Recruiting Trip
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Slut Wife, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Happy Executives Swinging Club goes on vacation to Colorado to recruit new members.

Tom eased into his seat next to his wife, Jenna as he glanced around the first-class cabin. Travel plans seemed to be going far more smoothly than he could have hoped for on a trip to Colorado during the peak of ski season. It even appeared that first class would be empty save himself and his travel companions.

Mary and Mike entered the cabin and grabbed seats across the aisle from Brian. Noticing Brian's fidgeting, Mary stood up and sat down next to Brian, giving a suggestive squeeze at Brian's crotch that made him forget, at least temporarily, how much he hated flying. With a shake of her ass, Mary stood up and rejoined Mike, leaving Brian looking worse off than before.

"I'll be taking you up on that offer, Mary." Brian threatened.

Tom hissed a "shhh!" just in time as Jason's wife Tiffany came around the corner. The plan had been fairly simple: The Happy Executive Swinger's Club, as Tom and Brian had named it, was scheduling its first recruiting trip. All of the male members either worked for Tom or were professional acquaintances who had one thing in common: they had all fucked Jenna two months earlier at the Club's inaugural meeting. Shortly thereafter, Mike had volunteered his wife Mary as the first female recruit, much to the appreciation of Tom and Brian. While the rest of the guys had heard stories about Mary, she had only fucked or sucked five of the twelve members: Brian, Tom, Mike and the two members of Tom's poker group: Larry and Stu... well, six of the thirteen if you counted Jenna.

From there, Mike, Brian and Tom had become obsessed with helping the other members of the club ease their wives into the swinging lifestyle. After all, while Tom and Mike certainly got off on watching their wives fuck other men, half of the point of starting the club had been to get access to new pussy. And so the Ski Trip had been organized.

With some work, Tom had managed to book a luxurious private ski lodge to fit the 19 people who were coming along (several of the members couldn't get off work for an entire week). Clearing his schedule so 7 of his most senior executives could duck out of work for the same week proved slightly trickier, but with Brian's help, all of the plans were set. Plane tickets, a couple of rental Land Rovers, lift passes, everything was arranged. Now, Tom thought, the members faced the comparatively difficult challenge of seducing seven beautiful women... oh, the difficult life he lived.

The first class cabin on the 777 in question finally filled out with members and their wives. Brian fidgeted nervously and was standing up to start pacing again when a stewardess came up behind him to begin the pre-flight rituals. Distracted by the petite brunette, Brian sat back down and devoted his full attention to stave off panic. The rituals themselves went off without a hitch and before Brian could really get himself into a panic, the plane was in the air. Of course, part of the reason that Brian had forgotten to panic is that he had begun to flirt outrageously with the flight attendant.

The flight from Raleigh-Durham to Denver was going to take a while, so most of the occupants of the first-class cabin dialed up movies or chatted idly with neighbors. Brian, of course, had other ideas as he teased Stacey, the flight attendant. Meanwhile, Tom was attempting to persuade Jenna to assist him in renewing their membership in the Mile-High Club. Jenna gazed about, eyeing the bulges of several of the other men who were apparently thinking similar thoughts. Mike was running his hand up the inside of Mary's thigh and under her dress. Then again, the slinky pink dress that Mary was wearing left very little space for Mike's hand. In fact, Jenna was pretty sure that she caught a glance of Mary's bare pussy as Mike felt up his wife.

Jenna stood up and stepped over Tom as she made her way to the aisle, giving Tom his own view of a very well-trimmed pussy under a very short skirt, and then wandered back to the bathrooms. Jason's wife Tiffany appeared to have witnessed at least part of the display as she raised an eyebrow to Tom when he made his way back to the bathrooms a minute later.

The door to one of the lavatories was slightly ajar yet Tom noticed that moaning and the sound of rhythmic thumping was coming from the next one over. Surveying first class, Tom noticed that both Brian and the stewardess were missing. Grinning to himself, he slid into the cramped space with his wife, who was herself smirking and glancing pointedly at the adjacent lavatory.

"Sounds like Brian got first blood," Tom smirked.

"Indeed, so the moaning would lead me to believe," Jenna responded, hiking up her skirt and revealing her wet pussy.

Tom grabbed his wife by the ass and lifted her up onto the sink while she began undoing his belt. While the cramped space certainly didn't allow for much in the way of motion, he still managed to ram his hard cock into her with ease.

"Mmmm... I've been waiting for this since we got into the airport three hours ago," Jenna moaned. "I haven't fucked on a plane in years."

Tom grinned and fished in his pocket, pulling out a small bottle of lube. "And I don't think you've ever taken it in the ass on a plane."

Jenna growled and began undoing the buttons on her sheer blouse as Tom worked lube into her asshole. "Take me in the ass, give it to me."

Tom eased out of Jenna's pussy as she gave his cock a squeeze and shoved his cock up Jenna's well-stretched ass in one stroke. As he began pounding her up the ass, he heard several high-pitched screams in time with the pounding from next door. Jenna squeezed his dick with her pussy and grabbed Tom's ass, "Faster!"

Jenna moaned and rammed into Tom's cock as the screaming subsided next door and soon she was moaning in ecstasy. All of the stimulation and anticipation was too much for Tom once Jenna started spasming and he bottomed out, pumping Jenna's bowels full of cum. Once she recovered, Jenna squirmed down onto the toilet to let some of Tom's cum leak out and cleaned his dick off with her tongue. "I think I'm going to see how many of the guys I can get in here before we land."

Tom shook his head, "Bad idea Jen... we need to seduce the wives BEFORE they figure out that you're riding every dick in that room."

Jenna pouted, "Can I at least fuck Mike and Brian?"

Tom began to answer and stopped as he heard thumping coming from the lavatory on the opposite side. "Sounds fine by me, as long as you're discreet and make sure that nobody notices. Oh... and you'll have to make sure they can get it up, because it sounds like at least Brian has already gotten one load off and we're not even an hour out."

Jenna grinned and began buttoning her blouse, "Tell you what, if I can get Mike in here, I'll see to it that you can fuck Mary next door."

Tom smirked and straightened his pants, returning the bottle of lube to his pocket, "Deal."

Easing out of the lavatory, Tom noticed that while most of the couples were obliviously watching whatever movie was on the screen, Tiffany and Jason seemed to be keeping a close eye on all of the traffic through the lavatories. Tom also noticed two empty seats where Larry and his wife Kathy had been sitting.

As Tom made his way back to his seat, Jason moved up to where Jenna had been sitting. Turning around, Tom saw Tiffany waving Jenna into Jason's seat.

Tom sat down and whispered, "Jason, you know I like you and all, but you're hardly a replacement for my former neighbor."

Jason grinned, "Dude, I think I've got Tiffany primed for the Mile High Club. The way Brian had that stewardess screaming in the bathroom really has Tiffany turned on."

"So what the fuck are you doing sitting next to me?"

Jason shrugged, "Tiffany had some questions and she wanted to ask your wife or something."

Tom was about to ask Jason what the hell was so complicated about it when Tiffany grabbed Jason's shoulder, winked at him, and made her way to the back.

Jason literally bounced to the lavatory as Tom laughed. Jenna sat down next to Tom with a big grin.

Tom looked puzzled, "What was that all about?"

"Tiffany is REALLY horny and I think she's figured out that I've fucked Jason. If we play our cards right, you could have those long fingers of hers wrapped around your cock in a couple of minutes."

"Play our cards right?"

"Watch and see."

In spite of just having been used, Tom's cock began to harden up. About ten minutes later, Mike and Mary came out of the lavatory and looked around sheepishly as they returned to their seats. Before Tom could go over to talk to them or Brian, Jenna hopped out of her seat and motioned for Tom to follow. Tom got up and looked around in amazement that the rest of their number seemed so oblivious to all of the traffic to the lavatory.

Jenna opened the middle lavatory door and stood in it, leaving Tom to lean awkwardly against a bulkhead and glance around while trying to look nonchalant. The stewardess whom Tom hadn't seen since the pre-flight chose that moment to emerge from the deck below. Glancing about guiltily, she took a look around and ducked into some side compartment. Tom filed that away for a question to ask Brian later as the moans from Jason and Tiffany subsided.

A minute later, Jason opened the door and slid out, only to have Jenna grab his arm and yank him into the adjacent lavatory. Jason nearly fell over and Jenna leaned out as he righted himself, "Go in there quick and pretend to have the wrong lavatory. But don't pretend too hard," she whispered as the door closed.

Shaking his head, Tom squared his shoulders and opened the door. Tiffany turned around with a mix of lust and embarrassment on her face as she stood topless over the sink where she was running water over her blouse. Before she could respond, Tom slid through the door and closed it, grabbing twohand-fulls of Tiffany's gorgeous tits. Tiffany appeared like she might fight him for a moment and then she was on him, ripping off his pants and his shirt in an animal fury. Tom responded in kind, pulling down her skirt and panties in one motion and pulling one of her tits into his mouth as he roughly fingered her.

Tiffany had one hand on Tom's cock and the other in his hair as he lifted her roughly onto the sink. With a feral growl she moved both hands onto his ass and pulled him into her. Tom grinned to himself as he drilled in and out of Tiffany's cunt, sloshing as he took sloppy seconds from Jason. Tiffany thrust back with reckless abandon, moaning loudly and flailing about, squeezing hard on whatever she could find and occasionally raking Tom's back and biting at him. Tom responded in kind and mauled her tits, ass and thighs with his hand, all of which only made the hellcat underneath him fuck him harder.

Even after having fucked his wife only twenty minutes earlier, Tiffany's animal lust and the sound of Jason porking his wife next door was too much for Tom. Holding back slightly wasn't even an option as the blonde underneath him refused to let the tempo subside and Tom found himself dumping a load of cum in Tiffany's pussy scarce minutes after he had begun. As Tiffany shuddered, Tom stuffed her blouse into her mouth to prevent her shriek of ecstasy from rousing the entire airplane. Sinking down onto his knees, Tom licked Tiffany's sloppy pussy as she jammed his head down into her crotch. After she spasmed and the muffled shrieks of her orgasm echoed in the cramped space, Tom felt his organ swelling up again. Grinning, he pulled up his pants and buttoned up his shirt as Tiffany fought to keep them off.

"Just a second Tiffany, I'm going to give you more fucking, just hold on a minute while I go get something."

Tom ducked out of the lavatory grinning stupidly as he heard the muffled thumping and groans coming from the next lavatory. Mike and Mary glanced back and grinned at him as he beckoned at Mike. Curious as ever, Mike nearly hopped out of his seat and Mary followed closely behind.

Tom whispered, "Mike, go in there and tell Tiffany that I sent you."


"Just shut up and go in there. She's a hellcat and she likes it rough."

Mary grinned and grabbed at Tom's crotch. Tom gently moved her hand away still whispering, "Careful there Mary... we still have six women up there who don't have a clue what's going on and we don't want to scare them."

Mary grinned and whispered slightly louder, "You'd better go in this last empty lavatory with me then, or I'm going to fuck you here, right in front of all of them."

Tom wryly grinned and followed Mary into the last lavatory, where she dropped to her knees and sucked his cock into her mouth. "Mmmm... tastes like pussy."

Tom groaned and undid Mary's top, "Come on up here so I can fuck you."

Mary grinned and hopped up onto the counter, showing Tom her drooling pussy and small stripe of red hair which matched the hair on her head and always turned Tom on. Mary moaned as Tom slammed his cock into her in one thrust. "It's only six inches, but it's SO wide. Give it to me hard. Fuck me like you were fucking Tiffany."

Never one to fail at what was requested of him, Tom pounded into Mary and mauled her tits. Once he had Mary broken in, Tom started fingering her ass, working cum up it with his middle finger as it drooled out of her pussy. Mary thrust back even harder at the feeling of his finger up her ass. "I've never taken it in the ass before, Tom"

At that proclamation, Tom pulled out and draped Mary's legs over his shoulders as he worked his dick into her ass. "Yeah! Yeah! Fuck me in the ass! Fuck me in the ass!" Mary chanted, mesmerized at the feeling of Tom's cock working into her ass.

Tom eased into Mary's ass and as he worked his dick into her, he was amazed that she jammed herself down onto him, pulling the rest of his length into her ass. "Oh yeah... fuck my ass." Tom obliged, hammering her in the ass as Mary moaned beneath him. Mary's body was almost in a constant state of orgasm from the moment he began pounding her in the ass until he just couldn't take the pressure and friction any more and exploded into her ass.

"Mmmmm... keep that up and I'll be taking you in the ass all of the time," Mary moaned as Tom cleaned her some toilet paper.

"Alright, now I'm going to sneak out and hope that my wife gets done with Jason soon," Tom instructed. "Let's try to avoid scandal if we can."

It turned out that, in defiance of all odds, Tom, Jenna, Jason, Tiffany, Mary and Mike all made it back to their seats without incident. Well, the stewardess seemed to notice, but that was Brian's problem... one that he was more than willing to solve when the stewardess nearly dragged him off to the back several minutes after Mary and Tom took their seats.

After the first two hours, the rest of the group seemed to wake up a bit and the guys and their wives began shifting seats to chat. Thankfully for Tom, none of the ladies seemed to notice the wet spots that Mary, Jenna and Tiffany were leaving behind. And while the guys noticed, they were all discreet enough not to say anything to alert their wives. Except for Brian, who had no wife and who successfully snuck off to the back for a quickie with Jenna right before the plane set down in Denver.

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