Every Schoolboy's Dream

by Dick Coxxx

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A pretty blonde teacher is every schoolboy's dream.

Miriam Smith is a lovely blonde high school teacher who is the definition of every schoolboy's dream. She and her husband, Maurice, moved back to Mountain Brook, Alabama five years ago where she began teaching high school English at her old Alma Mater, Robert E. Lee High School. The civil rights era had taken a toll on the school's name as it was shortened to just Lee High School and they changed the name of the team's mascot from the Generals to the Black Panthers. However the political climate went, it was nice that Miriam was able to teach at the same school where her son, Timmy, recently graduated. She had the opportunity to see her good-looking son at school on a regular basis. It was not surprising that he was a big hit with all the girls in school as Timmy took his good-looks from his pretty blonde mother. His father had turned into somewhat of a nerdy wimp.

Miriam was the typical soccer mom while Timmy was growing up and she adored her son. She was always planning fun activities for him and all of his many friends. Now that Timmy, or just "Tim" as he preferred to be now called, was grown up and off to his first year of college at the University of Alabama, her life didn't seem as enchanted and fulfilled. She still loved her husband, of course, but they had drifted apart in recent years. Maurice was a regional sales manager who made the rounds visiting his many clients in several of the southern states. She really didn't have to work as her husband made plenty of money but she wanted her own independence. Teaching had always been in her blood. Miriam watched too many of the sit-coms on television in the evening now without Timmy being around. Desperate Housewives was one of her favorites and "Wife Swapping" was another one. She couldn't believe that wife swapping would be the theme of a TV show but it was. It wasn't about men swapping their wives to have sex with other women, though. Miriam had always thought what it would be like to be in bed with another man. She was a virgin when she married and the only man that she had ever been with had been her husband. While she was always faithful to Maurice, she got plenty of attention from any of the males around her whether it was from the neighborhood men who saw her in her cute little bikini at the swimming pooling or while she was out walking in her shorts or even the male teachers at her school. What really surprised Miriam was the young schoolboy ogling that she received by the all the boys who she had in her classroom. All the guys wanted to be in her class. The pretty blonde English teacher was very popular with the boys and was the cause of more than her share of wet dreams. Miriam was every schoolboy's dream.

Early in the fall semester, the head football coach, Coach Carter, came to see Miriam after class one day.

"Ms. Smith," he said. "I need your help with one of our new students."

"Sure, Coach, how can I be of help to you?"

"One of my new players recently transferred in and needs some help and tutoring in English. I knew that you are the best English teacher here at this school and also the most popular teacher as my boys talk about you all the time."

Miriam blushed at his comment. She wondered what his "boys" said about her. Actually, Coach Carter was also smitten by the attractiveness of this sexy blonde teacher. He had wanted to "jump her bones" from the very first time he set his eyes upon her. Miriam didn't have to try to be sexy as she usually downplayed her sexiness but it just came naturally to her. The beautiful blonde hair framing her beautiful face and her brilliant white smile were more than enough to do the trick but it was the whole package that really swept men off their feet. The womanly curves of her trim body, the swell of her full but not too full breasts, the slim finely-manicured fingers, her cute little size four feet and her terrific-looking legs that went all the way up to her fine ass. Even without makeup and at thirty-eight years of age, Miriam still turned many a man's head even without her meaning to.

"Coach, I'd love to help. When can we get started?" she asked.

"Right away, if that's okay with you," he replied.

"You have practice until six o'clock, don't you, so how about right after dinner tonight?"

"That would be great! Uhh, there is one other favor I need to ask. He is a transfer student and doesn't have any place to live. I thought that with your son off to college this year, that you might be able to take on a short-term boarder, at least until he can find another place. We can pay up to one thousand dollars a month to help offset all of the groceries that I know he will consume."

She and her husband really didn't need the extra money but it would probably make it easier to explain to her husband about having an extra mouth around to feed.

Miriam laughed. Coach Carter just loved the way that the pretty blonde English teacher laughed. His own dick was getting hard just looking at her.

"I'll even cook for him tonight and we have Timmy's room all ready to go. It would be great to have another young man around the house. It's a deal."

Miriam shook Coach Carter's strong hand.

The doorbell rang at six-thirty. Miriam quickly washed and dried her hands from finishing up the dinner preparations. Her husband had a dinner meeting scheduled with clients tonight so it would be just her and her new house guest. She was still in her school clothes but had taken off her heels to be more comfortable as she ran bare-footed to the front door.

Miriam opened the door to see a tall black young man standing at the door with a suitcase in his hand.

"Mrs. Smith," he said. "Coach Carter said that you would be expecting me. My name is Marcus, Marcus Taylor, but me friends just call me, Bull."

Miriam was dumfounded. Coach Carter hadn't told that her "boarder" would be a Negro. She didn't consider herself prejudicial but she didn't regularly associate with "Coloreds." Her father still called them "Niggers" and "Darkies." Miriam hoped that her daddy didn't pay her an unannounced visit and find this black male living in the same house as his precious little white daughter.

"Come in, Marcus. You are just in time for dinner. Later we can get started on your English homework."

Bull had to smile to himself. This lovely blonde English teacher was even prettier than several of the other football players had said. It was going to be difficult for him to conceal the raging boner that was growing its own leg. He liked white women and this pretty blonde teacher was prime meat.

Miriam showed Marcus to Timmy's room and helped get him settled in. Timmy's room was situated directly above the master bed room downstairs. While he wasn't home too often, she was concerned about telling her husband about the black boy taking up residence in their home. Maurice might not take the news too well. He didn't, actually, at first he was very furious with Miriam and told her so in no uncertain terms. In the end, he consented to a trial period of a month.

Dinner that evening was very delicious as usual. Bull could not believe his great luck and good fortune. His beautiful hostess was a wonderful cook and very good-looking as well. His big black cock was twitching in his pants to get out and get a taste of her sweet white pussy.

The English lesson went rather well. Bull was really very smart and quickly picked up on the lesson as well as other things. The young black transfer student had many opportunities to see the pretty blonde English teacher up close and personal. The black football player smelled her sexy perfume which he guessed correctly as "Passion." Miriam was delighted that he recognized her scent.

Before they knew it, it was past her bedtime. She normally got up at five in the morning to get ready to go to school. Miriam was already asleep when her husband got in at midnight from his dinner with one of his clients. If Maurice had wanted sex that night, she would have been more than willing to give it up to him because she unconsciously realized that she was very wet between her thighs and soaked her panties.

Things went well for the first several weeks. The football team played on Friday nights and won every game. Bull was the football hero as he gained more than one hundred yards in each game and scored several touchdowns as well. One night after the game, Bull brought home one of the cute little blonde teenagers. Miriam couldn't concentrate on sleeping that evening because she could hear the tell-tale sounds coming from the headboard banging against the wall in the room upstairs and the moaning and vocal orgasms from the pretty blonde cheerleader. Miriam wondered what it would be like to be the pretty little thing of Bull's amorous black affections.

The following Monday, Miriam got ready for her English tutoring session with Marcus. She still could not bring herself to call him, "Bull." Tonight she did something different. At school today, she wore a light blue skirt with a white blouse and strappy, high heeled white sandals. The polish on her pretty little toes matched the red on her fingernails. What she did differently was to take off her bra and put her sheer blouse back on so she could be a little more comfortable this evening.

Bull noticed when he came home from practice. Her erect little nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. He licked his lips in anticipation.

Miriam offered Marcus some wine that she had been drinking but instead Bull went to the refrigerator to enjoy some of Mr. Smith's favorite beer. Bull hoped to be able to enjoy some of Mr. Smith's pretty little wife's blonde pussy.

Unbeknownst to Miriam, her black houseguest had gotten some of that new female sexual enhancer that was now available on the street. It didn't act as quickly as Viagra did for men but, over time, it accumulated in a woman's system and gradually increased her sexual appetite and free her libido. Several weeks works best for most women. Bull had slipped the powerful substance in the orange juice that Miriam drank religiously every morning before school to help stave off colds. She thought it was just Marcus' natural animal magnetism and sexual attraction that was pulling her closer to him.

Miriam had also recently been buying and wearing shorter dresses in which to teach. Bull sat at the front of the class and she was subconsciously opening her knees which allowed Bull to see her womanly charms under her open desk in the classroom.

"Tonight's the night," thought Bull to himself. Mr. Smith had left this morning for a week long trip to call on several clients in Georgia.

Bull sat next to his pretty English teacher at the dinner table after she had finished clearing off the dishes for dinner.

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