Resolving My Marriage
Chapter 1: The Emerging Issue

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Emerging Issue - Carol my wife loves me but is getting more involved with Rob and wants me to spend time with Rob's lovely wife Amanda. I have reached the end of my tether with her involvements. What is Carol's hold over me and what will happen?

I awoke to one of Carols patented blow jobs. She was making love to my cock with her soft mouth and making me feel as if I was the most important thing in her whole world. Alas, I knew that this was no longer true, even though I climaxed hard and she swallowed it as if it were the offering of a god.

As she started moving around getting ready for work at 6, I tried to sleep a little longer on a pillow that now had become hard and uncomfortable. As the morning was dawning grey and gloomy, I listened to Carol making her soft feminine movements around our flat, I could not get back to sleep. Defeated, I brushed my teeth, looked at my bleary eyes in the mirror, showing the effects of a night of tossing and turning. I sat on the bed to meditate and regain my centre. Carol, cheerful as always, put a cup of tea on my bedside table, kissed me and said she would see me in the evening. My feelings of dread deepened.

My thoughts turned to the previous day. Carol and I had slept in and we cuddled as we woke together. I made us some coffee and then we made leisurely love, moving together with the slow familiarity of a couple who know each other well after eight years of marriage. Carol is a beautiful woman and I love her deeply, but this feeling that we were getting close to the end of our time together was something I couldn't live with much longer. It was a poignant moment. A tear slipped down my cheek and she licked it off and asked what made me so sad. Despite our satisfying love making last night and this morning and Carol's continued affirmation of her undying love for me, my dread continued to grow like a malignancy in the pit of my stomach.

We live in a large apartment complex which has a pool, barbeque area, a gym and many other facilities shared by the tenants. We met Robert and Amanda at the barbeque area at noon. We had gotten to know them both well over the last year following their arrival for Robert to assume his new job at the healthcare facility where Carol worked. After they met at work, we got friendly with them as a couple. Bob is a ranking administrator at the facility and works closely with Carol on the senior administrative team. Carol holds Master's degrees in Nursing and Business Administration and is one of the most competent people I know. We met while I was at Medical School as we both participated for four years in a group that aimed at teaching healthcare professionals to work together on health problems

Robert's wife, Amanda is drop- dead beautiful and she and Carol make a pair of beauties that attract a lot of admiration. In bikinis that showed through their diaphanous cover ups, they drew the admiring stares of every straight male in the pool area, and not a few of the women. I was well used to this because men had been hitting on Carol constantly since our relationship began.

Amanda is a treasure whom I really like and admire. She is senior financial analyst and analyst, and, according to Robert, is the most brilliant person he knows. Our wives are truly exceptional women. Their two children Jake, 12, and Tamara, 9, played with a group of children while we prepared the food.

My live with Carol was unusual, perhaps unique. She had climbed out of bed at 10, we showered together and she moved into high gear. While she did the laundry, she tidied up and marinated meats and prepared four salads. She is a wonderful cook. When I got out of the shower to make the bed, it had been changed and fresh sheets put on. The bedroom had been tidied. I tried to empty the dishwasher but was told I was underfoot and I needed to relax or go to my study to catch up o my research or do some reports. Carol came in half an hour later with a cup of coffee, a tender kiss and told me I was her adored husband. This was nothing new. This is how it has been for our entire marriage.

She has looked after me as if I were a precious object. She has been devoted to me. I had trouble getting used to this because my parents were working people and I was called upon to do everything from home maintenance to cooking and cleaning. We all had our allocated chores we felt we needed to pull our weight in a household where money was not plentiful. It was a loving family and a joyful childhood. The first trip I had to go on after we were married was an odd experience. Carol had packed my bags and laid out my itinerary for the conference. Everything was in a folder and my case was packed so that nothing came out creased. While it should have been a pleasure, it upset me. I felt like I was being managed and that my independence was being taken away. Of course Carol had another side that I became increasingly aware of over the years.

Carol could sell snowballs to Eskimos and is capable of convincing people to change their beliefs completely. She is not consciously manipulative, but is truly altruistic and caring and is one of the warmest people I have ever encountered. That being said, she is also the most deeply complex person I have could ever imagine. Her intellectual powers never cease to amaze me. She convinced me that she was taking away the humdrum work of daily living for me and that my duty was to do good for mankind through my medicine, and to be a loving husband. She felt that she wanted to do this for me and that this was an important role for her to play. I argued that helping with the household chores would not detract from any of that, but she nevertheless managed to take over most of the details of my life. I had always done a lot in the house and I still took pride in emptying the dishwasher before she got home and preparing a meal for her when I knew she would be late. She was taking even these few satisfactions away from me, little by little.

Carol's professional success meant that she was able to support me while I laboured to make ends meet as a full time student and full time worker. Even though she only worked and studied part time, she earned enough for us both. We were able to live easily on her salary alone.

At the barbeque Carol, Bob, Amanda and Carol unpacked the food. I was allowed to carry some of the food baskets down.

Robert and I discussed the fact that Amanda and Carol were quite similar in their professional capabilities. Amanda was able to do much of her work from home and he said her earning capacity was prodigious. He said she ran the household like a general and he was well treated though he said that some issues had arisen early in the marriage. He did not explain and I was left to find out later.

Amanda's children were well brought up and delightful, We sat down to eat with Carol sitting next to Robert and Amanda and the children next to me. Carol and Bob slipped a number of times into work related conversation and touched each other constantly. Carol looked at Robert with the love in her eyes that had formerly been reserved for me alone. Amanda and I chatted, but she looked annoyed as she glanced over at Robert and Carol. She raised her eyebrows at me in shared understanding. I had been seeing this romantic relationship grow over the past year and Amanda had noticed it too.

Amanda and I had never discussed what was happening with Robert and Carol directly. One time after a dinner two weeks previously, after more wine than she usually drank, Amanda admitted that her tolerance of Rob was fraying.

I had a growing sense of dread at the barbeque. The children ran off to play. We all swam and played games in the pool. I could see Bob fondle Carol, but Amanda and I were more restrained.

That night I was consumed with sadness. When Carol asked me what was wrong and I told her I was concerned about her falling in love with Robert. She asked if I did not love Amanda at least a little. I was shocked at the question. I said what is not to love about Amanda. I was forced to admit that I did love her but said as a friend and that I would not act on it. Carol sighed and we began to go over the same old issues same past issues, so I just gave up. She made tender love to me told me she loved me and that she would love no one else as much as me. She went to sleep while I remained awake and churning.

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