First Time For Both

by Emanon_Pen

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: First time sexual encounter for each of them.

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Lisa Marie Johnson never thought about sex for more than a few minutes before she met Michael. Michael Robert Fitzsimmons never thought about sex for more than a couple of hours before he met Lisa Marie. Now each of them was expectantly waiting for the moment of truth. But, as much as each of them wanted the expected loss of their virginity, they each had their reservations, their fears, as well as their hope that it would be all they expected.

Lisa Marie Johnson was born 27 years earlier on a farm in the heartland of the United States. The third child in a family of five she was the only girl born to her immigrant parents. Growing up in her house meant working to get excellent grades in school, helping her father in his small business, and not doing anything to bring disrespect to her parents, brothers, and herself. Dating was not even allowed during her formative years. None of her brothers allowed any of her high school and college boyfriends get close to her physically as well as emotionally. Their protection made it difficult for her to experiment with her sexuality so she just pushed any idea of being a woman to the back of her mind. Although her parents were born in Europe, they did not believe in sex for anything else other than procreation. The one time she thought she could get away with playing with her new found pleasure center, her mother walked in the room and slapped her until she agreed she would never do it again.

Michael Robert Fitzsimmons was born 28 years earlier in the area of New York City called Hell's Kitchen. Stretching on from 14th Street to 38th Street on the West Side of Manhattan, Hell's Kitchen was and still is home to the Irish immigrants coming to the United States to find a piece of the American economic pie. Ninety percent of the families worked hard to climb out of the bowels of Hells Kitchen, but not Michael's mother and father. They were content to live and work there in the hopes of making the area better for the present and future inhabitants. Michael and his brother grew up hearing his parents making love in their small two bedroom apartment. The walls were tissue paper thin and coupled with the fact he had to share the only other bedroom with his older brother kept him from pleasuring himself. The fear of being caught kept him from performing the teenage rights of passage — masturbation. The thought of jerking off was out of the question and he couldn't see doing it while his brother was in the bed next to his. His Catholic upbringing and the threat of Father Paul's retribution was enough for him to keep it in his pants and out of either of his hands.

Michael never left the city he called home. Lisa Marie studied Chinese in college and mastered three of the dialects becoming extremely proficient in Cantonese. She became well known enough in the small community of Americans that were fluent in Chinese that the United Nations sought her out for their real time translation department. Michael went to New York University, the Stern School of Business receiving a Master in Business Administration Magna Cum Laude, and landed a top position with one of Wall Street's most prestigious financial institutions. They met literally by accident while shopping in the now defunct FAO Schwarz on Fifth Avenue at 57th Street. Each of them was looking for a birthday gift for a dear friend's daughter and it was the search that would bring them together. The Barbie Doll display in FAO Schwarz was considered the best retail display in the world of everything Barbie. FAO Schwarz was place to purchase the one thing every little girl should have as well as any expensive toy marketed in the world. As each reached for the last Doctor Barbie Doll, their heads knocked together and as they rubbed the spot where contact was made they profusely apologized to each other for being a klutz. Michael took the gracious route, offered the doll to Lisa Marie, and without a moment's hesitation asked for her phone number.

"Here, take the doll, and in return I'll make a simple request," he stated.

"And what would that be?" Lisa Marie replied eyeing the hunk that stood no more than six inches away from her.

"A doll for a doll and a phone number for a smitten wall street wanna be mogul," he replied.

A small knock on the head, a simple request for a person's phone number, and now after a year of dating the ultimate expression of love was only hours away. Each in their own world, each wondering if the pleasure would be everything they've hoped it would, and each so nervous that it was becoming impossible to remain outwardly calm. Lisa Marie did not have anyone she could really consider a close enough friend to discuss her feelings with and instead tried to search the Internet for heartfelt expressions of what is was like to lose one's virginity. The more she searched, the more she found erotic literature that made her feel sexy and dirty, but did not answer her questions. She realized that the breaking of her hymen would cause some pain, but she wanted to know if it would over power her desires and make the act of love something she would not like. Information she gleaned from the erotic stories and personal blogs on the Internet made her think that first time sex could be a very unsatisfying experience. From what she read, she hoped that Michael would be a tender lover the first time. She'd read about men who had no idea about what it takes to please a woman and hoped her first experience would not be a miserable, painful failure.

Lisa Marie did discover that she could feel some pleasure when she masturbated. She did not like to play with her clitoris because it brought back memories of the first time she tried it and her mother slapped the shit out of her. She finally completed the act of self-satisfaction when she moved to New York City. She was making enough money as a translator to afford a single room efficiency apartment on the East Side of Manhattan. Living alone at the age of twenty-two afforded her the time and place to begin to explore the regions of her body everyone so adamantly had told her was not a good thing to do. Lisa Marie loved the feeling her body went though as she caressed her most private of parts and massaged herself to a gut wrenching orgasm. She never thought about inserting anything into her vagina as she wanted to be pure for the man that would take her well protected virginity. Although she was not as religious as her mother, father, and brothers, she did respect their morals ... Well, her mother and father's morals. Her brothers were another story and she knew in her heart that she was the 'thou shall not' side of the sexual double standard. Lisa Marie figured each of her brothers lost their virginity at the tender age of fourteen. Mother never uttered a word and dad just smiled to himself. Lisa Marie figured dad was thinking about his boys being a 'chip off the old block' and all she could do was listen and suffer in silence.

Michael had ample opportunity to pleasure himself while alone in his apartment. He had the occasional nocturnal emission, but made no attempt to masturbate to orgasm. He wanted to have his first orgasm while making love to the woman he hoped would be his future wife and lifelong lover. Also ever present in the back of his mind was the teachings of the church. Masturbation was, is, and forever will be a sin. The Bible told him so. The spilling of the seed was not looked upon with grace in the church. Michael suffered with morning erections, afternoon erections, and blue balls from the make out sessions he's had with Lisa Marie. Cold showers, psychological rationalizations, and emotional self-imposed 'thou shall not' intellectualism allowed him to survive until this day and what he hoped would be the termination, cessation, and ending of his sexual celibacy tonight.

Lisa Marie stood in front of her full length mirror completely naked. Her five foot eight inch height accented the fact she had a beautiful set of legs. Standing there she noticed that when she put her legs together her thighs did not touch. Her knees touched and from there rose an inverted triangle of space bounded by each thigh and culminating in an area that was for the first time this evening going to be touched by someone other than her. She turned left and right trying to get a good look at her backside hoping it would look as good naked as it did covered in a tight pair of designer jeans. She smiled to herself as she admired her reflection and the newly shaped and trimmed patch of pubic hair. She had learned enough from her reading to do something that she knows her mother would never have done. She took the time to shave all the hair around her most private of parts and trim the remaining patch of pubic hair above it. She ran her hands from the sides of her thighs, up and across to the front of her hips, and up her flat stomach to just beneath her breasts. She cupped her hands under what she considered to be ultra-small breasts. They stood nipple up from her body and did not have the size or weight to hang down like some women she saw in the locker room at the gym. With her hands cupped beneath her breasts, she thought how nice it would be when she allowed Michael the same privilege.

She turned away from the mirror and looked at the lingerie laid out on her bed. Not even thinking about the partially open window, she stood naked as a jay-bird contemplating which set of what had to be considered 'sexy' underwear she would wear. Lisa Marie had spent close to two hours in the Victoria's Secret on Fifth Avenue trying to decide which outfit she wanted to be in when Michael removed her clothes. She thought maybe she wouldn't let him and she would do a slow strip tease for him revealing a very hot pair of underpants, bra, and thigh high stockings, but underneath it all she knew it wasn't going to happen. She was nowhere near the type of person to flaunt her body in front of a man like some dancer swinging on a pole in a Gentleman's Club. On the bed were two matching bra and panty sets one in black and the other in pink. The black set consisted of a pair of lace Brazilian panties and a seamless push-up strapless bra. The pink set consisted of a pair of jacquard lace v-string panties with a matching lace demi bra. Lisa Marie wanted to be sexy without being a slut and the more she looked the harder her decision was becoming.

Lisa Marie turned towards the two outfits hanging from the top of her closet door. Maybe if she decided which dress she was going to wear it would make the lingerie decision easier. On the left hung a Donna Karan version of the traditional 'Little Black Dress' that would have to be worn with the strapless bra because it was an off the shoulder design. Next to it was a simple black v-neck tee with pink accents and a black miniskirt. The dress was an inch or two longer than the miniskirt and presented a more formal and less casual look to her dress for the evening. Either outfit would necessitate her wearing stockings so she had purchased thigh highs in black to match either outfit. The decision turned out to be very easy for Lisa Marie as she realized the miniskirt presented more of a slut look and she wanted to be seen as a lady. Her readings on the Internet seeped into her consciousness and help finalize her wardrobe for this special evening. Since she decided on wearing the 'The Little Black Dress', she would wear the black lingerie and offer Michael a black sexy clothing picture of herself. Sighing, she realized that the time it took for her to decide what she was going to wear she was showing her neighbors across the street everything she'd hidden for the past 27 years.

Having made the decision on what to wear, Lisa Marie stepped over to her dressing table, sat down, and began applying her facial makeup. She wanted to wait as long as possible before having put on her clothes and as she looked at herself in the mirror she felt a warm wave pass over her body giving her the sense that she had made the right decisions. The black lingerie, the black dress, black thigh high stockings, the shaved private parts, and the knowledge that tonight she would allow the sex organ of another human being enter her body. For the first time in her life, she felt a small wave of sexual pleasure pass from between her legs, up her body, and into her mind without any sort of self induced manipulation of her most private of parts. Lisa Marie was on the road to becoming a loving, sexual female and she couldn't wait for her lover to take her over to that side of being a woman.

Michael was stressed out and paced around his apartment like a caged animal while trying to keep his emotions and sexual desires in check. Ever since he woke up this morning with the erection from hell, he has unconsciously placed either of his hands on his crotch leaving it there long enough to feel the heat of his now flaccid penis. The heat being generated by his genitals was driving him crazy. He was doing all he could from going into his bedroom and jerking off. Watching television was driving him crazy because he would look at the actresses and become aroused. Reading a magazine did not help either because any advertisement with a decent picture of a female model had the same effect on his genitals that the television did. All he could do was talk to himself and pray that he had the inner strength to make it until he had what he wanted for the past eleven and a half months.

Time passed extremely slowly for Michael. He invited his best friend Allan over to play some fooze ball and an hour of that did nothing to calm his nerves. Allan was aware of his impending loss of virginity and did everything to exacerbate the issue instead of helping his best friend relax.

"Yo, dude ... Something bothering you?' Alex inquired. He knew damn well that Michael was having a hard ( pardon the pun ) time. He could not reconcile the hunk that his friend was with the fact he was still a virgin at twenty-eight.

'Oh, you're so dead, Alex!!! How could you stand there and say something like that?

'I didn't say anything wrong. I'm just trying to be kind knowing what a state heightened sexual frustration you're in," Alex laughed as he responded.

"Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!"

"Whoa, buddy. I'm sorry if you're stupid enough to keep your cock in your pants instead of using it just to piss with. Man, you're twenty-eight years old and a virgin!!! How dumb is that?"

"At least I didn't contract a venereal disease three times in the last two years like you did."

"That was not called for," Alexander retorted.

"Come on, Alex, I've been keeping your little side sexual high jinxes from your wife for the past five years. Now, you have the balls to tell me I'm an idiot for not spreading my sperm all over God's green Earth! Well, fuck you too and get out!!!"

Alex looked at him smiled, winked, and said, "Sorry, Mike. I'll talk to you in the morning when you're head is on straight. And most of all, enjoy yourself tonight because what is going to happen is a once in a lifetime event." With that he turned and let himself out of Mike's apartment.

Mike looked at the clock on the wall in his kitchen and figured he had another hour before he needed to get into the shower in preparation for tonight's dinner with Lisa Marie. Not that he had to worry about what he was going to wear, but he checked what he had selected to wear. He chose a very expensive an Oxxford handmade navy blue banker's pinstripe three piece suit, a white-on-white stripped shirt, and a subtle maroon and grey silk tie. His underwear was nothing special and he thought maybe he should have purchased something sexy, but decided against it. He knew he'd end up wearing his Calvin Klein boxer briefs because that was all he owned.

Getting undressed an hour later was the easy part. Stepping into the shower and washing his body was easy until he had to clean his genitals. Boy did he get an electric shock when his hand holding the wash cloth brushed the head of his cock. He was so sensitive he wondered if he wouldn't have a premature ejaculation before he even got near making love to Lisa Marie. He quickly decided the best thing to do was clean around the area and not even try to touch himself. He forced himself to think of other things to relieve the pressure building in his body and genitals. The rest of the preparation went smoothly and he was relieved when he exited his apartment for his ride to Lisa Marie's apartment.

The taxi ride to her place was uneventful as was the ride up the elevator, the walk to her apartment door, and the knock on her door to announce his arrival. Everything changed when she opened the door to let him in. Upon entering her apartment and seeing her standing there, Michael actually started swaying because the blood was rushing from his head. He felt faint and did everything in his power to control himself because standing in front of him was the most beautiful woman in the world. The dress Lisa Marie was wearing made no effort to hide her womanly charms and Mike was reacting like the typical man in heat. His penis began to rise and he could do nothing to stop it.

Lisa Marie closed the door to her apartment, locked it out of habit, and strode purposefully to where her boyfriend stood. She came close to him, put her arms around his waist, and leaned in to press her lips on his. Mike responded in kind by placing his arms around Lisa Marie and pulling her into his embrace. Their lips sought to caress the others. Without as much as a thought, their tongues twirled between their open mouths each using the other to make the kiss more than just a good evening hello. Mike lowered his arms so his hands could cup Lisa Marie's buttocks and press her into his now raging erection.

Lisa Marie felt his erection press against the flat of her stomach. She broke the kiss, looked up and into his eyes, "By what I'm feeling pressed against me, are you sure you want to go to dinner?"

"Oh my God, Lisa Marie, I'm so sorry. I can't help myself. You look so, so, incredible. You smell even better than I've ever ... I so want to be with you. I'm so embarrassed by the way I'm acting, but I want to make love to you ever so slowly so I can make you happier than ever before." Mike pressed her closer to him almost like he was trying to get her inside himself rather than him pressing his love into her. Lisa Marie took the hint and pressed her lips to his opening her mouth to allow his probing tongue to swirl with hers creating eddies of passion in each their bodies. The electricity of love was passing through the touch of their tongues making each of them want to forget about dinner and feast on each other going where they've never been before.

Lisa Marie's hand moved from Mike's back to his crotch and without missing a beat while kissing him she took hold of his cloth covered cock. She squeezed the length of his cock with her right hand and then began to gently rub it through his suit pants. "Mike, I want to feel you in my body. I've never touched a man before now, but what I'm rubbing is so hard that I think we need to relieve the pressure that is building."

"Please, Lisa Marie. I want to make love to you. I want to caress every part of your body without any thought of my pleasure. You are the woman that I love. The woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. The woman I want to have children with. But, we're both..."

"Virgins, Mike," she whispered to him as her hand continued to caress his manhood through his pants.

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