The Journal

by Emanon_Pen

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A man's jorney into bisexuality.

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The Journal

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

This day started with the morning from hell. Everything that could go wrong - did. And, it all started with a malfunctioning alarm clock, which was supposed to awaken me at 5:30 AM, but didn't until 6:37 AM. That gave me a whole twenty-three minutes to shit, shower, shave, get dressed, and commute to my office. I like a leisurely morning that is why I get up so early, but my fucking manual alarm clock decided to bitch me out by not awakening me at the appointed time. Then as I drove down Route 63 I was detoured because a high on methamphetamine driver of an eighteen wheeler decided to take a curve at twice the posted speed limit. Not just speeding, but going fucking eighty miles an hour around a curve any car would have trouble navigating at forty miles-an-hour. God, what a fuckin' mess this asshole caused. Then to top off the morning, the Starbucks near my office was closed. They open at 6:00 AM every day, but, not today. Later in the day I found out the manager had decided to sleep in because her new boyfriend demanded she give him some before he left for a business trip. Fuck me, its not like I expect people to roll over and play dead because I'm around, but when you're used to having things happening like the proverbial greased wheel and then WHAM the shit hits the fan — boy did I want to just take the day and squeeze the life force out of it. By noon I had closed three deals and put some nice cash into my one man company, that is when I decided to take a ride to the local adult bookstore and see what was happening. The thought of standing in a public place jerking my cock seemed like a good respite from the bullshit of my lousy morning. Yes, I know I closed some deals, but my fuckin' head was pounding from the morning and I hoped jerking off would at least give me some pain relief.

The Adult Emporium is not what you'd call a very nice place. The floors, walls, and ceilings are basically disgusting to look at. The booths that line the three walls of the back room are swept, but never really washed clean. I love to see where some asshole decided that cumming all over the screen was preferable to ejaculating all over the floor, but there are four booths that are quite sizeable with benches that are L-shaped and I hate to enter one to find cum all over them. Fuck, if I owned the place I'd make those bastards lick it up to teach them a lesson, but I digress. The place was jumpin' for Wednesday lunchtime. I stopped by the main counter to break a ten dollar bill receiving a five and five singles. I never understood why they do that, but I guess they like to make the patrons user larger bills. I decided to check out the larger booths to see if any where available for my public masturbation party. Three of the four were locked which meant one of two things — the guy inside was straight or the guy(s) inside were having a good time together. It was when I opened the fourth door I became completely unglued.

Standing in the middle of the booth was the best looking twenty-some year old I've seen in a long time. Ok, ok, my wife and I divorced because she couldn't accept my work habits and my sick sense of sexuality, but I've never, and I mean NEVER been floored by another man. I quietly entered the booth and stood against the wall staring at him. His right hand was moving up and down the shaft of his erection stopping just below the defined ridge of its head. I couldn't believe how perfect his cock was. I estimated it at about eight-and-a-half inches long and a good three to four inches around. I couldn't see his balls because all he had done was pull his cock through the zipper of his suit pants. I could see he was masturbating to a lesbian video. I felt my cock begin to stir inside my pants. I've known for years that when I watched pornography I would get somewhat stimulated seeing a cock larger than mine doing what I love to do — fuck a beautiful woman. This guy's cock belonged in the movies.

The thing that made me stay and watch was his obvious ignoring of me standing there. He didn't look at me or acknowledge in anyway my presence. Oh, my god, he was there doing exactly what I had wanted to do — jerk off watching some pornographic movie hoping some guy would enter the booth and watch me shoot my cum all over the floor or in the tissue I had in my pocket. I was frozen against the wall watching him play with himself. His cock stood straight out in front of him and when he removed his hand from it I could see the veins running its length. It didn't bend left or right. The head was a perfect shape and the shaft curved ever so slightly from its base to its head. I didn't want to stroke myself for fear of making him mad. I just stood there watching this young buck jerk off. He resumed pleasuring himself and it was then I saw a small smile break on his face. He pumped his cock. Gently moved his hips into the stroking action enhancing his masturbatory pleasure. Then without a sound emanating from him he shot the biggest first and second rope of cum I've ever seen. His legs weakened a bit from the orgasm but he just used his left hand to brace himself against the wall as he ejaculated all over the bench. I know, I know, what I had said earlier, but seeing him shoot was enough for me to ruin my Calvin Klein briefs. Yes, I shot a load in my pants I was so hot watching this young stud masturbate.

Without a word, he squeezed the last drops of seminal fluid from his cock, put it back into his suit pants, zipped up his zipper, and left the booth. He didn't really look at me, which I wanted. I had hoped he would have said something to me, but I'm stuck having to figure out when he'll return so I may see him in action again.

The rest of the day I fought the urge to pull out my rather normal sized cock and sit behind my desk masturbating thinking about this guy. I'm getting a bit weird considering I've never had any homosexual thoughts, but I'd love to watch him masturbate again or even better - fuck a woman.

Good night.

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

It's been a week since I visited the Adult Emporium. I went there today to see if my masturbation hunk was there. No luck. So, I didn't even waste my time jerking off. I returned to my office and called Rose Anne to see if she wanted to have dinner tonight. If she wanted to, I knew at a minimum I would receive one of the best blow jobs a woman could give.

Ah, ha, not only did I get a blow job, but she offered me something she'd never done before with me or anyone else for that matter. In the heat of our second go round, she rolled over on her stomach and begged me to take her anally. God, what a good time I, oops, we had. He anal passage was so tight even for my rather slender cock. Feeling my balls bounce off the bottom of her pussy as I fucked her backdoor was amazing. The best part was her screaming to fuck her hard and begging me to shoot my load deep into her ass. Although it was my second orgasm of the night, the intensity made me cry out in pleasure as I pressed my cock deep into her bowel and coated the interior of her rectum with my seed. I didn't pull out of her immediately and she just lay on her stomach raising her hips to tell me she had a wonderful time getting butt fucked for the first time. God, I hope she wants me to fuck her that way again.

I guess I'll just have to go to the Adult Emporium everyday to see if the 'cock-to-end- all-cocks' shows up.

Good night

Friday, March 11, 2005

It happened. I went to the Adult Emporium during my lunch break. It was not a very busy day today. I wanted to see if my un-introduced friend was there. Damn, only two cars in the parking lot. I entered and went immediately to the back to see if any of the larger rooms were occupied. Sure enough, the room I had seen the 'cock-to-end-all-cocks' was occupied. I put my hand on the handle to the door and gently pulled and oh my God, it wasn't locked. I peeked inside and there he was. His right arm gave away the fact that he had his cock out and was stroking it as he watched; what else, a lesbian porno. He didn't even stop or turn around when the door opened. I slipped in and again stood against the wall, eyeing his cock. This time I made no bones about it; I placed my hand on my crotch and began overtly rubbing myself. I was in heaven. Here he was, jerking off, and not, I mean NOT, even giving two shits that someone like me was standing there ogling his meat.

I took a chance. I leaned against the wall, pulled down my zipper, and took my rather small in comparison hard cock out of my pants. I began to masturbate. I didn't look at the movie. Fuck, I stared at his cock. I made no effort to hide my obvious infatuation with his manhood. What even made it better was he made no attempt to stop me. He just continued stroking that magnificent tube of man meat. I thought I was seeing things but I was sure I could see the waves of heat rising from the shaft of his cock. Ok, ok, I know, it is just may be my imagination, but shit, here I was your standard heterosexual male leaning against the wall of a booth jerking off while overtly ogling another man's penis. I was beside myself, but hot as a fuckin' fire cracker just as it exploded.

My unknown masturbator finally acknowledged my presence. How, you ask. By turning towards me, and shooting his load towards me. Yes, he did. He turned and ejaculated all over the floor. It was as strong as I remembered. The first two ropes of cum arced into the air and splattered against the floor. The next two were not as forceful, but, the amount was amazing. I've seen guys cum in all sorts of pornographic movies, this guy, had to shoot the largest amount of seminal fluid possible. I didn't get to see his balls, but I bet they're the size of large plums. Only big balls could produce such a large amount of spermatozoa.

Then what did he do. The fucker smiled at me as he squeezed the last drops of cum from his not softening cock, shook it to dislodge the last drops, put it back into his pants, and spoke for the first time. He told me that he hoped I enjoyed the show and he'd be back on next Wednesday at noon. I couldn't stop myself at that point; I shot my rather small load of cum, whist telling him it would be a pleasure to watch him again. He didn't acknowledge that I had ejaculated. He just stepped over the cum lying on the floor and exited the booth.

I locked the door. I pulled down my pants and began masturbating anew. Oh, yes, I also had to put money into the movie machine so I could stay without being harassed. I couldn't believe that I stood there for another twenty minutes and played with my cock thinking about the guy that just left. When I said to myself that I'd love to feel his erection in my hand, I came so hard it felt like my asshole was sucked out the tip of my cock. Fuck, I think I'm going to the other side — bisexual.

Usually I masturbate to help me fall asleep. Not tonight. I'm so tired from watching and doing at the Adult Emporium that I know when my head hits the pillow I'll be sound asleep in no time.

Good night

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

What a fucking lousy morning I had. Not because of work, but because my piece-of-shit ex-wife decided to call and bust my balls. Seems she thinks I'm doing everything to make her life miserable and that couldn't be further from the truth. That bitch used every nasty thing in the world to make sure she knew I had an average sized cock. She loved I made enormous amounts of money and provided her with a rather huge allowance to spend as she wished. But that fuckin' cunt, what'd she do? She goes out and finds some drug crazed Nigger ( I know, I know. Not politically correct. I'm not a racist, but if an African-American works and provides support for his family, I'm all for it. But, if he or she for that matter does nothing but shuck and jive, drinks liquor, does drugs, and lives off of welfare or his whores — I'm a racist. There I said it. ) and starts fucking him anywhere and everywhere she could. The last straw was when she came home and told me she was pregnant by the bastard. I took her by the back of her neck, the waistband of her jeans, and literally threw her out of my house. The divorce took all of two months to be finalized. Now she calls because she knows better than to come by the house or my office and begs me to help her. Seems the Nigger left her with her kid, yes, not their or his kid, but her kid and now she has no way of supporting herself. I know you're wondering what I told her. So, I told her that she can get money from me if she could put a cherry tomato in her ass and fart it to the moon. That made my morning a little better.

I was watching the clock all morning. Business was brisk and I was closing deals that put a nice piece-of-change into my coffers, but I knew what today held for me. Precisely at 11:45 AM I placed my phone system on auto answer, picked up the keys to my Corvette Z06, and headed out the door. Sitting in my car I could feel my cock beginning to stir like it had its own mind, it knew where we where headed. The drive seemed to take longer than usual, but when I pulled into the parking lot of the Adult Emporium I was pleasantly surprised to see all but one parking space was taken. Time to see if you young stud was there and hopefully alone.

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