The Date!

by fxconde

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fisting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: The adventures of Ken and Valerie after the kids leave home for college. This is the beginning of the series.


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Ken and Valerie 's adventure Begins.

It had been at least six months since my husband, Ken, and I, Val, had gone out. We had been married twenty years and our two kids, Jimmie and Jaime, fraternal twins, had set off to college a year ago. We had our first fight about six months after the children had left. He complained that I just wasn't intimate enough and of course I went down the road of "you never spend enough time at home with me".

Needless to say after we were done, we didn't speak for the next six months except about the simplest things. I was concerned that we had really screwed things up with that one little argument. I thought back, reminiscing about our twenty years together and saw all the good things that had happened but realized how many times I had blown off my husband for other things. Kids, work, brothers and sisters, parents, all who needed help and understood why he was upset. He had never complained but I could remember him being a little angry and frustrated, but it would soon pass. Now it was our time and I was still angry at him. Bad habits die hard I guess. I needed more time with him. I decided I could work on my side and see if he might work on his.

Then on Friday, when he got home and surprised me. "Valerie, lets go out tomorrow night."

"Sure," I said, "that would nice!" Wow! What had happened? The night rolled on as usual. We watched our shows together and went to bed. We hadn't messed around since our fight but I began to worry about our date. Was he still angry? Was he going to divorce me? I tossed and turned most of the night until I fell asleep.

I awoke Saturday about ten in the morning. Ken was already up doing the house hold chores we couldn't get done during the week. I hopped out of bed, threw on some old sweats and headed out to help. "Good morning sleepy head." He smiled.

I was in shock. "Good morning to you, too." I smiled back. My concerns grew as we worked on our backyard. Was he going let me down easy? Was he seeing someone else?

We worked hard till about four in the afternoon. We had finally finished the yards, when I felt his hands on my shoulders. He slowly massaged the muscles from between my shoulder blades to my neck. "Wow, honey you feel really tense." He had such nice hands, I noted, as his thumbs worked up and down the sides of my spine.

"I think I've been a little stressed lately."

"Well, why don't you head off to take a shower and I'll clean up out here?"

"Ok" I sighed. The hot water felt really good as it cascaded down my back. I stretched my neck from left to right and felt some of the tension slide away. "Well." I thought to myself "might as well dress nice and plan to have a fun evening." Whatever happened it had been a very good twenty years.

I showered and shaved. I knew Ken liked my legs, so I made sure they were nice and smooth. I trimmed my bush nice and tight. I had never really thought about doing that before but I thought if things went that far Ken would be nicely surprised. I had been endowed with a pretty good bod. Being 5'7" at 125lbs and size "B" boobs. I knew many women envied me for being 42 looking better than most women at 30. My hair was shoulder length and dark brown with very few strands of grey, not enough to be worried. I dried and put on a very short robe. I sat and did my make up and hair.

Ken came wandering in. "Well, don't you look nice!" He said as he started to get undressed for his turn in the shower.

"I sure look and smell alot better than you!" I smiled back.

He laughed, "I will just have to take care of that right away, won't I?" He grinned as he headed for the shower. At 44 he still looked good. 6' even, decent build, a little grey around the edges, a nice butt, and fairly well endowed. Ok, really well endowed from what my friends talked about. I couldn't wrap my fingers around him and with both hands the tip still stuck out. The lady friends always talked that seven inches was pretty big, so Ken was maybe a little longer than that and was also about as big around as a soda can. It had taken about 6 months for me to get used to him after we got married.

I began to realize just how aroused I was. I could feel the warmth spreading through my crotch and lower tummy. I hadn't felt this turned on in long time. A small amount of moisture escaped from my lower lips.

I better throw a pair of underwear on really quick before I had a flood. I went to my underwear drawer and pulled out the tiniest thong I had. It was white lace and darn near see through. I slid them on quickly. As it hit my crotch I had a shiver. Wow, was I sensitive! I hope Ken had plans to jump my bones because I just might not be able to wait. I found a dark green wrap dress and put it on. It looked great on my figure and the color high lighted the green in my eyes. I decided not to wear a bra, the dress looked better without it.

Just then Ken walked out of the bathroom. He was wearing just a pair jockey's and it held his package nice tight. I had a shiver just thinking about him. "Val, you look really good in that green dress. I guess I can't go out in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt now!"

"You could just go out in your underwear?" I said.

"Well, I think I'll pick out something just a tad bit more modest!" he grinned.

"Ok, fine! If that's what you want!" I feigned indignation. "I'll just wait for you in the living room." And walked out.

I just couldn't sit there with his huge bulge staring me in the face. I didn't want to jump him before I found out what was going on. More than likely nothing was going on and I was just overreacting but I still wanted to wait a little to make sure.

Ken came strolling out of the bedroom wearing his tan khaki pants with black polo shirt. He liked this combination because he felt comfortable and thought it looked good on him. I had to agree. I kept feeling this low level throbbing in my bottom as we headed to the car.

"We'd better hurry. I made our reservation for 7!"

"Where are we going?"

"We are going to "Bob's steakhouse". I figured you would like that!"

"You bet. I always like a nice piece of meat." I said and then realized what I said. Crap.

"Ok, then. We better hurry to Bob's. We don't want you to have to wait!" he laughed. Ken pulled on to the highway. "Val, I've wanted to talk to you about our disagreement. I understand were you're coming from. I've worked hard to get us were we are, so we can enjoy our time together. But what I hadn't considered is that I have to change how I spend my time as well. I will try to spend more time at home. I'll have to move some things around at work but I don't see a problem. Will that work for you?" He smiled at me and my heart just fluttered away.

So that is what he was planning. I had worried about nothing. "That would be great! I have some things I need to work out, too. I'll try to be a bit more open and have a lot more fun. We just have to get over our old bad habits and replace them with some new really fun habits instead!" I winked at him.

He was pleased to hear that perhaps we were moving in positive direction together. "Thanks Val! I love you more than you can imagine."

"I can imagine quite a lot, you know! I love you too, Ken. Always have, always will."

He took my hand and kissed it. "Lets have a nice evening shall we?" He said as we drove down the highway. We arrived at Bob's right on time. They led us to a cozy little booth in the corner.

The booth across from us was empty and the one diagonally from us had an older couple. I could not see any other people at the booths or tables near us. Ken ordered us a nice bottle of a basic red wine and we chit-chatted about the kids, work and the future. I was midway through my first glass when the waiter came for our orders. He was tall man in his late twenties. "Hi, I'm David and I will be your waiter tonight. Would you like an appetizer to start?"

"No thanks, we'd like to order." Ken said.

"Ok, what can I get you, Ma'am?"

"I would like a bowl of your red bean soup, and the filet medium rare with the twice baked potato, and bacon green beans."

"Good choice. What can I get you, Sir?"

"I would like to start with the Caesar salad, and the Sirloin medium with the garlic smashed and spinach."

"Thank you! I will return with your soup and salad in a moment." David smiled and went on his way.

"He seems like a nice fellow!" I said to Ken.

"Yes, he does. Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. That's why you like him." Ken grinned.

"He is handsome, but not handsome as you." I fluttered my eyes at him.

"Oh, really, I thought all this time you married me for my kisses." He mused.

"That too." At which point, Ken leaned over and gently kissed me on my lips. Between the wine and his kiss, my earlier throbbing returned with a vengeance. I could feel my clit and surrounding lips straining against my thong as if they were trying rip through. He looked deep into my eyes and kissed me again, this time in a deep embrace. Our tongues intertwined and I was in heaven for what seemed forever. His left hand slowly slid up my thigh, rubbing firmly until he reached my thong and he squeezed my sweltering twat. I was in shock but it felt so good. We stopped just in time for the waiter to show up with our soup and salad.

"Here you go Ma'am, Sir! Is there anything else I can get you?"

"Not at the moment." Ken said.

The throbbing had spread through out my pelvis. My heart pounded in my temples. I was so aroused I could not believe it. My thong was drenched with my juices. My hole wanted to swallow Ken whole and I needed him now but we were in this damned restaurant. What could I do? Ken refilled my wine glass and asked. "How is your soup?" acting as if he was totally innocent. My lord I was so hot.

I tasted the soup. "It's really good." I took a big drink of wine and continued eating. I needed to ditch my thong. It was so drenched, and I was so hot that I could not even keep my legs together. "Ken, do you know were the bathroom is?" I asked.

"Sure. Go down the aisle and look left." He grinned.

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