Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Fiction, Rough,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Raped by a co-worker, something happens to this mild mannered accountant. (character based on a Tom Land story character)

I looked up and saw Tom Land standing there, a strange look on his face. I knew him from around the office, but we'd never exchanged more than a hello or two walking in the hallways of our office. I had started my job as a staff accountant a few months before, and it was late one night that it all happened. I stayed late mostly because I wanted to get some extra stuff done and enjoy my day off before I had to jump into the tax season full force.

Tom stood there, an almost crazed look in his eyes. He was pretty cute, an inch or two taller than me, nice build. Someone I probably would have dated if i had gotten the time to know him. What I saw in front of me scared and excited me at the same time. He started talking but I was overwhelmed by a powerful scent that filled my cube. I smelled the woods, clear as if I was standing in the middle of a forest. My body felt a warm flush as something primal caused my body to flush, all stirred up by the scent. I shook my head to clear it, noticing that he had moved from the cube opening to a lot closer.

"Tom, what are you doing?" I said, looking at him, but it was if he hadn't heard me.

Before I knew it, he was standing next to me, groping my big tits. Being this close to him the scent washed over me, making me incredibly horny and wet. His hands grew harsh, pinching my nipples and making them hard, fluids almost soaking through my panties. I was so blown away at this point by a mixture of primal lust, his boldness, and a light headedness that it took me a moment to clear my head. In that moment, he took complete and total charge of me, and the problem was, I wasn't sure I minded in the slightest.

Letting go of my big tits and picking me up in the air, he gently laid me across my desk, my hands pushing everything off the end of it as I gripped the edge, sending it crashing to the floor. I heard his belt being undone so I tried to get up. His free hand pushed me back down by the neck, pinning me easily to the desk. I couldn't believe how strong this man was, especially with only one hand. I contemplated trying to turn, but his hand tightened on my neck as I felt him spread my legs apart with ease, no matter how strongly I fought him. His hand pulled up my short skirt and quickly tore my thong away as if it was paper. His breathing got heavier as I felt the head of his engorged cock against the lips of my vagina.

I realized several things at that moment. I was completely helpless, totally turned on, and about to be fucked by someone with a really big dick. I felt him push inside me and stopped struggling all together. I felt every single vein as it slid in and out of me. I felt his hand move from my neck, but I didn't want to leave, I didn't want him to stop. I just wanted him to fuck my pussy and grab my tits and drive me wild.

I didn't have long to wait as he reached inside my clothes, undid my bra, grabbed my tits and began ramming his cock in and out of me. My breathing had increased in speed and volume as I began to moan loudly. He was banging my pussy with abandon as I moaned "fuck me, Tom, oh yeah, I've never been fucked like this before in my life!" I could feel his heavy balls slapping against my clit as they swung under him. I couldn't believe the size of them, nor the weight, but it felt so fucking good I didn't even question it.

I gave into it and lost all of my inhibitions until reality came slamming back home as I felt him cum inside me.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, noooooooooooo, nooooooo, don't fucking cum in me. I'm not on birth control. Nooooooooooo," I tried to fight him but it was already too late. I could feel each blast of cum as it coated the inside of my pussy. The amazing thing was that he kept thrusting into me. I tried to push him away and pull myself off of him, but he grabbed me off the desk instead. I couldn't believe his strength as he picked me up off the desk and began ramming my body up and down on his stiff thick cock. The sensations rushing through my body was a mixture of pain and pleasure, the more he fucked me the more it was pleasure. I was so far gone at this point that I gave in once more and let him blast away into me, feeling him blast a second large load into my cunt.

The sensation was just too much for me as I blacked out I felt him slip out of me, his jism leaking out of me onto my leg.

I came to with a start, my skirt pulled down, my blouse closed. I felt disappointed that he was gone, I felt sore in my crotch, and disoriented from waking up sitting at my desk. The papers and pencils and other things that had been on my desk were back in place. I stood up shakily and looked over the wall of my cube, there was not a soul around. I looked down at the clock on my desk and it said 8:30.

"Did I dream it?" I thought, sitting back down. The evidence that I hadn't was dripping down the inside of my thigh, warm and sticky. "Fuck!" I thought, panicking. I wasn't on birth control, and I had no idea what Tom had been thinking when he just came without thought within me twice.

A flush began in my cheeks and in my loins as I thought about his strength and command and presence, and the feeling of his veiny dick slamming in and out of me. Shaking my head to clear it, I finally succeeded in ridding myself of the haze in my head. I packed up my stuff and looking around at the completely empty office, turned and walked to the elevator.

The door opened and got in, putting down my briefcase to adjust my jacket. Picking it back up, I walked out into the dark car garage towards my car. As I made my way across the garage, my pussy clenched. The feeling that rocked through my body was slightly orgasmic, eliciting a gasp from me. I could feel my insides moving involuntarily, causing me to get wet once more. I made it to my car and leaned on it, trying to catch my breath. As I stood there, my breathing got faster and deeper, the sensations rushing around my insides climbed in passion. I looked around at the empty garage, seeing a few cars but not many. I needed a dick in me, and I needed it bad.

"What?" I said out loud, and the feelings were gone. My knees were still weak, but the lustfilled haze was gone. "What the hell?" I said for not the first or last time that night. My head clear, I got into my car and drove home.

I let myself in my apartment and bent down to pet my cat when another wave rushed over me. I stood in the open doorway and began inching up my skirt. I could almost taste another dick in me. My body took over as I stood and looked into the hallway. My neighbor Jim was standing in the hallway staring at me. I must have been quite a site, bent over with my crotch all but showing. I turned to face him and his jaw dropped.

I had an unbelieveable urge to strip right in the hallway and throw him down on the carpet and fuck his brains out. He was okay to look at, but the hard cock in his pants was the only thing I cared about. A woman's head popped out, took one look at me, and grabbed him pulling him in the doorway. The door slamming woke me up once more from my haze, my hands on my shirt ready to rip it open.

I turned quickly back to my apartment and shut and locked the door. "What the fuck?!?" I said outloud. My kitten purred around my legs while I tried to get myself under control. "Shower..." I said to myself. I opened the door to the bathroom, pulled back the curtain and turned it on high. I looked at myself in the mirror and gasped loudly.

My face could only be described as different. I woke up as a mild mannered accountant, but the woman staring back at me with a shocked look on her face could only be described as sultry or sexy. My hair was wavy and wild, not my usual tight bun or severely pulled back ponytail. My cheeks were flushed and my eyes seemed to sparkle. "Lord, Tom, what the hell did you do to me" I said, a slow smile spreading across my face. A warm flush spread all over, setting my flesh alight with feeling. I'd never even thought of sleeping with another woman, but I was getting off on myself right now. My clit began to throb, the lips of my labia moistening and getting slick. I pushed down my skirt and pulled open my shirt, buttons flying everywhere. The full length mirror showed my body off perfectly, and again, what I saw now was not the same as what I had seen this morning.

My dark hair seemed to shine with new life, the limp straightness now running in silky waves below my shoulders. Lips lusher, eyelashes longer, the overall look to my features softer and sexier. I unsnapped the bra and pulled my shirt and bra off, exposing my breasts. They were the same size as before, just fuller and firmer than before. Running my fingers around and over my nipples sent a shock through my body, my pussy now soaking wet with my own juices. I looked down between my legs at a hairier bush, now all glistening with my own moisture. Parting it and slipping a finger into me, I slid it back and forth over my clit, sending shocks through my system. I moaned louder and louder until I was screaming with my third orgasm of the day. I looked at myself in the mirror as I came, seeing my eyes almost glow. It scared and excited the hell out of me at the same time.

One thought invaded my mind and would not let go. I needed a dick, a big one, and I needed it now.

I got in the shower, took my time soaping up my luscious body, thinking about cock, cock, and nothing but the cock. I brought myself off twice more just playing with my tits, but rather than sating my desire, it just made me burn for more. Stepping out of the shower, I toweled off and thought about the club around the corner. Pushing all of my clothes over, I pulled out a garmet bag that had been in the back for a long time. Unzipping it, I pulled out the slinky black dress that my girlfriends had bought me once, daring me to wear it. Pulling it out now, I saw that it was perfect. It would accent all of my curves, keeping things BARELY decent. Thinking of a bra, I looked in the mirror again and realized with these tits, I wouldn't need it.

I pulled on some long sheer thighhighs, securing them with a garter belt I had just pulled on. The silk of the stockings and the fasteners that ran from the belt to my thigh sent shivers up my spine. The though of wearing them and nothing else while someone screwed the shit out of me made me wet again.

"Panties? No fucking way!" I thought to myself, a devilish smile coming over my face. I pulled open my closet, pushed things aside and got out a pair of 6" stiletto heels that I had bought one day after a lot of masturbating. I like the way my toes looked poking out the front. By the time I looked in the mirror, applied some lipstick and a lot more eye makeup than I would normally contemplate, I was ready. Sultry, sexy, seriously fuckable gazed back at me in the mirror. I'd have a dick in me very quickly, and I'd get my pick too. I grabbed a small handbag, shoved my keys into it, and practically ran out the door. Slowing so I wouldn't kill myself going down the stairs, I walked down the block, around the corner, and past the 25-30 people standing in line. As I was walking and looking at people, I started seeing things a little differently. I was beginning to see Auras around people, ranging from white to black and every color in between.

The doorman almost hurt himself trying to get the rope undone so I could walk right into the club. I brushed a firm tit against his arm, slipping my tongue in his ear as I whispered "Thanks". I felt a rush of energy from him that made my skin hot. Smiling, I walked into the club past people on the stairs and down into where the main bar and dance floor was. Normally it would have been very dark, but I could see as well as I could in daylight. People danced, talked, drank, and moved around in various states of inibriated ecstasy. As I moved among them and brushed against some of them, I realized that the colors I was seeing was the amount of energy they possessed. I felt more attracted to some than to others. One white colored waif in a flimsy dress who looked like she hadn't eaten in months fainted as I went past her.

"I'm drawing in energy" I whispered to myself. "Aye, ye are" drawled a thick scottish brogue at my ear. Turning suddenly, I was confronted by a handsome scottsman. Strangely he didn't show any color. I mentioned it. "Ye can't take it from me lassie, only from the food." "Food" He simply grinned and spread his hands wide.

"What am I?" I asked, my skin beginning to get hot again, I need a fat cock in me right now. "Ye're a succubus, now go fuck someone quick and get ye back here." he said, pushing me in the direction of a tall figure who had a dark red aura.

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