My Wish
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Magic, Fiction, Light Bond,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young man just out of the Marines helps his widowed next door neighbor. In doing so he finds an item that changes his life forever. Edited

"Well its not much but its mine." I mumbled as I was moving the last of my things into my new home. I had just got out of a 4 year stay in Uncle Sam's Misguided Children (that's, The United states Marines Corps for the rest of you) Having saved almost every cent I was payed in those 4 years I was able to get the loan to buy this house. It's run down and needs a ton of work but the area is nice and the neighbors seem to be ok so far. Moving in, in the middle of the week tends to make it hard to meet the neighbors when their all at work but its Friday so the weekend is there for that.

While I got the first peek at my next door neighbor, a very nice looking older lady, I would say late 40's or early 50's and had kept herself in very well condition. She has the look of an SW islander to her, Philippines maybe. I saw her in her backyard as I was starting to clean up mine (its like everything else in this house needs a lot of work so I decided to get it started early). As I got done with the back porch she spotted me and yelled "hello" We both walked to the fence to greet each other.

"Hi my names Maria, looks like you're my new neighbor" she tells me.

"Yup, looks that way. I'm Montie by the way" I say as we shake hands. "Well as I'm the new kid on the block, care to tell me a little about this place?" I ask her.

"Sure, it would be my pleasure to fill you in on the neighborhood" she replies.

She goes on to tell me a little about the local area, the good and the bad. From some reason the bad in the local areas had gone way down in the last few years. She tells me about the local clubs and things she knows about. We talk about a few things back and forth and I ask her about her self, letting slip.

"Anyone as lovely as you has to have a hubby around here some place, is he off working or still in bed. I would love to meet such a lucky man" She gives me a kind of faraway look.

"I'm sorry did I say something wrong" I ask feeling that I opened my big mouth again and to eat my own foot.

She shakes her head, then looking at me tells me about her late husband. How he died saving an old man while away on a trip, a little over 6 years ago. I tell her I'm sorry for opening an old wound. She tells me it's not my fault, I didn't know.

Changing the subject she asked, "well I see from the looks of that place you have your work cut out for you on fixing it up".

"yea" I reply. "I have the skill to do it, I just wish I had more then half the tools I'm going to need to get it done, I'll most likely spend more on the tools then the stuff it will take to get this place fixed up. Happen to know of any yard sales with tools for sale by chance?" I ask her.

She nods her head no. Then looks at me again for a minute or so. As I start to feel a little uncomfortable under her gaze, and just about to ask what's wrong she puts her hand up to stop me. "What type of tools do you need?" she ask me out of the blue.

"Well I could spend all day naming tools I need to do the job but unless you know your tools it will just give us both a headache" I say laughingly.

"Well I still have all of my late husbands tools and I'll make you a deal on them" she tells me.

"Well that's very kind of you, but do you know how much to ask for the tools, as I would not feel right making an offer even after I have seen them. I just got out of the Marines not even a month ago, so I have no idea of what they might be worth" I tell her.

She gives me another look and then smiles at me, a smile like I have never seen on a woman's face before. She tells me, "I used to have the hardest job in the Marine Corps a few years ago my self... I was the wife of a Marine" she tells me while grinning from ear to ear.

"Well now that was a job and a half then, I know alot of my friends who's marriages didn't make it more then a year, so you must be one tough little lady and have loved your husband a hell of a lot to make it" I tell her.

"Well it had its ups and downs like most, but we loved each other and we made it work and raised two wonderful sons together I have only one regret and that's not being at his side when he passed." she said with a small tear in her eye.

"Well you talk to your sons and you find out if they want any of his stuff before you even think about offering it to me, I would feel bad about buying something they wanted." I tell her.

"There's no need for that we had a talk about his stuff over a few years ago, they took everything they thought they might need to work around the house or what not, all the rest of the stuff is things they ether have no idea what its for, or no need for it. You're more then welcome to it, and the deal I'll make you is that you work around my place and fix the tool room up for me to store a few things and help me clean up and move some stuff from other rooms and what not. I would have my sons do it but there busy getting school done and their lives started, and this way helps us both." she says all this with a smile on her face and I can feel that she means it.

"Ok I can live with that if you can. I'll start with helping you box and move things from in the house. I would just not feel right taking the tools before I at least did part of the work your asking for them, heck I would feel better doing all the work you need before taking them and starting on my house as I'm sure what you would pay for the help is nothing compared to the price the tools run." I tell her.

"Well that might be true but if your just out of the service and not working, then I know you don't have a ton of money to be paying for things like the tools after buying this house, even if your only goal was to fix it up and resell it to make some money off of it. So lets not fight, you will have to at least box the tools up and out of the way before I can use the room to store things in it anyway. Lets do this, we move everything in the work room into boxes and put them over and under his old work bench, then we use the rest of the area to move the large things I need moved. After that, you take everything from the work bench area over to your place, then we can finish up my work and call it even. Well, unless I need some work done that you can do that would save me a call to get it done, how's that?"

"That's fine with me, I'd be more then happy to do any small odd jobs around your place if you need them done, it would be the least I could do." After all was said and done she took me over to what she called the tool room. Which is just what it sounds like, a work area with all the tools in their place, ether on or around a nice sized work bench. I see just about everything I would need to do the things around my place. From the looks of the empty spots on the bench she was right when she said her boys took what they wanted, this made me feel better, as I know I would not like some man I didn't know taking my dads tools without my asking.

It took just about a week of work to get the things in the small tool room moved to the one area and get all the large items moved in like Maria wanted. We got more into the area then she thought we could. When we were done on Friday afternoon, she told me I could start moving the tools to my place and that I was done with that part, as all that was left were things she could easily move into place on the bench and set it up how she wanted it. So with that I got to work moving my new tools over into my place, starting from the bottom and working my way up seeing as everything under the bench was already boxed to move, all the stuff on top need to be sorted and boxed and to make sure I knew what was in which box and were I put it ( I hated not knowing what was in which box and where I put what box, I had two black markers in my pocket just for that reason).

By midday on Saturday by about 1pm, I was all done but the top shelf, and here is where I found the item that would forever change my life as I knew it. Behind a box, that looked from the dust on and around it to have not been moved in many years, I found an old lamp. The old oil type that one would call a Jinni's lap. Being the geek that I am, I had read many things on Jinni's and other old folklore from Druids to Wizards. Now I'm not known to steal, but for some reason I didn't want to take the chance that Maria would want to keep this, I know it was petty of me but I could just see me handing it to her and she rubs it and BAM out pops a Jinni and my world falls apart.

To let you know something about me that not many know, I grew up in the normal dysfunctional family, if you can call that type of life normal. I grew up having to watch out for myself and take care of myself, being one of five white boys in a mostly Hispanic school most of my life, I was always targeted by the bullies and such. I learned from my own family that if you're not taking care of yourself, don't expect anyone else to take care of you when your in trouble. So right off the bat I knew, even if this was only an old oil lap, I wanted it even if only to look at and dream about making a wish. So that brings me to Sunday night after dinner.

I find my self looking at the lamp with a tin of nevr-dul next to it (for those that don't know, nevr-dul is something every new recruit learns to hate in basic, its what we use to make everything that can shine shine, from the metal parts of the showers and toilets to the brass buckle on our belts). I must have sat there for 30 min thinking "what if". What if this is a Jinni's lamp? What if the Jinni's is like in some stories and makes my wishes backfire on me? What if the Jinni is a man, or maybe a woman, will that make a difference? So many 'what ifs' popped into my head. What would I wish for, money? Power? Both? Then I remembered an old book on Jinni's I read once in high school, the point of the three part story was what might happen with the wishes you make. I knew that wishing for cash could do alot for me, but wishing for the ability to predict stocks would make it safer and better for me in the long run, if all I wanted was money.

So with these thoughts I picked up the lamp and a wad of nevr-dul and started to shine the lamp. I started to rub softly at first but nothing happened, so I just laughed at my self and shook my head thinking how silly I was. Not paying attention to anything other then my own thoughts I started to really give that lap a working over with the nevr-dul, after it was coated good I grab my rag and gave it several hard rubs to work the nevr-dul off. Now here is where things went out the window, I was not paying any attention, I was off in my own little world daydream as I often do about how I wish one part of my life or another was different. I might have daydreamed like that for an hour so, mindlessly polishing that old lamp, well I wouldn't have even noticed him, if not for the sound of someone clearing their throat. That brought me out of my daydreaming. Looking up I a man dressed in a simple white button up shirt and set of khaki pants. The first thing that popped into my head is that I fell asleep and was about to have one weird assed dream about a Jinni in white. I started to laugh at the thought till he spoke.

"Your not dreaming and I don't find it very funny anyway" he says out loud. For about the next 30 seconds I'm sure you could have heard a pin drop on the tile floor in my kitchen. Looking this unknown man right in the eye I say "if I'm not dreaming then I hope I didn't crack and go nuts, otherwise you're a Jinni, and this is a real Jinni's lamp not just an old oil lamp that looks like one"

Looking at me he replies with "well your not nuts at least not yet, and yes I am a Jinni, and yes that is my lamp and yes before you ask you do get three wishes"

"Ok you're a Jinni and I get three wishes, and if everything I have read is even 1/4th of it true then there are rules to my wishes, and even then you can turn my wishes around on me if you so choose, tell me if this is correct and I command you to tell me the truth at all times while you are in my service" I said all this in a bit of a rush to get my mind around it, though at the end I remembered everything I read that a Jinni has to follow orders no matter what. It's in how they chose to grant your wishes that they can interpret them in other ways if they want to.

Watching the Jinni he looks at me for a few moments, "yes you are correct I can interpret a wish almost anyway I want, if it's not worded perfectly. Even then, there is always a loophole or two I could use to get even with a master that has wronged me or just made me mad at him or her." he poses for a moment then starts again

"The rules as you have already figured out, is I must follow your commands for as long as you have the lamp, as for wishes there are no real rules other then the laws of magic and that for a wish to be considered a wish you must state in a single, concise sentence starting with 'I wish' when it is stated I grant the wish till you have asked and received all three wishes."

Seating back and taking a moment to gather myself. "Ok so most of what I have read is fairly true then, you have to obey my commands, you can turn my wishes around on me if it's worded where you can and if you so choose. Well that's not hard to come to grips with, I would like to ask you something and I command an honest answer. If I commanded you to change your self to look like me down to my eyes, voice and finger prints and commanded you to take a week vacation down on the beach so I might think through my wishes could you do this in the form of me as a human?"

Watching his face I see a few changes of emotions I could not place, but I'm sure one of them was surprise. "I could do as you command but to do so in the form of you as a human or mortal as I would see it would require I eat and sleep, things I don't have to do as a Jinni. It is also something I have never really thought about, the command stated like you just did would require I not use any of my Jinni powers while I was away for the time you ordered." he replies to me still with a puzzled look on his face.

Then it hit me, if he was able to do that he may have never done something as simple as eat a real meal or take a bath. This was something I could use to help make sure he was happy with me and not wanting to make my wishes back fire on me.

"Ok then here's what is going to happen, I'm going to call and get you a room down next to the beach, it won't be four star, but it won't be a roach motel ether. I'm going to give you one of my credit cards, it has a 10,000 dollar limit, its not alot but its more then enough for a week at the beach for food drinks and what not. I'm going to give you a bag of my clothes that will fit, seeing as you will look just like me. So with that said, I command you to go to the hotel I will call in a few moments and spend the next 5 days walking on the beach eating, drinking, and talking to any and all the people you can get to talk to you. I'm commanding you to go enjoy yourself from tomorrow morning which is Monday morning till Saturday. Five days from now, you can do as you please other then something that will get you into trouble with the local law or anything that would or could bring trouble to myself after this week is up. With that said I'll go make the arrangements, you just hang tight for a few minutes, watch TV if you like, I'll be right back."

After getting up, I go to get my cellphone and wallet from my room, getting the phone book and calling a few of the places I knew I could afford, till my wishes brought in the cash I would need to pay them off. I was back in the living room about 15 minutes later, where I found the Jinni seating right were I left him, with a faraway look on his face.

"Might I ask why you have a faraway look on your face? I was hoping that the idea of a few days vacation would go over well with you, was I wrong?" I ask him.

"No, no you were not wrong I was just thinking back to all the masters I have had in the past and I can't remember a one that ever offered me what you just have. I have watched great feasts and men enjoying a new harem of young slave girls after granting one or two wishes. I have been left to wander around for days and even years to watch and explore, but never to interact with the mortals around me. I will get to enjoy the taste of foods and drink and if I'm lucky the feel of a good woman if I can talk one into bedding down with me. I am even pondering what you call a hooker, if I fail to get a woman with my skills alone. I hope that does not offend you that I would do this with your body as the mold I use to keep my essence."

"No I have no problems with that if by the second to the last night you have not talked a woman into joining you, I command that you use some of your powers to find the number of an escort and pay her to pleasure you for as long as you can with the limit on the card I'll give you." I tell him

"Why would you want me to use my powers for this?" he ask me

"Simple, asking the wrong woman to bed you for money could cause problems, heck she might even be an off duty cop or wife of one or something, so its better to be safe then sorry and an escort, though more pricey should be more along the lines of a good old fashioned harem girl trained in the arts of love and sex."

After all was said and done, I went back into my room and packed him a bag of my clothes for his week long vacation, I packed several types of clothing. From fancy to shorts and a t-shirt. Seeing that it was late, I commanded him to do as he wished for the night as long as it hurts no one and did not bring anyone looking for me, and that he was to be back by 9am the next morning as that was what time his ordered vacation would start with a cab ride to the hotel. With all that said and done, I went to bed dreaming of what I might want to wish for.

This next morning went off with out much fan fair. After I got the Jinni off in the taxi making sure he had all the info he need for his five day vacation, I returned to my living room to ponder my wishes. I had some ideas about what I wanted just not sure how to go about wording it. Then I remembered what I found under the lamp. After I had boxed up the lamp I went to wipe all the dust off the shelf in which I found it ( that was part of my job there cleaning and dusting and the works). As I got to the area I found the lamp I found what looked like a few pages of folded paper. After being careful to open them slowly as they were stained with some type of oil or something I found that they were too stained to make out anything other then the first line. I now regret tossing them in the trash after having tried to read them, but I remembered the first line of each sheet of paper "I wish I had the Physical super powers as described here." All of them started the same, only changed were the 'Physical, Mental and Immortal' part of each paper.

With this thought I came to one conclusion, the last person to make a wish from the Jinni of this lamp was most likely Maria's late husband and he had ask for what was on the sheets of paper instead of having to try to make it one complete sentence. That idea struck me as perfect only with a few changes, as I did not know what powers he asked for other then, immortality, mental and physical. Though I could work with that. I thought I would combine mental and physical into one wish, then use the wish I saved to get one thing he might not have thought of or wanted. A Jinni is a MAGICAL life form of some type. Knowing that a Jinni's power worked off magic, some how that led me to believe if one could get mental powers why couldn't I get magical powers too? I just needed to figure out what type of immortality I wanted, seeing as Maria's husband was dead and I'm sure he was not the type to make her believe that if it was not true, he must have asked for some other kind of immortality. Sitting there pondering over this dilemma I tried to think of ways I would want to be immortal with out everyone knowing it. I knew I would want to retain all my knowledge and powers after my death, so they would have to go into a new body with me. I know I didn't want to be reborn as a baby with all that knowledge and power. I think it would drive me nuts to have to keep growing up over and over again Though taking over a body of a young man in between the ages of twelve and sixteen would be perfect. It would help me establish myself in my new body and life. Would make it alot easer to hide from anyone that might be looking for anything off kilter. A man in his twenties waking up from a coma with no idea of who he was but having knowledge of things he should not, would raise all kinds of red flags. So that was one thing I wanted, to be able to take over the body of a young man from the age of twelve to sixteen, I wanted any and all knowledge and powers I had at the time of death to go into this new body with me. I know I only wanted to go into a body who's soul or self had already left it. Though I wanted to be able to pass up a body if it looked like it would be more trouble then it was worth. I know I sure didn't want to enter a body of a sixteen year old boy who had just died of an overdose of drugs after ether killing and or raping someone or anything like that. It would just not do to have to ether be locked up in prison or in a mental ward because of what I did and not remembering it. Taking up a sheet of paper and grabbing a pen I started to write.

'I wish I had the power of immortality as described here on this sheet of paper.'

*At the moment of my body's physical death I want my soul/self to travel to the nearest body of a recently dead young humanoid male between the ages of twelve and sixteen. If the body is to my liking and I have the power to heal it completely. I may choose to enter it, or leave it and move on to the next as I see fit. If need be my soul/self can travel world wide or even to other worlds in order to find a suitable body. If there is no suitable body to inhabit in the dimension/realm I am in, I want to be able to ether return to my home dimension/realm to find a new body or be pulled into one with suitable humanoids that I might inhabit.

*I want all Knowledge and Powers I had at the time of my last body's death to transfer into my new body once I take clam of it and start to repair it for my use.

*At any time that I feel I have lived as long as I want to or there are no other living beings to inhabit, I retain the ability to let my soul/self let nature takes its course and let my soul/self go to were ever a soul/self goes when a normal person dies.

Looking over it, it was not much but it suited my taste, I even had a feeling that Maria's husband might have done something along these same lines. One might wish to life forever but if you truly loved those you had to leave behind, I don't think you would show up a few days later calming to be someone's dead family member. That would not stop me from watching my family after my last body passed on. I just didn't want to put them in a mental ward because of it. I knew their lives would go on and I knew mine would to for a very long time thanks to this wish. With the first wish out of the way I moved on to my project of wish number two. The next wish would cover the physical changes I wanted to make to be able to protect myself from harm with out having to resort to anything that would be hard to hide or cover up.

'I wish I had the Physical super powers as described on this sheet of paper.'

*I want the ability to heal at 10 times the normal rate, with full immunity to all virus, bacteria, disease, toxin and poisons that might enter or be introduced to my body.

*I want to be 10 times stronger, faster and with more stamina then any man or beast on the planet in which I am on.

*I want to be as flexible as any world class gymnast or martial artiest, with bones, tendons and all other related organs and parts being able to handle the stress of these changes.

*I want my reflexes, reactions and thought times to be sped up to 10 times normal in reaction to any and all physical dangers whether I see, hear or sense them coming. Whether this danger comes from a man with a gun or a animal. Whether it is natural or not to the planet I am living on. Whether magical or not.

With the second list done all that was left was wish three, and it was going to be a whopper. I had always dreamed of being a wizard or Arch-Mage able to cast spells that could do just about anything I needed done. I knew from the sheets of paper I found that Maria's husband has wished for some type of mental super powers, I would bet money on Telepathy, telekinesis and one or two others. Those were all fine and great but not what I wanted or dreamed of. I was sure that there had to be a spell to cover each of those powers, maybe not as general as them but they would work just the same. A spell to read a persons mind or make them forget something or see something that was not true. Everything I have ever read about magic says that all that and so much more could be cast if the caster was strong enough and knew the spell. So along those lines is what I would wish for. Taking up a third sheet of paper I started on my last wish. I was going to make it a good one I hoped.

'I wish I had the Magical powers and items as described on this sheet of paper.'

*I want the magical abilities equal to the highest caliber of magic users what ever that might be. I want this power to be in the top 10 of all living things on the planet/realm in which I live even if it requires that I grow stronger over time.

*I want the ability to call up and use any spell I have learned at anytime. With the ability to have spells ready to cast with nothing more then a thought. To even be able to cast a spell without saying the spell out load.

*I want the ability to hide my magic skill to the point were anyone looking at me or using magic to try to gage my skill will think or see me as nothing more then a low level magic user.

*I want an ability that will help me locate magic items and books of spells to help me grow stronger in the ways of my magic.

*I want the ability to hold and control 10 times the normal amount of mana/energy or what ever is required to cast my spells.

*I want the magical ability to sense daemons and any other creature that is not a normal human (this goes along with my fear of a vampire or something being real and catching me unprepared to face them)

Seating back to relax I look over my list for my three wishes. Trying to think of anything I was leaving out or wording wrong. Well it didn't matter right this moment anyway as I had a few days till the Jinni would be back from his little vacation. With that thought I went to get my dinner started and then relax for the rest of the night. Waking up the next morning I found my self refreshed and quit relaxed. After a nice long hot shower and a good breakfast I spent the rest of the day fixing odds and ends in my house. Even if I get my wishes I knew I would still enjoy working with my hands to much to ever give it up. To me a few hours each week spent fixing something was better for me then just about anything I could think of short of a night of wild sex with a beautiful woman. Though things are always simpler to think about when I'm fixing something, my mind just relaxes and things come to me easier. Thinking about my wishes I knew even if I got them, just like I asked for, it would take time to get good enough with them to do anything major. So the first thing I had to do was learn a few spells to protect my self. I had to hope that they were not going to be to much of a pain. I wonder if I could add something that would help me find a person to teach me to use my new powers. I kept myself busy the whole week by doing all the odds and ends around the house that did not require more then a day or two worth of work. Before I knew it, it was Saturday morning and the cab with the Jinni had just pulled up out front.

"So how was your vacation?" I ask while smiling at the Jinni.

"It was the most wondrous thing I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing." was his bubbly reply.

"That's great I was hoping you would enjoy your time, I had feared you would not enjoy it for one reason or another." I said sheepishly

"No, no nothing to fear I have not been asked to do anything like this before. I have tasted fine drink and food once before about 2000 or so years ago. Though never in all my time have I been able to know the joys of being with a woman. I meet a very beautiful lady my third night there and we spent the rest of my time there together. She let me do things to her and with her that I only got to watch my old masters do before. To say it was new to me, is as you would say, an understatement. I don't know how I can repay you other then to give you my word as a Jinni to grant your wishes as you ask for them. I will do nothing to make them harmful to you. I will even go so far as to ask you to explain a wish before granting it if I don't understand or might not get just how you want the wish granted. That is something I have only done one other time, and it is something that is never spoken of by a Jinni unless they feel that their master is deserving of that respect."

Now that was both a relief and a boon and I knew it. I was both relieved and exhilarated at the same time after hearing that statement.

"Thank you for that honor, you don't know how much of a relief that is and a blessing as well, or maybe you do if you have had many masters who's wishes back fired on them. I have a few things I want to ask you before we get to me making even my first wish. One of my wishes will be for magic powers, the ability to cast magic spells. Could you answer a few of my question and maybe help me work a few things out?"

"I would be honored to help you with your wishes. Very few masters even bother to ask me anything other then the rules and to boss me around. Ask me anything you require, I will answer it to the best of my ability" was his reply.

"I would like to know if the way I have my wishes worded and set up will work for you?" with that I get out my three sheets of paper with my wishes on them to show the Jinni.

"Hmmm where did you get the idea to use sheets of paper to write down your wishes on?' the Jinni ask

"I found three stained almost unreadable pages of paper with your lamp when I found it. Its what gave me the idea to use the sheets of paper to get my wishes just how I wanted them. There's nothing wrong with that is there?" I ask slightly worried.

"No, no nothing wrong with that, I had just wondered as it's the same thing my last master did. Though I know you don't know him and he does not know you, otherwise I would not have been able to come out of my lamp when you rubbed it. Your ideas on the sheets of paper and the wording are just so close though I had to ask. From the looks of it your only following two of his wish ideas, the physical, and the immortality ones. Were he asked for powers of the mind you are asking for powers of magic. Both wishes have their good and bad points but so do all things if you think about it.

"I would like to know if you could tell me if I have the wording right for my wishes. If not could you help me correct them to make sure I get what I want out of my wishes?"

The Jinni looks over the papers I have my wishes written down on. He reads each one with a look of concentration.

"These look correct I just have a few questions about your wording on a few things."

"Ok I'll do my best to explain everything I can."

"Well The wording on these wishes where is says 'on the planet you are on, ' I take it you mean this planet?"

"No I didn't, I worded it that way so just in case I travel to another planet or dimension or anywhere else other then here. It's worded so I will stay in the top of all magic users where ever I might be."

"Hmmm, now that is something no one has ever even thought of wishing about. I can see that you have given that a lot of thought. Are you planing to travel to other worlds or realms?"

"Planing on it? Not at the moment, but I like to plan ahead, I don't want to end up someplace and have to worry about being so weak as to get killed the first day."

"Ah that would explain the wording of the immortality wish then. You want to be able to enter any body of a humanoid male not just an earth born human?"

"That's correct, it goes along the same lines. If I end up on another world or whatever and get killed I don't want to be stuck without a body to inhabit or have to let my soul/self end it journey because I am some place I can't find a body."

"These are some very well thought out wishes. You are making sure that some things, if they happen will still allow you to be able to take care of yourself."

"Yea I have a very active imagination and my dreams can get pretty wild at times. I just want to make sure my life is mine to live when it comes to these wishes. I want to be able to live them to the fullest, so with that in mind, I have made my wishes so I know I'll at least always have a fighting chance. Though there is enough room in my wishes that I will have to work and grow to keep at the top."

"Yes is it always that way when magic is involved. A good mage must always be learning new spells or experimenting with new spells and other items of magic, other wise they will never grow stronger. Though a lot of the most powerful are the ones that ether come from a long line of casters or steal the spell books and items from an old mage or family of mages that have collected large volumes of spell books with daemon names and other items needed to completely master the craft."

"I take is that finding new spells and stuff is not an easy thing?"

"No, no, it's not. New spells are like playing with a chemistry set. You add the wrong things together and you end up scared or dead. It's even worse when you are trying to summon a new daemon or other otherworldly creature. If the spell is not done perfectly, the daemon will not be held in the summoning circle, and will most likely kill you after its been summoned. Though before that, it will most likely eat your soul and torture you as it does it."

"That does not sound like something I would want to try then."

"Yes a lot of magic users are the same way, only the power hungry and foolhardy try new spells or to summon an unknown daemon with out spending months or even years researching and trying to cover all the ways the spell could backfire."

"Well what say we get a few wishes out of the way?"

"If that is what you wish then I am ready when you are."

"I am just unable to wait much longer to have magic to use and my other wishes. Each wish is truly a dream come true for me. Please don't think I'm trying to just get done and out of the way. I am truly itching to cast a spell or know that I will live as long as I want to, and have the body of my dreams in which to do it with."

"Then by all means make your first wish, my master."

"Ok then, let's get started." Grabbing up my sheets of paper with my wishes on them.

'I wish I had the power of immortality as described here on this sheet of paper.'

"As you wish so shall it be" says the Jinni in a deep voice.

After he says that, I feel a slight tingle just behind my eyes. As I just wished for my immortality I didn't want to do anything to test that power out just yet. It was one I was just going to hope worked just like I asked for it to.

'I wish I had the Physical super powers as described on this sheet of paper.'

"As you wish so shall it be" says the Jinni in a deep voice.

After this wish was granted I could feel the changes in my body almost at once. I could feel my muscles change and grow. My senses sharpened, I could hear and see things I could not before. I just knew I was stronger and faster then anything on The planet. I could out race a cheetah, and out muscle a bear. In my mind I saw a picture of my self with all the info about my body. Things like my height weight and other stats. I knew I could change just about anything there that I wanted to. Knowing that, I made one change right then and there. Being the average man I was I knew there was one thing my ego could use. So with that thought I changed the size of my penis from the average six inches hard to a solid fat ten inches. I was not sure if that was over kill but I knew that nine was bigger then normal so ten would work for me at least for now. After making this change I refocused my attention on the Jinni.

"Sorry about that, I just had to test that wish out, I could not really test the immortality one out but this one I could."

"That's fine master, you are more then welcome to take as long as you like with your wishes."

"That's ok I wanted to get them over with so I could let you run off to explore the world or do what ever you like for as long as I have the lamp in my control."

'I wish I had the Magical powers and items as described on this sheet paper.'

"As you wish so shall it be" says the Jinni in a deep voice.

With this third and final wish granted I could feel a strange power rush though me. It was pulsing though me like nothing I have ever felt. Looking into the mirror on The wall behind me I saw myself incased in a blueish fire. It was like nothing I have ever seen before. That with the feeling I was having was just more then I could have even dreamed about. I watched in the mirror as what I thought of as my magical aura started to shrink and tighten to my body. I knew that this was my ability to hide my power from others.

"Jinni my friend I feel as though my body is alive with power. Its like nothing I have ever even dreamed of before. Its beyond all my expectation."

"In a way it is, I have awakened the gift of magic in you. You are now one of the most powerful magic users on this planet, which I have learned is called an Arch-Mage by your people. Though you are able to do something that not a single one of them can or has ever been able to if I am correct. That being that with the way you worded your wish you can cast spells without saying the spell out loud."

Pondering what the Jinni told me I know that I didn't yet know any spells or how to summon a daemon to my aid. I had tons of raw power but no way to use it. I guess The stress of realizing that showed on my face for the Jinni gave me a puzzled look.

"I just realized something, I have all this raw magical power and not a single spell in which to use it with. It is something I will need to fix and soon, other wise I will be testing my immortality power soon and often, and it is not something I look forward to." I explain to the Jinni

"That is true, you have tons of magical power yet nothing in the way of a spell to use it with. I will do one last boon for you before you ether send me back into the lamp or out to explore more of this world. I will give you a few spells in which to hold you over. I can only give you simple low power ones, though a few to fight with and a few to protect yourself with. These will have to hold you till you find an item or book of spells to learn more."

With that he gave me six spells in which to use to defend myself, four to attack with and two to defend with. The four attack spells were short and to the point, as the Jinni told me all combat spells were short, and required nothing more then saying the spell and having the mana in which to cast the spell. The two defensive spells were a little more complex but not so much as to have me worrying, they did require an item though. He told me that there was other spells for defense that didn't require anything to cast but that they only defended against one type of danger where the ones he gave me covered much more. One of them guarded my mind from attack by spells meant to mess with my mind, it also protected my mind from psychic attacks. It was an over all mind defense spell. The other was a spell to protect my body from physical and magical attacks. I would have to collect the gems needed to cast them though I had two or three of each in my ex girlfriends stuff I took back after we broke up. The mind protection spell required one small topaz. The Jinni told me if I had a large topaz that the spell would take a small piece each time I cast the spell, never more then it needed to be cast. The one to protect my body from magical and physical danger required a small opal. I knew I had a few of them on hand as they were the exes birth stone. All in all I knew I could at least cast something that would take a hit or two before I got hurt. The Jinni told me that each spell could only take so much damage but it was based on the caster so in my case I could take five or six strong hits from a caster or daemon.

After hunting out the gems I needed, I had from what the Jinni told me, enough topaz for ten casts to guard my mind and enough for thirty casts to guard my body. This was great to know. I hunted out a small bag that was made from a soft cloth with a cinch cord to draw it closed.

After a short break and the Jinni watching me cast both spells to make sure I could cast them correctly. We moved on to my offensive spells. The attack spells were two single target spells and two multi target spells. The first single target spell was called a flame strike. The Jinni told me to cast it, all I had to do was picture a fireball in my mind size and color told me what it would do. So if I pictured a large reddish fireball I would be casting a strong ball of fire meant to do nothing more then burn my target. On the other hand if I pictured a large blueish fireball it would be an attack with pure energy force behind it. The best use of this spell was to picture a fireball of the size I wanted, size being how powerful the attack would be. Then try to get the color about 60% blue flame and 40% red flame. The Jinni told me this would give me The best effect on doing a lot of direct damage to a single target. After picturing the attack in my mind all I had to do was picture my target and say the words 'Vas Flama' and the spell would be cast. The fireball would appear as ether coming out of my hand or from my chest all depending on how I was picturing myself cast the spell. The second single target spell was called Energy Bolt. Jinni told me that some things were not effected by fire based spells but like all things pure magical energy could effect almost everything to some extent. That is why he gave me this spell as my second single target attack. It worked in almost the same way as the fireball spell, only I was picturing an arrow like bolt of pure magical energy in which to attack with. With this attack I did not have to worry about color or anything other then how strong I wanted the attack to be. Other then that, all I had to do was picture my target, and picture myself casting the spell again ether from my hand or just from in front of myself. After I had pictured the spell and all its parts I just needed to say the words 'Corp Por' to complete the casting. The Jinni told me to get used to picturing attacks at a fast pace, but with the changes to my body and the fact that I had a total recall ability in my magic wish I knew I could easily cast these two spells as fast as I could select and picture my targets. I also knew I could put a lot of punch behind them if I needed to.

The next spells were the multiply target ones. The Jinni told me these were best for fighting a lot of people or creatures at a single time as I could just picture the whole group instead of each target one at a time. The first spell was called chain lighting. Jinni told me it was just like it sounded a blast of lighting that I sent out from my body to hit my targets. The fact that it was a spell that could draw more power from the static electricity around me as well as from a big storm could make the spell even stronger then I was picturing it to be.

The last spell he was going to teach me was what he told me would be my most used spell for attacking large groups as it was one of the very best for the job. He told me most used chain lighting at a very low level to stun multiple targets and not do a lot of harm to them. Magic missiles though was only meant to do damage to a lot of targets and depending on the caster it could hit dozens of targets dozens of times. Bringing down shields and killing weak targets by the droves. This spell was one I knew I could put to use even if only on a single target. The idea of sending four to five missiles at my target all flying in random direction would make it hard for my target to ether dodge or counter spell.

After the last spell was mastered, the Jinni smiled at me.

"You learn very quickly my master, but with the last spell mastered I have nothing left I can teach you to help you on your way. So the only thing left now that I have granted your three wishes is for you to decide what you will do with me."

"That was decided long ago my friend, and only needs to be commanded to complete. Jinni I here by command you to venture forth into the world and travel as you see fit as long as you do nothing to harm a person in anyway by your actions or inactions. This command is standing as long as I have ownership of your lamp, and I promise to keep your lamp for as long as I am able, to give you as much time to wander and explore as you are able. I wish you well on your way to exploring this planet and to experiencing as much as you are able."

"Thank you for everything, you will be a master I will remember for all time. I wish you well in your life my master. Learn your magic well and live many happy lives."

With this said the Jinni left in a puff of smoke. I took his lamp up into my attic and hide it in a corner under a layer of insulation were no one would find it till they went to remodel this house or needed to redo the insulation, and that was something that would not need to be done for many years to come as I just redid it all as I fixed the house up. With this task taken care of I went into my living room to practice some very low powered spells to make sure I could cast them as fast as I was able with little to no trouble.

Meanwhile not to far away an event was transpiring that would soon pull Montie into the world of magic faster then he thought would happen.

In a large house no more then 75 miles from him a battle was taking place...

Eva O'Connor was watching with pride as her grand daughter and her two best friends fought with everything they had to keep their attackers at bay.

"Damn these guys are not going to give up any time soon, and with Grandma hurt and cursed so we can't heal her if we don't get that curse broken or her to a doctor soon we will lose her." stated Brianna O'Connor, Eva only living family.

"We know that Brie" Stated Samantha

"We need help and we need it soon" said a fluster Kimmy

Eva Watched as the girls traded looks with each other. They all knew that the three of them could not keep this up for much longer. Danagger the man leading this attack on them had planed this down to the finest point. Eva would bet anything that he had made a lot of deals to get the Coven to turn an blind eye to this out and out attack. There was just nothing they could do about it right now.

"Damn there must be at least three other Mages with him, that's at least four total if not more and the daemons are adding as much fire power as all the rest. I say we turn on all of the houses spells of protection and defense, then try to get that curse off grandma if we can, if not, at least try to get the bleeding to stop" said Brianna.

"That would hold them for two maybe three days, they can't keep up this attack for that long. It's sure to draw attention to the Coven if they let it go that long. Though I think there is more to this attack then meets the eye, I just can't put my finger on it." stated Kimmy

"Girls, Girls, relax, getting too stressed out will not do us any good, and I agree with Kimmy we need to activate the houses spells they are pre-charged and will give us all a chance to catch our breaths. After that I think you girls need to summon an imp each and send them off to look for help. Kimmy and Sam can send their's to John and Jane. They will come to help us if they are able. Though I'm not sure they are strong enough to do much against the forces attacking us. With that done Brianna you need to send yours to find someone of Mage level power that will help us."

"If we don't get someone with some raw power to help us counter these attacks we are as good as done for." stated Sam

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