At My Aunt's, In Her Pants
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, Incest, Aunt, Nephew, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young woman finds that her family is full of surprises.

I woke up slowly, stretching my arms and desperately trying to replay the very erotic dream I had just had. Too late, dammit. Suddenly I realized how bright everything was. And no wonder. I was lying on the couch in my den with every light in the room on. Looking around, I noticed that the floor-length curtains covering the sliding door to the back lawn were wide open. And they weren't the only thing. As I got up to shut them, I also found that my bathrobe was also wide open, and that I wasn't wearing anything underneath. Fortunately, there's a privacy fence around my back yard. My neighbors would have gotten quite an eyeful if that fence hadn't been there.

I got up quickly, letting the robe fall around me. I locked the door — God, I couldn't believe I'd left that open too — and pulled the curtains shut. It was still dark outside and I checked the clock: three a.m. Shaking my head, I turned off the lights and went to my bedroom in the back of the house.

As I lay there trying to sleep, my very intense dream came flooding back. I couldn't quite bring back a picture of the guy who had come into the room -- through the open doors, I now remembered -- but I certainly had a vivid recollection of what he had looked like when he stripped off his jeans. Oh, God, was he big! And thick! I remember screaming at him to put it inside me, and then when he did, I exploded. It was no wonder that my body had been covered with dried sweat when I woke up. Or that I could still feel a certain dampness between my thighs.

And I had no doubt where the dream had come from. It was amazing how an innocent little conversation picked an entirely different path once you fell asleep. Earlier in the day, I had been talking to my nephew, Kevin, my brother Nick's 18-year-old son. Kevin's mom had died when he was only five, and since I only lived three blocks away, I had become Kevin's advisor on all things feminine. I was only then years older than Kevin (ten years younger than Nick), so we were able to talk about things, like girlfriends, that Kevin didn't feel comfortable discussing with anyone else.

Today, the subject had been a hot new girl at school. Kevin was a nice enough looking kid, with dark brown hair, blue eyes, and an athlete's build, but he had been without a girlfriend for a few months now. Recently, though, Kevin's friends had reported that they'd been watching the new girl giving him a frank appraisal on more than one occasion. After we discussed dating, the talk had turned to sex.

"You have 'done it, ' haven't you?" I had teased him.

"Well, yeah," he admitted, "me and Lisa fooled around a little bit. But it took, like, forever to get that far."

"Well, the number one rule is don't rush it," I told him. "We don't like to have it forced on us. If you play your cards right, you can get her to ask you for it. And if you're really good at it, she'll be begging you for it."

I smiled at the surprised look on my nephew's face.


"Don't sound so shocked," I giggled. "Girls like sex just as much as guys do. We just don't walk around the gym bragging about how many guys we've laid."

If we get laid at all, I thought to myself. As Kevin went on to describe his newest potential conquest, I wondered why my own sex life was so dull. Part of it was my job. After attending college here in town, I'd left for three years of law school. Once I came back, I might as well have hung a sign, right beneath my "Natalie Tritty, Assistant County Prosecutor" sign, that said "Men Keep Out." So far I had found two groups of guys: non-lawyers, who were scared by my law degree; and lawyers, who were usually too busy proving their own superiority. The first group ran off on their own, and the second I ran off after the first date. At 28 years old, I still considered myself a catch. I was five-foot, six inches tall and weighed 125 pounds. My brown hair was cut stylishly just below my shoulders, and, to be honest, I had a damned good face. My body was fit, my breasts were firm, if not overly large, and my legs were shapely; in fact, the guys at college had voted me one of their top ten "campus babes" for my last two years of school, and I hadn't lost anything recently. This lack of gentleman callers for the last several years was getting increasingly frustrating.

I remembered making Kevin dinner that evening, although I couldn't remember actually eating it. And I remembered changing into my bathrobe, obviously after he'd gone, although I could have sworn I had put a pair of panties on underneath. I remembered settling on the couch down with a glass of wine as we talked. I remembered now that I did have another glass of wine, and that I had also had a glass with dinner. No wonder I had dozed off.

I went back to bed that night with a smile on my face, wishing that my real life was even a quarter as interesting as my dream life.

The next morning I was cleaning up the den when I noticed that my videocassette recorder was on. On further inspection, I found that my video camera was also on, and that it was connected to my VCR. In theory, I knew, it was possible to record something directly onto the tape in the VCR, although I had no idea how to do it. It was then that I saw the blinking light indicating that there was a tape still in the VCR. With my heart beating faster, I turned on the TV and pushed the play button.

"Oh, God," I said, my eyes widening as the picture appeared. It was me, lying on the couch, the bottom of my bathrobe parted, my panties still mysteriously in place. I was apparently looking directly at the camera operator.

"Come on, lover," I whined on the tape, squirming around lasciviously on the couch. I extended my arms to my still unidentified partner, who had zoomed in on me and apparently put the camera on the shelf while he moved to the end of the couch.

"Hurry! I need you inside me now."

I really had needed it. I watched in horrified fascination as I saw myself reach down and tear the side panels of my panties, finally ripping the flimsy cotton off (I found them later, under the couch). My lover climbed onto the couch on his knees, his face remaining tantalizingly above the area captured by the camera. I parted my legs and he knelt between them, wearing only a pair of jeans. I leaned forward, licking my lips, and undid his belt and the button on his jeans. I slowly pulled the zipper down.

"That's right, baby," I said. "Now let me see that cock. Oh, Jesus, baby, it's huge!"

As I watched, I saw him he pushed his pants down his thighs and a gorgeous cock sprang into the camera's view, already hard.

I planted my feet on either side of him and raised my hips in the air.

"Come on, baby," I said, "push that big boy inside this hot little twat."

I reached forward and wrapped both hands around the monster, guiding him toward my very wet pussy.

Watching myself on tape, I was getting wet all over again, and I found myself rubbing my cunt through my jeans. I groaned as I saw the big cock enter the folds of my pussy, sinking in quickly to a depth of six inches. That was about the most cock I'd ever had up there before, but this guy had at least another inch to go.

"Pump it, baby," I groaned on tape. "In, yes, out... oh, yes... now back in... oh, that's it, baby."

We quickly set up a rhythm that filled me with more and more cock, and I knew, watching it on tape, that it wouldn't be long before I watched the explosion that I had thought I had dreamed. Suddenly, he reached forward and grabbed me around the hips, thrusting himself deep within me. I wrapped my feet around his back and just lost it. Babbling incoherently, I reached up and embedded my fingernails in his muscular arms, leaving deep scratches as my body bucked and writhed beneath his. I came not once or twice, but a mindblowing three times in a row, and finally, he thrust forward one final time and groaned. I knew he was draining that big cock inside me.

I spasmed again, pushing myself into yet another orgasm, and then fainted. It was odd watching that, just before my lover got up from the couch turned off the camera.

I watched the tape three times during the next week, looking for clues to the identity of my mystery date. Nobody had 'fessed up, or even given me a suggestive look, but I still found it hard to believe that I'd gone to bed with some stranger. All I could see was that he was a fairly tall man, great abs, muscled (and now scratched) arms, and, of course, a very nice cock. Not overly big, but perfectly proportioned. Pleasingly proportioned, I added with a shiver. But none of that did me much good. Lots of guys are tall and well-built, and it's hard to figure out at how they're hung when you only see them clothed. God knows I'd made that mistake more than once in college.

I have to admit I actually watched the tape more than three times. I only watched it three times looking for clues. The other four or five (well, maybe six) times, I was sitting on my couch sliding either my fingers or my vibrator inside my wet little twat. Having a tape of yourself fucking, particularly when the sex was as good as this, is incredibly erotic.

By the end of the week, though, I was more than just puzzled. I was frustrated. Some guy had fucked my socks off, and I couldn't even figure out who he was.

When I heard a knock on my door late the next Saturday morning, my heart began racing with anticipation.

"Oh, hi, Kevin," I said.

"You don't want to work on the garden today?" he asked, my disappointment apparently visible on my face.

"No, no," I said, "of course I do. Let me get dressed and I'll be right down."

Kevin had a standing appointment to work on my garden the first Saturday of each month, and, sure enough, this was the first Saturday in June. I dressed quickly and hurried downstairs. Together, we planted a set of bushes, added one new tree, and divided a bunch of bulbs, in addition to general cleanup work.

I offered him dinner again, as I usually did when my brother was out of town for the weekend. As I dumped the dishes in the sink, he walked into the den, and I followed him a few minutes later with our coffee.

"How about some TV?" I asked as I sat down on the couch with him, activating the remote and tossing it over to Kevin, who was just as much a channel surfer as the rest of his sex. I turned to say something to Kevin and then heard, to my horror, my own voice saying "push that big boy inside this hot little twat."

"OhmyGod," I squeaked. Not thinking, I lunged for the remote, which Kevin was already holding in his opposite hand. Sprawling across his lap, I reached for it, and succeeded only in knocking it to the floor. I scrambled off of Kevin and onto the floor. Finally, I picked the stupid thing up and turned both the TV and the VCR off. Damn universal remotes. It was only then that I sat back on the couch and began to give my young nephew an explanation for my odd behavior and for what he had obviously seen on the tape.

To my surprise, he was simply leaning back against the couch, smiling at me.

"I'm sorry, Kevin," I pressed on, "I shouldn't have left that in there. I —"

"I wish I could leave my copy in the VCR," he said, "but I'm afraid my dad would find it."

As he talked, he yanked the long-sleeved T-shirt he was wearing over his head in one quick motion. I took it all in at once. The abs, the muscles, even the scratches on his arms.

"You?" I whispered breathlessly.

"Me what?" he said. Kevin had stood up and was busy unbuckling his belt and unzipping his jeans.

"Kevin," I protested, "we can't..."

"We already have," he smiled, freeing his cock as he pushed his shorts to the floor.

"But it's incest," I said weakly, all the while staring at his cock — the cock that I'd been watching on tape all week long.

"Nah, that's only a problem if you have kids," Kevin pointed out, quite accurately. He sat back down, even with my hips, and reached forward, cupping his right hand between my legs. He slowly began to rub me through my jeans. "And you told me last week you're on the pill."

I continued to stare at him numbly.

"What's wrong, Aunt Natalie?" he asked me. Smiling broadly, he reached over with his other hand and turned the television back on. As he continued to massage my pussy, I listened to the sounds of our incestuous coupling only a week before. I groaned. My treacherous sex was already beginning to lubricate itself. I had to make him stop it now.

"Kevin —" I began sternly.

"Aren't you going to teach me how to eat you, like you promised me last weekend?" Kevin interrupted.

Oh, God, this kid knew all my buttons. Who the fuck taught him all this? Oh, that's right; I did. I hadn't had my pussy eaten in years, and the idea of having a guy do what I told him, rather than what he thought was the minimum he could get away with — I melted. I felt him unzipping my jeans and pushed my butt up to help him out. As he pulled my jeans and panties off, my own hands took over the job he'd started.

"Bad Aunt Natalie," Kevin said with a smirk as he finished with my jeans and pulled my hands away. I felt his middle finger press lightly against my sensitive pussy lips.

"Ooh, Kevin," I whimpered. He began torturing me by sliding his finger up and down.

"Kevin!" I whined. "Do my clit, baby."

"Your clit, huh?" Kevin said. "Why don't you show me?"

I swung my right leg over him and he bent down for a better look. I reached down with both hands and pulled my lips apart.

"See," I panted, "see the little knob in there."

"This one?" he asked, reaching in with one finger.

"Oh, Kevin! Oh, Jesus!"

With his thumb barely grazing my love button, my nephew slid two fingers deep inside my cunt.

"Eat me, baby," I gasped. "Eat my pussy!"

I practically grabbed his head and shoved it between my legs.

"Tell me what to do, Aunt Natalie," Kevin said slowly, continuing his torture of me.

"Just lick it first, honey," I instructed him, "that's right, oh, yeah, keep licking, honey. Now, when it's nice and, oh, shit, wet, you need to start sucking, just like it was a straw, but gently."

The kid was a natural! I was getting hotter and hotter just from having him suck my slit.

"Now, oh, Jesus, baby," I panted, squirming on the couch and clamping my thighs around his head, "slowly work your way up to, oh, that's it, oh fuck, OH FUCK!"

Without prompting, Kevin had coordinated his attack on my clit with a finger slipped deep inside my hot, wet tunnel. By this point, I was squealing like a stuck pig. Kevin slowly pulled his mouth off my cunt, but continued to diddle me with his finger. At the same time, he pressed his thumb against my clit, and I began to shudder with an orgasm. Kevin continued to finger me, and, true to form, I continued to orgasm.

"Oh, God, stop..." I panted, reaching down to wrap my hands around his surprisingly strong wrist. "Please, Kevin, stop, I can't take anymore."

He pushed himself back against the far edge of the couch and smiled at me.

"My turn now?" he asked.

I knew what he wanted. And I knew I probably shouldn't be doing it. But he already had me so turned on that I wasn't thinking straight. Besides, didn't I owe it to him? If any other boyfriend had eaten my pussy even half that well, I'd have been swallowing his cum like it was champagne. And apart from that -- well, sucking has always been a big turn-on for me, too. And by that point, I wanted all the climaxing I could get.

I pulled my knees up and flipped over. I crawled over to the end of the couch where Kevin was now sitting and dove forward onto my elbows, not even stopping to take my first close-up look at his meat.

But I certainly knew how big it was once I got it in my mouth. I slowly stretched my lips around the head, giving it a long suck. Pretty soon, he was moaning too. His right hand had pulled up my T-shirt and was caressing my left tit through my bra. I could feel my nipple begin to harden, just as surely as I felt my pussy juice begin to run down between my thighs. I redoubled my efforts, bobbing my head up and down as best I could on top of Kevin's cock and lashing the head with my tongue whenever the occasion presented itself. My little nephew (little — who was I kidding?) was almost ready to blow his nuts down my throat. My only regret was that I was on the verge of my own orgasm, and I knew I was going to have to bring myself off pretty soon. Was I ready to do that in front of my nephew, too? In a few more minutes, I wouldn't care.

To my surprise, Kevin grabbed my hair and slowly pulled me off of his cock.

"Mmmmmfffff," I protested, trying to maintain my seal around the head of his prick.

"Time to fuck, Aunt Nat," he said.

Oh, sure, fucking, I thought numbly. That would work, too, wouldn't it? I let him push me backward, putting my head down on the couch and my knees up under my chest. Kevin got to his feet, but instead of moving behind me to fuck me doggy-style, he moved to the back of the couch, which sat in the middle of the room in front of the television. His left hand was on the back of my head when I felt his right hand slide down my ass to find my soaking wet slit again.

"Kevin," I whined, "fuck me."

But with his index and ring fingers on either side of my pussy lips, my young and inexperienced nephew proceeded to drive me crazy by pushing his middle finger inside my hole.

"Oh, Jesus, baby," I moaned into the cushions of my couch, "feels so good, sooo good!"

"You want something bigger, don't you, baby?" he teased me.

"YES!" I screamed.

"What exactly do you want, Aunt Nat?" he continued.

"Your big dick, you bastard," I gasped, churning my ass against the middle finger that Kevin was wiggling inside my pussy. "Fuck me, Kevin!"

"My slut aunt wants to be fucked?" he asked. "Better come get it then."

He slowly began to pull his finger up out of my pussy.

"Noooo!" I protested. I could tell myself that I was protesting his demeaning reference to me as his slut aunt, but in my heart I knew that I was protesting the withdrawal of his finger. I was his slut aunt! And to prove it, I began to follow his finger with my ass, pushing myself off my couch as Kevin released the pressure on my head.

Kevin!" I continued to whimper, my ass getting higher and higher off the couch, "just fuck me!"

Pretty soon I was on balanced on my hands and feet, my ass a good foot and a half off the couch, trying desperately to get my young nephew to leave his finger in my pussy or, even better, to replace it with his longer, thicker cock.

"Okay, Aunt Nat," Kevin chuckled. "Get your leg over the back of the couch here."

He tapped the inside of my left thigh to indicate what he wanted, and I willingly picked up my leg and swung it over the back of the couch. I put my left hand on the back of the couch and dropped to my right knee for better balance as I slowly stretched my foot out to touch the carpeted floor of my den. Just when it did, Kevin put his right hand against the small of my back, pressing my body, including my naked mound, down on the back of the couch.

"Oh," I moaned, shamelessly grinding myself against the fabric. I've always considered "doggy-style" to be the most demeaning of sexual positions, one in which the man simply fucks the faceless woman who's presented her ass at him while her boobs hang beneath her like the udders on a cow. But here I was in an even more submissive position, splayed all over the couch as I wiggled my ass at my very young nephew. Even if I was wearing a T-shirt and a bra, I was also wantonly rubbing my pussy and boobs against the top of the couch.

Kevin slowly lifted his right leg over the couch to position himself behind me, and took his right hand off me to aim his big cock at my dilated opening.

"This what you want, slut?" he asked.

"YES!" I sobbed. "Fuck me, Kevin!"

"Oh, yeah," I moaned triumphantly as I felt the head of his cock penetrate my cunt. "More, baby, more."

But he stopped.

"More what?" he teased me.

"More cock!" I screamed at him.

He gave me a little more, and I resumed my purring until he stopped once again.

"Kevin," I whimpered, squirming on the couch.

"'If you play your cards right, '" Kevin whispered, leaning forward against me, "'you can get her to ask you for it. And if you're really good at it, she'll be begging you for it.'"

I recognized the advice that I'd given to Kevin the previous week, never dreaming that it would be coming back to haunt me like this.

"No, Kevin," I said, "don't make me beg."

"Fine, slut," he said. He began to withdraw his big stick, and by this point, I would have done anything to prevent that.

"NO!" I shouted. "Oh, God, Kevin, please no, please please please."

"I'm listening," he said.

"Please fuck me," I begged. "Fuck me from behind like the slutty little bitch that I am. Oh, God, yesss, Kevin, don't stop fucking me. I'll do anything for you, baby, anything. I'll clean your dick off — I'll suck you hard and you can come in my mouth! Please baby oh God, yess!""

As my begging got dirtier and dirtier, Kevin's fucking got deeper, harder, and faster. I could feel his balls slapping against my clit, and knew it was only a matter of seconds before he pushed me over the edge.

"Harder, baby, harder," I cried. "Fill your whore's little twat with that great big dick. I'm your cunt, Kevin, I'm your cunt. Fill your cunt with cum! Fuck your — oh, oh, oh, yesssss!"

As I felt Kevin's cock erupt deep inside me, I exploded violently. My body was shaking uncontrollably as Kevin held me in place with his hands on my ass and his dick in my pussy. Just as I had on the film, I felt three separate orgasms wash over me, each one stronger than the last.

I lay there, on the back of the couch, sated and exhausted, as I felt Kevin pull his softening cock from my pussy. In a moment, I sensed him moving around to the other end of the couch, where my head still rested on the back. I craned my neck and looked up, straight at his still impressive flaccid cock.

I knew what he wanted — exactly what I'd promised him when I had been begging him. I was still lying on the back of the couch, panting from the extraordinary fucking that I'd gotten. I quite clearly "owed" my young nephew. So when he stepped forward, I simply opened my mouth.

He wasn't quite close enough for me to take the whole thing inside, so, rather than ask him to move closer, I extended my tongue and began to lick at the head. His prick was sticky with my own juice, and I sluttishly cleaned all of my fluids off with my tongue. As I was licking, Kevin took a step forward to give me access to the base of his cock, and I ran my tongue slowly up and down its length, pausing now and then to suck at his balls.

Kevin's cock was still soft when he took yet another step forward, allowing me to finally wrap my lips around it long. I figured that, with the resiliency of youth, it would only be few minutes before I felt it twitching deep in my throat. So I went to work with a vengeance, paying careful attention to the area just below the head. Above me, Kevin was groaning happily, and I was moaning softly myself as I felt his rod getting harder and harder. Soon, though, it was rock hard and I was still sucking, scared that I wouldn't be able fulfill my promise and make Kevin shoot his wad the second time.

I needn't have worried. After all, he was only a kid. Without warning, cum shot out of his cock, splashing the back of my throat and the roof of my mouth. I opened my throat, reviving the skills that had made me the best beer-chugger in my college sorority. But I wasn't quite good enough. Kevin just had too much jizz, even after drowning my pussy no more than 10 minutes earlier. I felt my cheeks bulge out as they filled with cum.

When he'd finished, I looked down and saw the only drop that had escaped my lips, hanging just at the tip of his right testicle. I wasn't about to let this last morsel go to waste, so I gently enveloped Kevin's ball in my mouth and tenderly sucked up the last of his cum. After a few more minutes licking his cock clean, I collapsed on the back of the couch one more time.

Kevin sat down at the other end of the couch and began slowly stroking my leg. After a few minutes rest, I lifted up my head to look back at him.

"Why don't you take a nice hot bath?" he suggested sweetly. "I'll clean up the dinner dishes."

"Thanks," I said softly.

I was luxuriating in the tub when a fully-dressed Kevin knocked on the door.

"Yes?" I said tentatively. I suddenly realized that Kevin had never seen me naked before. The first time we'd done it, I had just opened my robe. And this time, I had worn my T-shirt and bra throughout our lovemaking. By now, of course, my mind was flooded with guilt and regret.

"I have to go home," Kevin said through the closed door. "My dad usually calls home about 9 to make sure I'm there, so I'd better be going."

"Okay, honey," I said, relieved at the reprieve. "Why don't you come over tomorrow morning so we can talk?"

"I'll see you then," Kevin said, and I heard him leave through the front door.

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