My Ebony Christmas Gift
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Black Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Tit-Fucking, BBW, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - All alone at Christmas, Jojo and I take care of each other's needs.

Well, you all know what Christmas is like. I was bored silly - just me and my PC and a box of Roses chocolates. I had played all the games on my PC, surfed all around the world, and had still not found what I was looking for. I was clicking through the links on the Yahoo home page when I came across the chat rooms and decided to have a stroll though them.

Now I have never really been into the whole chat room or messenger scene, but I decided for a laugh to download Yahoo Messenger, so after a quick (LOL) download I was up and running. A quick search told me that there were many people from my hometown online, so I decided to try to hook up with one or two. After a few hours of fruitless messages, your typical ' hi how's things' messages were being ignored, it was nearly one in the morning and there where not many people left online. I decided to give it another half an hour before I gave up and hit my pit, when lo and behold I got a response.

Her screen name was Ebony Queen. We exchanged a few innocent messages: 'how are you', 'what's the weather like', 'where are you'' etc. Then I asked what she was up to online and her reply was surfing book shop sites, so I boldly mentioned that I love to read and I also write the odd short story. She asked me about my favourite genres and favourite authors before moving onto the stories I write.

I guess I paused a moment or two before admitting the kind of stories that I write and where they are published, but a flashing reply asked for the web site address, which I supplied.

The messenger screen went quiet for a while, and then she popped back up with a good night message and then it showed her as logged off. I had the feeling in my head she would not be messaging me again.

The following day I did some house work and went for a walk around the local park just to kill some time, but come evening I fired up the PC and logged into the messenger again. There she was online.

As soon as I showed as online she messaged me. she told me she had loved some of the stories on the site and had joined up!

She asked for my real name which I gave her, and she told she was called Joanne, or Jojo to her friends.

She asked me if my stories were true to life, and I asked her what she meant.

She asked if I was as addicted to giving oral sex and big boobs in real life as I seemed to be in my stories.

I told Jojo that I liked to give oral and was actually quite good at it, that yes, I liked big boobs and loved to please. She replied that she had never been given good oral, but would love to receive some and she did have big boobs. I quizzed her further, and after a few attempts she told me they were 48EE; now I know that some people on the Net don't always tell the truth so I thought perhaps she was telling me a bit of a porky but, hell, if she was not, I was in for some real fun.

Try as I might, I could not get her to give me an answer on whether she was up for some one-on-one fun, so with the small hours approaching I offered to email my mobile number to her just in case she wanted the ride of her life, so with that I went to bed.

I guess I had given up on ever getting some fun online when three days after downloading the messenger I had not even had a sniff of a chance. I was actually out shopping in my local shopping mall when my mobile rang. I answered, and a very sexy voice asked for me by name.

"Hi Zak. It's Jojo. Can you talk?" she said in sexy deep sultry voice.

"Sure thing," I replied. "How are you, Jojo?"

Now I was expecting a quick 'okay' or 'not bad ', but in the middle of HMV Jojo had me gob smacked. I nearly dropped a pile of CD's.

"To be honest, Zak, I'm bored silly and as horny as fuck," Jojo replied. "I'm sitting at work and the only thing I can think about is getting laid."

I must have paused for a bit too long. To be honest I was unsure how to reply in the middle of a busy shop without everyone looking at me!

"Oh, I am sorry. Did that shock you?" she asked her voice little more than a whisper.

"No, no, I like a girl who is honest, knows what she wants, and that speaks her mind," said I, trying to suppress my eagerness.

"That's good, so..." Jojo started to say, but I decided to take the lead and interrupted her.

"So what can we do about that?"

"Well, I was hoping you'd offer to come over tonight and make me a happy girl," Jojo said, letting out a little giggle. How could I refuse an offer like that?

"I would be more than happy to take on the challenge," I said, laughing.

"So do you have a pen?" she asked, and gave me the name of a wine bar that I knew.

"I'll be there are 6.30. You can't miss me; I am big, black and beautiful," Jojo said, once again laughing. Her laugh was like a drain, and with that the phone went dead.

I arrived at the wine bar at about 6ish and picked a table. I was halfway through my second glass of wine and the clock had moved to quarter to seven. Still no sign of Jojo; I guessed she had had second thoughts. Who could blame her? It could not be easy to walk into a bar to meet a complete stranger.

I drained the dregs from my glass. I was about to call it a night when the doors opened. It had to be her.

She was amazing. Dressed in a knee length red dress, she certainly was big, what you might call well built and well proportioned apart from her chest, which looked huge. She also had a nice big bum. Her face was round and her smile seemed to light up the room. Her hair was in plaits with beads at the ends. Big, black and beautiful, it just had to be her.

She was standing at the bar trying to attract the attention of the barman so I stood up and called out her name. She turned toward me. Two thoughts ran through my mind: she was the most amazing woman I'd ever seen, and she would be leaving here alone, because she was far too good for me. She walked over to the table and I offered her my hand. She bypassed this and kissed me softly on the cheek. She smelt divine.

I poured two glasses of wine and handed one over to Jojo. She took a big slug. We sat there for a few minutes, just looking at each other, not sure what to say. Then Jojo laughed; she did have the most amazing laugh.

"What's up?" I asked.

She took my hand in hers and smiled that huge beaming smile. "I cannot believe we are here like this," she said. "I've never really met anyone like this before. I am as nervous as hell."

That seemed to break the ice, and we started to chat about general things: what we liked to read, music we liked, etc. She was great, obviously intelligent, gorgeous, and great fun to be with. I ordered another bottle of wine and soon we were talking like old mates, which was good, but just made me surer that I was not in for a night of unbridled passion.

I felt Jojo's hand squeeze mine and I looked up at her eyes - brown sparkling eyes. She just stared back. I was unsure what to say or do.

Jojo leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I guess I was a bit taken back. I kissed her back, enjoying the taste of her lipstick and the texture of her lips. We kissed for a few seconds before Jojo sat back in her chair. She emptied her glass and I followed suit.

She stood up and I was sure she was about to give me the bad news. My heart did back flips waiting for her to put me out of my misery.

"My flat is just around the corner. Do you fancy a coffee?" she said with a wink.

Outside the wine bar she took my hand and led me down the street. We chatted as we walked, her asking questions, me answering ... are you single, are you looking for a relationship, etc., etc.

We stopped at the door of an apartment block. Jojo turned to face me and I slipped my arms around her pulling her close. I kissed her ruby red lips and she returned the kiss with interest. Then she pushed me away. I thought, 'this is it. Thanks for a lovely evening, but no thanks.'

"If you want to, then you may can come in," she said, smiling up at me, "but please be aware, I'm not looking for anything more than fun, no-strings adult fun. I divorced about three years ago, and I need a man to make me feel like a woman again. To be honest and blunt, I want a good fucking - no, I need a good fucking!"

She leaned into me and kissed me again. "Do you think you can handle that, babe?"

There was no need to reply. I just pulled her close and kissed her, kissed her long and deep.

In the lift up to her third floor flat nothing was said. She opened the door and invited me in. The flat was smart and tidy, walls lined with bookshelves and a rack of CD's. In the corner was a table with a new looking laptop.

She dropped her coat onto a chair by the door and I did likewise.

"So do you know how to make coffee?" she enquired.

"I am sure I will be able to work it out!" I said.

"Okay, that's good then. I won't be long. Ooh, and mine's white, no sugar," and with a kiss she was gone.

As I prepared the coffee I heard a shower running and Jojo's voice singing some old Motown hit.

I was sitting on the sofa, slowly sipping my coffee, when Jojo returned; she looked even more stunning dressed in a red silky kimono. She sat on the sofa beside me. Just the smell of her made me feel horny, and from the sway of her breasts as she had moved it was obvious she was buck naked under that sheer silky kimono. She took her coffee and used the remote control to start a CD.

After a few minutes she turned to me and smiled nervously.

"I guess the wine made me brave, but after my shower I am not so sure," Jojo said. Her voice had lost some of its assured tone.

I took her hand in mine and gave it a friendly squeeze. "It's okay, Jojo," I said, trying to assure her. "I will finish my coffee and then leave if you are having second thoughts."

"No way, Zak, please stay. I am just a bit nervous. My marriage was over a few years back and my ex-husband was not what you might call adventurous when it came to sex," she said, her hand gripping mine tighter.

I looked at her eyes. The smile had gone from them, and it had been replaced with an intense look.

"I have only ever been with one man, and I guess I am pretty immature sexually." she said, her eyes had taken on a sadness.

I squeezed her hand, unsure what to do next. I wanted her because she was making me feel so horny, but I did not want to rush her. I knew that Jojo had said something, but I am sure my ears were playing tricks on me. I turned to face her.

"I guess it's hard to believe, hey?" Jojo looked at me, her face a picture of disappointment.

"What woman of my age has never experienced oral sex?" Jojo's voice cracked as she said it.

"So was that your choice or his?" I enquired.

"Oh, his. He thought it was dirty. His idea of sex was a quick fumble with the lights off on the last day of the month," Jojo said with a laugh, "always him on top, always over in two or three minutes."

Jojo stood up quickly and grabbed my hand, pulling me to my feet. She planted a huge, sloppy wet kiss on my lips. When she pulled away from me our eyes met.

"If I don't do this now, I know I won't do it at all," she said, her voice both nervous and eager.

She pulled me into the bedroom, which had a big double bed in the centre. I looked around the room, which was dimly lit and very girlie.

Turning to face me, Jojo took my hands in hers and kissed my lips.

"Please be gentle with me, Zak," she said, her voice full of nervousness.

I kissed her ruby red lips, my tongue slipping between them, and at the same time untied the knot in the silk string that was holding the kimono closed, it slipped from her shoulders revealing her in all her glory. I kissed her neck and ears, my hands caressing her back and shoulders. I started licking down over her shoulders, moving down the slopes of her huge tits.

I sat in the edge of the bed and pulled her close to me. I used the palm of my hand to reach under one of her big boobs, and I lifted it to my mouth. My god, they were huge, so firm and so heavy, topped with nipples that were growing rapidly. I weighed it and fondled the firm warm flesh. I felt Jojo's hand stroking the back of my neck.

Her nipples were small but thick, and they sprouted from a huge areola, easily the size of a saucer. I ran my tongue in circles getting closer and closer to her teat. I grazed the very tip of it with my teeth and felt Jojo shudder. I flicked at it with the tip of my tongue, gently brushing the chocolate brown flesh.

I looked up and saw that Jojo was staring intensely at me. I gave her a wink and roughly sucked her nipple into my mouth, suckling on her. At the same time my hands caressed the warm flesh of her tits. As I sucked that big rubbery teat into my mouth Jojo groaned loudly. Her hand was on the back of my head, holding me tight to her tits. I must have feasted on her giant orb for ages. I switched from left to right, covering each of her melons with kisses and licks but always returning my focus to her nipples.

I used my tongue to swirl over the nipple, and my hand squeezed and caressed her big black tit. I used my teeth to graze her nipple, which by now had grown to the size of wine bottle corks. I felt pressure on my head and realised she was trying to switch my attentions from one tit to the other. I took the other nipple deep in my mouth, trying to suck in as much of that delicious tit flesh as I could. God, her tits were gorgeous, the skin was so soft and was shining such a rich ebony brown colour. They felt so heavy in my hands.

Now I had never been lucky enough to get my sticky mitts on a pair of 48EE boobs before, and I guess I had expected them to be quite saggy, but not this pair of beauties. They seemed to defy gravity, I'm not saying they did not sag a little, but they were very firm and stood proud, lord God above, I was in heaven!!!. I shoved my face into her deep cleavage, suffocating myself in her breasts. I squeezed them together with my face in between them, enjoying the feel of her jugs on my cheeks.

Jojo's hands were on either side on my head, pulling me to my feet and away from her tits; she leaned down and kissed me, her tongue invading my mouth. I pulled her body close to me, enjoying its warmth. 'My God, I want to fuck this woman so much, ' I thought as she pushed me away.

"Zak, don't you feel a tad overdressed?" She laughed and started to unbutton my shirt.

I felt her lips brush over my nipples and my shirt fell to the floor. Her hands fumbled with my belt. I could tell that she was not practised in this art, so like the gent that I am, I quickly undid it and kicked off my shoes.

Jojo dropped to her knees and started to unzip my trousers. I have to say I was as hard as a brick by then. Jojo slid my trousers down and looked up at me before hooking her fingers over the top of my boxers and sliding them down.

She gasped as my cock came into view. I was embarrassed, as I was sure my boxers would show just how excited her tits had made me.

"Are you pleased to see me?" Jojo said, her face was so close to my bell end I could feel her breath as she spoke.

My cock stood proud, hard as nails, throbbing before her, a bead of shiny pre-cum on its tip. Jojo looked up at me and almost whispered for me to sit down.

"I've never done this before so, if I hurt you or do it wrong, please tell me." Her voice was barely audible.

I watched as she placed a gentle kiss on the tip of my cock. Her hands reached under my scrotum and gently caressed it; she was using the tip of her tongue, licking all around the ridge of my cock's helmet. Slowly her tongue slipped and slithered all over my cock head. Her long nails stroked my cock and balls, sending shivers up my spine.

Her lips fluttered up and down the length of my swelling twitching bar. I felt Jojo roll my solid cock against the smooth skin of her cheek. She moved her lips down my cock and nuzzled my balls. I felt her suck one ball then the other into her mouth, and I let out an involuntary sigh.

I shut my eyes and tried to block out all thoughts. This girl could do this forever as far as I was concerned. The sensation was amazing, she was driving me wild.

One of her hands gripped the base of my cock and started to wank me, gentle nice firm strokes, while she kissed and licked my cock. She ran her tongue all the way from my balls up to the tip. I really wanted her to take it in her mouth, but I just knew that I should not rush her. Her education had just started. I started to feel my cum boiling in my scrotum and that familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"Jojo, please stop." I told her. "that's so good I won't last very long!"

She pulled away and I stood up, I gently gripped her shoulders and pulled her up toward me. I looked into her big brown eyes before kissing her deep red lips. She pulled me close, squashing those gorgeous big boobs against my hairy chest. Our tongues wrestled as we kissed, and I ran my hands up and down the smooth skin on her back before giving her sexy arse a big squeeze, cupping her big buttocks in my hands, squeezing them together and then pulling them apart.

"Why don't you lie back on the bed?" I asked, "and let's see if I can make you a happy lady."

Jojo's smile seemed to stretch from ear to ear.

She lay back as I ripped off the rest of my clothes. When I turned around, Jojo was propped up on two pillows, her hands behind her head and her legs crossed. She looked gorgeous, she was indeed big, black and beautiful. I kneeled at the base of the bed and started kissing her ankles, moving up slowly. She soon took the hint and uncrossed her legs. I moved up over her knees, kissing, licking, stroking.

Her skin was gorgeous. I licked it, tasting a faint flavour of coconut, I found out later she used a skin softener everyday. As I got higher, I noticed that Jojo had closed her eyes and was fondling her own boobs, something that always turned me on. Her thighs opened as I moved up, and I ran a line of kisses along them. She had good legs, strong and smooth. I kissed from her knee up the inside of her thighs.

Closer and closer I came to her beautiful pussy, covered in black curly hair. I was only an inch from her sex when I moved to her other leg and started kissing her ankle. I could hear Jojo's breathing quicken. Once again I kissed and licked my way toward her pussy. I kissed and licked her inner thigh, then suddenly started to kiss the curve of her lower belly. I began flicking my tongue into her belly button suggestively.

She groaned, "Please, Zak, don't tease me! I need to be licked."

When a woman says that to you there is only one thing to do. I knelt beside her and dipped my head between her thighs, my face only an inch from her pussy. My arms slid under her thighs, lifting her slightly. I kissed her gently. She was already wet, and I could smell her musky woman smell, and boy, did it turn me on. I blew on her sex gently; it was already shining with the sheen of excitement. Her pussy was so wet, and I was eager to taste her. I did not hold back.

I ran my tongue up and down her outer lips; she tasted divine. I used one of my hands to open her pussy, and I buried my face deep into her, licking, kissing, sucking. She was getting wetter, so I guessed I was doing something right. I started to force my tongue deeper inside her, and her hands moved to the back of my head. It was as if she was forcing me into her womanhood.

I sucked on her juices and savoured her taste. Her outer lips were thick with lust, and I took them into my mouth, sucking and tugging on them. Jojo's juices flowed out of her, soaking my face and dripping off my chin. I drank from her, lapping up her tangy thick juices. My fingers and tongue worked on her pussy. By then, Jojo was groaning and moaning. Her thighs squeezed against me and her hands pulled my head tight against her. I was in heaven. I drove my tongue deeper into her.

I alternated my time between her pink sexy pussy and her clit. Licking, kissing, sucking. I used my fingers to strum her clit as I ate her.

I was licking her with wild abandon, forcing my tongue deep into her pussy. Soon my face and neck were soaked with her juices, when I felt her moving underneath me, her ass was lifting off the bed and I felt her thighs gripping the side of my head. I guessed from the guttural groans and deep sighs that this was something that she really enjoying, and this drove me to lick her faster and deeper, with broad deep sweeps of my tongue.

I moved my tongue to her clit and slid two fingers into her velvety love channel, this made her moan deeply. I started a nice slow steady stroke, in an out in and out in and out, each time they slid in made her groan even louder.

Her first orgasm was like an explosion, Jojo started to chant the word fuck over and over again. Her hands clawed at my head and her pussy gushed with passion: a gush of heat, and a gush of fluids. Her body was jerking and writhing on the bed, her breath was coming in gasps. I kept licking, running my tongue over her sensitive clit and her thick labia. After her body relaxed Jojo went quiet, the room was just full of her breath. I licked deep into her gorgeous pink pussy, my tongue massaging her lips and clit.

"Please, Zak, stop! Stop, please!" I heard Jojo groan.

I knew from her grip on my head that she did not mean it. She was grinding her twat all over my face, her hands tugging at my head. Juices were flowing freely from her; I slipped my lips over her clit almost as if I was giving her a blowjob. I heard her starting to chant again. I started to increase the pressure. Her body was writhing, and the room was full of the noise and smell of sexy. I kept up my sucking but it was hard, as Jojo was moving around so much.

"Oh god, tongue me, tongue me." she cried.

I slipped my lips off her clit and started to lick her pussy, drinking in her juices. lapping at the very centre of her cunt, before opening her wide and slipping as much of my tongue into her as I could. Deeper and faster my tongue drove into her and, from the sighs and groans issuing from her lips, Jojo was obviously having as much fun as I was. Her hips started to move to the rhythm of my lapping, and she started to get wetter and wetter. I used broad sweeps of my tongue to lap at her lust thickened pussy lips.

At the same time I slid my thumb over her clit, stroking it in little circles.

Her second orgasm was more gentle. I felt Jojo tense up, her fingernails dug into the flesh of my shoulders. She came with a deep sigh and she uttered some words that would have made a docker blush. I licked up as much of her cum as I could, my face was now soaked with her excitement and I licked my lips as I sat up and looked at her.

"My God, that was good," she groaned, and her grin told me she was very happy.

I just looked up at her. "I am not finished yet, Jojo."

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