Dragon's Pact
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, Rape, Fiction, First, Bestiality, Pregnancy,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Being sacrificed to a dragon isn't suppose to make the dragon angry, as Pae finds out. When she's given instead of the one that was chosen.

The girl knelt leaning against the large stake, hands shackled above her head and attached to the stake. Fear ran through the girl as she heard the dragon land but couldn't see it because of the hood over her head.

The dragon was immediately aware that there was something wrong as his nose was assaulted by the scent of bruised flesh. Then he took a good look at the hooded nude girl and became angry. Her arms, legs and chest were covered in slightly fading bruises.

"Child what happened to you?" The dragon asked gently.

The girl was surprised to hear such clear words from the dragon. "Please don't hurt me. I'll be good." The girl said as she whimpered.

"I have not come to hurt you. Child, please believe me. I would like to know who has? Can you tell me who did this to you?"

"I don't know who they are. They came to my home and took me by force, killing my parents and burning my home." The girl cried.

"Child, can you take the hood off?"

"I can't. It's tied to tight." She whimpered.

"If you could, please, turn your head so I could get to it."

The girl turned her head towards the stake. There at the base of the girls neck was indeed a large knot. The dragon knew he could break the rope but he didn't want to cause the girl more harm. The dragon decided finally it would be safest to break it at the front of her neck.

"Child, I will easily be able to brake the rope. Lift your head up as far as you can. I think braking the rope at the front will be easiest."

The girl did as the dragon asked but he could tell the movement and position was indeed causing her pain. Once her head was far enough back, the dragon quickly slid a talon behind the rope and with a gentle tug broke it. Then he slipped his talon under the hood to loosen it. When he was finished, he pulled away. "I think you should be able to remove the hood now."

The girl raised up a little took hold of the hood and pulled it off. The dragon's anger rose as he saw that both eyes were darkened and lower lip was split. The girl's eyes were closed as she had been hooded for some time and she needed to let her eyes adjust.

"Child, what did they do to you? Tell me where they hurt you," said the dragon as gently as he could.

The girl began crying and the fear she had made her pull away a little. The dragon waited letting the girl get the fear out of herself but finally she calmed. "At first it was just a race to get away from where I lived, I think. Then they started to touch me. I tried to make them stop but they would hit me and do what they wanted to any way. Then..." The girl began crying again.

The dragon had an idea of what was done because of what he could smell. That was all he could take. "Child can you stand?" the girl shook her head no. Well he really didn't think she could. The dragon closed his eyes raised his claws over the girl, called his energy to himself as he called up several healing spells and sent it in to the girl. After a moment the girl sighed with relief as the pain she was in left her.

"There now, all healed. If I may ask, did the men that kidnapped you, tell you why they did it?"

The girl nodded her head, "They told me, I was to be given to you as sacrifice to keep their village safe. They told me that for many years a virgin girl was given to you. They told me even as they did things to me that I would still be virgin when you took me."

"Child, I'm so sorry. I will find these men and make them pay for what was done to you. If you will stand I will see if we can take the shackles off." The girl stood and within moments, she was free. "Child, what's your name?"

"I'm called Pae."

"Pae, that's an interesting name. I am Sarrone. I promise that no one will hurt you. The question now is what to do with you?"

Pae looked up at the dragon with a look of utter terror and despair. "Please. Don't hurt me!"

"Child, I have no intention of hurting you. Why would you think that?" His confusion was genuine as was his concern.

"The men told me that if you didn't accept me as your sacrifice that you would kill me." Pae said with a sob then looked down at the ground, "They also told me that if you didn't, then they would and they would make it a slow and painful death. Please, I'll do anything you ask. Please don't hurt me. I'm a good girl. Please..." The girl fell to the ground as her legs gave out, shaking in fear of what might happen. The dragon roared out his anger, shouting flame into the sky. It was too much; the men at the village were going to pay with their lives when he caught them. When the roar ended, the dragon looked down at the small scared figure in front of him and with grate effort, made himself very calm.

"Pae, child, please it's all right. My rage is not at you. Yes, it is true I cannot accept you as given. You are not from the village and have no blood kin there." Sarrone softened his voice even more, "Pae, you are safe, I promise. I will take care of you. The men of the village have broken the pact that I have had with their village for 300 years. I would know why they have done this. Pae, please stand. I would take you with me. I will not leave you here alone."

Pae slowly stood. Even with what the dragon said she was still very scared. Sarrone slowly extended a clawed hand behind Pae and drew her slowly to him. Then Sarrone made a kind of seat of his claw and looked at Pae with a small smile. Pae looked at the dragon's face then at his claw and slowly curled herself into it. Sarrone raised Pae to his chest and supported her with the other claw as well, hoping his charge would not be too cold as he few but his chest was warm and thought it should be enough.

The dragon launched into the air and with in moments was over the village. As he landed, he roared, "People of the village, Attend me!!"

To his surprise only a few woman came out of their homes. But then he remembered that most of the men from here would have been out in the fields or with the herds.

"Lord, how may we serve?" Said one woman as she bowed.

"Bring me a blanket, quickly!"

The woman that spoke ran to her house and quickly returned. Sarrone took the blanket and carefully wrapped it around Pae. When it was in place, he leaned down and placed Pae on her feet on the ground. Sarrone sat up straight again and looked around. "Listen all of you. Do any of you know this woman?"

Those that were there looked to each other, "Lord, none of us have ever seen this girl before. Who is she? And where is Blair?"

"This is the one I found at the giving post. She has told me that men from your village took her from her home and killed her parents. I found her chained, hooded and beaten. This is how I found her." Sarrone waved a hand over the girl using an illusion to show the injuries. Several women gave cries of shock and out rage. "Where are the men of your council?"

"They have not returned from taking Blair to the giving post. Who has ... no, they wouldn't have ... Oh please tell us it isn't so." The woman begged.

"My lady, what is you name?"

"I'm Donna, daughter of Tonia, sister of Eva, your last gift."

Sarrone nodded, "How long have the men been gone?" he said more gently.

"They have been away from the village for near 3 weeks. Coming back to get food and to make sure the chosen was ready. My Lord what could they have been thinking? Is the child there well?"

"No, she is frightened out of her mind and in shock though I have healed all of her physical injuries. Who is kin to the chosen?"

"Blair has a mother who you helped years ago and a grandfather."

"Get the grandfather quickly!" he would have called for the mother but remembered that she was weak and sickly.

Some one went running and returned with the old man. "My Lord you sent ... OH MY GOD!! What has happened?" shouted the man as he came around the front of Sarrone and caught sight of the girl.

"That is what I would like to know! When your granddaughter left this morning how did she behave?"

"She was happy, My Lord. She went willingly. What has happened to this child and where is Blair?"

"Our men took this girl from her home Tomas and killed her parents." Answered Donna.

"What? Why? Why would they do this? My lord is there any hope of saving the pact?"

"That will depend on how I find the other girl. If she has been harmed in the same manner as this one then I will no longer protect this village. Donna, while I am gone see that this child is given clothing and food. I don't think she has eaten for some time. Know that if any harm comes to her I will level this village." there was no doubt in anyone's mind that he meant what he had said.

"My lord, you have my word of honor that NOTHING will happen to her! My husband is one of the men..." she stopped, took a deep breathe then rolled up one of her sleeves to show bruising on her arm. "My husband is not a kind or gentle man."

"Donna why didn't you tell some one? Why didn't you tell me?" yelled Tomas before Sarrone had time to react.

"There is nothing you could do. My husband told me if ever I talked, he would give me worse than I have already received. He is ... He is... " Donna rolled the sleeve back down and looked to the ground.

Sarrone leaned forward and took in Donna's sent, noting a second musky one that was fading, guessing that it was that of Donna's husband. "He is dead when I find him, widow Donna. Keep this child safe." Then he turned to Pae, "Don't be scared. I need to find the other girl and to punish the men that have hurt you. Donna will see to your needs." Then he looked to Tomas, "Will you guard and protect this child?"

"As if she were mine, my lord! Please find my granddaughter."

Donna stepped forward and placed an arm around Pae and slowly started her walking towards a house. Pae never took her fear filled eyes off Sarrone and just as the two reached the old man, Sarrone launched himself into the air. He would search by air and track the men by their sent that was left on Pae. He just hoped he would get to the other girl in time.

Donna led Pae into the house with the old man. Both were telling her that all was going to be all right. The two had her sit at a table and for the first time in days was given a class of water and food in the form of a nice piece of bread with some kind of fruit jam spread on top. "Here we are. Now you just sit and eat this. Take your time; there's plenty. Now why don't we start with you telling us your name? It's all right, no one's going to hurt you here."

"That's right, child. Why don't you tell us your name then tell us what happened?" The old man's voice cracked.

Pae looked to both of them then down at the food, "I'm called Pae." And with that, she burst into tears. Donna placed both her arms around her and held and rocked her as she tried to sooth Pae. The old man's heart broke at what he saw and hope the dragon would bring back something for him to take out his frustrations on. Slowly the storm weakened and the girl started talking. She told them, all of it. The old man got up as if to pace but went to the door. He was just barely outside when he lost his lunch. Donna was white and looked ready to faint.

Pae tried to curl into the blanket but Donna was holding her still. Pae really didn't care, she truly only wished it was her mother. It was along time before anyone said anything.

"Tomas if you would be so kind, over there in the truck is some clothing that might fit her if you would get a skirt and tunic out for me. Then I'll have you step out and I'll help her get into them. I wished the dragon had removed these illusions, they look so real I just want to treat them and wrap them under bandages."

Once Pae was dressed which hid all of the bruising she allowed herself to be helped to eat and drink but said nothing more.

It didn't take long to track the men. They were sitting around in an old barn. The sent of Pae's bruises lingered in the air. Sarrone took great pride in destroying the barn. The man that was husband to Donna tried to flee but Sarrone gave him no chance. He was dead fifty times over; the others lay unconscious. That was when he heard the screaming of a woman. Sarrone found her in the cellar of the now destroyed barn and freed her. She was a little dirty but as yet untouched, thankfully. Blair was very happy to be free and told Sarrone that the men were planning to take their turn with her. Finally, Sarrone gathered the girl in one arm and the three men in the other and flew back to the village.

Sarrone roared as he landed, almost throwing the three men to the ground. The girl he placed on her feet very gently. Tomas came running out of the house as Sarrone landed and saw his granddaughter. Blair ran to him crying and embraced as she started telling him what had happened. After a time the old man turned to Sarrone. "Thank you Lord."

"I'm just glad I was in time. Donna's husband is no more. I have brought these back to be punished by the village. Who stood council before these men?"

"I was one, my Lord as was Samuel, Parker, Jonathan, and Jackson."

"Send some one for them, now." There had been more people gathering near to see what was going to happen. Several went running to get the men. They did not take long. "Former council members of the village. These men have broken the pact that I have had with your families for three hundred years. The gift was not from this village and I can't accept her. Donna, please bring Pae out so these others can see." Donna slowly brought Pae out. With the illusions still in place, several people gasped and raged. Sarrone dispelled the illusion. Blair cried out and ran to the girl and took her in her arms. Pae just stared but didn't pull away. Sarrone noticed that Blair was a year or two older than Pae. As well as a little taller but for some reason he found that Pae drew his eyes far more than Blair.

Then Blair turned to Sarrone. "My Lord. Please. I was and still am willing to give myself to you. The men told me after they took me to that barn that they had found a substitute for me but that I had to be hidden for a while. They told me that they were tired of give you young women. Then they put me in the cellar and I heard them talking about how to decide who was going to be first and to what part to me. Please we need you to protect us. I was chosen and would be happy to fulfill the pact." Blair walked right to the feet of Sarrone and knelt.

One of the men, who had apparently woke up, got up and made a grab for Blair. "You can't have both!" He yelled.

Sarrone was impressed. Blair jumped and turned in one movement and before the man knew what was happening she decked him, then started screaming at him. Then she let fly a kick to the ribs. That was when Sarrone saw movement near one of the houses. It would also seem that Blair saw him too. "Jason!" Blair ran to him. "Jason did you know about this? Did you know what your father and the others were planning?" She yelled as she stood before him.

"I knew they were planning something." his voice full of shame, "That's why I wasn't allowed to court you. If I had known they were going to do this or to go this far, I would have had us run away last year. I didn't know anything about taking another girl. If I had, I would have told. I would have signaled the dragon and told him. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry." He wrapped his arms around Blair holding her close. It was an embrace that was shared. Sarrone could see that the two cared for each other. He disliked knowing that his chosen was wanted and wanting someone else.

"Donna, Blair, please attend me. Tomas, Samuel, Parker, Jonathan, Jackson join us."

"Jackson's not here. He is not doing well, my Lord." Said Parker as he came to stand with Tomas.

"Very well. I will still have to think if the pact is worth saving and how to do it. For now, I am appointing you as the new council; you four men as well as these two women." Then Sarrone looked at Blair, then looked at the young man. "Blair how do you feel about that young man?"

She looked at him then looked back to Sarrone. "My Lord, I am the chosen. It would not be right for me..."

"I am not accepting the chosen." He smiled at her. "I release you from being chosen to being able to choose. Do you want to choose or is there someone else."

Blair looked up with tears in her eyes. Sarrone could see she was trying to talk but couldn't get the words out. "Do you choose him, my dear?"

She nodded her head yes. "Young Jason, come forward." Sarrone waited until the young man came forward. "She had chosen you. What say you to that?"

"I have wanted her to choose me for two years, my Lord. She will have everything she wants and more."

"Then I would suggest that you choose a day for the wedding though I would say after the council has dealt with this matter." Sarrone stopped and looked at Pae. "Donna, would you be willing to take in Pae?"

Pae looked ready to faint. "My Lord I would be more than willing too, only if she is."

"Pae, child I will give you a choice. You can stay here or I can take you to another town if you have other family."

Pae all but ran up to Sarrone. "Please don't leave me here. I don't know these people. I don't have anyone now thanks to them." She turned and pointed to men still on the ground. "They took all that I had. I have no family, no home, nothing. Please don't leave me here where they can try again." Sarrone could see she was shaking so hard she was about to fall over. Then Blair came to her side.

"Sister, you have nothing to fear. Even though it was by force, you stood in my place. Had you not told the dragon, what had happened to you might have happened to me. Please let us make up for what was done."

"I can't. They hurt me too much. Please my lord. Take me from here. I can't handle the shame of it any more." Pae looked up at Sarrone with pleading eyes that broke his heart.

"All right I'll take you with me. But I don't know if what I have in the cave will fill the needs that you have."

"My Lord, I have things that I know will fit her. If you will give me a moment I will go to my house and get them." Said Blair.

"I too have a few things she can have? Do you still have all of the cooking and bedding supplies?" Asked Donna.

"I do. Though fresh flour, oatmeal and some other foods would be good. I can come back to get the tithe of meat and anything else later."

"There will be double the tithe for now to make up for what has happened." Said Tomas, with nods of agreement from the other men. Sarrone had no doubt that the extra would be taken from those that were responsible.

It didn't take long for everything to be gathered. Blair and Donna gathered enough clothes for three good sets. Tomas had several young men running around getting the food supplies as well as a large rope to tie up the three men and had them taken away to his barn until they could be fond guilty and punished for their crimes. Finally, all was ready; Sarrone gathered Pae in one arm and the supplies in the other and took to the air.

It was near dark when they came to land inside his cave. Sarrone but down the large bundle near one side of the cave then walked over to his nest and gently placed Pae down. With a wave of his hand, he let several torches. "Pae, how are you doing?"

"I don't know. I feel nothing." Her voice was just a whisper.

"You just need some rest. You are still in shock over what has happened to you. Time will make things better for you."

Pae looked around. "This ... this is your bed?"

"Yes. But don't worry. I'll be a perfect gentleman. There is another bed over there but it's not made up." He turned a little and pointed. "Eva didn't have many things. She didn't seem to want or need them. You should rest I'll be near. Unless you need to eat?"

"You should not be put out of your bed because of me." then a thought came into her head. "When you would get your gift you would bring them here. You would..." Pae looked up at Sarrone.

"Yes. We would consummate so to tie me to the village through her blood. After that, if there were a problem in the village I would feel it. You are not from the village; I could not and will not hold you to that. I told you I would take care of you. We will just have to see what happens over the next few days. Now rest."

Pae put her head down and fell into a troubled sleep that woke her during the night screaming. Sarrone had never had someone with bad dreams and was somewhat shocked. But he soothed her back onto the bed and when he made to move away Pae would not let him go. He got the hint and curled around her protectively and soon Pae was asleep and Sarrone soon after.

The next day, Pae woke to find herself alone in the nest and became afraid until she sat up and saw Sarrone trying to put away some of the supplies. Slowly Pae got up but Sarrone heard her and turned slowly with a smile for her. "Pae, how are you this morning?"

"Less tired My Lord, thank you." Pae just stood there looking at the floor.

"Pae, is there something wrong?"

"No my Lord, I just am not sure what to do next."

"Oh is that all. Good, I thought I might have turned colors during the night and was some spotted or striped orange and purple color now." Pae didn't look up but Sarrone could see that she was trying very hard not to laugh and there was now a smile on her face. "That's a little better. You have nothing to worry about. I have an idea, why don't you come out of the nest unless you need to sleep some more, and help me put these smaller things away, I always seem to have trouble with them." He went back to trying to pick up some small item and was making it look silly. Pae got out of the nest and quickly came to his side.

"My Lord you shouldn't be doing this anyway. I should have put it way last night before I went to bed."

"Pae, why do you keep calling me 'My Lord'?"

Pae pulled away looking down again thinking that she did something wrong. Sarrone placed the tip of his tale under her chin and lifted her head to look at him. "Pae, the villagers call me 'My Lord' because none of them can remember my name and I got tired of telling it to them. Though you might not have remembered that I gave it. I'm Sarrone. I'm not a lord. I didn't bring you here as a servant. I brought you here because I couldn't think where else to bring you. When you are better and ready, I'll see if there isn't a better place for you. So please from now on just call me Sarrone." He looked at her and she nodded her agreement but said nothing more. He took that as it was and with her help put all the supplies away. When that was done he showed her a few conveniences that he had put into the cave for his chosen over the years, like a good fireplace and a notch in the wall that hid a strange chair with a hole in the center of the seat that sat over a hole in the floor. Pae turned red when he explained what it was for.

Sarrone left Pae to making herself some food so that he could go hunt as well as to think what he was going to do with his little charge. Sarrone flew to the village and retrieved the meat he was promised. Pae quietly made her meal and ate alone but her mind was not in the least quiet. She had heard what Sarrone had said put didn't know what to say in response. Now the little voice in her head that sounded like her father started in on her but she managed to ignore it for some time. Over the course of several days, Pae could tell that Sarrone was trying to come up with a way to get rid of her. At least that was what the little voice in her head kept telling her. It repeatedly repeated all that her father had said to her about being ugly and that no one would want her, she'd never find a husband, as well as a lot of other mean things. The worst part was she started to believe it.

Sarrone noticed that Pae was becoming quiet but thought it was just that she was missing her parents and the fact that there was no one here half the time for her to be with. Sarrone decided that he would see if one of the descendants of his former gifts would take Pae in and help her and may-be even to find a good husband for her. But for some reason he found he didn't like that idea but what could he do. So, with an uneasy heart, the next day he left the cave as Pae was sitting at the table. The voices in her head were very loud and telling her in her father's awful voice that no one wanted her not even a big ugly dragon and that she was better off dead. Slowly Pae went and sat next to the entrance of the cave leaning against the wall.

Around what would have been dinnertime, Sarrone came back. He landed in the cave and became concerned when he didn't see Pae until he turned then saw her sitting against the wall looking out of the cave mouth. "Pae why don't you join me I have some news that might make you happy. One of the descendants of one of my gifts has agreed to take you in. They're even willing to help find you a husband. Isn't that good news?" He said, Pae didn't say anything. His concern grew as he saw her move closer to the entrance to the cave. "Pae what are you doing? Please come away from there." He moved close to her. Pae tried to turn her head to the wall so that he couldn't see that there were tears running down her cheeks. Sarrone also noticed that she was mumbling to herself. "Pae what is it? What's wrong?"

"Please leave me be, I'm unworthy. No one wants me; only my mother loved me. Too much shame, too much. No one will love me." Sarrone heard her say. He was surprised by her word and it pulled at that strange feeling he had been having for a few days. Then he saw her inch closer to the opening again, Sarrone quickly put his claw out to block her.

"Pae, what are you thinking? Why are you thinking this way?"

More tears followed. "You are going to get rid of me because I'm not worthy. No one will want me. No one will love me. Not even you want me. I can't live this way." Even with his claw there she inched closer to the opening again; at least she tried too.

"Pae way didn't you say something when I was going on about finding you some place. If you don't want to go, you don't have to. Your welcome to say as long as you want." Pae all but cried out and turned away from him even farther. Then what she said dawned on him. "Pae, do you have feelings for me?" Sarrone said quietly to her. Pae turned quickly towards him and froze. "Pae, why do you think no one will love you?"

Pae closed her eyes, turning her face away again, "My father used to tell me I was ugly and that no one would want to marry someone as ugly as me. He was always telling me how awful I was and other bad things. He's right, not even you want some one as ugly and worthless as me, now I'm even less. I wish I had died when those men killed my mother." Pae burst out crying again and tried to move closer to the edge. Sarrone didn't move his claw but knew what the feelings that he had been have where. He didn't just care for Pae. It was more, much more than that. "Pae, I went looking for a place for you because I thought you were unhappy being here; that you weren't happy to be here with me. My heart screamed every time I had to force myself to think about having you leave me. Stay with me Pae. Let me love you. There have been only a few of the chosen that I have loved. Please let me show you that your father was ever so wrong."

Pae just looked at Sarrone then slowly held out her arms to him. Sarrone took her into his arms and moved over to the nest. When he placed her down in it and moved to join her in the nest he notice that she started removing her clothes. He had peaked once or twice when she changed and had to admit that she was really nice to look at. They lay together for along time doing nothing but gently touching each other but slowly as to not frighten Pae he moved to cover her but before he did anything, he looked into her eyes and asked, "Don't be afraid, I can make myself very small. I will not hurt you. I will never hurt you, Pae. I want to show you how much I love you. Will you let me?"

"Yes, please." Pae whispered.

Pae had never known that one could make love to a dragon but after hours of bliss, the only thought that went through her mind was how happy she was. Sarrone had mated with many women but this woman was incredible and desirable and all he wanted to do was to please her and make her the happiest that she had ever been.

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