Secrets in the Dark

by Dreamwalker

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Susan told Alan that she had a wonderful husband, but lately he was too busy for her. He often brought his work home on the weekend and that left little time for them. She missed him terribly and hated to admit it, but their sex lives was not what it used to be.

It was Friday night and Susan was sitting on the sofa flipping through the television channels. This is not what she had planned to do that night. She wanted to spend the whole night in bed with Thomas. With his cock deep inside her mouth, cunt, ass, and her mouth on his cock. Oh, he fucked her all right, right after dinner then told her he had work from the office to finish.

She called her best friend Amanda and asks if she wanted to go out to the local bar with her. Thomas was doing paperwork and she was bored and horny. She wanted to get out of the house. Amanda suggested they go out to their favorite bar, have a couple of drinks and see what kind of excitement unfolded. Susan agreed and told her she would meet her there in about an hour.

When Susan entered the bar, she walked over to the corner table and ordered and rum and coke. When she looked around for Amanda she saw her sitting at the bar talking to a man. When Amanda turned around, she motioned for them to come join her, and then ordered another drink.

When Amanda sat down, she turned to Susan and said, "Susan, meet Alan. Alan this is my best friend, Susan. Alan is here on a business trip." She then leaned over to Susan and whispered, "Oh god isn't he sexy?"

Susan just grinned then reached out her hand and said, "Hello Alan."

Alan then said, "Hello, nice to meet you."

Amanda knew what was going on, but when ahead and said, "Susan, why are you out on your own at this late hour and where is that sexy hubby of yours?"

Susan winked and replied, "Thomas is at home, doing some paperwork and I was bored so I decided to come here to my favorite bar."

As the evening, progressed Amanda gave Susan a wink then excused herself saying had to get up early tomorrow and it was time she went home.

Susan knew that that was a lie, because Amanda always stayed out late on Friday and slept until noon on Saturday. She did not mind it though, because that left her and Alan alone to talk. There was something about him that him that intrigued her and made her burn with desire.

When Amanda left, Alan looked right into Susan's eyes and asked if he could stay at her table, he would enjoy her company.

She told him yes, hoping he would not see how turned on she was getting.

She took a drink and then looked at him again. When their eyes met and she saw a glimmer of desire and wondered, what he would look like naked. When he touched her hand, she felt a jolt go straight to the center of her womanhood. She knew she was married, but her body told her she needed this man, she need to feel his cock deep inside her.

They began talking, and it was if they were old friend. Alan told her he was married, but life at home was not as good as it used to be. There was a lot of arguing and no sex anymore. He guessed he was part to blame because he was out of town on business many weekends.

Susan told him that she had a wonderful husband, but lately he was too busy for her. He often brought his work home on the weekend and that left little time for them. She missed him terribly and hated to admit it, but their sex lives was not what it used to be. She did not tell him, that Thomas had fucked her earlier

Alan then said, "Now how could your hubby treat you like this. If you do not mind me saying so honey, you are a very beautiful sexy woman."

Susan blushed and said, "Thanks that is the best thing a man has said to me all week. You know something you're handsome and sexy too."

Alan leaned over the table and whispered, "How about we blow this joint and go someplace quiet, like my hotel room.'

She looked into his eyes and said, "Are you thinking what I am thinking? If so let us go! I will follow you with my car."

Alan nodded his head yes and walked with her out to the parking lot. He then showed her his car and she pointed out to him hers.

He escorted her over to her car. When she went to turn and open the door, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. The kiss at first caught her by surprise, but then she kissed him back with all the passion within her.

He drove her to the outskirts of town to the hotel he was staying at and parked the car. Susan pulled in beside him. She then got out and walked over to his side of the car and said, "Oh god, I need you, I need to feel your cock inside me. I don't mind telling you this, but I am kind of nervous."

He kissed her once more and told her he was always felt nervous. However, his throbbing cock needed to slide it into her hot pussy. He then escorted her to his room.

She barely got her into the room when he pulled her close and kissed her again as his fingers probed her wanting body. What followed was a blur of fingers and clothing being stripped and tossed on the floor.

Alan looked her over, oh my god she was sexy as hell. He loved her sassy red hair, green eyes and red colored lips. When he looked downward, his mouth drooled and longed to suck her big tits with large brown nipples. As he gaze went down further he saw her red trimmed pussy and almost blow his load right then and there.

Susan looked at Alan's naked body and told herself, he was gorgeous and sexy. She loved his salt and pepper colored hair, piercing blue eyes, and squared jaw. His body had a little extra padding but to her that was sexy as hell. His cock made her drool it was a good eight inches and fat. She could not wait to taste it and feel it inside her hot pussy.

Alan kissed her and then laid her gently on the bed. He looked into her eyes and said, "I know my dick will fit nicely into you pussy, but I want to kiss my way from your sweet lips all the way to paradise."

He started kissing her and leaving a wet trail from her sweet tips to her pussy. She moaned with desire and said, "Eat me Alan!"

When he slid his tongue between the fold of her pussy, she thought she would pass out. Oh, god it had been too long since a man ate her. She pulled Alan's head closer.

He tantalized her clit with his tongue and shoved a finger deep inside her hot hole. When he looked up she was sucking on her right nipple and he stopped eating her long enough to say, "Ooooh fuck I love a woman who likes to suck her own tits. You keep doing that honey; I need to slide this dick inside you right now!"

She opened her legs as wide as they could go stopped sucking her nipple for a moment and said, "Fuck me Alan!"

Alan slid the tip of his cock into her soft drenched vagina. Susan raised her hips to accommodate more of his cock. He then pushes his cock in further she is wetter then he anticipated and he wondered if she had been fucking her husband prior to inviting him inside. He did not mind that at all because that cum mixed with her excitement makes him feel like he is in heaven inside her hot pussy.

He looked into her face kissed her again and said, "I am going to shove my dick all the way inside you now honey." He shove his dick deep and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he began fucking her. He then said, "Ooooh yesss, aarrgggghhh, you are so tight! How's it feel baby?"

Susan quivered and squealed saying, "Oh god I love the feel of your dick inside me! Oh keep it up, fuck me deeper honey I am going to cum soon."

Her clit was brushing against his pubic hair. He knew she was going to explode with ecstasy any moment and he was too. He fucked her so deep he could feel his dick bumping her cervix.

She nibbled on Alan's ear and then said, "Fuck me deeper, harder! Ooooh yes, just like that. I want you to cum, empty your balls into my cunt!"

As Alan's dick went deeper, Susan's legs encircle his waist. Her orgasm hit like a slow moving train that just went out of control. The spasms racked her body, ass and cunt, and then begin milking his cum from his dick.

As they were having their first climax, Alan was already thinking about what they can do the next time they meet. He then said to himself, "If he got my way, we will meet and fuck like this often. Next time we do honey, I am going to fuck your hot ass.

He left his dick inside her and he laid his head on her breast. Then took the nipple into his mouth, bites it lightly, and then begin sucking at her breast. After several minutes of rest, his dick softens and slips out of her love tunnel.

Alan then slid down her beautiful body until he was between her open thighs. He then he took her clit between his lips and flick it with the tip of his tongue until she began to orgasm again. He then dove into her pussy like a puppy near a bowl of milk.

Susan shivered she loved it when Thomas's cum added to the flavor of her own juices. She continued pushing the wetness into Alan's mouth. She then felt Alan's tongue tease her ass, probing and seeking entrance and it triggers another climax.

When things calmed down she looked at her watch and almost screamed, "Oh god, I had better get home, the bar closed a half hour ago and I know Thomas will be wondering where I am."

Alan kissed her hard and said, "You had better go then, I would not want you to get into any kind of trouble. Can I call you sometime, honey?"

Susan hurriedly was dressed then reached into her bag, got a piece of paper, wrote her phone number on it and gave it to Alan, adding, to be careful when he called.

When he took the paper, he pulled her into his arms and said, "I had great time tonight sweetie. Drive carefully now."

Susan said, "Okay, Alan," then the two of them kissed goodbye. As she drove home, she wondered if they would ever meet again.

When she pulled up in the driveway, Susan saw Thomas peek out the curtains of the den.

She walked into the house and on the way to the bathroom said, "Sorry I am late, but you know how gabby we women are I just lost track of the time."

Thomas replied, "That's ok dear. I am glad you and Amanda went out I hope you had a good time. Go ahead and get ready for bed darling, I am still doing this damn paperwork.

Susan took a shower and got ready for bed. As she lay there thinking about Alan she knew they would probably never see each other again, as for now this would be her Secret in the dark of night. Something she could think about her hot fuck session especially when Thomas was too busy for her.

It had been about a month since Susan seen Alan. She knew it was wrong in the first place and made the decision she would never see him again. If he ever called, she would just tell him no.

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