The Machine!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, Humiliation, Sadistic, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, Enema, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Five college guys discover a way to get more girls and one builds a machine that will enable them to do just that!

College life was a blast up to a certain point. The 5 of us where getting laid on a regular basis but we were trying to figure out how to up our scoring margin. Joe you said you were about to break up with that red headed bimbo you've been cracking the last few weeks. I sure would like a crack at that without all the headaches in getting there.

Guys I've been thinking about a deice that will allow just that and for sure up our pussy scores. Being an engineering major does have it's advantages.

For the next couple of weeks Jim worked in a storage rental building we all agreed to split the cost on. Plus he keep coming in with bills from hardware stores and lumber yards. We paid up but kept asking when this pussy scoring machine would be ready. Jim said, come to the building tonight at 8:00 and I'll show you how it works and my plan.

That night at 8:00 we were all in the storage unit standing before something covered with a tarp. Jim pulled the cover off and we couldn't believe our eyes. He had build something that just had to be explained. Jim went on to explain how it worked.

What one thing can a woman not resist other than a good cock? A vibrator! Jim had build a stand that looked kind of like a chair, sawhorse, bench with straps, chains and an electric cord running from it.

Gentlemen this is how it works. The bench has a place to strap a women's ankles at the bottom. Note that after their ankles are attached what happens when I turn this crank. Presto, instant leg spreader!

Note the small platform that will be between her legs. Somebody lay their hand on it. Brad walked over and placed his hand on the small ledge of a platform and Jim reached over and pushed a button. Immediately a buzzing sound was heard and Brad shouted, it's got a vibrator in it! Jim went on to say that the platform/vibe was adjustable up and down to allow for the different heights of women. Jim said strap her in, raise the platform until it contacts the clit and enjoy the show!

Mike chimed in to say that it looked real neat and I think with a little pushing after showing them the vibe feature we can talk them onto the bench. And from the sound of the vibe it's real strong and will more than get the girls off, but how does it up our scoring?

Jim walked us around to the front and showed us the other straps. Just get her wrist into these straps and crank this handle here. With that the wrist straps started moving and you could see it would bend the woman over the bench with her ass stuck up in the air.

Jim said with her head way down here, what can she see behind her? Smiles slowly started to spread as the genius of Jim's invention started to sink in.

Joe if we set this up in Brad's off campus apartment, how long before you can have that cute red heads butt dancing on that vibe? Of course Jim said, I get first crack at her on this thing. Nobody complained because everyone knew that this thing was going to be great.

In no time flat Joe enticed his girlfriend over to Brad's one afternoon when everyone else was gone. Of course that was planned and Beth was used to getting popped at Brad's apartment so she thought nothing of going over. After a little kissing and preparation, Joe asked Beth to put on a blindfold and to follow him down the hall. Since Beth was already planning to fuck she agreed immediately. Joe lead her into the room and asked her to put out her hand. Joe placed her hand on the vibe area and turned it on. Beth jumped and started to take off her blindfold. Joe grabbed her hand and whispered in her ear, take off the blindfold and you'll never feel that vibe where you want to feel it. A smile spread over Beth's lips and Joe started to undress her.

After undressing her he had her step into the ankle area and secured her ankles. Next he took her wrist and attached them to their bonds. Beth knew she was treading on thin ice but she wanted so much to feel that vibe on her pussy.

With that Joe started cranking her legs apart and Beth asked if that was necessary. Sure Joe said, it allows the vibe to get to where we both want it. And I think you want it there more than I do. Beth howled stop, you are spreading me too far! But the sight was something to behold. Her ass was in perfect position and the platform just needed to be raised a little to contact Beth's already soaking pussy.

Joe walked around and turned on the vibe. Beth jumped like electricity was shot through her body but the vibe was purring along doing it's job. In no time flat Beth was groaning and grinding her slit into the vibe. Her first orgasm burst upon her and she screamed out in ecstacy while her legs quivered and she repeatedly gasped for air! Quiet you silly bitch, this is an apartment and people might hear you. Even though Joe really could have carried less. Joe turned off the vibe and whispered in Beth's ear, did you enjoy that? Oh yes she hissed, it was great! Where did you get this?

Just something Brad picked up at a yard sale. Yard sale my ass Beth cooed. Joe said, your ass seems to be enjoying this thing just fine. Beth said well get me off this thing and fuck me like you know you want to do! Not yet my dear, you're not done here. With that Joe picked up a pair of panties and holding Beth's nose, stuffed them in her mouth. What?! Beth tried to stammer out! Easy Joe said, you get too loud and this will help keep you quiet for the next event.

Little did Beth no that even though she guessed by the smell that Joe had stuff panties in her mouth, she thought they were her panties. Beth didn't know they were from Brad's girlfriend that was gotten just for this purpose. The panties had been worn on a night out dancing and Brad had purposely fingered and rub his girlfriend a lot to get them very wet. He had immediately put them in a zip lock bag to keep them wet and moist.

With that Joe turned back on the vibe and turned it way up. Beth screamed in the gag and with the power of the vibe and with her clit still being very sensitive from her last orgasm, she could not stand the power. Jim had bought and industrial vibrator used to vibrate fluids in a production method he had been studying. He wanted power and this thing had power to spare.

Beth tried to lift her clit away from the vibe that was now trying to rip the fleshing off her clit! Screaming into the panties only let off muffled sounds and Joe had actually raised the vibe a notch or two to make it even more powerful onto Beth's clit.

Joe went around front and started cranking the wrist straps and this started bending Beth over the bench. She kept yelling into the panties but could only get out muted sounds. The damn vibe was searing her clit and bending her over was making the pain more intense! She was now bend completely over with her ass in the air and her head pulled down on the other side of the bench.

At this point Joe signaled Brad to come into the room and they both sit down behind Beth to watch the show. Beth had given up on getting her abused clit away from the vibe but that didn't lessen the pain that was tearing her insides apart. Then she noticed that feeling starting again way down in her. At first the pain was holding her back from achieving what her tortured clit so wanted to give her. Then it was half pain and half pleasure! Would the skin peel off her clit before her body gave her the orgasm she so much needed?

Brad and Joe watched the show from just behind Beth and then it hit her. The orgasm was painfully slow in coming but now that it was there, she screamed again into the panties as much for relief as for the orgasm! Joe and Brad watched her ass muscles clinch and release, clinch and release as the orgasm racked Beth's body.

Finally the orgasm subsided and Joe turned off the vibe. Beth was spend and only wanted off this infernal machine. Her clit was killing her and any movement by her at all sent shock waves of pain through her clit.

Joe went around and whispered in her ear, whoa that was a big one! Got another one in you? The vibe is ready when you are. Beth shook her head quickly from side to side saying no. There was no way she could endure another session with that powerful unyielding thing. But just for fun Joe flip on the switch again and the vibe struck Beth like a ton of bricks! Nooooo, she screamed into the gag!! Joe immediately turned it back off and Beth sagged onto the bench. Just kidding Joe laughed.

Joe then said, well Beth you asked me to fuck you a while ago and now I'll give you your wish. Beth tried to shake her head no because she knew her clit would not be able to stand even the slightest touch. But that didn't stop the hard cock that was being position outside her abused but very wet pussy lips.

With one big push the cock was buried to the balls deep into her! Her clit screamed for relief and in her position the cock smashed into womb! The bastard Joe was going to kill her she thought. With each deep thrust her clit was sawed back and forth across the platform and her clit screamed for relief! But little did she know that the cock that had just buried itself deeply in her did not belong to Joe. It was Brad!! But Beth did not know in her position because all she felt was a hot thick cock pounding her harder than she could ever remember.

The pounding was smashing her clit into the platform holding the vibe and this was hurting almost as much as the vibe had hurt her. Plus Joe (Brad) was fucking her way too hard and way too deep. Striking her cervix with a force that she knew would split her and was surely bruising her womb to no extent. Beth thought Joe (Brad) would never finish and cum. He seemed to be more powerful and bigger than she remembered but all she could really think about was the hard fucking she was taking! Beth started to get dizzy from the pain and pounding she was taking. But she was held tight and spread, and Joe (Brad) had easy access to her and there was nothing she could say or do to stop him.

Tears ran down her cheeks as she continued to receive a non-stop fucking like she had never felt before. Her nipples were so hard from the bouncing that they even hurt! Then she could not believe it, she was feeling the start of another orgasm. How could she with all the pain she was feeling? Joe (Brad) had slowed ever so slightly but was instead drawing out to almost his full length before driving his cock hard into her pussy and womb.

If he would just cum my ordeal would be over and yet she now was nearing her 3rd orgasm and even through the hard fucking that was tearing her apart, she wanted this orgasm. Brad was nearing his limit and Beth was on the edge. Then it happened. Brad exploded into Beth as he pressed his dick hard into her womb. Beth exploded in her own orgasm and her clinching muscles sucked Brad's cum deep into her womb. Both where spent and Brad pulled his thick cock out of Beth and smiled as he watched some of his cum oozed down the crack of her ass

Brad quickly left and then Joe released Beth from her binds. Beth ripped her blindfold off and then pulled the gag from her mouth. Just as she was going to light into Joe she noticed that the panties in her hand were not hers. What?! These are not mine and you stuffed them in my mouth?! Joe explained that they must have been left on the floor by Brad's girlfriend, which was kind of a half truth, and I grabbed the wrong ones. You mean the taste in my mouth all this time was from her??!!

After dressing and as Beth continued to give Joe an earful, they left the apartment and headed out to get something to drink just down the street at the corner pub. Beth was walking like she had been fucked by a raging bull! The combination of very sore clit and equally sore pussy and cervix made it impossible for her the walk even close to normal. Each step sent a painfully reminder through her crotch of just what had happened for the last two hours.

Brad was off down the street watching Beth and Joe walk up the street and he walked out just as they arrived at the outside tables. Hi Brad said to Beth and Joe, what have you all been up to? Brad continued, Beth why are you limping, did you fall and twist an ankle or something. No Joe jumped in, she went horseback riding yesterday and she's really saddle sore. Oh Brad said as he smiled knowing the reason she was limping and sore was because of his efforts.

Beth sat and squirmed the whole time they sat together and drank their drinks. Brad smiled like a cat knowing that the cum that was oozing out of Beth's pussy that was also making her uncomfortable was his.

Brad paid the bill and as Beth limped away with a grimace on her face, Brad leaned over to Joe and said, whose girlfriend is next? Both burst out laughing and knew the next few moths were going to be a blast!!

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