Giving Willy a Ride

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He finds out that his wife is a slut.

My wife is a slut and my daughter isn't! How's that for an opening sentence? There is a hell of a story behind those nine words and I'll have to ask you to bear with me while I try to organize my thoughts and the details that I have just learned and then try to transfer them to paper.

Connie and I have been married now for over thirty years. We are both in our early fifties now, not too late, at least I hope, to make some things happen, but more on that later. Keep in mind as you read this story that for the last twenty-five years it has been my heartfelt desire to see Connie getting laid by another man. It finally happened, but again, more on that later. This story started over sixteen years ago as the result of an argument. I don't even remember what it was about, but the bottom line is that Connie was pissed at me over something and she had started drinking vodka martinis early in the afternoon. She was in what I can only call the 'proper mood' when a young man named Jason stopped by to see our daughter Debbie. Debbie wasn't home, but by the time Jason left he'd had his cock sucked and he had fucked his first older woman. Jason, as young men are prone to do, bragged about his afternoon at Debbie's house and soon a lot of young men stopped by to see Debbie when they knew she wasn't home. Depending on Connie's mood (and her martini intake) some left happy and some didn't.

A couple of months after Connie started helping young men reach one of the plateaus of manhood, Debbie started going steady with a young man named Donald. Naturally there came a day when Donald came to call and Debbie wasn't there and Connie gave Donald his first taste of an older woman. For the next four months Connie saw to Donald's sexual education two or three times a week and then Debbie dumped him. He still dropped by to see Connie, but she wouldn't have anything to do with him once Debbie threw him over. Over the next two years Debbie went through a string of boy friends and, of course, Connie went through them too. Things came to a head the year Debbie started college. She met a young man and fell in love and one day Connie asked her why she never brought the young man to the house and Debbie said, "Because I love him and I don't want to lose him." "What does that mean?" Connie asked. "You know very well what that means mother. Every time I get a boy friend you start fucking him." It turned out that Debbie had known all along what her mother had been doing and as soon as she found out one of her boyfriends had been fucking her mother she would drop them. "I am not going to lose Barry because you like young stuff." "But sweetheart" said Connie, "I was only doing it for you. I wanted them to know how to take care of a woman so they would treat you right." Debbie said, "Barry takes care of me just fine, thank you." Which was probably the wrong thing to say because now Connie had to find out for herself if Barry "really" could take care of Debbie. Eventually Barry came by the house when Debbie was gone and soon after he was gone too.

Next Debbie tried the direct approach. "Stay away from my mother, she's a nymphomaniac and if I catch you with her or find out that she got to you, we are through." That didn't work so well because telling a young man that there is a nymphomaniac around usually prompts him to try and find out what one is like. Debbie was twenty-four before she found someone impervious to Connie's charms. She and Sam were married and things moved along well for the young couple and two years after the wedding Debbie became pregnant. In her eighth month she told Sam she thought they should knock off sex until after the baby was born and the doctor told them it was okay to start up again. Sam was pretty horny when Debbie went into the hospital to have the baby and while she was there Connie nailed Sam. It was a year before Debbie found out that Sam and her mother were fucking on a regular basis, some two or three times a week, but by the time she found out something had changed in her personality. She loved Sam, he was a good husband, father and provider, and he was giving her as much sex as she could handle. If he was still horny after giving her all she wanted, then let her mother handle the overflow. At least she knew where she could find him and he wasn't likely to bring home a disease.

And then Sam did a bad thing - he got caught smoking pot, and he had just enough on him to qualify him as a dealer (which he wasn't). First offense, a plea bargain, and he walked away with sixty days in jail on a work release program, five years probation, mandatory counseling and one hundred hours of community service. And, of course, a felony record.

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