Thursday Night's Rendezvous at the Jade Inn

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Swinging, Interracial, White Couple, White Male, Oriental Female, Petting, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The sexual excitement is high as the exotic sexual action between Michael and Anne; and, Garrett and Su Lin continues. Throwing caution aside, the two couples are determined to explore deeper into the vault of secret erotic practices.

Thursday Night's Rendezvous at the Jade Inn

Thursday morning came, and Anne was up early. Stepping out of the shower, smelling clean and fresh, she called to her husband, Michael,

"Honey, are you ready? You know we're supposed to meet Garrett and Su Lin for breakfast at the Scrimshaw Café."

Michael laughed.

"I'm ready. I'm just waiting for you."

Several minutes later, after a short walk, Anne and Michael arrived at the Scrimshaw Café. There they found Garrett and Su Lin waiting for them.

The two attractive couples took an outdoor table far removed from the other Patrons, and soon were engaged in animated conversation.

"Well, tonight's the big night."

Garrett said, grinning in the direction of the two lovely women seated sedately side by side, looking so prim and proper.

Gazing at his quiet well-mannered wife, Anne; and Garrett's vivacious radiant little wife, Su Lin, Michael could hardly believe what the four of them had planned for that evening.

Under the table, he could feel his unruly cock thickening at just the thought of watching Anne and Su Lin have at it once again with each other.

"Anne - need get plenty of rest today - maybe take nap," Su Lin giggled, casting a teasing look in Anne's direction.

Ann felt her competitive juices start to stir.

"Su Lin, I don't know quite how to tell you this; but, I'm not afraid of you,"

"If you must know," Anne laughed," You don't impress me," she said tartly staring into Su Lin's dark mocking eyes challenging her.

"It's going to be unbelievably erotic and exciting watching how each of you does against the other tonight."

Michael said, smiling warmly in the direction of the two beautiful wives.

A moment later their breakfast arrived and the four of them ate hurriedly. Both couples had plans and things to do later that morning.

After finishing breakfast, Garrett said, "Su Lin and I have to run. Shall we plan to meet at 8:00 o'clock this evening then?"

"Okay," Anne and Michael agreed as the two couples went their separate ways for the day.

Earlier that morning

"Su Lin, Baby, are you awake?"

"Just wake up... now"

"I hope you got lots of sleep. Tonight is the big night."

"I not mind... Anne like Chinese woman... small like us. You see... I make verrry good... for you."

"What did you and Anne do yesterday when you went out?"

"We... have nails done. She cut real short... like mine."

"You know, Michael and I can hardly wait for this evening to get here so we can enjoy the little present you and Anne have planned for us."

"We not want to really have woman fight... we just play... maybe we struggle... see who is stronger. Winner make woman on bottom do sexy stuff"

"Let's hurry - Anne and Michael may already be over at the Scrimshaw Café. We promised to have breakfast with them... remember?"

"I almost ready" Su Lin said grabbing her bag as they ran out the door.

Eight o'clock Thursday - the Erotic Games begin

Both couples arrived a little before eight. The Suite was fairly alive with anticipation.

Once everyone was comfortable and at ease with one another, Garrett suggested.

"Hey, why don't we start right where we left off on Monday evening?"

"What do you mean," Michael asked.

"Well... , why don't we have Su Lin and Anne get astride us once again, and start satisfying us like they did the other night? Only this time we won't pin their calves down so they'll both be free to struggle with each other.

"They can start play wrestling with each wife astride her husband, like they did Monday evening, okay?"

"Yeah," Michael said.

"That was so erotic and cool to watch. What do you think, Anne? Would you be willing to do it that way?"

Michael asked, his eyes beseeching his wife to say, yes.

"Sure, I guess so," Anne replied.

She smiled at his pathetic eagerness. In truth, earlier that day Anne had decided she wanted do whatever Michael wanted.

This was to be their last night, and she was quietly determined to make it really erotic and sexy for him.

"I... not hardly wait to be on top of Anne."

Su Lin giggled, goading Anne with a snide little glance in her direction.

"Okay," Garrett said.

"This time we'll leave your legs free, so you can start play fighting once each of you is kneeling astride us.

"It's going to be really exciting to see which one of you wrestles the other off her husband first," Garrett said.

"Yeah," Michael agreed.

"This way we can watch the woman still astride her husband take the other wife down to the mattress then watch while she straddles the wife who ends up flat of her back."

"Wow!" That is going to be so sexy to watch," Garrett agreed.

Though taken by surprise at the two husband's suggestion; Su Lin quickly agreed.

Anne now had no choice. Just wanting to get it over with, she reluctantly went along with the two husband's erotic wish.

Staring into the other female's black eyes, Anne sensed that Su Lin was more than ready for their last little play fight to start.

Anne winched. She remembered how Su Lin's playful little slaps Monday night, had stung her face. Anne was also definitely aware that Su Lin wasn't at all afraid of her.

Anne further realized that whichever wife managed to get the other wife down first, and got on top would have the advantage.

Although within moments Anne knew she would be locked in a wild little play battle with this tough little female from half a world away, she wasn't worried. She knew Su Lin, was her age, size and about her weight.

From having already matched strengths with Su Lin the previous Monday evening, Anne knew they would be a close match in strength and determination.

Anne promised herself grimly that she was going to fight hard to be the first women astride, once one of them had wrestled the other wife off her husband's naked waist and was sprawled on her back.

In a flashback of last Monday evening, Anne found herself slipping out of her elegant little summer dress, her frilly slip - her pink lacy panties followed the other garments down to the rug.

Anne's nakedness was on full view. Looking down at her discarded pink lacy panties, Anne was surprised to see the crotch was stained.

Am I so scared, I wee wee'd in my panties she thought, laughing to herself. Then she felt better as she realized her tummy was getting tighter.

Anne felt that old familiar delicious tingling feeling. My pussy labia lips are swelling, she realized.

That's translucent juice staining my pink panties. I'm getting aroused.

Across from her, Su Lin slipped out of her black skirt and white blouse, and then slithered out of her baize slip and white panties. The two petite wives were ready.

Su Lin's eyes followed Anne's gaze and had also noticed the dark stain on Anne's discarded pink panties.

Poking her own white panties with her toe, Su Lin laughed to herself silently when she noticed her panty crotch was also soaked from her own juices.

Taking the erotic initiative, Su Lin hooked her big toe through one of her panty leg opening and kicked her soiled white panties in Michael's direction.

"Here maybe you'd like to sniff my panties..."

Su Lin giggled, staring in Anne's direction, her almond eyes just daring Anne to do the same.

Anne watching Su Lin laughingly accepted the Chinese wife's challenge. Hooking her toes through the leg opening of her pink panties, with an impish smile, she kicked them in Garrett's direction.

Laughing, completely delighted, Garrett caught Ann's soiled panties in mid-air.

"Enjoy," Anne teased him, adding, "I'm sure my translucent juice smells much sexier than your wife's."

One look at their pleased and delighted husbands, the two wives could see they had two happy guys.

"Hey," Garrett suggested,

"Why don't the two of you leave your sexy slips on?"

"Yeah," Michael agreed.

That would make it more erotic that way."

The two almost naked wives were a beautiful erotic contrast of white creamy skin and golden brown skin as they once again knelt nervously astride their husband's naked waist.

Both beautiful wives had petite little titties that jutted out invitingly. The two husbands were fully aroused to a fever pitch.

With their two petite black-haired wives astride once more, both wives gloriously naked except for their slips; they each were on delightful exotic display and were providing an intensely erotic picture for the watching husbands viewing pleasure.

Anne and Su Lin's play fight

Both Anne and Su Lin were tense, as if trying to decide who would start. Abruptly, the play fight between the almost naked wives was on again.

Su Lin started it by delivering a stinging open-handed little slap to Anne's delicate cheek.

"I've been waiting all day to do that," the little Asian vixen laughed.

Primed and ready, Anne answered Su Lin's challenge in a heartbeat.

"Oh, yeah," she laughed, "See how you like this."

Though her cheek was stinging from the pain, Anne sunk her delicate grasping white fingers up to the scalp in Su Lin's black hair and began jerking the Chinese wife head back and forth.

Giving Anne's pretty face another playful slap with one hand, Su Lin's wiry fingers seized a little fistful of Anne's black hair with the other.

"Oh, you like to pull hair, eh," Su Lin laughed, obviously enjoying herself.

"So do I! "

Michael, felt sudden pangs of guilt, as he watched Anne locked in this final long awaited confrontation with Su Lin.

He felt his unruly member becoming hard rock as he looked up. He could look up and see Anne, now kneeling astride his waist, struggling to match the ferociousness of the other little wife's feminine attack.

Michael felt a special erotic sweetness, as he remembered that the Jade Inn had been the scene of their first time intercourse.

He had marveled at how beautiful and tight Anne's sexy black haired pussy had looked in the dim light of the room; how the lush black pubic hair covering Annes' puffy swollen labia lips had excited him.

Now, at this very same Jade Inn, a year later, his sweet little wife Anne was giving him a most special first Anniversary present.

Anne was letting him lie there and enjoy watching her little black haired pussy in a female struggle with an Asian wife's pussy.

She had always known right from the first days of their marriage that this was his longed for favorite forbidden fantasy.

Anne was lovingly aware she was making the evening even sweeter, and more special for Michael, because he was lying underneath watching her sexy little struggle with Su Lin.

This was the girl who had been her adversary in the first fantasy story she had ever told him.

However, she suspected this little desk clerk that had checked the two of them in on their wedding night was just as catty a little bitch as her.

Michael felt a sweet ache as his cock became more and more swollen. He looked up - wanting it to last - not wanting to miss anything as he tried to take it all in.

Michael could feel his thickening cock moving deep inside Anne's embattled black hairy pussy as she shifted back and forth.

Michael watched as both Anne and Su Lin playfully slapped and jerked each other back and forth by their now tangled long black hair. Their little feminine girlish sounds ignited his arousal.

Michael felt disappointment, as he suddenly felt his thick engorged cock jerked abruptly almost out of Anne's gyrating translucent soaked pussy.

Through sexually lustful eyes, he saw the other determined little wife now had Anne by her hair and was jerking her little head back and forth violently. Su Lin was a strong little female and Michael could often feel Anne being pulled almost off him.

Looking up, Michael could see the tough wiry little female was pushing Anne, slowly forcing her backwards.

He knew within moments, unless Anne was strong enough to stop her, the other little female, Su Lin was going to topple his little wife off his waist. She would then take Anne sprawling flat of her back to the mattress.

A moment later, his fears were realized. He saw Su Lin's brown wiry fingers seize Anne's arms.

The next view he would remember forever. The thrill of it would last him for a lifetime.

Michael looking up, watched his wife's tight little black hairy pussy being wrestled off.

Now in midair, Michael caught an unforgettable quick glimpse of Su Lin's hair covered crack with its thicker labia lips and the longer, thinner labia lips of his wife Anne's pussy.

The two females seemed suspended as they hung in the air overhead for that long erotic moment. Then both wives fell crashing, sprawling, down to the mattress. Su Lin gave a little triumphant cry as she came down on top of Anne.

Anne, her slip wrapped around her waist, her sexy petite thighs sprawled lewdly apart - her little black haired pussy on full view as the fight continued to unfold.

Anne, gasping in shock, fighting back finally managed to pull the determined little wildcat off to the side by her now disheveled black hair.

Rolling on top of the other wife's golden brown figure, both Su Lin and Anne's lacy flimsy slips rode up their thrashing sexy thighs and was now wrapped around their naked waists.

Michael was mesmerized at the sight of Su Lin's beautiful almost naked brown body momentarily sprawled underneath Anne.

Michael had the perfect view of Su Lin's long swollen vagina that was lushly covered with stiff black hair forming a sexy triangle of black hair that crept sexily up her brown stomach. Her labia lips were firm and slightly parted like an angry slash.

Su Lin became aware, and seemed to sense Michael was getting an eyeful; but she didn't care. However, Michael's erotic view and Anne's advantage was short lived.

Su Lin, squealing in indignation, her female competitive spirit surging, quickly planted her feet wide apart.

Bucking and heaving up, she pumped her naked brown hips up off the disheveled bed. Su Lin's naked brown thighs gaped open wildly. Her beautiful black hairy pussy was fully agape, open to the pink

A moment later Su Lin, threw Anne's soft sexy white body off the top of her, shoving Anne sprawling flat on her back.

Ann's white legs and luscious thighs sprawled lewdly apart akimbo... as they gaped wide open.

Anne's forbidden spot was now revealed to Garrett's hungry eyes as her puffy little labia lips parted slightly.

Su Lin quickly struggled on top of Anne's thrashing naked body and straddled her.

Now underneath, Anne's sexy legs and thighs sprawled wide apart, revealing her fleshy little black hairy pussy that gaped open invitingly.

To the sensual delight of the watching husbands, Anne's forbidden spot was providing a sexy erotic view of her small petal like pink interlips.

Anne was aware but chose to ignore that the watching husbands were getting an eye-ful of her most private spot. She continued to struggle desperately trying to unseat the strong little Asian wife astride her.

Michael was thrilled to realize Anne's shapely body appeared to be a match for the naked slender golden brown-skinned woman's slightly stockier body.

Anne's yelps and screams now began to rent the air as Su Lin's strong brown fingers seized two handfuls of Anne's thick black hair.

Su Lin seated firmly astride Anne, rode the weaker white woman's naked body back and forth across the big bed that had been pushed against the wall.

Although both women moaned and grunted, squealed and shrieked... it was Anne's moans and squeals of anguish that filled the room the loudest!

Finally, Anne succeeded in pulling Su Lin's stronger brown naked body off her. Rolling quickly on top, Anne tried to sit up, but was thrown sprawling flat on her back once again.

"You have... enough? You... give now!" Su Lin laughingly asked Anne.

"No - you little Slut... you haven't won yet," Ann giggled, as she continued to struggle wildly.

Michael watched his now tiring little wife bravely struggle up to her shaky knees only to fall between Su Lin's strong brown thighs.

Sensing her advantage, the wily little Asian female then wrapped her sexy firm brown legs around Anne's tiny waist.

It was becoming obvious to Michael that Su Lin was starting to get the upper hand. The wiry aggressive female was mounted firmly astride Anne's stomach yanking, and jerking her head by her black hair - up and down on the mattress.

However, Michael admitted guiltily, he loved watching the two females in their barely civil play fight with each other.

With Anne, the same size as Su Lin he felt himself even more hard rock. Anne's anguished squeals and screams now filled the room ever more frequently as a determined Su Lin continued to remain firmly astride her.

Anne lay underneath the little Asian wildcat still trying to struggle, as she wildly pumped her soft white thighs and hips up off the mattress, trying to dislodge the aggressive little female on top of her.

Garrett was now in seventh Heaven. Looking at Anne's beautiful slender legs and soft rounded white thighs, he felt himself almost ready to burst.

When Anne started pumping her sexy hips up, her thighs spread open wide apart.

From time to time, Garrett would be rewarded with a glimpse of the white female's little pink inter pussy lips.

Garrett's lips were dry from his arousal, so like an animal in heat; he licked them in anticipation of what was almost sure to come later.

Anne was aware she was providing the two husbands with an unobstructed view of her forbidden spot.

She also knew both husbands were enjoying watching Su Lin and her, and wasn't going to pull this little female wildcat off her.

Anne continued to struggle, but her little lunges became more feeble and ineffective as the weight of the Asian wife gradually wore her down.

Giving a quick glance in her husband's direction, Anne could see he was still enjoying watching her female confrontation with Su Lin.

To make it exciting for the two watching husbands, she continued for a bit longer, knowing how much both Michael and Garrett were enjoying her and Su Lin's little play fight.

She's definitely too much for me, Anne finally thought. I feel like I'm about to faint. I'm going to have to give up, a dejected Anne finally admitted to herself.

"Okay, I give up," an exhausted Anne finally conceded.

"Please get off me... let me up, "she pleaded weakly looking up at the naked Chinese wife.

"You win... I can't fight anymore, "Anne begged.

"Please let's stop... I've had enough. Let me up, pleeezze!' she begged.

"Okay... you give now?" Although Su Lin's cold black almond eyes were smiling, they were glittering with anticipation.

"Yes... I give. Please get off me. Let me up," Anne pleaded again, as she continued to pant, trying to catch her breath.

"Admit you're a little Slut... okay," Su Lin giggled, starting to enjoy her victory over the other vanquished female.

"Okay I admit I'm a little Slut - will you get off me now?" Anne asked, willing to say anything that would get Su Lin off her.

"You cheap little Slut," Su Lin taunted Anne.

"Okay... say I win... then I get off... let you up," Su Lin continued to taunt a distraught Anne.

"Okay... you win - now get off of me," Anne spiritedly insisted.

Anne submits to Su Lin

Garrett couldn't have been more pleased and excited. As he had expected, Su Lin had won their little play fight and would now be allowed to force the petite gentler wife, Anne into submission.

Su Lin was now in charge for the full evening unless Anne decided to challenge her; then, another feminine confrontation would ensue.

Garrett, and his sexually eager wife, couldn't wait to get at Michael's defeated wife, Anne.

Both wives went into the bathroom. When the two females emerged showered and refreshed, in white bathrobes Su Lin ordered a submissive Anne to climb on the bed and lay on her back.

"You let my husband... claim his prize now... okay?" Su Lin informed Anne.

"Okay," Anne said, defeat registering in her barely audible response.

Anne couples with Garrett

Garrett's thickening cock begin to expand as he crawled toward Michael's petite little wife Anne. Reaching Anne, who was still on her back, her luscious thighs now slightly raised.

Anne slowly raised her naked slender thighs, the very picture of a woman in submission.

He's getting between my legs, Anne thought. He's bigger than Michael down there, she realized.

Staring down at this beautiful petite female sent his senses reeling. Garrett inhaled the smell of her expensive cologne mixed with her feminine smells that wafted tantalizingly up to pleasantly assault his nostrils.

Anne, resigned to her fate now raised her bare thighs until they were touching her stiff little titties. Her swollen vagina was wide open.

Bending down, Garrett closed his eyes and followed the delicious feminine smell until his nose led him to the white wife's moist pussy.

He loved the initial first warm contact with Anne's black hairy pussy. Now up close, he could drink in her full sexual essence.

Running his warm tongue up and down Anne's moistening black hairy Slit, Garrett could smell and tastes Anne's slick juices which tasted faintly salty. His highly aroused senses could detect a very slight aroma, a little trace of wee wee.

Unable to resist, Garrett gave a hungry groan deep in his throat. She must have leaked a little wee wee, probably when Su Lin had her down on the bottom while they were tussling, Garrett thought.

"She's so clean - and smells so sexy and nice," he thought feeling his arousal soaring out of control.

"UUuuua," Anne moaned softly, almost inaudibly, as she felt her whole pubic region tightening at Garrett's skillful sexual manipulations.

"You okay?" Garrett whispered.

"Uh huh," she whispered back pleased at how gentle he was with her.

Anne almost screamed in silent delight as this strong muscular naked man's warm tongue, found her stiffening painfully swollen little clitoris a moment later.

For a full minute, Garrett fluttered his cruel tongue back and forth across Anne's clit.

This brought excruciating moans of joy pain from Anne, who was now lying helpless before him.

A half crazed Anne - caught up in her unrelenting arousal - stared up through passion-laden eyes. Oh, God, I want Garrett to take me, she decided.

Anne, her beautiful forbidden spot that until tonight had only been enjoyed by her Michael, was now at the mercy of Garrett's huge engorged cock.

Anne shuddered with anticipation when she saw the head of Garrett's huge cock that was now angry and swollen from his overpowering arousal.

Michael, who had been watching, was suddenly surprised to feel Su Lin's warm little petite body sitting between his legs leaning against his hairy chest. As she leaned back snuggling warmly against him, she whispered,

"You like?"

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