Retreads Part Deux
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, DoOver, Mother, Sister, Father, Daughter, InLaws, Group Sex,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Eridani Federation established, Matt and crew now must face new challenges and find new allies. Note: Unless you've read Retreads part 1, understanding part 2 will be a problem.

The Wedding to Star was planned for the next week. Before then, we got better acquainted with Delia. The woman was insatiable, but that wasn't uncommon in the crowd she was with now. I don't think I have ever seen a woman cum as hard as she did when several of the girls held her immobile as the rest of us ravished her.

After one such occurrence, we were surprised to hear applause. Looking up, we saw Faith and Jackie whistling and clapping. We had to deny them the encore, but appreciated the thought.

They were there for a reason. Jackie explained "I think we should tell you a little more about what the gods did to us. You see, they were once like us. There is a race of beings even older than them, and when it was decided that Earth should be watched, they were chosen for the job. They were altered as we were. After their death, they ascended to God status and assumed their duties."

Faith took over, and began. "They knew that if we were changed as we were, there was little doubt that we would leave Earth. They also knew that they couldn't neglect their duties there, in order to watch over another planet. That's the reason that they added more and more little details as to what we could do. Basically, we were set up."

"Not everybody," Jackie added. "Not all the people sent back were modified as we were. We were told that much, but not who the people chosen would be. We really hope all of you are like us, but we just don't know."

"How is it that you can interact with us physically?" Angeni wanted to know.

Faith answered, "The old Gods always could, although they haven't in quite some time. Children may even be conceived from these encounters, and have been. For instance, Odin had a son named Beldegg by a mortal woman. He became king of north Saxony. There were numerous incidents like that. Odin and Loki seem to be the horniest of them, but there are stories of even Freyja indulging now and then. If Matt had been one of hers I think she would have been greatly tempted."

I was curious, and asked "What's it like, being a Goddess?"

Jackie smiled and said "A lot of work. Neither of us is in a hurry for any help, knowing someone has to die before it happens, but we're really busy. There may not be as many people here as on Earth, but it sure seems like there's more going on! I doubt that there is a single lazy person in the Federation. Still, the benefits are immense."

Faith added "Information isn't the only reason we dropped in, though. We wanted to ask a favor."

After the chorus of "Name it!" She said "It's about Star. I don't want Angeni to be offended by what we say; it is far from her fault. You see, Star has been compared to Angeni her entire life, and has always come out second best. We ask that, even if for just one night, she be made to feel as if she is Angeni's equal. Matt should spend the first night alone with her, and re-enforce this thought. When you are all together, please take care to make her feel an equal part of the whole. She is a very special woman in her own right, and should never feel as if she is second best."

"Yeah, stud" Jackie said "And a word to the wise. We know Star better than even Angeni does. You won't have to fake a single damn thing. You may be lucky to survive the night. She has had the hots for you since the day she met you. All of that passion has been bottled up and waiting to be released since then."

All of this was new to Delia, and she was baffled. The Alarans had their own Gods, though Goddesses would be more appropriate a title. Most of the important ones were dedicated to war and courage. It was intriguing to her that we had a Goddess devoted to children.

"This is good!" she said, "Justice I understand, for we have Loni in this capacity. Children are precious to us, as we have few. I wonder that we do not have a deity who looks out for them."

"Oh, but you do!" Faith volunteered. "She is called Beanni. At present, she is overlooked and unappreciated. Your people have forgotten about her, and it has weakened her considerably. It would please me greatly if you could help in that regard."

Delia promised that it would be done.

The two sexy Goddesses and my mates then helped me work out a 'game plan' to deal with Star. Connie began with "You should woo her! Take her out and show her off like you're proud to be seen with her. Wine and dine her. You sure never did that with any of us!"

"Hold on there!" I said in my defense, "That may be true of the others, but in our first life, I recall 'wooing' you until I was blue in the face! Dates, flowers, gifts, you name it! I did everything but grovel at your feet!"

"I know," she said smugly, "but that was then, and this is now. At least you proved you know how to do it. Believe me, I noticed. It was kind of embarrassing sometimes, especially the groveling. Still, I loved it! I'm sure Star will, too."

"I'm not the only one marrying Star, you know" I said to change the subject. All of you are, too. How about all of you spending time with her during the day, and me taking care of the nights? I haven't had a chance to really explore the night life on Vanir since things really started to get going. I think it's time I did. You should join us for some dancing a time or two. I hear there are a couple of great new clubs in town!"

So it was decided, and the next night found Star and I at my favorite restaurant. She was a bit leery at first, perhaps since it was my dad's barbeque place. Her skepticism quickly evaporated when we entered.

"This is beautiful!" she exclaimed. It was, too. The furnishings were all made by mom's shop, even the bar. Star was really impressed when she learned that.

I got a big smile and a 'thanks!' when I added "The decoration is only enhanced by your presence."

I wasn't kidding! It was a warm evening, and Star had dressed for it. Her outfit consisted of a black garter, crotchless panties, and a necklace I had given her when I picked her up. Star looked somewhat like Angeni, but there were major differences. Her face was thinner, and she was a few inches shorter than her sister. Her breasts were also smaller, perhaps a 34B to Angeni's 36C's. They (and the rest of her) looked almost as delicious as the meal.

The folks had known we were coming, and really put on the dog for the occasion. Both of them were there, too. Pop made his usual comment of "Why have I never seen you with a woman who wasn't gorgeous? Star is right there at the top!"

In this case, it was exactly the right thing to say. Mom's agreement was icing on the cake. My little brother and his girlfriend served dessert, and they piled it on, as well.

Charlie began with "Damn, Matt! Who's the babe? She looks better than anything on the menu!"

I got him back just a little by replying "You're not doing so bad yourself, bro! Who is this delectable creature, and why haven't you brought her to my place? Afraid I'll try to steal her away from you?"

The cutie with him was introduced as Kelly, but she was too tongue-tied to speak. Charlie rolled his eyes and complained "What is it with you? Get out of here, you friggin' Casanova! You're corrupting the innocent!"

Charlie was only seven years old, and his girlfriend was probably the same age. She was cute, though. They visited for a bit, and even Al and his crew stopped in to flatter my date. It was starting to look a bit contrived to me, but Star seemed to be lapping it up.

Afterward, we went to Mac's. It was a small club with a nice dance floor, and I found out that Star loved to dance. She especially liked the slow numbers, and her bare chest rubbing on mine was doing its own 'number' on me! My outfit consisted of a pair of silk boxers and a bowtie. The boxers extended quite a bit in the front during every dance.

The lack of a dress code made for some interesting sights. Outfits ranged from nothing, to fancy. In between, there was every combination imaginable. I would have been annoyed at the number of women who asked me to dance, but Star insisted I accept.

"It's part of your job" she said. "Not only that, but it's part of the reason people love you so much! You're not some elitist, you're one of them."

She also seemed pleased that every time I danced with someone else, she was snapped up by the first male with enough guts to ask.

The only time she seemed disappointed in the evening was when I dropped her off at her house. She invited me in, while her hand was busy in my boxers. I kissed her again and said "Not until our wedding night, my love. I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am."

The next evening, we ate at a different spot before catching a play I had been dying to see. It was titled "Loki's Quest" and starred Lea, Nicole, and Brian. It was excellent, and after it ended, we joined the actors for coffee. Lea sat on the other side of Star, and made several references about looking forward to the 'honeymoon'. She had Star practically panting in anticipation after a while. Lea must have known this, but didn't stop. As a result, it was even more difficult to get Star to accept no for an answer at the end of our date.

For the third evening, our whole group went out dancing and dining. All of my mates danced with Star as much as I did, and she quickly became even more desperate than the night before. I wasn't far behind. My mates danced with me, too!

Eventually, Sharon and Rhonda took mercy on us. With a smile and a wink, they disappeared below the table. I didn't have to wait long to find out what they were up to. I had barely heard Star gasp, before being engulfed in a very talented mouth. After a bit, I decided it was Sharon. From the squeals and moans emanating from Star, Rhonda was up to the same thing next to her.

When they reappeared, Star thanked Rhonda with a five minute kiss that soaked her seat. The others were probably a little damp, too!

The following day was the day before the ceremony, and I was politely informed that my presence was not required. It was strongly suggested that I spend the day and night out in public. The feedback over the last few days had been unbelievable. It seems the residents of Vanir truly appreciated it when it was demonstrated that I was truly "one of them". My mates even instructed me where I was to go. First, the beach, then to Christie's. This was an upscale club in the heart of "Sussmann City". Unbelievably, they also insisted that if any woman interested me enough (and offered), I should spend the night at their place!

I found myself at the beach of the freshwater sea in the morning. I hadn't minded the suggestion. I loved to swim, and the scenery couldn't be beat. Suits were a rare sight, and when seen, were usually bottoms only. It was easy to tell which women were in that "time of the month". They were the ones wearing bottoms.

I alternated between volleyball, Frisbee, and swimming with a multitude of people. After a couple of hours, two particularly luscious creatures kept me constant company. Dina and Dora were identical twins. I couldn't spot a single difference in them, and all the spots were as visible as they were nice. They stood about 5' 5", and were slim, blond, knockouts. Both were roughly 32-22-32, and I guessed them to be in their early twenties. They also seemed to be superb athletes, and in perfect physical condition.

The twins flirted with him constantly, and when my stomach decided that it was time to grab something to eat, I invited them along. Both girls were excellent company. Besides, I didn't want to eat alone. They accepted immediately.

The trip to the restaurant took five minutes. It was a fresh seafood place right on the beach. We all had some wine, along with the excellent dinner. Afterwards, they ordered up a bong, and passed that around. All of us had a pretty good buzz going by then.

Dora complained "Now you've gone and done it! That's some good shit! Smoking out always gets us horny, too. Watcha' gonna do about it, stud? Do you think you can handle two randy chicks at once?"

Dina actually looked surprised when I calmly replied "Sounds like fun. We can't use my place, though. I kind of got told I wasn't welcome there until morning."

They went to the girl's house, and I was attacked as soon as the door closed. Before I knew what hit me, I was on the floor with a neatly trimmed bush in my face and a talented pair of lips wrapped around my dick.

A heartbeat or so later, whichever one was on the lower appendage switched orifices. It took her five minutes to get it all in. From the sounds she was making, I wondered if she was in pain. If she was, it sure didn't slow her down much. Her cries were soon drowned out by her sister's anyway, when she announced "This fucker has a tongue that's a fuckin' yard LOooonGGggg! I'm fucking gonna Cummmmm".

She was as good as her word, and drenched my face in her delicious juices. I didn't slow down a bit. Neither did her screams. The rider on the other end joined the chorus about then. As soon as the tongue-jockey thought she was done, she sent her sister sprawling and took her place. Not to be outdone, the unseated girl took over my face to see what all the fuss was about.

Five minutes later, they were screaming in joy, again. Soon afterwards, I announced my own impending release. Instead of taking it up the twat, the girls finished things off with a nice bit of oral activity.

They had barely finished me off before I was dragged to the bedroom. 'And I thought my mates were insatiable!' ran through my mind before they continued trying to blow it.

This went on all night. I had enjoyed their company so much that I invited them to the wedding. I didn't think to mention that it was my own.

Dina and Dora were shocked when we drove up to the palace, and even more so when everyone greeted me by name. The real kicker was when my mates descended on us.

Connie asked "Who are these hot little blondes?"

It registered then. One looked at the other and exclaimed "We fucked the President!"

"I'm glad he didn't waste his evening. I take it that you had a good time?" Rhonda wryly said.

The nearest twin replied "I'll say! You're all so fucking lucky that I think I'm jealous! My pussy is still twitching, and my legs are like friggin' jell-o! No wonder there are so many of you, that's too much lovin' for one woman!"

Angel walked up then and sputtered "Dina?... Dora?... What the fuck? You spread 'em for our man? I thought you didn't even like men!"

"We didn't even know it was that Matt! Nobody ever said his last name, or President, or any other fuckin' thing but Matt! We just spotted him on the beach, and thought we'd take a chance. He looked so cute, and had a dick a mile long. We wanted to see if he knew how to use it."

Angel raised her eyebrows and just said "And?"

"And you are one lucky bitch! I think I hate you! I still can't believe that he not only took us both on, but fucked us both 'till we couldn't handle any more. Matt's the first guy who has ever been able to do that. He's also the first man who's ever made us cum with anything besides a tongue or a toy!

"Yeah," her sister added. "I think I'm in love! Got room for a couple more?"

I thought my mates considered that question way too long, and I was right.

"Maybe," replied Angel "but everybody would have to agree on it. We'll see what everyone thinks, and maybe after our honeymoon with Star, we can get together."

One of them said "Star? You're finally marrying Star? 'bout damn time! She's been whining about a 'Matt' as long as we've known her!"

A bit more conversation gave me the background. It was a bit weird. Dina and Dora were not from any of the races in the alliance. I thought they were from Earth. I was only off by a hundred light-years or so. The twins were from the planet Whela (Way-La). Their government had not joined the alliance yet, and it had pissed them off.

They had travelled to Vanir and enlisted. Both were experienced fighter pilots. According to Angel, they were the best she had ever seen. That was high praise, indeed. Especially since she was including herself in the comparison. They were also not teenagers. In Earth years, they were one hundred twenty-three years old.

It got complicated after that. They weren't just ordinary citizens on their home world. They were princesses, and heirs to the throne. Both of them also informed me that they could very well be pregnant with my child. Since they didn't have sex with men, they didn't bother with birth control. They were also in the middle of their most fertile 'season'.

I hadn't bothered with it either. In fact, I had stopped as soon as the birth control injection became commonplace. Every woman seemed to be taking advantage of it, and those that weren't generally intended to have a child. Knocking up a princess was probably not a good idea.

"Mother has been pleading for us to get married for fifty years," they explained. She's a bit pissed that we don't like most men. See, she can't retire until we're mated."

"Yep!" the other one chuckled "and we're all the offspring she has. There is one good thing, though. If you did decide to mate with us, and she does retire... Well, we'll be running the show. We have a fuckin' awesome navy, too! They're all chomping at the bit as much as us. We positively hate the Kraal! They've been screwing with us for too fuckin' long, and we're sick of it! With the shit you've got, we could stomp 'em like Gorats!"

I had no idea what a 'Gorat' was, and didn't bother to ask. I was intrigued by her suggestion, though. I was very fond of both women after only one day spent with them. On top of that, another member for the alliance against the Kraal would be greatly welcomed.

Delia gave her approval on the spot. "If these two can fight like Angel says, and there are more like them, I say do it. Besides," she added, "they are adorable. I always did like older women. They bring so much experience with them."

We had no superstitions about the bride being seen before her mates on the wedding day. Eventually, Star broke away from the group of well-wishers that had her trapped, and wandered over. As soon as she saw the visitors, she jumped right in.

"Dina!, Dora!" she blurted, "What are you two little harlots doing here? Trying to steal my man before I even get a sample?"

One of them answered for the duo. "I'm sorry we beat you to the meat, but honestly, we had no idea! You are definitely in for a treat, though. You are one lucky slut!"

I got a glare and a scolding from Star, then. "Do you mean to tell me that you made me wait all this time, and then go out and pork these little pixies? Buster, you are in for it! This is one 'riding lesson' that's gonna leave you more bowlegged than me, if it kills me!"

She directed her wrath at the twins, then. "And you two! I thought you gave up on men! What the hel are you doing poaching? If you're gonna be spreading your pretty little legs for my man, then you'd better make sure I'm fuckin' included in the party! Now that you know, I expect to be!"

Star was very interested in the rest of the story she had missed. Unless I was very mistaken, she had a thing for these two. Hel, I couldn't blame her. I did, too.

"As soon as Matt can walk again," she said, "we need to get together. I'm sure when the rest of our mates get to know you like Angel and I, they'll love you as much as I do. As for me, I'm all for it. The only sad thought about finally snagging this bunch was thinking I might not be able to spend time with the two of you."

Star then kissed them with enough heat to bring that troublesome lump back to my groin area, much to the amusement of all who were present.

The wedding was quick and painless, thankfully. At the large reception, Delia presented a gift to the twins. First, she asked "Who is Dina?"

One of the girls raised her hand, and Delia handed her a blue diamond ring. "Wear this" she was told. Then she handed a pink diamond ring to the other one, and instructed Dora to do the same. Then Delia proclaimed "Now, maybe we can tell them apart!"

That night, I came about as close to being "fucked to death" as I ever want to be. Star was just flat-out amazing, not to mention insatiable. There was no hymen to worry with, and she definitely knew it. As soon as I hit my back, she was mounted and bucking. Before long, her cries of joy were rivaling her big sister's in their volume and creativity.

Things like "Make me wait, will you? I'm gonna wear this fucker to a nub!" and other inventive phrases. I wasn't paying all that much attention to the words, but the action was another matter. Star actually reminded me a lot of the twins. Her energy had no bounds, and she was determined to get the most out of our time together.

As soon as she recovered from her first screaming orgasm fit, she pulled me over on top and screamed "Now give it to me! Fuck me like you mean it!"

I meant it, all right. I began pounding her as hard as I ever had any of my mates. According to her, it wasn't enough. "Is that all you got? From what I heard, you've done better! Ain't I good enough for you?"

I guess that pissed me off enough to kick into a gear I didn't know I had. She began screaming "Oh yeah, baby! That's more like it... Oh fuck yeah!"

Shortly thereafter, as the droplets of sweat were flying, I thought someone let a banshee into the room. She was that loud. It was all I could take, and I gave her all I had.

It obviously hadn't been enough, because before I could blink, she was on all fours. "Mount up!" she yelled, you've got a lot to make up for!"

I obeyed, and began to hammer just as hard from the other direction. She announced her approval to the rest of the palace quite loudly at least twice before shouting "Now, stick that big ol' pipe up my ass, I want to see what that feels like, too!"

I wasn't about to plumb that hole with the same gusto, and began slowly. She went along with that until it got comfortable, before beginning to slam her tight little ass back to meet me and starting another "Yoko concert".

Thankfully, she gave my raw and abused dick a bit of mercy after that. She led me to the shower to get rid of some of the sweat we had worked up. We spent quite a while making out and washing each other, but when she hit her knees to take care of the lower extremities, the action began all over again.

Evidently, she had joined the "all or nothing" crowd. She seemed determined to make sure I left a deposit in every available slot. Not wanting to disappoint my new bride, I made sure to oblige. Damn if she didn't keep right on going! As soon as she was convinced that nothing was going to shrink on her, she was on her feet and leaning over. "Again! Do me again!" she demanded.

The echoes in the shower were deafening. Star damn near collapsed after she came again. I had my suspicions about her performance by now, and after gently drying her lithe frame, carried her to bed.

"What are you doing?" I asked after laying her down. If you keep this up, that beautiful little pussy of yours will be raw and bleeding for a week. I won't have you hurting yourself to prove a point!"

"I just want you to think that I'm just as good as the other girls," she pouted. "I guess it's no use."

"Bullshit," I snorted. "You know damn good and well that you're just as pretty as any of the others. You're also just as smart, witty, and lovable. You really need to get over this little complex you've developed. I don't deserve it, you don't deserve it, and Angeni definitely doesn't deserve it. Do you even realize how your 'everybody likes her better' routine makes your sister feel? She loves you like you wouldn't believe, and it hurts her deeply. I've heard her bragging nonstop on you every since our wedding night. She thinks you're the best thing since fucking was invented. In fact, to hear her talk, she thinks that she's the one who is second best!"

"What about you? she sniffled. "What do you think?"

I wanted to scream, but knew it would only hurt her. I managed a gentle tone as I said "I think both of you are very special and amazing women. You are so much alike that it's scary. I could have closed my eyes tonight and wouldn't have known the difference. I put neither of you above the other in anything. In my eyes, all of my mates are the same. To others, they might be different, but love is a great equalizer."

Star seemed shocked, and blubbered "You... Lo... love me?"

I could only shake my head and sigh "Star. Do you actually think I would ever marry a woman who I didn't love, or honestly believe I could come to love? Could you possibly think that little of me?"

That broke the dam, and she collapsed in tears. I held her until she went to sleep."

In the morning, she was as happy as I had ever seen her. She was also too sore to move. "Do you mind if I just stay here a while?" she asked contritely. I guess you were right. I just hurt too much to walk. I think I was too anxious to fuck you into submission. I should have known better, after all the talk with our other mates before the wedding. I have some apologizing to do, too. Could you ask Angeni if she'd mind coming in? I think it's time we had a talk."

I did, and an hour afterward, a very grateful Angeni emerged. She smothered me with 'thank you's and kisses', before sending our mates in to help tend to her sister's tender spots. Then, she cracked up. "That poor thing! I've never seen anything like it. Her pussy looks like hamburger. I think she pulled a couple of abdominal muscles, too. You must have made her cum either too hard, or too often, you brute! I should sic Dina and Dora on you to teach you a lesson! Better yet, I should have them help us molest you while Star watches! After she's healed, I'm sure she could use the laugh!"

The girls did have a get-together with Dina and Dora, but I was left off of the guest list. I pointedly ignored the invitation to "go trolling" again, for fear I might catch something (or someone) else. Instead, I rounded up Al, and Brian. We went to a neighborhood brew- pub that had some pool tables and just hung out. I had a blast, and wondered why we didn't do it more often.

I did that out loud, and got an answer. "Because, my diligent friend," Brian said "you try to do every single little fucking thing yourself! Didn't you tell me about fifteen thousand times to learn how to delegate responsibility? Or is that reserved for mere mortals, unlike you?" He shook his head, and added "Dude, you've got the whole fucking universe at your feet, and you never stop to relax. If you keep it up, you're going to try and do too much. If that happens, you're gonna fuck things up bad. If that happens, we're all screwed."

I didn't get any help from Al, either. He piled on with "Listen to him, bro. Some damn fine talent is being wasted because they sit around waiting for you to do the job. A war is one huge fucking job to manage. Your ass should not be on the front line doing the little things. Leading from the front is fine for a general, but Patton was not the fucking president, no matter what he thought. If you get killed the whole damn thing goes right down the shitter. Don't let your fucking pride screw us all." He smiled and said "Now, that's enough of the big brother shit. Your rack!"

I may be bull-headed and stubborn, but I know when I've been lectured. Unfortunately, I also suspected they might be correct. I didn't think things would fall apart entirely if something were to happen to me, but it could conceivably take many months that we didn't have to reorganize, if it did. They were also right about the talent we had. Hel, we had retired Generals, Admirals, and on down the line, who knew more about war than I would ever learn. There was a war cabinet composed of experts, but I took them for granted. That was just plain stupid.

The only point I disagreed on was not going to the front. Maybe it wasn't the brightest thing for me to do, but I honestly felt that much of the respect people seemed to have for me was based upon it. Besides, what kind of wimp would send his mates to war and stay behind where it was safe? Telling them to stay with me was laughable. I'd have a serious revolt on my hands. Even Lea would refuse, and she was an actress! OK, a very tough little actress, but still... She had trained and become a damned fine weapons officer. She had done that simply to justify her presence on the ship. There was no way I was staying behind.

There damn sure was something I could do. The first was to delegate some of the shit I had been doing on my own. Most importantly though, was the war itself. We had three, and maybe soon, four separate races to integrate into the plan. True, the Borealans were basically part of our culture now, but that was beside the point. Each group had leaders that they were used to following. I didn't want to fuck that up. I had the rudiments of an idea and called a meeting for the following day. I specifically asked for the top brass of the Gallians to be there. Along with them would be Delia for the Alarans, Dora and Dina for the Whelans, and Keeli for the Borealans.

The idea was to co-ordinate the attack from two directions, with a twist. First, we would lure the Kraal fleet away from their home planet by making them think we were somewhere else. As soon as they departed, we would destroy their orbital defenses and land the invasion force. When their fleet returned, we would be waiting to spring a trap on them. We'd hit them from three sides and box them in. We should have superior numbers for a change, and with that and surprise on our side, have a good chance of destroying their forces.

Everyone but Keeli liked the plan. The Borealans were the diversion. She settled down when told that her part of the job was to disappear when the Kraal tried to attack, and make top speed to join the force waiting for them to return home.

Dina and Dora had sent word to their mother that they were in the fight whether their home world was, or not. Included in the message was an invitation to her for their wedding.

"She will go absolutely crazy", Dina crowed. "She won't know whether to be happy or mad."

"Yeah," Dora added, "especially when we told her we were marrying somebody with as much pull as she has. Mom's got to be worried that she's stuck in her job for good, now. Wait until she finds out what we've got up our sleeve!"

"And that would be?" I wondered.

"Easy," I was told. "First, she retires, and then we join the federation. Simple, really. Your little harem will have four world leaders in it, counting you."

"Nope," I reminded her, "I am not a world leader. I don't rule a planet, just the defense and oversight of interplanetary relations. There's a difference."

"Suuure there is," Chortled Delia. That basically means you rule Vanir, Aesir, Boreal, and Anaboreal. That's not counting the other nearly worthless hunk of rock that's almost habitable. What you've got, in actuality, are planetary governors who report to you. Not a bad set-up, actually. It appears to work well."

I suppose I should have just let it drop, but I didn't want that line of thought to catch on. In my view, our system resembled the Haudenosaunee(ho dee noe sho nee) Confederacy, with me acting as head of the council. For everyone except Star and Angeni, I had to explain that Iroquois was actually an insult to the tribe. The only real difference in our council was that the final decisions on defense were mine. Even in this, the input of the council was mandatory. I had no control over the individual planets, even the one the palace was located on. In that, I was no more than an advisor without authority.

That started a discussion lasting over an hour, as I had to explain the Confederacy to those unfamiliar with it. For the twins and Delia, being in charge of the military meant you were the ruler. That was where the Idea came from, and it wasn't easy to change their minds on the subject. They did see the sense in the arrangement, and liked it.

There was much about our society that pleased them. None had ever experienced the level of personal freedom that existed here. It was easier for them to accept it than it was for many of the Earth immigrants. All of them had been fully informed of the situation but, as they say, seeing is believing. That was the difficult part.

The policy on public nudity, legalized pot, and total lack of any form of censorship blew them away. These were just the surface items. When they were hit with free medical care and free higher education, it got worse. Mandatory military service for new arrivals before full citizenship, no matter the age, was a shock for some. They had been told, but I suppose some didn't believe it. For some, it was the monetary system that confused them. Not carrying money was new, and all transactions being conducted through a personal communicator took some getting used to.

There were those who were skeptical about our credit system, as it wasn't backed by anything concrete. Too bad they didn't realize that most of their old governments operated the same way. Our credits were backed by goods and services, the same as the good old USA. Pay was driven by supply and demand only. There was no 'minimum wage' here. Oddly enough, there was also no poverty. In order to be poor, you had to refuse to work for a living. This was not an option, unless you wanted to starve. Here, no work equaled no money. There was no free ride.

Since all of this was communicated to prospective immigrants, the vast majority of people who made the trip were able to fit in. There were grave concerns about the effect it was having on Earth, though. The devout religious, profiteers, lazy, and corrupt had no interest at all in leaving their homes. What we got were the creative, freedom loving, energetic, and hard working people.

On earth, the working class was disappearing. Farmers, laborers, construction, and entrepreneurs were leaving in droves. Sally would be joining us soon, and believed that earth was looking at world war. This one would be because of religion, with the Jews and Christians against Islam. Cooler heads could not prevail this time. Not enough of them were left. She saw no way out of it, and neither did we. The only consolation was that it wouldn't be nuclear. That had been eliminated by us, along with any possibility of even short range missiles being used. The satellites were still in place, and seeing to that. Humans might kill each other off, but the planet should be relatively safe.

Many people saw this coming, and applications to relocate increased tenfold. Some earth governments panicked. Prohibitions were implemented against allowing their people to leave. In some cases, this sparked rebellions. In most, people simply left to go somewhere they could leave from.

We regretted this, but had no inclination to deny entry to those who would fit in. We all believed in legal immigration. Why should we punish the minority for the actions of the majority?

It might sound insensitive, but the end result might well end up as a unified world government on earth. Whether it would be one that we could deal with, none of us knew. We should have anticipated this result, but I suppose we thought too highly of our fellow man. We had actually believed that by removing a portion of the population, the strain on earth's resources would be greatly lessened. We actually thought that earth would become more prosperous.

Taking sides wasn't even an option. Our population came from all areas of earth. We would be dividing them on the issue if we favored one group over another. True, the vast majority cringed at the thought of earth being under sharia law, but any government under religious control would be horrendous. Fanaticism of any kind was abhorrent to us.

We had already affected many policies on our home planet. China no longer had restrictions on how many children a couple was allowed, for one. Hel, half of China was here now. The Middle East had taken a giant step backward in time. The liberal and moderate thinkers were gone, along with a large percentage of the women. The same was happening all over the world. Events would have to run their course. It would be the law of natural selection personified.

We had our own worries at the moment. The combined fleet was almost ready to depart. The flagship had been changed, too. I was forced to give up the Sussmann. Too many people (read mates) felt that a small cruiser was no longer acceptable. Instead, the newly commissioned "Cyclops" was designated as a replacement. It was a battleship, and only slightly smaller than Basilisk. Brian would be her captain, which pleased me greatly. The crew concerned me at first, though. It was fucking full of "Trekkies".

I trusted Brian's judgment, and he swore that he had hand-picked every single member of the crew himself. When I asked him how it happened, he laughed. "Beats the fuck out of me, Matt," he had said. "It was purely coincidence, believe me. I don't know how, or why, but this is the smartest bunch of pervs I've ever seen. They can fucking fight, too. We blew everybody away in the simulated war games. They're like a bunch of kids in a candy store. Every one of them applied for this specific ship and was screened several times before I saw their files."

He went on to explain that the Cyclops looked remarkably like a "Cardasian Galor class battleship" from one of the series. It was purely coincidental, but they took it as an omen. As a result, the vast majority of applicants came from their group. They caught on so fast that it was almost scary.

It had been designed as a flagship from the beginning. A separate section contained the command and control network. There was now a similar setup on Basilisk. If something were to happen to us, control would he handled from there, with Grigoriy assuming command. My Russian son had become somewhat of a military genius, according to Anya. He had always impressed me, though I didn't get to see him nearly as often as I would have liked. She had done a fine job raising our child. Anya was also an excellent captain, and now commanded Basilisk.

One week away from departure, our plans had to be revised. We had visitors. A whole fucking Armada of them! Dina and Dora's mother didn't fuck around. She brought their entire fleet with her. The first warning we had was a communication stating "Leader of Eridani Federation, this is Queen Kalia of the Whelan. I would request an audience with you at your earliest convenience to discuss several items of mutual interest to our people. We are here as peaceful representatives. I would ask that my people be treated as such. We await your reply."

It didn't take long for that to happen! As soon as I could reach a comm station, I sent back "Welcome to Vanir, Queen Kalia. This is Matthias Sussmann. Landing co-ordinates will be transmitted to you at the end of this message. Please accept our hospitality as soon as it pleases you to do so. You are most welcome to bring any contingent to the palace you deem acceptable. That is all."

I awaited the queen with my mates and a very nervous set of twins. I had expected a large delegation, and was surprised when she showed up with only two aides. Dina had briefed me on protocol, which consisted of a very minor bow and a greeting of equals. After the formalities, She smiled and said "Enough of that shit, I'm sick of it. Bring these two troublemakers, and let's have a little talk."

I led the way to a conference room, where about twenty times the amount of food necessary had been laid out, along with a full bar. Without being asked, Dora hurried to make her mother a drink. Kalia, as she had requested I address her, accepted it with a smile.

She tried to look angry as she told her daughter "Sucking up won't help a bit!"

It didn't work well, though. Everyone could see the amusement in her eyes. She actually looked proud of her girls.

She shook her head and announced "I'm getting too old for this shit. You two are taking the throne whether you want to or not. You only have until you are wed and this situation is resolved. I brought our fleet to be sure the latter happens quickly, and myself to deal with the former. I take it that this is the prospective victim?"

When that was verified, she actually hugged me before she said "I almost pity you. I am grateful, however. It may bring many changes to our people, but it is a huge relief to me. We know of your world, and have since you began walking on two appendages. It surprised us that a part of your world suddenly developed intelligence enough to do what you have done here. I think my girls have done well. It's about time, too. I'm eight hundred and seventy-five of your years old. I've been Queen for all but thirty of those years. In the words of your people, I need a fucking vacation!"

I liked Kalia, but her words surprised us all. She looked like she was no older than I was. She laid down the law to her daughters and me, too. "The wedding will take place two days hence," we were informed. "Immediately following the event, I will abdicate the throne in favor of the joint rule of my daughters." She gave them a look that would freeze lava, and concluded "This will require you to lead our people in battle. You will not do this from a fighter craft. If you are to be Queen, you must lead from the proper place. Am I clear?"

This was obviously very difficult for them, but they had to accept the truth. There was no other way. They meekly nodded, and then the excitement began. Once more, I was kicked out of my own house, so they could do some planning.

This time, I was more constructive with my forced freedom. I paid a visit to Gene and George first. The combined ground forces at our disposal numbered two million, seven hundred thousand fully equipped and trained. Three-fourths of these were Alarans, with the remainder being ours. We went over battle plans, armament, resupply, and communications until I was satisfied no input from me was required (none was). I then had a meeting with the fleet admiral. Not even close to all of our leaders were "Retreads", and that included Fleet Admiral Harkin. He was an eighty year old retired US Navy Admiral, who had benefitted greatly from healing.

The man had hated to retire, but had been forced out of the military due to age. He jumped at the chance to use his knowledge of warfare, and to learn everything possible about the difference between water and space tactics. Much of this had been taught to him by a certain Alaran fleet commander who took him under her wing, and into her bed. Yes, he was grateful on several levels, was the Admiral.

The strategy and tactics for the plan had been worked out between each fleet command and agreed upon completely. Immediate contact had been made as soon as the Whelan arrived. Logistics on their integration were in the final stages already. Again, I felt useless. It looked absolutely inspired. Even if they weren't so fucking ugly, it was really going to suck to be a Kraal, and very soon.

After the wedding, I feared the worst for myself. Instead of being alone with them, I was told that we would all "celebrate" together. Star was fully functional again. I highly doubted my ability to handle her and the twins, much less my other randy mates. As it turned out, the shoe was on the other foot this time. All of our attention was directed at the three of them until they were completely worn out.

I didn't get off that easy, though. I was next on their agenda, not that I'm complaining. They eventually succeeded in wearing me out, but I put up a valiant struggle. Losing was never so fun.

Our departure was delayed for another month due to the change in Whela's leadership. Formalities had to be observed if the twins were to be accepted. This required a coronation. The ceremony was held on the Palace steps at Vanir, and recorded for transmission to Whela. Massive amounts of Whelan troops attended, much to the delight of all the merchants. The exchange system was problematical, but the new queens worked it out by deducting the appropriate amount from the pay vouchers of the customers. This amount would then be transferred from their home planet to Vanir in the form of goods.

Kalia requested permission to accompany me on the Cyclops, and I happily agreed. She was great company, and very entertaining. The added bonus of her centuries of leadership experience didn't hurt a bit, either! All of my mates loved her, and I admit to being rather smitten myself.

Her sense of humor could be embarrassing, though. Some loudmouth leaked where the name "Cyclops" originated. It hadn't been the one-eyed monster of legend. My mates had named it after my dick!

Kalia actually looked serious when she remarked "Oooh, I've never seen one of those! I'd love to examine one. My daughters tell me it is a most enjoyable experience!"

The fact that Kalia had embraced our dress code didn't help the situation at all. She might be closing in on nine centuries, but she was a babe. Whereas her daughters appeared to be in their late teens, I would have guessed her to be no older than twenty-five. There wasn't a wrinkle or sag in sight, and she was in as good a shape as anyone I've ever seen. I watched her spar Kathy, and she put the larger woman on her ass twice as often as Kathy returned the favor. I had never seen that done by anyone.

When Kathy discovered Kalia was using a form of combat she hadn't seen before, Kalia was quick in offering to teach it to her. She had been doing so for two hours each evening since then. I was just as happy about it. Kathy was now a general in the komandos, and would be leading the Eridani ground forces. Every little bit helps.

Our group was no longer mostly concentrated on one vessel, either. Only Dina, Dora, Connie, and Star were on Cyclops with me. The twins represented Whela, while Connie was communications liaison. Star was chief medical officer, and reported to Brian. The others were scattered all over the Eridani fleet.

At the halfway point between Vanir and the Kraal home world, Keeli departed with her diversionary fleet and we went into full stealth for the remainder of the trip. Unless the enemy had better detection equipment than us, they'd never find us. We had to use tight beam communications constantly between ships to avoid collisions. We couldn't even detect each other without them.

The game was on.

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