Kebab And A Slap

by Menderman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female, Cream Pie, Violent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A tired worker just wants a bite to eat on the way home, but his evening changes when an Asian couple have a fight and the husband storms off leaving the wife in the pub car park. She makes a mistake and takes out her anger on the our man's van. Big mistake and she pays.

I had had a long day doing some routine planned maintenance at the Aldi supermarket in Newark and now it was nearly nine o'clock as I drove to Mansfield tired and hungry. I knew I couldn't be bothered cooking when I got home so I headed towards the local pub for a bite to eat and a quick pint to finish off the day.

As I parked in the car park close to the pub I remembered that it was Trivial Pursuit night and the place would be packed, plus it would take ages to get served a beer let alone a meal.

'Ah fuck, ' I thought as I stood outside the pub hungry & thirsty but not wanting to go in. Turning around I headed over to Steve's Kebab Shop across the road and studied the menu board for a couple of minutes trying to decide what I fancied.

Five minutes later I was walking back out with a mixed kebab, chips and a bottle of Fanta. Just down from the shop there was a low wall around a flower planter and I sat there, across the road from my van and started to tuck into the chips, leaving the kebab wrapped in foil. I was hungry, and the chips didn't seem to last long as a starter, or entrée for the posh folks.

I was half way through enjoying my kebab when an Asian couple burst out through the pub doors. In the lead was a young lass in her early twenties shouting & ranting in some foreign language at her husband or boyfriend following her. I smiled to myself, Trivial Pursuit nights really seem to bring out the best in some people!!! She was really livid about something as she turned towards him and gave him a real gob full in her native language. The poor sod behind her really didn't seem to know what he had done wrong, if anything. He just followed behind with his hands & arms spread open in front trying to calm her down. That failed as she kicked out at his legs, then turned and walked across the front of the car park still ranting out loud. I smiled as I took another bite out of my kebab and chewed it slowly. Well this was free entertainment to go with my dinner as I sat there and watched her approach my van.

She got as far as the silver Mazda coupe parked next to my van when she turned back to him and spat forth another stream of Asian. He in turn said a couple of words in response before she turned and kicked the front of the car. For the first time there was anger in the tone of his voice so it was obviously his car and he wasn't too happy about it being kicked; well no man would be. I don't know what he had, or had not done, but he was sure taking some shit from his lady. She then walked to the passenger side and kicked the wheel as she yelled at him some more. Now it was getting interesting.

For the first time I could get a reasonable look at her and she stood between their car and my van directly across the road from me. She was about 5ft 6 tall with long black hair that tumbled down over her shoulders and down her back about 4 inches, and a beautiful smooth face that defines Asian features, even when angry. Her exposed shoulders were slightly tanned above the cotton vest that had a wide low neckline on her chest. Now Asian ladies are not renowned to be of the fuller figure in the breast stakes, but this lass looked to have a reasonable rack that moved under her vest as she took another swing at the car with her foot. She had a nice pair of legs & cute thighs projecting out of her short tan skirt. I laughed to myself as I watched her kick the car wearing some high heeled open shoes; so she either had tough toes or the kicking was just for show. The guy was starting to get pissed off with this and said some harsh words in reply judging by the tone of his voice. This only set her off again as this time she kicked the passenger door.

'Fuck, ' I thought, 'she needs a slap to bring her under control.' The guy triggered his car remote to let her into the car, which she did, slamming the door in the process. He climbed in and the car started to rock as she lashed out with her arms. Looking across and through the small back window of the car I couldn't tell if she was beating on him or still taking it out on his car. I laughed, "What a fucking fire brand she is," I said under my breath as I lowered my head to take another bite out of my kebab.

The car engine started and I could still hear her shouting from inside the car. The lass certainly had a set of lungs on her as she continued to abuse him. Suddenly the passenger door swung open, narrowly missing my van door, and her long legs emerged.

'They are nice pair of pins, ' I thought starting to take a little more interest in the events across the road as I had just about finished my kebab. As she rapidly climbed out of the low slung seat her short skirt rode up her long thighs and they looked very nice in the limited amount of street lighting available between the car and my van.

Boy was she still angry as she got fully upright and slammed the door hard before slamming her fist down onto car roof. The guy had obviously had enough of this and he revved the engine as he slammed it into reverse; just giving her enough time to step back against my van to prevent him running over her feet. As he pulled into the road she gave his car a final kick and stream of Asian vitriol.

Suddenly the street was all quiet and she was just left there shaking in anger as her bunched fists banged against her thighs. She turned towards the pub as she thought about what to do next, and I got a chance to see her side ways on & slightly from the back, "Nice arse," I said under my breath now totally focused on the lass left standing in the car park. She turned anti clockwise some more to look into the pub car park and this gave me a great view of her from the back. 'Real nice arse and legs, ' I thought as I screwed up the foil ready to throw it into the adjacent bin, 'maybe I should offer to give her a lift home and then I can admire her legs as I drive.'

I stood & tossed the foil in the bin as I started to cross the road towards her and my van. Just as I got to the back of my van, about 6 feet behind her, she suddenly let loose with another dose of her native language and then kicked my van door, hard.

'Fucking bitch, ' flashed through my mind as I quickly closed the distance between us and my hands came up reaching for her neck. In my anger I grabbed her hard in my right hand, my thumb and forefinger harshly gripping the back of her neck right at the base of her skull, and I used my momentum to push her forward off balance. As she drew level with the front wing of my van I swung her around to the left slamming her hard into the metal wing. She folded at the waist as he upper half was forcibly bent over the van bonnet.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing to my van you bitch?" I growled in a very angry but quiet threatening tone. Stepping past her legs I grabbed her left arm and bent it up behind her back to pin her hard against my van as I tightened my grip on her neck some more. Her mouth dropped open both in shock and pain as my grip immobilised her ability to cry out, all she could do was groan in intense pain.

"You can take your anger out on your man if you want; you sure as fuck don't do it on my van! Do you understand me?" I demanded angrily.

She stabbed a high heel into my shin in response.

"Fucking hell, that fucking hurt you bitch," I groaned in pain.

I bent her arm high towards her shoulder blades and forced her face down hard onto the bonnet. She was almost lifted off her feet in my anger. I wanted to slap the bitch for that... hard. Now she was spoiling the end of my long day when all I wanted to do was go home and sleep. Now I was angry, had a painful shin and some Asian bird pinned hard over the bonnet of my van outside my local pub. My anger did not decrease one iota with this knowledge; in fact it actually got worse, I wanted to make this lass suffer for kicking my van and spoiling the rest of my evening.

"I don't know where you have come from but we don't go kicking other people's vehicles, do you understand?"

I eased my grip ever so slightly on her neck so she could talk.

All I got in return was a gob full of her native language.

I gripped her neck hard again to shut her up and gain her attention through the induced pain that must be screaming through her head and twisted arm.

"We talk fucking English in Mansfield," I vehemently informed her.

She stamped her high heel into the top of my foot in reply; making me cringe in pain.

I gripped her neck even tighter, totally immobilising her as I released her arm and lifted my arm high into the air. My hand swung down hard, making a whishing sound through the air as it targeted straight on to her upturned arse. It landed with such a slap. Before she could even start to contemplate trying to scream my hand was back in orbit, and then it rained down twice more onto her arse.

I brought my anger under control long enough to realise where we were and that the pub would start closing soon, its customers spilling out onto the street to witness me tanning this young lass's arse in the middle of the road. Fortunately no cars had gone by in the last two minutes either.

Grabbing & twisting her arm again I bent over her and whispered in her ear, "Now I am going to teach you a lesson on how to behave young lady, and if you make so much as a whisper I will break your neck in an instance leaving you a cripple for the rest of your life pissing into a diaper. Do you understand me?"

She tried to nod, a bit hard though when your face is pressed into the bonnet of a van and unbelievable pain is radiating out from your neck right throughout your whole body.

"Walk across the road and don't even contemplate trying anything or you're be a cripple before you take two steps," I promised.

I frog marched her across the road, where there was an entrance into the service yard behind the line of shops. In the yard there were skips, containers, crates and an overgrown wire fence. Behind the yard was just waste ground. I held her in the shadows of a container while my eyes scanned around the yard to make sure there was no one around or any flats overlooking the yard. Surprisingly there was a security light against the fence that hadn't been vandalised and it shone down on the rear section of the yard. I frogmarched her behind the container and found a waist high long timber packing crate between the container & the weed covered fence. It was perfectly illuminated by the lamp post, but we were hidden from the road by the container and the rear of the shops. It was a good place not to be disturbed or heard.

Still gripping her hard I bent her over the end of the packing crate pressing her chest & stomach down onto the top of the rough timber. I was still angry, but that was starting to diminish as I realised how turned on I was by the situation and how horny I had become as I rough handled this twenty something bitch that had kicked my van and my leg.

"You lie still and quiet and you get to go home in one piece tonight," I advised her in a low but menacing growl, "Do you understand?"

She nodded slightly, with as much movement as my grip on her neck would allow.

"Now you are going to learn a lesson on how to behave and how to treat people's belongings with respect," I informed as I left go of her arm, Now tuck your hands in to the waist band of your skirt in front of your hips and keep them there."

I increased the pressure on her neck slightly making her groan in pain, but more importantly obey my command.

"You are learning," I said as my left hand rose up through the air, "Now for the rest of your lesson," as my hand descended hard onto her upturned arse.

She tried to scream through the pain.

I tightened my grip again, "Silence bitch unless you want to drive a wheel chair the rest of your life." This had the desired effect as my hand descended again, this time onto the other buttock.

She got six of the best and I got myself a raging hard on. I couldn't believe what I was doing, I couldn't believe how fucking hard I was, I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed this sense of power over this stranger I had pinned down on the crate in the yard behind the shops. It was fucking unbelievable.

I looked down at her. Her hair was spread over her back, shoulders, head and onto the crate. Her tanned arms were tight to the sides of her trim figure. Her arse was bent over the end of the crate and I could just see part of her bare thighs & legs supporting some of her weight.

Without thinking I reached down and tugged her short skirt up and over her arse. She whimpered in fright & horror underneath me as her lovely buttocks came into view; exposing white cotton knickers that so highlighted the shape of her trim arse. I nearly came in my boxers there and then.

I gave her panty covered buttocks two hard slaps each. Each time watching the flesh of her buttocks & thighs reverberate under the force of my slaps. She was in pain and she was trying hard to stifle her screams each time my hand hit her now tender buttocks. I stopped and admired the sight below me, my anger all gone, replaced by lust and an incredible sense of power over this young lass. The back of her thighs & legs looked so smooth, so inviting... So I ran my left hand up and down them several times. I am not sure what part of a woman's body I enjoy the most, but a lovely set of legs topped by a beautiful arse certainly has to be one of my favourites. I spent probably five minutes running my hand over her firm calves, the back of her warm thighs and massaging her panty covered buttocks. The lass had gone limp; I wasn't sure if all of the fight had gone out of her or if she was confused by some of the sensations that must have been coursing through her body at that time... the heat of her spanked buttocks, the rough timber rubbing against her sensitive nipples; or the firm but smooth touch of my hands on her lower body.

Reaching up to the elasticated waist of her panties I started to pull them down. It was a struggle with her being pinned so firmly on the crate, but at least I got the back of them down off her arse so they rested on the top of her thighs with the gusset trapped between her closed thighs.

Giving each bare buttock a firm massage and a squeeze, I praised "What a fucking lovely arse you have. What a shame you still haven't learnt your lesson yet." Then I let loose with another six of the best. She managed to scream in surprise as I had loosened my grip on her neck. This I quickly rectified to shut her up.

Looking down I could see have skin becoming a mottled colour as blood rushed to the abused flesh and highlighted the shape of my smacking hand on each cheek. Then I decided to play more gently by running my hand down her legs again as I watched her smacked arse start to glow in the light of the street light. This time I ran my hand around her calves and the front of her legs, admiring their fine form and beauty. As I ran my hand up between her knees I felt her thighs ease apart slightly, surprised I ran my hand onto the inside of her thighs and massaged the amazing young supple but firm skin.

My prick was at bursting point and wanted release as I gently mauled the beauty beneath me.

As I massaged her lower thighs her legs remained reasonable tight together so I couldn't get to her gusset and the pussy it encased and protected.

Now the game was on... was she going to let me have her prize? Did I have to slap my way to it? Or did I need to be an absolute bastard and force my way to it either with my fingers, my mouth or my raging hard on?

Time to play again. I eased my hand down to her knees and freed myself so I could massage over her hot welted arse before sliding my finger into the tight crack of her bum cleavage. As soon as my finger entered the valley of her buttocks she clamped her cheeks tight together. I forced my finger downwards until the tip pressed against her puckered, tight, ring piece.

"NO, PLEASE," she begged, speaking in English for the first time.

"You kept me waiting for that didn't you," I grunted and I pulled my hand out to commence another six of the best. After the first slap I had to pin her down hard by gripping her neck as she started to fight against me. 'I love a woman with spirit, ' I smiled to myself as I continued to pummel her buttocks.

Now I wanted her pussy, but I wanted her on my terms; she had to surrender her spirit to me.

At the end of the six I thrust my hand hard between her knees and then slid it up to its original point between her thighs. Then I waited, still gripping her neck.

Slowly, and I mean very slowly, I felt her muscles relax and her thighs eased apart. I waited, so did she. Then finally she eased them fully apart so I could get to the gusset of her panties. She had lost the first round of the battles of minds.

I was most surprised to find the gusset of her panties sodden with her juices.

"I see your body enjoys this rough treatment, I'm surprised... but pleased... lets play some more."

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