House Of Three
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, True Story, Cheating, Group Sex, First, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, BBW, Hairy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A playful romp in a house where anything can happen.

Andy and Derek had known each other for a very long time, but what most people didn't know was exactly how close their friendship had become. Besides seeing each other through high school and college, being the best man at either respective weddings and always having an open ear and open beer for the other they were even closer.

One day, about a year ago, Andy and Derek were lounging around, flipping through the channels, when they landed on some soft-core porn. "Man her tits are huge," Andy said as they watched the blonde bombshell bounce up and down on the screen.

"Yeah man, I'd love shove my cock in between those gorgeous globes," Derek chimed in.

"And have her suck on the end? That would be so freakin hot."

They sat in silence, the sounds of the blonde's moans filling the house. Derek and Andy both had hard-ons growing their blue jeans, but they were reluctant to do anything about it. Andy looked over at Derek, noting his smooth cheeks and full lips. 'Just perfect for sucking dick' Andy though to himself. He felt his cock jump a little beneath his restrictive pants and sighed deeply.

Derek looked over at him, "What's the deal dude?"

"Well, Derek, I have this little problem," Andy replied, smiling and then corrected himself. "Okay, well it's not little at all."

"What is it? Jeanie been sneaking around behind your back?"

Andy just shook his head, "No, nothing like that." He looked down at his fully hard package and unzipped his fly, "This is my problem dude." He took out his nine inch, uncut cock and held it proudly in his hand.

Derek's eyes widened at the sight of it, "That's some problem, my only problem is this." Derek opened his own fly to take out a fat eight inch cock cut cock that was standing straight up.

"Well what we going to do about these problems?" Andy asked as be began to slowly stroke his.

"Well how about you come over here and help a guy out?" Derek said before putting his hand on the back of Andy's neck and pulling him down over his cock. Andy opened his mouth hungrily, licking the length of Derek's shaft, paying special attention to his perfect mushroom shaped head. The veins were popping out and they felt wonderful to Andy as his tongue passed over him. Derek sighed and settled into the couch, one hand resting on the back of Andy's head, stroking his thick black hair. Andy repositioned himself in between Derek's legs to give himself a better angle for sucking his friend's cock.

First he concentrated on the head, which was a feat to take into his mouth. His lips were stretched all around the head, his tongue working on it to. "Suck that cock," Derek said in encouragement, "suck it good." Andy did just that, rolling his tongue up and down, spitting on it to keep it extra wet, and sucking it hard and fast. One of his hands reached up to grab Derek's hair balls, massaging them gently with his fingers tips hoping Derek would like it. The moan that escaped his friend's lips was the answer to that question. Andy's head bobbed up and down, looking up and overjoyed to see Derek's eyes rolled back in pleasure. "Oh man, I'm gonna cum so hard," Derek said.

Andy jacked Derek off until he came into his hand and smiled. "You know what I'm gonna do with this?" Andy asked

"What man?" Derek said, breathless.

"Just watch." Andy wriggled out of his jeans and sat down on the count, his hard cock stick straight up. He took the hand covered in Derek's cum and began stroking himself enthusiastically.

"This is so hot man," Derek said as he began to palm his own member, not allowing it to go flaccid. Andy stroked harder and faster, rolling the head of his long cock with his palm then alternating with jacking his long shaft. His cock with so wet with Derek's cum that it glistened and with one deep moan Andy sprayed his cum all over the floor.

They sat there on the couching panting, a little nervous about how to respond to each other, and smiling. "And what are you two doing?" a female voice said.

They looked up, turning bright red to see Andy's next door neighbor, Kate, standing in the door way. He has always thought she was pretty hot, brunette, on the short side, with a thicker middle. It was her breasts he loved looking at; they were perfectly round and very perky. He just wanted to grab them, squeeze them, and never let go.

It was Derek that answered her, "Uh, were not doing anything are we, Andy?" He desperately tried to stuff himself back in his pants, but it was difficult considering how hard he still was.

Kate had a smirk on her face, "That's not what I think, I think you two were having a little fun without me. And you know how I hate to be excluded." She moved toward the couch taking off her shirt to expose her wonderful tits, a tiny barbell through the nipple of the right one. She kneeled on the floor between the two of them and looked up. "Now who wants me to suck their cock?"

Andy and Derek looked at each other, amazed at the boldness of this woman but still incredibly turned on. "You go for it dude, I still need a minute," Derek said.

Andy scooted over in front of her, pointing his huge cock down to her mouth as she opened wide. She took it like a champ, sucking it so hard he had to put his hands on the couch to brace himself. She noticed an unfamiliar taste on Andy's cock and he smiled to think that she was cleaning Derek's cum off for him. Her tongue rolled over his head and up and down his cock over and over. While Derek watched he stroked himself until he couldn't stand just watching any more. "My turn now dude." he said as he pushed Andy out of the way.

Kate simply opened her mouth and allowed him to slide his cock deep inside her mouth. Although he was wider than Andy, that didn't pose any problem for her, the champion cock sucker. He sucked him just as hard; enjoying the difference between the two cocks. Derek moaned before turning to Andy, "Man, she's just as good as you are."

Andy smiled, "Let's see what else she's good at, shall we?"

Derek popped her mouth off his cock and looked down at her, "How about you hop on my cock now?"

Kate didn't answer him, but slid off her pants and did just that. Derek laid down on the couch with Kate straddling him, sliding herself down onto his cock. She was so tight that it took a few thrusts before he got all the way inside of her. Her pussy was dripping wet through, so it made it just a little easier for him. He grabbed her hips and began thrusting himself up inside her, over and over.

Meanwhile, Andy positioned himself behind her. His view was incredible, watching how her pussy stretched to take the fatness of Derek's cock inside her. Her taint was pushing against her ass hole and Andy licked one of his fingers, wanting to see how tight it was in there. He massaged her ass hole, pressing against it, and when all he heard was Kate's moans of pleasure from Derek's cock and his finger he decided to push his all the way inside. It was warm and tight and Andy promised himself he'd get in there before play time was over.

"Hey man," Derek said, "find out if she tastes as good as she fucks."

Andy smiled, "And I know exactly how to do that." He grabbed Derek's cock on the next thrust and sucked it, tasting Kate's sweet pussy juices mingled with Derek's pre-cum. He sucked long and hard, savoring the flavors and the feel of Derek's cock in his mouth again. "She's real sweet, man, real sweet."

"Why don't you come sit on my face then?" Derek said to Kate. She hopped up and moved forward, positioning herself over his flicking tongue and sucking lips. Andy moved up too, his cock in his hand, and slid it into her pussy.

"Man this is so tight," he said as he began to pump her slowly. Kate moaned and shuttered from the feeling of Andy's cock and Derek's tongue. Andy sighed as Derek's tongue flicked over him too. Kate's pussy gripped him so tightly that he had to hold onto the back of the couch for leverage. He enjoyed the sight of his cock moving in and out of her, glistening with her juices just as it had with Derek's cum before. He pulled out and smacked his cock against her clit and Derek's lips before Derek took it into his mouth. He licked it clean, obviously enjoying it. The two men were in so much ecstasy that they hardly noticed as Kate got up off the couch.

Andy was kneeling over Derek, feeding him his cock. Derek licked at it hungrily, trying his best to take as much into his mouth as possible. Andy loved the feeling of his tongue running along his shaft and over his head. He moaned as pre-cum dripped off his cock and Derek lapped it all up.

"This is so hot guys," Kate said, sitting spread eagle on the floor fingering her pussy. "But there's something else I want to see."

"What's that?" Derek said, jacking Andy's cock off in his hand.

"I want to see you jack each other off."

"No problem." Andy said smiling. They sat next to each other on the couch, taking the other's cock on their hand. They looked at one another as they moved their hands up and down, slowly at first. Andy gave Derek his hand to lick, getting it nice and wet and Derek did the same. They jacked each other faster now, their biceps pumping while Kate watched in amazement, still fingering her pussy deeply. This continued until they were both on the break of cumming.

"Now you're going to do something for us," Andy said.

Kate smile, "Anything ya want."

Andy reached down and helped up her onto Derek's cock again. Derek pulled her down onto, enjoying the feeling of such a tight pussy on his cock again. Andy watched for a few minutes as his friend pumped the next door neighbor. Then he got up and went behind them and rubbed a couple fingers around in Kate's wetness, not letting Derek skip a beat. He massaged her asshole again, putting not one finger in, but two this time. When she did not protest, he tried another until he was fingering her hard and fast with three. He tried to match Derek's rhythm, the whole time stroking his own cock with his free hand. When he saw that she was ready and open to his fingers, he spit on her ass and rubbed in the wetness. Taking his cock in his hand he pressed the head into her ass. She let out a little yelp, but didn't push him away. Derek reaching around her and pulled her down so her ass would be easier for Andy to get too. Andy took the opportunity to shove himself all the way inside her super tight ass. "Oh my G-d!" Kate yelled.

Derek double timed his pumping to distract her as Andy began working himself slowly in and out of her ass. He put one leg up on the couch to get better leverage and grabbed her hips. Derek and Andy worked out a rhythm so that Kate always had one cock inside of her.

"Do you like that?" Derek asked her in between thrusts.

"It feels do fucking good," Kate squeaked out.

"Oh G-d yes it does," Andy chimed in. They pumped her over and over, feeling Kate's wetness drip all over them as she came incredibly hard. Andy felt his own orgasm building and he could tell from Derek's moans that he was getting close as well.

"What should we do with out cum, Kate?" Andy asked.

"I want you two to fill me up with your cum," she said. Andy looked eyes with Derek for a minute and they both smiled. They sped up their pumping until Kate's body shook and with simultaneous moans they shot her full of their hot loads.

They laid there for a moment, Andy collapsing on top of Kate and Kate laying down on Derek. They panted and sweated, trying to regain the strength to stand. After a few minutes Kate moved out from between them and Andy sat down on the couch. Kate threw on her clothes and headed toward the front door. Turning around to survey the sight of two naked men, laying spent on the couch, she smiled, "Same time next week boys?"

"You better fucking believe it," Andy said. Derek simply grunted in agreement. And thus a beautiful relationship was born.

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