this afternoon, because I knew Jane would’ve understated the problem. I know her so well.

The next day I take the loan agreement with me to work, to make several photocopies. I’ve a JP certify them as true and correct copies. At lunch time I give my original to my solicitor for safe keeping. That night I visit Jane’s bother and sisters to make sure they’re aware of the loan agreement, and all its terms. I also give a copy to the cousin I babysit for, because I expect Jane to go and whine to her about it. Before going to bed I make a big note in my diary to buy some high quality still and movie cameras in eleven months’ time.

The Debt is Due

On the day the loan to Jane is due for payment I wait for her to call in, she doesn’t. The next evening I go to Jane’s house, and ask her for the money. As expected, she has nothing to pay me. I say, “Well then, be at my place at eight a.m. on Saturday morning for our first photo shoot. Expect to be there all day.”

She swears, and says, “Not bloody likely.”

John says, “Eight a.m., she’ll be there.” When she stares at him, “You made a promise, you’ll keep it.” I leave while they start to argue. Later that week, I get a call at work from John, “I’ll make sure she’s there, but I want something from you. We’ve been arguing about kids for a year. I want some, she doesn’t. I swapped her contraceptive pills with fertility tablets some months back, and she’s not pregnant. I’ve just been told by the doctor I’m sterile. But I still want children in our house. I want you to get her pregnant, so please don’t use any condoms. We’ll talk, later, about other children. I’ll raise them all as my own.”

Stunned, I say, “You sure about this? I want your request in writing.”

He replies, “I understand, and I’ll drop it around tonight.” That afternoon I go out and buy a number of high quality digital video cameras and digital still cameras, with tripods for each of them. Later John drops round a witnessed written request for me to get Jane pregnant since he can’t, and he wants children. When he arrives I’m setting up the spare bedroom as the film studio, and show it to him. He smiles on seeing it. I’ve a three-quarter size bed, a small table, and a frame with a large upside down ‘T’ that can adjust the height and angle. All have cameras set up to film the person on them, I open the top draw of the chest of drawers to show the restraints and sex toys I have ready to use. He gives me the most devilish grin in response to seeing it all.

No sooner is John gone than Lynn and Mark, Jane’s older sister and her husband, arrive. They want to be models, and I can fuck Lynn as long as Mark gets to fuck Jane in the arse. We come to an agreement where they’ll help out on at least two weeks on the terms of doing as I tell them. They’ll also sign release forms, because I’ll pay them one hundred dollars an hour each. While we’re signing this Barbara, Max, Robert, Mary, and Linda turn up, this is the cousin I babysit for and her family. She wants a similar deal involving her family. Whilst we’re discussing this Darren and Shauna, Jane’s brother and his wife, arrive wanting to join in the fun. Soon followed by Jane’s younger sister, Nina, also wanting in the deal. The whole family wants to get even with her over many things. They all agree to the same terms as Lynn and Mark. I assure them I intend to use the films commercially, but none of them believe me. I can’t believe it. I’d trouble finding two paid people to help me, and now I’m inundated with volunteers. All the females are good looking, and well worth fucking. Before we get into the what happens on the Saturdays I best go through the figures and the cast.

The Amount

Jane borrowed seven thousand dollars plus interest for the year of five hundred dollars, and interest at of one percent per month for the first month; which means she owes me seven thousand, five hundred, and seventy five dollars to be worked off at two hundred per hour, or just under thirty-eight hours. I plan to work her for ten hours a Saturday, so that’s four Saturday’s work to pay it off. A total of forty hours work at two hundred dollars per hour comes to eight thousand dollars of modelling. I’ll have to pay her four hundred and twenty-five dollars for excess time on the last day. I explained the full details of the calculations to Jane and John when I saw them about the payment. John agreed while Jane argued and argued. In the end she was very reluctant when she agreed to honour her debt and do it.

The Cast

Barbara - Jane’s older cousin, thirty-eight years old. Tall with an athletic build and long legs, light brown hair, light brown eyes, well-endowed firm breasts, very pretty. A very nice person.

Cathy - twenty-seven year old exotic dancer, underwear model, and nude model. Average height with a slim athletic build, long legs, light brown hair, brown eyes, nice large breasts. She has a wicked sense of humour, and I mean real wicked - she brought Paddy along for extra fun on the second session without telling me beforehand.

Cazna - the producer and male lead, me, twenty-six and half years old. Average height and build, fair hair, blue / grey eyes. I’m told I’m reasonably good looking with a dick 270 mm long and 60 mm wide. Easy going and hard working.

Darren - Jane’s older brother, twenty-six years old. Average height and slim build, dark brown hair, brown eyes, good looking (I’m told by the ladies), with a dick 220 mm long and 80 mm wide. Nice bloke but a bit submissive.

Jane - my ex-wife and female lead, twenty-four years old. Average height and build with a trim figure, lovely light brown hair, dark brown eyes, nice sized firm breasts, good looking. Real bitch who’s very reluctantly agreeing to her role, more like she’s coerced into.

John - Jane’s current husband, twenty-seven years old. Average height and slim build, dark brown hair, brown eyes, good looking (I’m told by the ladies), with a dick 180 mm long and 55 mm wide. Bit of a wimp but a nice bloke.

Linda - Barbara’s youngest daughter, sixteen years old. Tall with an athletic build, dark blond hair, startling deep blue eyes, small firm breasts, very pretty. Very elvish looking. A very nice person who’s very assertive and a very determined young woman.

Lynn - Jane’s older sister, twenty-eight years old. Slightly above average height and solid build with a trim figure, dark brown hair, brown eyes, nice sized firm breasts, good looking. A very nice person but known to hold a grudge for ages.

Mark - Lynn’s husband, thirty years old. Above average height with a slim build, dark brown hair, brown eyes, good looking (I’m told by the ladies), with a dick 200 mm long and 65 mm wide.

Mary - Barbara’s oldest daughter, eighteen years old. Tall with a slim build, very light brown hair that’s almost a dark blond, mid-blue eyes, nice sized firm breasts, moderately pretty. A very nice person and a touch submissive.

Max - Barbara’s husband, forty years old. Tall with an athletic build, blond hair, blue eyes, very handsome (I’m told by the ladies), with a dick 210 mm long and 75 mm wide. A nice fellow and fairly assertive.

Narelle - a classmate of Linda’s, sixteen years old. Average height and a Junoesque build, light blonde hair, light blue eyes, a voluptuous person with large breasts, pretty in a down to earth way; and Earth mother type. A nice person but extremely submissive.

Nina - Jane’s younger sister, twenty-one years old. Average height and slim build, dark brown hair, brown eyes, nicely endowed with firm breasts, good looking. A nice person but quick to anger.

Robert - Barbara’s son, twenty years old. Tall with a slim build, light blond hair, blue eyes, good looking (I’m told by the ladies), with a dick 200 mm long and 75 mm wide. A nice young man but very submissive and easily ordered around.

Shauna - Darren’s wife, twenty-four years old. Average height and build, blonde, blue eyes, nice sized firm breasts, very pretty. A very nice person and a bit dominating.

Steven - twenty-six year old male stripper and model. Tall with an athletic build and extremely fit. Very handsome (according to Cathy, later agreed to by the other ladies), light hair and brown eyes, with a dick 230 mm long and 90 mm wide - the widest I’ve ever seen.

Chapter 02: Day One of Collection

Session One: First Instalment

At 7:45 a.m. on the Saturday I’m checking everything is ready when my door bell rings. I answer the door, to find Cathy, Steve, John, and Jane standing there. I invite them all in, and offer them hot chocolate. While we drink our drinks I explain the situation to them.

Looking at Jane, I say, “You’ll work four Saturdays. Two five hour session with a one hour meal break between them for the next four Saturdays. When it’s all finished I’ll pay you the residual four hundred and twenty-five dollars. At the start of each session you’ll sign a release giving me full control of all the images. During each session you’ll do exactly what I tell you, regardless of what it is, as long as it doesn’t cause physical harm requiring hospital time.” Jane glares at me, glares at John, and slowly nods yes. “During these sessions I’ll bring other people in to help out as models and camera crew, as well as joining in myself. Cathy and Steve are here to help with this morning’s session.” I get another glare from Jane. She gulps, and nods, after a stern look from John. I add, “The sessions will be eight a.m. to one p.m., and two p.m. to seven p.m. for the next four Saturdays.” She nods again.

Since it’s now 8:00 a.m. I stand, and lead them to the spare bedroom. Jane stops in the doorway, on seeing the cameras. It’s just starting to hit home that I’m serious about the filming. On the table are release forms for all four to sign. Jane’s eyes go up on seeing one for John.

I stand Jane in the middle of the room while I set some cameras to film. I tell her to undress. With a red face she starts to undress. I turn on cameras, and use a digital still camera for high definition still shots.

Note: From this point on I won’t always mention the camera angles or turning them on or off. Each aspect of every session is recorded, from many angles, by digital video cameras and digital still cameras. Sometimes I operate the cameras, sometimes others do. The video cameras are turned on and left to run, after being focussed on the main star. Just rest assured I’m going to end up with forty hours of good action recorded from six or more angles, along with many terabytes of high definition still shots, tens of thousands of them. Also, everyone’s actions are as per my directions, so I won’t always say that, I’ll just say what they do.

Once naked she bends over to pick up her clothes to place them under the end of the bed. She lies on the bed with her legs spread wide, and opens her pussy up for our viewing pleasure. Cathy walks in from the bathroom with warm water, a towel, shaving cream, scissors, and a razor. Jane lies there, crying, while Cathy feels her up before shaving her pussy bare. Jane hates the idea of girl on girl sex. After cleaning Jane up Cathy undresses, and lies on the bed between Jane’s legs, spreading her legs further apart.

Cathy sucks on Jane’s clit while she plays with her pussy. Despite herself, Jane is getting aroused, and her pussy is soon very wet. Cathy goes from a finger fuck to fisting her with her whole hand moving in and out of Jane’s wet cunt. Soon Jane has her first orgasm, followed by another; which really embarrasses her, because it’s on film.

John walks into view, and undresses, while saying, “Well, I think I’ll join the fun.” When he first places his stiff dick on Jane’s mouth she turns away from it. I walk in, and undress on the other side of her head. She watches me strip.

Stepping up to the bed I place my dick against her lips, and say, “Suck it.” Crying, she opens her mouth, and sucks on my dick. Cathy leaves Jane’s pussy to kiss her way up her body. She rubs her cunt against Jane’s thigh while she gives Jane cock sucking instructions. Jane’s cock sucking improves. Pulling my dick out of her mouth I turn her head, and push it onto John’s dick. He’s the second person to ever have his cock sucked by Jane, since this is her first time at cock sucking. This is something she’s always detested the thought of.

Moving down the bed I place a pillow under Jane’s hips, she hates me fucking her this way. It gives me a deeper penetration, much deeper than she likes. Climbing between her thighs I rub my dick up and down her slit. She writhes when I make contact with her clit. She’s no longer crying, but not happy with sucking John’s cock. Adjusting my position I place my dick at her vaginal entrance, and push into her wet cunt. I stop when I’m about three quarters of the way in, since I don’t want to hit her cervix; not yet. I know she’s got an imperfect cervix which is much wider than normal, and when at the right angle I can enter it. Her cunt is very tight; those exercises she does must work wonders. I’m quick to set up a nice fast rhythm. She responds, and thrusts her hips back at me. Within a few minutes she’s moaning her way through an orgasm while she comes on my dick for the first time in six years.

I motion to John, and he pulls his dick out to kneel down beside the bed. He kisses Jane, and slips his tongue deep into her mouth. When she starts her third orgasm on my dick I grab her hips, and push forward as hard as I can, shoving the whole of my dick into her. When my dick hits her cervix her eyes open wide. She struggles, but Cathy and John have her upper body pinned while I have her hips pinned. For the first time in several years, and the third time in my life, the head of my dick pushes its way into Jane’s cervix. The pain causes her to scream into John’s mouth. I hardly hear a thing. Her cervix is a tight ring around my dick, just behind its head, her cunt spasms with the pain, and squeezes my dick. Cathy tickles my balls while John plays with Jane’s clit. I stay there with my dick as deep in her body as I can get it, while John makes Jane orgasm again, despite the pain of my position in her. When Jane comes on my dick again Cathy sticks a finger in my arse to play with my prostate gland. With Jane’s next orgasm I come as well, shooting my sperm deep into her womb. With the location and the fertility drugs it’s almost a certainty this is the start of a baby. Knowing this, I keep my dick firmly in place, shooting as much sperm as I can into her.

When my dick goes limp I withdraw. Walking around the bed I place my dick on her lips for her to lick it clean. When she starts to suck on my dick Steven mounts her, and thrusts straight in. She shakes, and grimaces, when he hits rock bottom on his first thrust. He looks up, and says, “Shit man, her cervix is wide open. My dick-head is half way into it. You’ve opened her wide. Fuck, this feels great, never been this deep in a woman before.” He pounds her hard and fast. She must be getting used to the feeling, since she comes twice before he shoots his load into her while she continues to suck on my dick. Steven dismounts, and John takes his place, to give her a hard fast fuck. I withdraw my dick from her mouth so she can clean up Steven’s dick. A few minutes later Cathy mounts Jane’s face. I tell Jane to suck her clit, and make her come. Crying again, Jane starts sucking while Cathy gives her directions on how to eat pussy. John is still fucking Jane, but sucking on Cathy’s tits, as well. John soon comes, but that’s OK, because I’m ready to go again.

Both John and Cathy get up when I lean down to open Jane’s cunt for a good view inside by the camera. She sighs when she thinks it’s over for now. Her expression changes when I get between her thighs and mount her again. I thrust fast and deep. Straight back into her cervix to open it up again. She grunts when I hit bottom, but the feel of her cervix squeezing my dick-head when her cunt squeezes the rest of my dick is great. I fuck into her the full depth, in and out of her cunt and cervix with each thrust. After a few minutes her legs wrap around my hips while she comes, despite the pain of my frequent entering of her cervix. I’m not ready to come again, so I keep fucking her. It feels so good. In the past I used to make love to her, more worried about her pleasure than mine; but this time I’m fucking her for my pleasure, and I don’t care if she enjoys it. She must be enjoying it, since she’s coming a lot. Soon the squeezing on my dick sends me over the edge again, and I fill her with my sperm for the second time this morning.

She sighs when I dismount, and gives me a concerned look as Steven mounts her again. He’s ready for a nice long fuck, too. With an evil grin I lean down, and say, “There’s seven men I’ve lined up to fuck you over the coming weeks, and we’ve all been taking Viagra and fertility drugs for the last few days. We’ll continue to take them for the next four weeks. I expected you to default, so I’ve been on fertility drugs for three weeks. You’ll be well and truly fucked, stuffed, and overflowing with sperm after each session.” Her eyes go wide, and she looks at John. He smiles, and licks his lips while he places his dick on her lips. I can see it in her eyes, she finally realises she can’t talk her way out of this, she’s my fuck-toy for four Saturdays, and all involved will see she complies.

It’s now nearing 9:00 a.m., so I put my robe on to go check my front door. I’d told some people to turn up about now, but not to ring the doorbell. They’re there, so I let them in. Lynn, Mark, Darren, Shauna, and Nina walk in, and sit down. We chat while I organise hot chocolate for everyone while they sign their release forms. They have their drinks, so I take some through for the rest.

In the bedroom John is coming in Jane’s mouth while Steven is filling her cunt again. We may need a DNA test to know if the baby’s mine or Steven’s, but it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s healthy. John and I are the only ones who know about Jane being on fertility drugs and susceptible to pregnancy, but that’ll change before the day is out. I pass around the hot chocolate, and we all take a breather. Jane sips her drink, and says, “Why are you doing this?”

“Because you’re a lying bitch who misused me badly, and this is my revenge. Be thankful everyone you’ve misused isn’t going to be helping out.” She flinches at the tone of my voice, when she finally realises how much I detest her now, and she knows I used to love her. Finishing our drinks we get ready for the next stage.

Jane lies on the bed, face down with three pillows under her hips. This lifts her arse and cunt up to the right height for a standing fuck. Spreading her legs wide, Cathy and I secure them to the bed legs with restraints. Jane struggles when she feels the restraints going on, but Steven holds her still. After pulling her hands down we secure them to the legs in the middle of the bed. Leaning down, I say, “This apartment is very well sound proofed, so no one outside will hear anything you say. Scream as loud as you like, I’ll enjoy the sound.” Her eyes go very wide while she wonders what’s going on. She starts crying when she feels Cathy applying KY lubricant to her arse hole and work it in.

She now knows what’s next. I place a mirror so Jane can see who’s in the room. Her eyes go wide with shock when Lynn, Mark, Darren, Shauna, and Nina walk in, and are quick to get undressed. Nina gets on the bed, and shoves her pussy in Jane’s mouth, saying, “You’re always wagging your tongue at me, well wag it in my pussy to make me come.” Sighing, Jane cries, then starts licking Nina’s pussy and sucking on her clit while Nina gives her more advice on how to eat pussy.

Lynn bends down, saying, “You’ve always spoken badly of Mark, and been a real pain in the arse to him. Well, now he’s about to return the compliment.” When she stands up again Mark starts a slow push of his dick into Jane’s arse.

Walking over I stand behind Lynn, and place her hand on Jane’s clit while I slide my dick into Lynn’s wet pussy. I say, “Play with Jane’s clit, and make her come. She’ll hate the idea of having enjoyed herself while being arse fucked.” Lynn’s hand starts working Jane’s clit, and her other hand goes to Jane’s breasts. Mark now has his full length in Jane’s arse, so he starts to set up a good rhythm. Smiling, I fuck his wife by matching his rhythm in Jane’s arse, while we thrust in and out together. Lynn soon loses all interest in proceeding when she has her fifth orgasm. She’d brought Jane to three comes before leaving her clit alone. Lynn’s cunt squeezes me during her comes, so I’m soon filling her with my sperm. When I withdraw she nudges Nina to move aside.

Placing her sperm soaked pussy in Jane’s face, she says, “Now suck Caz’s sperm out of my pussy, and make sure I enjoy it.” Nina comes again, just thinking about that. Jane soon has Lynn coming. Watching Jane eat Lynn’s cream pie pushes Mark over the edge, and he comes in Jane’s arse.

Jane has no time to recover from Mark pulling out of her arse before Darren slides his dick in to replace it, while he says, “Now I’ll see how much of a tight arse you really are, Sis.” Jane groans, to know her own brother is now fucking her arse. He moans, saying, “They were right, you are a tight arse.” Everyone laughs, except Jane.

Stepping around to Shauna I pull her to the bed, and lay her down on it face up. Pushing her in under Jane I line her mouth up with Jane’s far tit. Shauna starts sucking while I spread her legs, and slide my dick into her cunt. Darren watches me fuck his wife while she sucks on his sister’s tits and he fucks his sister in the arse. He says, “Oh yeah, that’s so good to watch.”

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