Mission Wasteland Reborn
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Slavery, BiSexual, Science Fiction, DomSub,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Athena is a planet inhabited by women only. The main character is from another planet who rescues young females being exposed and left to die in a wasteland for having sexual urges (fingered their own hymens) the rescuer bring them back to his own planet where he trains and sells them as sex slaves.

"Where am I? Who are you? What are you, ooh... doing to me?"

"You are here to pleasure me in whatever fashion I wish; I am your master."

"What... does master mean, what... fashion?"

"I own you, that makes me your master, right now it pleases me to fondle your body."

"Please don't, it's a sin to touch another's body; no one owns... you are a stranger why... oh my crotch and my breasts. Why are you doing this?"

"I told you, it pleases me."

"But I'm scared I don't want you to do this, I feel dizzy, please let me go."

"I like it when you're scared, you're adorable when your tremble. Now kiss me, open your mouth and enjoy it." Slap.

"Ouch you hurt my rear end, please stop!"

"I said to open your mouth when I kiss you, now open it!" Slap.

"Ouch that hurt."

"Well open your mouth then. That's better; your beautiful body pleases me, it's soft and curvaceous. Kiss me again... that better, now next time stick your tongue in my mouth and suck on my lips... That's a little better you are beginning to learn."

"What is beautiful, if I do what you ask... will you let me go?"

"If you don't please me... I'll never let you go. Beautiful is when someone looks better than someone else. Now get up and turn around I want to please myself fondling your fleshy rear end."

"Ouch you are digging your fingers into it." Slap, Slap, Slap.

"Ouch oh ouch."

"OK sit on my lap again."

"Oh no, you are naked now, what... what... what is that big thing?"

"It is my pleasure staff, there close your thighs on it and kiss me. Good... now move you body up and down, faster... faster. Cross your legs and squeeze my staff harder, keep your body moving. Oh good oh great."

"Eeew, What... what's that cream squirting out of your staffs mushroom, all over me?"

"It's love juice and your beautiful body is responsible for it because you pleasured me.

You must now take your finger and wipe it off your skin and then lick it off."

"Oh no, Yuk I won't do that!"

"Do you want me to spank you again?" Whack. "I'll slap you as many times as I need to."

"Ouch... Oh please no, what gives you the right... I'll... I'll try... It tastes... salty; what is it?"

"I'm your rightful master and I told you its love juice, it's your duty to clean it up.

There... that's a good female, you are pleasing me a little more now. Every bit, look... there are drops on my staff, get on your knees next to me and lick it off." That it, take my staff in your hand down low and squeeze it, then pull up on it keeping your lips around the mushroom while sucking hard. Good, do that again until it completely clean."

"There is no more now, I've cleaned it all... like you wanted. I feel dizzy, will you let me go please?"

"Well you see this pleasuring must be done four times a day for ten days. If you do it really well, this way and some other ways I'll show you later, then you go somewhere. I want to check you hymen now, lie back and spread your legs wide... There well... will you look at that, it's gone how come you're not a virgin. I want the truth?

"I... I touch it sometimes."


"Because it feels itchy inside and I use my finger to scratch. The first time it bled a little bit."

"So what does it feel like when you scratch it?"

"After a while it feels really good and then the itch goes away."

"Is it itchy now?

"Only a little, oh when you touch it like that it... ooh."

"Show me how you scratch your itch"

"I put my finger inside like this and move it in and out until I feel good down there and all over, then the itching stops."

"OK do it."

"Oh the itch is there and my finger is touching that spot and oooooh oooooh it feels good really good... There the itch is gone now. It was faster this time because you were fondling my body and kissing me I think. Why is that?"

"It's called mutual pleasuring between males and females."

"What are males and females?"

"You are a female and I am a male because I have a staff and no breasts among other things."

"I've never seen a person with a staff before, that is really strange."

"On this planet there are males and females, on Athena where you come from, there are only females."

"What do you mean Planet? Athena is the centre of the universe and the stars and planets are arranged in the heavens by her and shine above it during the nights, while in the day Athena travels in a golden carriage above, warming and lighting our world."

"You are no longer on Athena I brought you to this planet in a space transporter after locating you, near death in the waste-lands. You were being exposed for the sin of scratching your itch.I pick up females there regularly, that's how I make a living."

"But... but that is impossible, no one knew that I did that."

"Did you not have regular medical checkups?"

"Yes ever since I began to bleed I had quarterly check ups by the priestess."

"Were your hymen intact the time before?"

"Yes, I made it bleed before the last medical because the itch got really intense. But... but why didn't they just tell me not to do it then?"

"How long after the check up was it before you were told to go on this mission for


"One hour after and three weeks later they put me on the ship for the mission."

"Your planet was settled by a large group of females from this planet hundreds of years ago. They belonged to a fanatical sect that hated the male staff, female pregnancy and pleasuring disgusted them. We call females like that impotent. They procreate on Athena by selecting female eggs, fertilized by their own bone marrow in a laboratory and then selecting only female embryos.

Here we have babies by male female pleasuring."

"No, that is not possible, children are created by Athena during a holy ceremony in a petri dish.How could a male like you and a female like me created a baby by pleasuring?" Only

Athena creates life."

"I'll explain that to you in a few days. Why do you think you were sent to the wastelands, totally naked among dangerous wild animals?"

"The priestess told me that I had been selected by Athena to be reborn and renamed in a very solemn religious ceremony. Athena only reveals herself to mortals when they are naked and in an isolated area. I was told to burn my clothing in a rite on the beach while praying to Athena.

Then I started the mission, following the path of Athena's golden carriage."

"Yes I know, that fire is a base marker in my search pattern other that the ship. You had no food and little water for how long?"

"Ten days I think, I was scared sometimes but my fait in Athena kept me going."

"You were barely alive when my sensors registered the faint signs of a human life, two more days and you would have been dead or sooner if an animal had caught your scent. You have been in suspended animation for the voyage back here since the rescue. I have just revived you today, three weeks after returning."

"This is all very strange I don't understand. So I will never return to Athena?"

"No, and if you did you would be exposed again and die."

"What will happen to me then, will I stay here and pleasure you?"

"Only for ten days while you receive some basic training. Then I will sell you to a pleasure palace."

"What is sell and what will I do there?"

"You will use the skills that I teach you now to pleasure males, like you are pleasuring me. Selling mean providing something for money."

"What is money?'

"Money is something man has invented to trade for products he can't make himself or a service."

"You mean I will get the money for pleasuring in this palace?"

"No, your new owner will get the money. As an alien pleasure provider you are a commodity and can never have money."

"So how will I get food to eat and someplace to sleep?"

"Your owner will provide for all your needs including a cell to stay in, with part of the money he gets from the people you pleasure."

"What does he do with the other part of the money?"

"That is his profit and not your concern."

"So I will stay in this palace and pleasure males all my life?

"Well no, only as long as you are young and beautiful."

"What happens then?"

"You will most likely be sold to a pleasure house or a private citizen as a servant in a home; cleaning, cooking or whatever else his family needs."

"What is a pleasure house?"

"It is the same as a pleasure palace but for males without much money/"

"If I am sold to a private citizen will I provided pleasure for him?"

"If he chooses to use you for that, yes. You could of course also be sold while at the palace to someone as a pseudo wife or even be freed and become a wife, to bear children, if the

Athena sterilization in your case can be reversed."

"Sterilization?... How could I bear a child? Only Athena..."

"That's enough questions for now, I'll be back in a couple of hours. Lena, have her washed and feed and lock her up, you are not allowed to talk to her."

"Yes Master, I understand."

Day Two

"Has she been fed and washed this morning Lena."

"Yes Master."

"Bring her out then for a lesson, I need your assistance this time."

"Yes master I'll get her..."

"This lesson is to drain my staff orally. Lena will demonstrate and you will pay attention. Get on your knees next to her; watch how she pleasures it and the sack underneath with one hand and my shaft with the other... That's enough Lena; your turn now."

"Yes master I'll try."

"That's it, pleasure harder, harder. Not bad, not bad at all. Move her head Lena, show her the proper rhythm. That good for now, not too much Lena I don't want her choking on it.

Remember to swallow all the love juice; if you choke on it let some drip in to the palm of your hand and then lick it up when you can. Um great, swallow, swallow, um... um. That's it, that was not bad, take your time now and lick your palm... Good now stroke the staff and suck out any remainder.

You always have to do that, don't forget."

"Did I pleasure you correctly master. Will they like me at the palace?"

"You did fine but you have a lot to learn in the next eight days before the auction."

"Auction, what is an auction master?"

"That's where you will be sold to the pleasure palace coming up with the highest bid."

"What will you do then?"

"Go back to Athena and search for more exposed females."

"Why does Athena allow you do this?"

"Athena is not a true God, she is only imagined by the ruling priestesses of Athena. They were transported to the planet and do not have space technology and are not able to detect my landing craft. They have great medical knowledge but not much else. As far as they are concerned, the females exposed in the wastelands die there and are eaten by wild animals. Some unfortunately die there, I can't save them all."

"How many have you saved?"

"Over a fifteen year period more than one thousand, on this trip I found fifteen but I have bagged as many as twenty-nine in one trip. There are three other islands where females are exposed, I am licensed for one only."

"They are all pleasure providers in a palace now."

"Only the beautiful ones, less than ten percent."

"I don't understand beautiful; we are all Athena's children, no one is better that any other."

"Well here we see it differently, some are beautiful others are so, so and some are ugly."

"How often do you search?"

"They release females to be exposed every three months or so on large uninhabited islands, widely separated where the victims could never cross paths in ten days."

"Why ten days?"

"Because the human body cannot survive more than ten days without water. There are no streams where they are released and you would have to be an expert to find moisture. How many females where there on your ship?"

"It was a long sea voyage there. There were eighteen females on the ship; we were let off in different places for our religious missions. The priestess told me to walk inland for ten days and look for a sign from Athena so I could be reborn and then return to the sea. Where are the other girls you found this time?"

"I've sold them at auctions, some were sold to pleasure houses and other to private citizens as common servants, I kept you in suspended animation until they were sold. You being the only one rescued on this trip, with the right qualities to become a palace pleasure provider."

"So you didn't find three of them then?"

"No, they are definitely dead now."

"Oh... that is... scary, and I am here still alive. When I go to this palace, I will provide pleasure for males with much money."

"Yes you are very beautiful, only the very rich can afford to pay your price and the better you perform the more they will pay."

"I want to be really good. Do you want me to pleasure you again right now?"

"You are eager that's a good sign but not right now. Lena, lock her up. I'll be back in a few hours."

"Yes master, do I feed her now?"

"Right, have her ready and showered in about 3 hours. If I'm not back by then give her a lesson yourself."

"Yes master but it's only her second day."

"She's unusually amenable and a quick study. I'm sure we have a nymph here. I never had one adapt this quickly to her twist of fate. You are allowed to answer any questions she has now."

"Oh, I like that master. Come with me, what is your name?"

"It was Lydia before I was sent on the mission to be reborn by Athena but she never appeared, so I don't have a name now."

"Your name is Lydia then, she never appeared to rename me either."

"You are from Athena?"

"Yes the master rescued me 10 years ago."

"You are his pleasure provider?"

"Yes as his pseudo wife and I'm also your keeper instructor."

"I know what pseudo is but what is a wife?"

"A citizen wife and husband is a lifetime union of a male and female for the purpose of having children."

"Did you have his children?"

"No only his citizen wife can do that. I provide pleasure for him when his wife can't or doesn't feel like it."

"She can say no to him?"

"That's right, she is a citizen and have equal rights with her husband but she must by law agree to a pseudo wife before she can say no to pleasuring him."

"Can you say no?"

"Never, I'm an alien like you. We have no rights. OK in here get some rest, you will need your strength for the next lesson."

"Will I always be locked in a cell like this?"

"As long as you are a pleasure provider, yes. If you become a pseudo wife you have the run of the house but you can never leave it unescorted."

"Wake up Lydia it's time for your shower."

"This is part of your lesson, I'll wash you in the shower and then you'll wash me."

"I have never touched another female's body before it's a sin."

"I know about Athena... remember? Here it's a serious crime for a pleasure provider to refuse an order."

"I want to cooperate but it feels so strange."

"I know all about that but you will soon get used to it. There now, soap your hands and wash my entire body..."

"There was that so bad?"

"Strange very strange but I liked it, I'm so confused. Why was this part of my lesson?"

"A pleasure provider must do many things for her owners clients and this is sometimes one of them. After we dry each other, I will teach you how to pleasure another female."

"What... but... but you... have no staff. How... I don't understand? Where is the master... why?"

"You heard what he said, if he wasn't here, I was to give you a lesson."

"Now lets kiss, umm. Did you like that?

"Oh Lena you send thrills though my body too."

"That good Lydia, let's lie down now on the bed. Um, hug me and kiss me again... Now I want you to turn around with you crotch where your head was."

"But why Lena I can't kiss you now? Oh, oh, oh, Lena what... oh... what are you doing., stop it... no don't stop. That feels good"

"I'm waiting Lydia, don't you think you should be doing something too. My thighs are spread for you?"

"You mean with my tongue... in there?"

"I'm waiting. That's good... um... Follow my lead... that's it... keep going. Um..."

"Oh Lena that was wonderful two females pleasuring each other. You stopped my itch four of five times but then the itch comes back again and again."

"Lets just hug now I enjoyed teaching you that."

"Lena, what did the master mean before when he said I adapted quickly to my twist of fate."

"He meant that considering where you came from and the shock of becoming a pleasure provider, you enjoy pleasuring him already, some Athenians take many days or weeks before they conform."

"What is a nymph?"

"It is a female who can satisfy her itchy spot again and again in one pleasure session.

Most females can only reach that point once in one session and some like the Athenian females never do. What is it about the master that made you enjoy pleasuring him?".

"His kissing on my lips and his hands touching my skin send pleasant quivers through my body right from the start but I was in shock. He was mean to me at first, spanking my rear. That hurt and shocked me again but it also sent a strange sense of pleasure through me. Then he kissed me again and I just melted. It's very strange, you know it's a sin on Athena to touch another person's body, even your own except for washing and you must pray and ask Athena's forgiveness for washing certain areas. Now when you touch me I feel the same way as with the master. Its' like there has been something missing all my life and that something is being fulfilled now. In the past, sometimes when feeling cold and lonely I would wrap myself in a warm blanket, you and the master are like warm blankets. Is there something wrong with me?"

"On this planet everything is right with you; for your life in servitude as a pleasure provider, it's utterly right."

"Oh Lena you are giving a lesson."

"Yes mistress we have just finished."

"What is your name dear?"

"Lydia... mistress?"

"Yes that what you call me. Get up I want see what all the fuss is about, let me look you over."

"Well now, turn around... turn again. My husband stumbled on a real moneymaker this time.

You are sensationally beautiful Lydia. Come closer... and you feel wonderful... what skin, what curves. Why are you teaching her lesbo techniques already Lena?"

"The master said she was ready, because she's very obedient and a fast learner."

"That is unusual. Were you satisfied with her responses?"

"Very much, mistress she rushed me over the top several times?"

"Well now maybe I'll try her out myself. Just a minute... hello, it's me dear; I'm in the training room with Lena and the new one. Yes I know you gave Lena permission if you weren't home in time. What is that... not until tomorrow where are you?... More sensing equipment for the landing craft, can you afford it now? Yes I think you are right, she'll bring a record price. So I'll see you tomorrow then. Oh, just a minute, Lena is very impressed with her performance and I would like to know if I could have her tonite, just this once... please?... Yes I'll be careful, don't worry. Lena? OK? Lena our husband wishes to speak with you."

"Hello... yes... yes she was excellent master, what is it you say sometimes, like a duck to water... yes really... a nymph, yes master she is, you were right." Bye. Here mistress."

"Yes, yes dear, Lena will be there to watch. Thank you dear I love you so much. Bye, bye."

"Bring her up we'll all share a bath Lena just before bedtime and the master insists that you must be there to monitor her performance and advice her if necessary. Oh and thank you Lena, you do have a way with our husband."

"My mistress is too kind, I'll have her there to pleasure you for the night."

"Oh and Lena, I don't want her to have any instructions as to what I like and so on. Understood?"

"Yes mistress, I won't tell her anything"

"A nymph you said Lena, really?

"Yes mistress, she definitely is."

"Come Lydia back to your cell. You'll need all the rest you can get. The mistress had that certain expression on her face when she looked you over; it'll be a long night when the she is in that mood."

"Why did she say, our husband?"

"Well by law I am not but she is very happy to share her husband with me. She is what they say in love with me as well as her husband."

"Because you pleasure her?"

"Yes there is that but she doesn't need pleasuring very often. We spend a lot of time together since the master is away a lot. Sometimes we just hold hands or hug and kiss I the house or while walking in the gardens and we talk about everything. We have a beautiful relationship and it has made me very happy and I know she is."

"The master knows all that."

"Of course, when he's here we both love him like we love each other, though most of the time I pleasure him."

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