Chapter 1

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Mind Control, Magic, Slavery, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Historical, Horror, Humor, Superhero, Extra Sensory Perception, Vampires, Cheating, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Torture, Interracial, White Couple, White Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Violent, Transformation, Prostitution,

Desc: Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Midian has many names even among the vampire race. His history before the finding of his memoirs was shrouded in mystery. Many argued at the beginning of the first Incubus who would defy a queen this is his story.

Greetings my name is Midian perhaps you have heard of me? My young master and Prince of Los Angeles spoke of me to a degree.

I am happy to say that most of my life remains a mystery to him as well as others with the mind gift. You may call it a part of my personality.

I never really liked authority figures. While I may or may not obey them in the end I find myself to be a free spirit, of course I was not always this way.

Before I came to this immortal life I was human once. It was a long time ago but I still remember the beginning.

I was five when my father sent me away as we lived in ancient Rome. An obsessive gambler he had incurred many debt and I was his only chance to pay them off.

He sold me to a particularly vicious man name Limicus the foreman. A captain in the underworld he had his hands in many illegal ventures. In my case prostitution seemed to best suite me.

My master was brutal and merciless if one of my clients became displeased with me. When I showed any fear or refused to perform a bone was broken in my body and then reset.

As you can imagine I eventually learned to take my conditioning quite seriously. As time went on I worried that I wouldn't feel anything: That the pleasures and of sex itself would be denied me because of my terror.

I was my master's favorite servant and suffered under many of his unwanted advances. The only thing that saved me from being totally cutoff emotionally was Bethany.

Without her I would have eventually slipped far enough inside myself that even death wouldn't have seemed so bad. Bethany was the head of the local brothel that paid my master a portion of their profits.

I was young man of about sixteen years when she took me to her bed. At first I felt the only the same coldness, but with time that too went away.

I had no idea who Bethany truly was. In my defense I had no idea what a vampire. Even if I had it would never have described her. She was a Greek woman beautiful and intelligent. Bethany was well educated despite her humble background and did her best to look out for others such as myself.

It was she who had began my healing. I could never get rid of my terror connected to brutal treatment I had received, but she helped me trust my partners. She pointed out that all of my female clients had never once harmed me. They saw me as a precious work of art: beautiful and alluring.

I can still remember blushing at this. I must have received such treatment a thousand times, but part of me never got over it. I am what you might describe as a pretty boy.

Young and handsome my body was smooth but toned. I had light brown skin tanned in the sun. My face was that of an angel as many of my clients described. Even my black hair made women envious of how soft and shiny it was. It was through these descriptions that I gained more confidence in myself, and accepted that I was indeed attractive.

In hindsight I can never repay her for that gift that she offered so freely. Bethany could have easily have just taken what she wanted and been done with it. I would not have resisted.

I in truth had no will of my own at the time. I followed orders because I always lived in fear.

As time went on under her tutelage though, sex with her could wipe this away. In her arms I forgot who I was and simply enjoyed the moment.

Slowly but surely I felt the change come over me. One night as I kissed her; our tongues dancing with one another, then I felt something strange fill my lungs. I sucked in a breath, and I immediately backed away gasping.

It is a strange feeling as you are being turned. It is a high that can not truly be described.

Suffice as to say: a strange power filled me totally. I sunk to the floor, my eyes dilating as I felt her laying on top of me, kissing my chest. Every nerve was alive and all so sensitive. I gasped at every touch and every brush of her lips against my skin. Even as she took me in her mouth I thought I would die from the pleasure of it. I imagine this is how our 'victims, ' as you might call them feel.

Such a funny phrase when referring to our kind. Incubus and Succubus by our very nature, intend no harm to the humans we lay with. Come to think of it we want the exact opposite. We want to be a drug that humans cannot live without, to haunt their very dreams until they seek us out. Once we are that far into their blood, they are ours forever.

Now where was I? Oh yes, I was describing my first night as an immortal.

As the moments stretched I felt strong as her emotions fed me like the sweetest wine, or the most delicious dessert. I remembered taking her for the first time.

No longer did she control the pace like before. Now I took control and I was quite savage. Biting into her tongue as we kissed, I made it a part of our intimate play. In response she bit me as well. Digging her fangs into my shoulder, as I cried out in ecstasy she held me close. Her soft ample breasts pressed against my hard chest, as her arms wrapped around my back, pinning my arms to my sides.

I didn't struggle, not for a moment. There is no pain in our bite when used in this manner. I had no reason to fear her bite. It is only when we intend to kill, or are threatened that our bite becomes poisonous. It was a lesson I learned later. The alternative to the dangerous form of the bite, I imagine one would consider wondrous.

Every taste and touch is accentuated to the fullest. The rest of the senses also become more alive, and later you will remember each moment with perfect clarity. It is not an experience one forgets. No drug or sweet dessert can compare to its sweetness. It is in your blood and every breath. You are so alive, and when it is gone, it feels like a small death in and of itself. Even the least of my kind can do this, so imagine what other powers the strong have. But I digress. It is an old failing of mine.

After the initial bite she withdrew. Since we are not blood drinkers this is not the way we feed. When sup their blood until we are filled, or there is simply no more. At a certain point our teeth themselves are not needed. Think of it as simply a better way of delivering the saliva that carries our 'drug'. As her tongue ran over the puncture wounds I felt more of the substance enter my system before the cuts themselves healed. She withdrew again smiling down at me, her hair hanging loosely.

I so love the image of a woman in her natural beauty. No makeup or mask to hide her finely defined features. I love all of it. From the way the light of a candle or the moon hits her skin and hair, bathing it so every inch of it is well lit in my eyes. It is so sensuous to me. No painting could do a woman justice. It does not carry a woman's scent, nor hold her true presence. It is merely the illusion of her, a skillfully crafted image, but an image none the less.

In our case both of us were feeling its effects and loving it. In one quick motion I thrust into her until I could go no further. For a moment I simply lay there on top of her looking into her eyes while inside her, reveling in her beauty. Bethany's eyes were a deep blue, and her hair was a golden blonde. It hung to the small of her back. I often loved to run my fingers through it. Right then a more primal need had taken over.

Withdrawing a little I thrust forward pushing myself into her slowly and deeply, straining every single muscle. Her breaths came raggedly and passionate. I could feel her excitement, sense her pleasure and smiled. After I had experimented a little with this, seeing I how long I could last with my new body, I grew quite surprised.

My new stamina was amazing. Now I could feel her first orgasm coming, and I myself had not felt that sweet release yet. This was from no lack of wishing on my part. It was growing torturous as it continued without an end in sight.

As I felt her body spasm with another climax approaching, I decided to have a little fun. With a human I would not have tried such a thing, but Bethany and I were not human anymore. As she climaxed I focused all my thought on her, as I suddenly increased the pace drastically. Pounding into her I sent all my feelings of desire and pleasure into her, mixing it with her own.

Bethany experienced an information overload as her body couldn't contain it. I held on for the ride of my life as her body went shook as I heard her gasp. I felt her woman gush forth her fountain to meet me, bathing me as she climaxed. I laughed with the pure joy of it, not stopping my steady thrusting. Under this intense stimulation I finally came, erupting into her as she came yet again, our bodies' fluids mixing. We collapsed on top of each other, but I must say Bethany was the more exhausted. After a few minutes I caught my second wind and smiled at her.

"You couldn't possible mean to do it again! I am sore down there now." Bethany said breathing hard.

A human woman would have not have survived the exchange, and I was eager to have more of my sexy Bethany. At the moment she was facing away, and I noticed that there was another option we had not yet tried. Slipping in behind her, I pressed against the point of interest to her surprise.

Whispering in her I said, "Come on I promise to go slow."

Even now my new powers were working their magic making her mind more receptive to the idea. Hesitating for a moment she rose to all fours so her well rounded rump faced me. Smiling like a conquering hero I claimed my prize.

As I pushed in I went slowly, taking my time and letting Bethany adjust. She was so tight, and warm that I was glad she had said yes. I struggled not to climax too soon. Reaching down between her legs I rubbed her clit, to give her the added sensation, sending more shock waves through her body. Bethany came within seconds looking back at me with a warm smile.

"I think I like this. Could we try it faster? Come on let's see what you've got." Bethany said, offering up the challenge.

Grasping her waist with both hands, I pumped in and out of her ass as my arms moved in unison. I could hear the sound of our bodies slapping together and feel her body quiver under the pace. Her knees buckled under the strain, but still I ravished her. I came deep inside her just as she did.

"I have the feeling I won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow. Something tells me you are not going to give me an hours rest." Bethany said.

I laughed at that. To think there was a time where I was not so carefree, and it had not been long ago. I was a young man who was sleeping with the most beautiful woman I had ever met, and she wanted me.

Giving her a mischievous smile I asked, "Do you regret any moment of it?"

My voice carried such confidence, but then again, I had always been confident around women. It was actually men I didn't understand. The men in my life up to that point had been cold and heartless. You could probably even say they were cruel. At least when the women used me or took me to their bed, I had felt some form of tenderness.

My own mother had been unhappy to see me go, when my father forced me from her arms. I can still remember her tears. It was a man's world back then, and she could do nothing.

Shrugging she said looking back at me, "I suppose a girl has to be careful what she wishes for. Looks like I'm about to get mine."

When I awoke the next morning Bethany was trying to get up on shaky legs.

"Damn it Midian why do you have to be so rough? I can hardly walk. Are you proud of yourself?" Bethany asked looking in the mirror.

She was trying to comb her hair but she was still weak. In hindsight I might have gotten a little too enthusiastic.

The bed had broken in the middle of our last go around and I was surprised we had not fallen through the floor into the main dining hall. It appeared that I was not yet aware of my own limitations. Most of the night before had been instinct. Unfortunately for Bethany I am prone to pushing my lovers to the point of being senseless. In her particular case she had become quite incoherent towards the end. The trouble was even afterwards I wanted more.

Yes I freely admit it: I have an addiction. That day I was becoming quite aware of it.

Normally I would have passed out, and been too weak to want more sex but now that I was immortal that no longer applied. Now my strength and stamina seemed endless in comparison and I was looking forward to testing how far I could go.

"You must be careful Midian. Humans don't know we exist and it should stay that way. It is dangerous to show them who we are." Bethany warned.

She should have saved her breath. I have never been one to listen without trying things out for myself first. It is simply my way of dealing with things, call me independent. In this particular case I wondered the streets of Rome in hopes of discovering the new world that had opened up to me.

Bethany had mentioned other things about what I was: that I had certain powers I could exploit in attracting humans. She said in time I would understand how this happened so I could predict the outcome. It was certainly a laughable idea when I thought of it.

Even now I find it quite humorous. I pride myself on my influence over women. The thought of waiting to attain my new goal at that time was unthinkable for me. I wanted to see how far I could push things without being caught. It is another one of my weaknesses.

It was stormy day where rain drenched one to the bone. While I was quite certain I could not freeze to death it didn't stop one from being uncomfortable. Like those around me I sought the warmth and protection of shelter against the cold rain drops. Lightning flashes across the sky and thunder could be heard in the distance.

As walked down one particular street I sensed a mortal woman. Her scent and presence called to me and I sought her out. When I came close I found a tall wall in my way. While humans would have trouble getting past it I simply leapt to the top.

Landing on the top nimbly as a cat I gazed down at her. A slender blond heading inside as she finished the last of the gardening. She was heading toward the slave quarters as I began to follow her. When she neared the gate I leapt down to the outside of the wall approaching it as if to beg. Seeing me she approached noticing how soaked I was.

"Please miss can I come in where it is warm? I fear I will catch my death in this and my master lives on the far side of the city," I said, putting on a mask of a cold citizen eagerly trying to get out of the rain.

"Just until it passes, and then you will have to be on your way. My own master does not like visitors." The young woman said.

"What is your name kind woman, so I may ask the gods to bless you for your kindness?" I asked.

Opening the gate by removing the bar of wood across the door she said, "Desda and yours?"

Bowing I replied, "Median, beautiful Desda. I thank you for your kindness and mercy."

I drew close brushing my fingers through her hair as I looked deep into her gray eyes. Her long brown hair was soft and silky as I touched it. Her breathing was heated and I could feel the stiffness of her breasts as I drew her to me. We entered her quarters as I followed her in. Picking her up and I carried her to the bed laying her down.

Slipping her dress up past her head, I ran my hands palms down up her legs. My fingers traced invisible lines up her thighs. I see the wetness between her legs and smiled as I continued my tracings stopping just short of her now fully excited womanhood. I heard her whimper as she wanted me to stop my teasings. I decided she had suffered long enough and began to alleviate her frustration.

Taking two fingers I slipped them ever so slowly inside her. Finding a particular spot I had learned about in my former occupation I began to stroke in and out curling my fingers inside.

Desda bit her lip as an orgasm gripped her. I could hear the sounds she made and it was like music to my ears. They started ever so soft and low. As it went on her cries grew louder and louder. I kissed her lips slipping my hardness inside moved in and out of her tenderly.

How I loved her at that moment. Yes though might not think it I can love.

In that moment all she was lay open to me, and I loved her for letting me see it and be a part of her. Our bodies moved together and I whispered in her ear how beautiful she was.

I described her softness and how good she smelled. Her eyes closed and she smiled kissing me feeling our shared connection.

How I longed to give her a part of me; To change her as I had been changed, but was not to be. I treasured her mortality too much to take it from her. It made her precious in my eyes: delicate like a butterfly. Kissing her cheek I turned to leave so I could seek out new conquests.

"Don't go. Stay with me," Desda said, and I found myself wanting to stay.

"If you truly knew me, you would not say that," I said touched by her sincerity.

"Then show me." Desda said.

So I did: my mind to her mind. Feeding her every thought and image I showed her all that remained hidden under the surface. Perhaps she would run, and perhaps she wouldn't. I certainly am a being who openly admits he is willing to take risks.In this instance the risk produced an interesting result.

"I want you to make me what you are. Show me the world." Desda said.

As much as I wanted her with me, I could not. She was young and innocent, with her whole life ahead of her. Already envisioned what she could be: a loving mother with her beautiful children and a husband. What if I couldn't give her that? What if I was incapable of it? The legends of vampires I had heard never spoke of being able to have their own children.

Would I doom her to eternal life even if she might long for such things? The answer of course was no. I could not hurt her like that, for I saw to the very heart of her in that moment and realized my worries had not been idle.

I had conjured those worries up from her mind.

Despair spread over me at the thought of losing her forever, of never seeing or touching her loveliness, but I knew I had to leave. It was the best thing for both of us, but I couldn't leave just yet: I had to kiss her goodbye.

Pressing my lips against hers I felt something deep inside me stir and rush forth. I tried to break our kiss fearing what it could be, but it was too late.

In the flash of a thought energy pass between us, and we felt like we were a single person for one a brief moment. Time itself slowed down and I heard her voice.

'Midian, what's happening?' Desda asked her mind speaking to mind.

'I don't know.' I said.

I could feel our merging energies separate and we both gasped before collapsing into unconsciousness. The moment was gone.

Chapter 2

Laying down in the bed we fell asleep and I knew that she awoke the next day her new life would begin. Already I could feel the difference. Even before I opened my eyes I felt her presence. This was not done through hearing or any other normal sensory perception, but merely a feeling.

As I concentrated on it I could feel not only the life pulsing within her, but her very thoughts, and perhaps emotions. I mention the last as such because I was unsure if they were mine or hers. Bonding can be such a tricky thing.

The bond we shared at that moment was master and servant. I say servant not meaning slave. There is a distinct difference. That difference is extremely significant. To put it simply, a servant serves out of free will, and a slave does not.

What does this mean? You might ask. It means that a servant has free will with a number of powers and abilities that go with it, while a slave has a completely different set. Each relationship has its own strengths and weaknesses. For one thing, a slave will never be as inventive or loving as a servant. It is simply not something they are capable of. A servant on the other hand will keep their master/partner from suffering some damage and can actually spread it out between them, thus lessening it for both parties. It also allows them to be better able to react better.

A slave serves out of fear and dominance, while a servant serves out of love and companionship. While this doesn't always mean sex, it does however mean that they are willing to sacrifice their mortal life for a life of constant companionship. The two become very close, and what affects one affects the other also.

It is something to think about when one is in danger. I have learned these things throughout my existence but I was very young at this time, so I still had much to learn.

That particular morning I opened my eyes at the same time she did. Our connection was so strong that we felt as if we were one flesh. When I moved to get up, so did she without even thinking about it. We both laughed at that then she closed her eyes, and I found I had a very strong urge to close mine as well.

When she opened hers again I experimentally closed mine. I noticed she immediately closed hers.

Reaching out with my mind I asked, 'Can you hear me?'

"Yes." Desda replied aloud.

Picturing the power that resonated in every one of my heart beats I pushed it into and she gasped as her heart began to beat in time. We shared the same strength through our new connection.

Scratching a nail deeply across my own flesh, I tried something else. Blood rose from the new cut, slowly dripping down my forearm only heal back up in seconds as I felt her life's warmth fill me. It was amazing, something more than sex. Reaching out I pulled her to me, grasping her shoulders. Through the press of our skin whatever power was between us burned brightly. At that moment I was surprised that it didn't consume us, not that I would have cared right then.

This closeness was addictive, just touching her felt so good. How I longed to forever touch her and that was the danger that made me stop.

Gasping as I broke free I fought for control of my mind and body, instilling my will. I could feel Desda's lust and something else much deeper. What would have surprised me right then was it was in response to me.

This was my power, not simply to connect, that was merely a side effect. No, my power was love, and I don't mean the cookie cutter hippie version. I had the ability to see deepest part of someone and love them for it, not only that but could touch it making it my own. At first I thought it was only sexual, but I had to find out if it meant something more.

The old mischievous appeared on my face as led the way out into the night air. Lifting Desda up into my arms I sprinted out into the city streets towards my old home as a slave. Staying to the shadows and moving faster than the eye could follow I remained hidden from all who traveled so late at night.

Limicus was sleeping as usual. He always was a snorer. Even as we crept into the slave quarter I could still here him. They were locked in behind a metal fence, so none could escape. Kept under constant guard for none loved their master. Already I could feel my power growing.

Reaching out I put the guards to sleep and opened the gates with a mere thought. Hearing metal slide on well oiled hinges I took measure of everything. I could feel each slave and I called to them, my voice beautiful and alluring.

"Come to me and I will grant you freedom from all that has troubled you. No more will you be a slave, but like me, free to love and cherish all things." I said.

Coming from their quarters they approached. Many were barefoot while others wore sandals. All of them wore rags. My former master only gave out good clothes to them so he could impress his clients, when that was not the case this is what they wore. Tattered bits of cloth hung limply on their bodies. Some women were physically battered and their souls equally scared. With a mere touch of my hand I healed them, Desda's strength aiding me.

I felt each of their hurts, and their suffering and took them into myself. Many stood a little bit taller as if a great weight had been lifted off of them. I loved each of them despite their faults, seeing everything each of them had done. Reaching into the deepest part of myself I pushed all my love for them into each slave, changing them. Within moments eyes that had closed flew open, revealing a strange new world.

"What has happened to us?" They asked.

Looking at each of their faces I said, "I have made you like me and kept my promise. In time you will go your own way as all children do, but for now I have much to teach you, and we must leave this city and see the world. I believe there is much that can be done."

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