Anne And Mary - Book II
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Humor, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Slow, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The further adventures of the Still Waters gang. Anne, Mary, their friends, lovers and spouses continue to break new ground in college, fashion, art and Western Pleasure riding. Lots going on, not a lot of on-stage, explicit sex. You'll want to read Book I first.

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They were getting breakfast. Sarah Posito and Steve Halleck had spent the weekend enjoying the naked Still Waters lifestyle. All four women were as naked as they had been the evening before.

"Where's Sigrid?" Sarah asked.

"Doing Quickies," Mary Travis said.

"What's that?"

Heather Huxley said, "You know how guys are, they like a Quickie in the morning. We take turns, days when we have to get going in the morning. Not weekends, that's cuddle time."

"She's getting screwed four times before breakfast?"

"Depends on who's uh... up for it. Could be five today, with Steve here. Sometimes nobody. Not too often, though."

"I find this hard to believe."

"Actually, we all enjoy it. They're really eager in the morning if they're interested at all. Doesn't take long and I always come once or twice. It's funny, too."

"Funny how?"

"Usually after I come, I get all lazy and snuggly. When I do Quickies, it sort of revs me up, I come up off the bed raring to go."

"Me too," Anne Stilwell put in.

"I think I might like to try this."

"Let us know in advance, have to fit you into the schedule. As I said, we all enjoy it; you'll have to wait your turn.

"Muffins are ready," Anne called out.

The fall term at the university made a major change in their study habits. Because they had taken the summer term, this fourth semester found them with few common courses and the eight Still Waters men and women had to change their routine of communal study. Tom Harrison decided to change from an Economics major to Information Technology. By now, after all, he was Chief Information Officer of Still Waters Art, presiding over a complex local and wide-area network.

A study group. That's how it began the year before. Mary had taken Tom to bed shortly before Anne had Alex Jefferson in the sack. They began a routine of joint study, bringing Saul Katz and Will Spector into the work and the enthusiastic, loving sexuality. Studying and loving every weekend, they kept their marks within a decimal point or two of 4.0. And, when it turned out that Will was a fine artist, they began a business based on his talent.

Tom fell in love with Sigrid Sorensen, who joined their erotic exchange after they married each other and the rest of the group as well. Heather, also an artist, moved in after an intense afternoon with Alex.

Their home was a well-preserved, ultra-modern design created in the 1920's by a visiting French architect. Cantilevered slabs formed the roof, upper and main floors, with huge areas of windows across the front and sides of the building. The outer windows facing south were backed by another window wall a few feet inside; a perfect winter garden.

With the profits from the growing business, they upgraded some furniture, replacing the old with good, new, comfortable sofas and armchairs and taking the better old pieces downstairs.

The lower floor had been their shower room, sauna, common study area, and common sleeping area; a huge array of mattresses and comfy pillows where they made love and slept when they wanted company. They had rooms upstairs for other times. Now, the downstairs was being used less for joint study, more and more by individuals or for study in twos and threes. And the Big Bed was still where they took breaks for loving and sleep.

They had moved to this house at the end of their first semester, living, working and sleeping together, wearing few clothes. And since now they saw little of their other classmates, study times became more flexible.

Friday afternoon was when they met to deal with the issues of their business as Still Waters Art. Still Waters was a growing business in erotic art, with major income from Will Spector's amazingly erotic pastels of the Still Waters women and his beautiful paintings of fine horses. His dozens of drawings of explicit sex rounded out a catalog that sold their wares nationwide.

But what had been formal study weekends became more flexible, especially as the demands of the business and Mary Travis' Western Pleasure Riding increased. And soon, the teaching and show riding she did for herself and a few paying customers would expand.

Mary had developed a passion for working with teenage girls, had developed an idea to give them a refuge from harassment by boys in afternoon classes for western pleasure riding and competition.

As the weather got cooler, they brought in some plants and put them in the space between the inner and outer windows. A few new plants began to bloom, scenting the air.

Finally, they closed the pool for the winter. The cost and complexity of an all-weather solution was more than they wanted to undertake. The hot tub and cold plunge made up for the lack, at least for those who were not serious swimmers.

"Sarah, what do you hear about the new owner of that property next to you?" Mary asked one evening after dinner. Sarah owned the stable next door where Mary kept her two horses and where they both taught western pleasure riding. Sarah and Steve, a professor at the university, were sprawled, naked, on the Big Bed with Saul Katz and Alex Jefferson and the other women.

"Nothing much about the owner. The buyer was another bank for someone named Kenneth Chance. He bought the woods and the fields beyond. He's also applied for a building permit on the lot next to me. Sounds like a pretty big place. Going to be a pretty high wall around it; someone who likes his privacy, like you guys. Construction expected to begin soon. But nothing about the rest of the property."

"Weird," said Mary.

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