Pace Line

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Prologue - Nate and his ladies continue their adventures on and off the road...

Wednesday morning. Spin class... with the marquesa de sade! It's not that I had anything against the entirely too perky young blond that lead the morning spin class session at the club, I mean she was easy on the eyes and wearing spandex and crop tops it didn't take a lot of imagination, if you know what I mean. But, I hate the idea of sweating like a pig on a spit, indoors, when if the weather would simply cooperate (or I lived in warmer climes!) I could be riding outdoors! So here I am two months into what passes for winter here in Washington, on a stationary trainer in a sweltering exercise room in the dark of the pre-dawn morning being told to 'sweat more' by a perky blond with zero body fat, who I know has a whip hidden somewhere on her spandex clad body, just waiting for the chance to start the beatings! As a joke we all went in together and bought one of those black pirate t-shirts that said: "The beatings will continue until morale improves..." At least we thought it was a joke...

"Okay you slackers!" Joy called out without the slightest hint of being the least bit out of breath, "Once more around the lake and we can call it a morning!"

'Once more... ' the words everyone in class hated more than anything else... have you ever been in a physical training class? You remember, like junior high P.E., where the teacher was just a bit sadistic? What was the one thing they always said that set off a round of moaning? 'One more', right? Well, once more around the lake meant that we had another twenty-five miles of simulated suffering before we were done with this session. About an hour and a half of being flogged by a woman whose parents had a very sick sense of humor. Joy: What kind of name is that for someone who could have been a Grand Inquisitor for the Inquisition?

"Nate!", her whip crack voice cutting through my internal woolgathering on the qualities of sleeping in and not paying cash money to be tortured in a room that is hotter than Hades, "Are you slacking on me?"

"No M'am!", I said with a sly grin, "Not slacking, M'am!", and I gave her a mock salute to prove my sincerity. Ever have one of those ideas that seemed like a good one at the time, but quickly turned around and bit you squarely on the ass?

Joy stuck her tongue out at me, then said, "Okay, since Nate is feeling frisky this morning, let's take the hill standing shall we?" The groans and dirty looks that met this announcement did nothing to improve my mood.

The hill on the simulated course is at the mid-point in the program. The stationary bikes begin to add resistance in an effort to simulate the demands of climbing. Doing it standing the whole way hurt all the way to ends of my hair!

Just at that moment, the voice of the 'Boss' cut into my head, reminding me that you 'never let an opponent know that you are suffering'. My relationship with Joy and the whole spin class suddenly snapped into clear focus: spin class, and by extension, sweet, innocent, sadistic Joy was an opponent! Now I knew how to react, even how to cope with something that had been bugging me for two solid months.

With a smile on my face and a song in my heart I rose up and rode the hill like it was the easiest thing I had ever done on a bike. Hell, even Joy's smile cracked a little when she saw me throw down like that. And I believe that we have clearly established that I hate climbing, right? Even from the great beyond of retirement, the 'Boss' still could get me up to that level I didn't even know I had. From here to the end of the session there was nothing that Joy could throw in my way that would keep me from smiling at the challenge.

After the spin down and as individual members of the class headed for the shower, Joy walked over to me as I stood next to the stationary bike toweling off my head. "Where the hell did you go today?", she asked, with a look of total curiosity on her face. "I mean one moment you were day dreaming, then cutting the smart ass with me, and then the next it was like the hand of God reached down and shoved you over the top!"

"Well," I said, "It was sort of like God spoke to me, but it was the 'Boss'." At the puzzled look on her face, I explained about having raced professionally and which team I had ridden on. The look of reverence that came over her face told me that she clearly knew who I was talking about and had a serious case of hero worship. "Anyway, when ever I hear his voice I can't help but rise up and overcome..." I said it with a hint of humor, but I wasn't at all clear that Joy had taken it that way. So I tried to switch gears and move the conversation over to some place I felt safe. Talking about my relationship with racing, and with the 'Boss' wasn't one of those comfortable spots. "So, now I'm retired and I do a little coaching on the side."

"Really!" Joy said with an expectant smile, "What teams do you coach!"

"I coach the women's cycling team at the UW and the Starbucks Women's Pro Team."

"You coach women?" She said, but not in a 'my god what do you know about that' sort of way, but in an 'honestly, I'm fascinated' sort of way.

"Well, I do need to keep an eye on my roommates." I had no intention of trying to explain to Joy why I was coaching two girlfriends on one team and a third on the UW team. I really wasn't going to get into having three girlfriends with my spin instructor.

"Wow! How do you find the time?" she asked.

"Well, I've not raced in a couple of years, and I invested my money wisely, and I thought I try my hand at coaching, and next thing I know I'm coaching a collegiate team and a regional women's professional team. And the Starbuck's Team was totally a fluke." I managed to say with a straight face.

The Starbuck's gig had been a fluke, but only because their former coach was an asshole, and the entire team hated him so much they threatened, en mass, to quit the team. It didn't hurt that two of my ladies, Jane and Beth were on the squad, and had talked first to the other girls, and then to management about my past career, my career goals (funny, I didn't really think I had a career as a coach ahead of me?) and the fact that I was available. Next thing I know I'm the head coach of a regional powerhouse team, and making a pretty decent wage to boot!

The gig at the UW was a pro bono thing. Cycling at the collegiate level is mostly club stuff, which means no scholarship money, or money for gear, or coaches, or... you get the drift. But, it was Melody's senior year, and she had switched colleges and teams to be with me, so, you know... I did the gallant thing and started coaching the women. It's not like being around college age women was a big chore or anything, and all of them knew I was Melody's boyfriend, but they didn't know about Jane or Beth, either.

"So, anyway, I've got to go hit the showers and then go on a training ride with the UW squad. See ya'!" and with a quick wave I was out of there. It wasn't that I didn't find Joy attractive, but I just didn't need anyone else in my life right now, and the effort and time it would have taken to explain the whole three girlfriends thing just wasn't worth it. I didn't flaunt it, but I didn't make much of an effort to hide it either. I just didn't think Joy really needed to know.

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