The Wishless Wonder
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Magic,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Much to the frustration of Bill Summers, his genie would not grant wishes. Warning: Story might not be completed.

My name is Bill Summers. The first thing you should know about me is that I'm not a genius.

To be a genius you must possess two qualities. The first quality of a genius is to think differently. Merely being smart is sufficient to make amazing breakthroughs, but the ability to make frequent, significant breakthroughs requires a different mindset in order to overtake the hurdles that non-geniuses encounter. Geniuses are often misunderstood by the people around them and frequently have problems in school or throughout life. For example, Tesla disliked touching round objects. More humorously, he would not hold a convention without having a tesla coil firing electricity around the room. Needless to say, this often scared the crap out of his audience, despite his promises of safety. I do not have the ability to think differently.

I do possess the second quality, which is the ability to think efficiently. I have what I like to call an eidetic short term memory. It would be more accurate to say I can think of a lot of things at once. A normal man can hold a telephone number in short term member, I can store a book... if I'm willing to read it in one sitting. This might sound inferior to true eidetic memory; I will not remember the text later. However, I can think of the whole book at once! Imagine trying to write a book on the theme of birds and being able to recall exactly quotes and pages for every mention of birds, magpies, swallows, or any other word for bird.

As a young child, I quickly understood the limits of my strange ability. True, I could easily ace a spell test by looking over the word list for two minutes before a test. However, only a fraction of the words would actually be recalled later, and I'd soon pay for it when angry teachers encountered the words, spelled incorrectly, in my sentences. This is not to say I actually memorized the words to take tests. I merely kept a list of words and glanced over it before class. The teachers got the last laugh, since all those glances added up to me leaving the class knowing all the words. Still, I was almost always several months behind my classmates in knowledge, despite my consistently flawless performance.

The ability to store a giant chuck of a information in short term memory ensured I was frequently offered jobs consulting on complex tasks like programming, finance, and statistics. Most businesses stuck to keeping such work in house (with the workers who were actually familiar with the source code), but the word was out: "If you're need a bug found or a problem solved, call Bill Summers. I could solve pretty much any problem within 24 hours.

I point all of this out to justify my claim that the oil lamp which was sitting in my kitchen cupboard had appeared there out of nowhere. True, I had not actually looked in my cupboard for several hours, but I knew that when I had looked in it earlier, the lamp was not there. A normal man may have assumed the cleaning staff had snuck it in and it was unnoticed on the first look, but I knew exactly what I had seen in that first look. If you still aren't laughing at my crazy stories, you'll laugh now. The lamp was a genie's lamp.

After a bit of staring at the lamp, I honestly did think there was a small chance it was magic. Having full confidence in my own memory has afforded me the ability to trust in my own thoughts, and I could not think of any likely scenario for how the lamp got there. The most likely scenario was that a cleaning person had installed a silent motor under the lamp that propelled it into sight while the cupboard was closed. Noticeably more likely than the lamp being magic, which I figured to be about a 0.05% change. But I did not discount it.

Of course, the obvious way to test that theory was to rub it. This had the benefit of enabling me to, upon picking it up, test other theories by examining the wall for holes and the cabinet for motors. At this point magic was up to about 1%. Me having some minor mental hallucination/dream was at about 85%. The other 14% was largely un-categorized. So, I rubbed it.

The genie who appeared was beautiful, but it would be pointless for me to describe her. I imagine your interest is based on wanting your own genie, but this one takes on whatever appearance will be appeal to her master, as do most genies. Imagine her however you wish. I think the genie was far more surprised by me than I was by her. I suspect I was the first master to not express shock at the sight of a genie. I did not try to ward her off as a devil or scream I'm hallucinating. In truth, the hallucination/dream theory was about equal to the magic genie theory, but being rude to a genie is rude and being polite to a hallucination can't hurt. I figured the nicest thing to do was to introduce myself, so I did so.

"Hi, I'm Bill Summers." I shook her hand.

The genie said nothing, but was smiling.

"Could you please tell me your name?"

The smile grey wider. Her answer was, "No."

Wanting to avoid silly confusion, I requested clarification. She provided it, "My name is not 'no.' I cannot tell you my name."

"Do you have one? Should I name you myself? I need something to call you."

"Yes, no."

At this point I was rather confused. I doubted her name would have power over her. No doubt genies would be immune regardless. As my confusion grew, I noticed that the genie's smile was oddly familiar. The last time I had seen that smile had been several years ago on the face of my sister. Soon after, I had been the victim of a prank that was, in hindsight, quite hilarious. Also quite embarrassing, so I refuse to describe it.

"Why can't you tell me your name?"

"I can't tell you."

"Why not?"

"I can't tell you that."

At this point, her cheeks were turning pink, her eyes were twinkling (literally), and her smile was even wider. I was absolutely sure that she was about to reveal something quite humorous. I was wrong. She did not say a word. She just continued greening. I was starting to become mildly worried. Finally, I couldn't take it any more.



"What's so funny?"

"What makes you think something's funny?"

I glared at her. She pouted, but answered.

"My last master made three wishes. 'I wish you could not reveal any previous wishes to myself or future masters except my own. I wish that, after making my third wish, I would forget all of the wishes that had been granted by you except my own. I wish that you no longer granted wishes."

"That's not very funny," I answered.

"Well, you don't know what wishes my previous masters have made."

"What kind of idiot would make such pointless wishes? He could have wished for anything in the world and he wished for that!?"

"He asked me that very same question. He was laughing when he made the wishes, though."

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