Mardi Gras - Catrina

by Dick Coxxx

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A white couple goes to New Orleans to experience Mardi Gras. His beautiful blonde wife experiences much, much more.

Josh wanted to go to this year's Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans. He had been several times while he was in college and had a real blast. The difference this time is that he was married. Married and had two children. Two boys, ages three and five. His wife of seven years, Catrina, didn't want to go but also didn't want her husband to go by himself as she had heard about all the wild and crazy parties that went on in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

Josh and Catrina decided to leave the boys with her parents and drive over on Saturday to New Orleans from Houston for the long Mardi Gras weekend culminating with the finale on Tuesday evening. They stayed in Metairie, one of the several suburbs of New Orleans, as most of the hotels in town were already filled or were just plain outrageously overpriced.

They got into New Orleans on Saturday afternoon and settled into their hotel room. They had time for a nap before going out to dinner. The nap was cut short because Josh had become amorous and wanted to make love to his lovely wife. Catrina enjoyed sex but wasn't always fulfilled with her husband's lovemaking efforts. She wasn't very experienced in the sexual department but she did have several boyfriends in college who made good lovers. Josh really showed up at the right time and place. When he proposed to her, she accepted.

That evening they went to a nice Cajun restaurant before going on to Pat O'Brien's for a Hurricane or two. There were several parades in the French Quarter on Saturday in preparation for the big one on Tuesday night. Catrina watched in awe as so many women bared their breasts just to get some gaudy little beads. Most of the women were probably college students but a number were Catrina's age of thirty-three. Others were surely older as their bare boobs sagged substantially. Catrina was very hesitant to show her breasts for beads even at the encouragement of her husband.

On Sunday they did the tourist thing of riding the trolley out to the zoo past the Garden District. That afternoon they took a trip on one of the big sternwheeler riverboats down the Mississippi River. The couple walked around Jackson Square before going on to Preservation Hall to hear some old-tyme jazz and blues. After a late dinner, they went to one of the all night clubs on Bourbon Street. There was another Mardi Gras parade at midnight where they saw even more naked breasts being bared for beads.

On Monday, they went to Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter for some beignets and cafe au lait for breakfast then on to the old Jax Brewery for some shopping. After a delicious lunch at K-Paul's they looked around the French Market. Josh saw one of the women wearing a popular tee-shirt that a lot of the women had been wearing at the parades that made it easy to show their tits. He asked her were she got hers. She replied, "Oh, I got mine over at Jimmy Buffet's place just around the corner."

Sure enough, the Parrot Club was right there along with Margaritaville and Cheeseburgers in Paradise. This was Jimmy Buffet's famous bar, grill and retail gift shop. Josh bought his wife a cute pink top with a parrot's head on it. It was made out of tee shirt material but was cut much more feminine. It had a scoop neckline and shorter sleeves than a regular men's tee shirt. The bottom of the T-shirt covered the breasts but just barely as it showed a bare midriff. This made it very easy for the gal to pull up the top with one hand showing her tits for beads while still holding her drink in the other hand.

Josh gave it to his wife and suggested that she wear it tonight for the grand finale party of Mardi Gras on the streets of the French Quarter.

They took a nap that afternoon to rest up for tonight's activities. Catrina showered and dressed. She wore her favorite pair of jeans and her new Parrot Head top. Josh was surprised that his wife went braless. Maybe she was loosening up a bit from the mild aphrodisiac, Avlimil, which he put in her Coca Cola that afternoon. He also had given her some Impulse that was supposed to loosen her up as well. Josh planned on giving her another dose or two in her wine at dinner.

They ate an early dinner in the hotel's restaurant instead of in the French Quarter because they knew that all of the places in town would be mobbed. Catrina enjoyed all of the looks that she got from all the men. Her erect nipples clearly showed through on either side of the Parrot's Head on her top. Jimmy Buffett would be mighty proud of these tits tonight!

Josh drove their car into town and found a parking place near the French Market which was within walking distance of the French Quarter. Many people were already starting to mill about on Bourbon Street and it wasn't even dark yet. They couldn't get into Pat O'Brien's because of the long line but they were able to buy some Hurricanes at the take-out counter. They sipped on those until the first of many parades began.

Catrina didn't feel so self conscience about gong braless and wearing the top that showed her nipples as many other women were wearing the same or similar outfit as well. Some of the gals would quickly pull up their top and show their tits even when beads weren't being tossed out yet. All the men were gawking and whistling whenever that happened. Josh encouraged his wife but she continued to resist his suggestions as she was so conservative. "But Dear," her husband encouraged, "No one here will know you so just go ahead and show 'em what you've got." He slurred his words slightly from the powerful Hurricane.

They went through their first of several Hurricanes. Josh got Catrina another one. Remember, now, Hurricanes have 151 proof rum in them. That amount of almost pure alcohol goes straight to the brain very quickly.

The parades started after dark. The all-black marching bands played their music. The sites and sounds were purely New Orleans' Mardi Gras at its best! The men were hooting and hollering whenever the women popped their tops. Even the innocent little Catrina got into the act. Josh had never seen his wife into the partying atmosphere as he saw her tonight. The aphrodisiac and Impulse in her drinks must have been doing their job tonight!

Catrina really started collecting the beads. It was as if she was in competition with the other women to see how many beads she could get. The bigger and better beads went to the best looking women. Catrina sure got her share. The party was just getting to get into the swing of things.

Josh noticed that there seemed to be more black men at the festivities tonight than he remembered seeing the past few nights. The Negroes would bump up against and grab the tits of the white women who were flashing for beads. Josh saw one of the black men fondle his wife's bare breasts. He went to stop him when he got pushed to the ground. The throng of people were moving along with the parade. Josh got trampled for several minutes before the crowd separated enough allowing him to get up. His wife was no where in sight. Josh frantically began looking for Catrina but he had a hard time moving through the thick crowd.

Catrina looked around but didn't see Josh. "That's funny," she thought to herself. "He was just right here." She noticed that there was a crowd of black men around her who were looking at her tits every time she tried to get beads. One of the blacks was bold enough to come up behind her and grab her bare tits underneath her top as he ground his loins against her buttocks. Her head began to swirl from all of the alcohol. The crowd continued moving down the street and she was powerless to do anything else but to go with the flow. She passed a dark alley and she felt herself being pushed into it. A door opened and a couple of the black men around her shoved her through it. They roughly grabbed her arms and dragged her into one of the back rooms. She saw in the dim light that there were wall to wall mattresses on the floor and that some of them were already being used. Catrina saw a couple of white guys with video cameras but the rest of the men were black. All the women were white.

It took Catrina a moment to realize what was happening to her. One of the blacks held her arms behind her back while one of the others began fumbling with the zipper on her jeans. Catrina started to resist but it was much too late for that. The lovely blonde housewife was wrestled to the mattress by one of the Negro men. Catrina was flat on her back as she continued to struggle uselessly. Someone held her arms above her head while the other black was peeling her jeans down her bare legs. She looked up and saw that somebody had a video camera on her and was filming her degradation.

Catrina screamed. She cried out in vain, "Please don't do this to me. I'm married."

The black pulling off her jeans exclaimed, "Man, this little bitch is a natural blonde. My big black cock sure do love these cute little blondes. They come down here every year teasing us with their bare titties. I'm gonna teach this li'l ho a big lesson."

Catrina pleaded some more with her attackers. "Oh, please don't!" She looked up into the cruel eyes of the big Negro hovering over her but what really caught her eye was the huge black thing sticking up between his thighs!

"Oh, my Gawdddd!!!," the beautiful blonde wife cried in vain. She was about to get the fucking of her young life. Her rapist's big black cock looked to be the size of a baseball bat. It was so much bigger than her own husband's puny little white cock.

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