Christmas Eve

by Emanon_Pen

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Erotica Sex Story: Christmas eve exchange of presents

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I am sitting in the maid's quarters behind the kitchen of my house with tears running down my face as I look upon the Christmas presents my wife had me open in front of her parents, her older sister and her husband, her younger brother and his girlfriend, and my twin sister and her boyfriend. I was uncomfortable with my twin sister's lie of telling me my parents had previous plans to be away for the Christmas / New Years holiday period and therefore, would not be part of my wife's Christmas Surprise. I was so humiliated when I opened the first box wrapped in pink paper to find three pairs of Victoria's Secret thong panties with a hand written card from my wife saying she hopes I like them. It was downhill from there. All my presents were different forms of women's lingerie. More panties, thigh high stockings, camisoles, and pajamas were given to me by everyone attending my first Christmas Eve present opening since marrying my wife. Little did I know she had planned the whole thing with her sister and my twin sister!!!

See, when I met my wife, I was a virgin. That's right — a college aged virgin. The only sexual activity I experienced were the wet dreams of my adolescence. My mother, made a big deal of my ruining the sheets and neither she nor my dad spoke to me about the nocturnal emanations or my unexplained and everlasting erections. Sex was something that parents did not talk to their children about. Well, at least my parents did not. I could never understand why they felt that way, but they did. My twin sister never spoke to me about what she was going through, but she did confirm one evening quite by accident that our mother had taken the time to tell her that as she matured more boys would be trying to 'feel her up'. My sister and I never spoke of things sexual until this evening.

My wife and I dated for the last two years of our college education. I expressed to her a desire to maintain my virginity and although she wasn't a virgin understood from whence I came. We discussed our wedding plans at length and both of us gave in to our parents desire to have a large, obnoxious, and expensive affair. Before all was said and done, we had well over seven hundred and fifty people at our wedding. We estimated that it had to cost well over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, but much to our amazement, the topper was an all expense paid honeymoon to the Greek Islands. It was there on the island of Mykonos my sexual life began or ended as the case may be.

The first night I was alone with her I was excited beyond belief. I was expecting to take her into my arms, hold her naked body next to mine, and feel her soft skin, breasts, and thighs against mine for the first time. It didn't happen that way at all. I stood naked next to the bed where my wife lay waiting for me her legs akimbo. Her hand gently stroking her hairless vagina showing me she had no problem touching herself in front of me. Just as I stopped by the bed, she began to laugh at me. She stopped masturbating, sat up, and pointed at my erect penis. She tried with all her might to stop laughing, but she couldn't. It took all of thirty seconds for me to lose my hard on and realize that she was not very happy with what I had brought to the relationship. She laughed to cover her disappointment.

You have to remember she respected my desire to remain a virgin. We did not have make out sessions that resulted in heavy petting and the expected orgasm. I never touched her naked body even by placing a hand underneath her clothing. I never masturbated — believe it or not — I never masturbated. Did I wonder what she was doing for herself? Yes, I did, but I never thought to ask her or demand she not masturbate. Her having sexual relations with another man never crossed my mind. I trusted her completely. But, that first night standing naked in front of her, proud of my erection seeing her pointing and laughing at my penis was enough to break my spirit.

Once she calmed down she motioned for me to lie next to her. She apologized for her reaction, but she admitted that she'd never seen one that small on any man or boy. She didn't realize that she just add more wood to the humiliation fire she had started when she first gazed upon and broke out laughing at my erection. She rolled onto her left side and placed her right hand onto my genitals. She leaned in, kissed me, and began to stroke my flaccid penis. It didn't take long for me to react sexually to her stimulation, but what astounded both of us was how quickly I ejaculated a small quantity of sperm. We both agreed that since that was the first time I had ever ejaculated the excitement I felt added to the reason I ejaculated so quickly.

She didn't complain. We lay together kissing and she allowed me to place my hand on her privates. She took the time to explain to me what I needed to do to bring her to a climax. I followed her whispered instructions and used my index and middle finger to draw small circles around her blood engorged clitoris. She began to press her privates against my hand. She stopped kissing me so she could moan and urge me to replace my fingers with my mouth. I didn't know what she wanted, so I continued to use my fingers on her privates until she lifted her hips off the bed and screamed in orgasmic pleasure. I was sweating as much as she was. He body glowed as she lay there breathing heavy recovering from her first orgasm induced by her loving husband. Unbeknownst to be, she had just faked her first orgasm with me. Her performance was perfect. No one would have suspected she had just faked an orgasm so she could calm down after seeing the size of her husband's penis.

I kissed her and she responded by placing her hand on my penis. She stroked me while telling me when I achieved an erection I should get between her legs and enter her. I was so happy tears welled into my eyes. I was going to put my penis into my wife and make love to her. I was going to consummate our marriage. I was going to become the man I had always thought I would be — a man with a loving wife who wanted to have sex with him and to make her pregnant. Little did I know that I would never get close to making her pregnant that night or in the future. She worked my penis until it was hard as a rock. I rolled between her parted legs. She began to rub the head between her pussy lips and then when she positioned it at her opening she said to push myself into her. I did.

Her reaction to feeling me enter her was humiliating. I pressed my hips forward so I could force the entire length of my erect penis into her. My natural instincts took over and I began to move in and out of her. I could see she was indifferent to our mating. She did not try to respond to my lovemaking. She asked me several times if I was in her because she couldn't feel anything except for when she felt my pubic bone pressing against hers. I continued to try to elicit a sexual response from her to no avail. She just laid there; legs open not responding to my attempts to sexually stimulate her. She made it a point to show me just what a lousy lover I was by expressing her chagrin that she allowed herself to marry a man with a boy sized penis

I was trying everything I could to get her into my making love to her. I kissed her breasts. I rubbed my hands all over her body, I kissed her neck, ears, eyes and cheeks. I whispered to her how much I loved her and great I felt inside her body. She didn't react. She just repeated how she wasn't feeling anything inside her and if I was ready I should cum because she was getting tired of me being on top of her. I wanted to cry, but at the same time I wanted to show her that I was a man and not a boy. Just as I began to increase my stroke, I felt it happen. I ejaculated. I didn't even have a chance to push myself into her pussy. I raised myself up and looked between her legs to see the small amount of cum I'd just shot resting on the crease between her thigh and her pussy. I didn't eve have my penis in her when I ejaculated.

Sensing my horror at not truly completing the act of coitus, my wife commanded me to clean up the mess I had left between her legs. She didn't make me lick it up. She made me get a warm towel to wipe it up and then a dry to finish the clean-up job. As I wiped up the miniscule amount of cum I had produced, she looked at me and began to laugh anew. The rest of our honeymoon was an exercise in me learning how to bring her off with my fingers and my tongue. If I did it well, I was rewarded by her using her finger to rub my anus until I came or got so frustrated I begged her to let me go into the bathroom to masturbate. She wasn't interested in having me in her, on her, or ejaculating on or in front of her. All I was allowed to do to her sexually was finger her or lick her until she attained an orgasm or two or three.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve and my total humiliation before, during, and after dinner. The intervening months had provided my wife with enough time to begin her complete ownership of my life. She made me quit my job and go to work for her. I was forced to become her Administrative Assistant. Although I wore a suit to work everyday, underneath I was clad in panties, thigh high stockings, and either a camisole or bra. I was allowed to use the men's room, but had to sit to urinate because she placed a male chastity device on me. The device was designed so the chastised male was forced to sit to pee. If he attempted to stand, there was no way his penis could be lifted to direct the flow of urine into the urinal. One could try to stand backwards in front of the urinal and pee, but this was ineffective as you would cover yourself in piss. So, I sat to pee and everyone in the office knew I was a kept man.

Tonight my wife made an announcement to everyone. At precisely 9:00 PM, the front door bell rang and I was instructed to answer it. Standing there was my wife's new boyfriend. Well, not new, but to everyone attending the Christmas Eve present opening, he was new. She had been fucking him for the past four months and making no bones about it to her sister and my twin sister. They both knew I was the ultimate cuckold. I had a vague idea that she was getting pounded by him, but had no overt proof. See, she never demanded I lick her just fucked pussy clean. I was made to perform orally on her only after she had taken a shower. He looked at me and smiled the smile of a man who knew he had just met the sap who couldn't sexually satisfy his wife. He winked at me as he entered the house and made a beeline to my wife. I stood by the closed door, watched as he took her in his arms, and preceded to French kiss her. Not only did I see them kiss, but everyone there saw them embrace and kiss.

Dinner was served by me and I was forced to eat in the kitchen while her boyfriend sat in my place at the table. I could hear them laughing and talking about all things family except for one thing. They didn't say a word about me. Not one word about how I was dressed. Not one word about my serving dinner. Not one word about the man that was now sitting in my place at the table. It was as if I never existed. I sat at the kitchen table with tears in my eyes. Crying to myself that the woman I loved had tossed me aside for my inability to satisfy her sexually. I did give her orgasms, but not the kind she wanted and according to her what she needed. My wife openly admitted to me and anyone else that she was a size queen. The bigger the man's cock the better. Coupled with a big cock she loved big testicles because she inferred the bigger the testicle the more sperm. And, she loved cum.

Dessert was served as they sat in they sat in the family room admiring the twelve foot Christmas tree which stood in the corner next to the two story fireplace and a wall of windows. The family room in the house is an open room with a lot of windows. As I served dessert, I could see everyone watching my wife and her lover. I was instructed to return to the room after the last dessert was given out and the tray returned to the kitchen. When I returned everyone was sitting on the couches that created the conversation pit in the center of the room. My wife instructed her lover to stand in the middle so everyone could see him. She instructed me to kneel in front of him so I could see his Christmas present to her without blocking everyone else's view. My wife stood next to her lover, reached around, and pulled down his zipper. While looking at him she reached in and pulled out his red and green ribbon covered cock. She went even further by opening his belt and letting his pants fall to the floor.

The women gasped and the men just sat waiting for the next step of the presentation of her lover's present to her. Her lover was not wearing any underwear. When his pants hit the floor she let his ribbon covered cock go so it hung somewhat naturally in front of him. She announced to the family that instead of her opening her lover's present I would. I was openly crying at the thought of having to unwind the red and green ribbon that covered her lover's humongous cock. Her sister thought it was the funniest thing since Costello tried to remember, 'Who was on first". Her laughter only got the others to begin laughing and verbally abuse me. I knew that I was going to touch another man's cock for the first time. Inside I was thankful that my parents were not in attendance. It was bad enough that my twin sister was witnessing my total humiliation.

I tried to beg my way out of it, but my wife, well actually, everyone present wouldn't have any of my sniveling and begging. So, I reached for his cock and was immediately slapped in the face for not asking permission to open my wife's present. I rubbed my face as I asked him if I could open my wife's present. He nodded and I proceeded unwind the red and green ribbon that covered his cock and balls. It took a good five minutes for me to uncase his genitals and when I was done I was instructed by my wife to thank him for giving her such a wonderful gift. I fought the feeling coursing through my body, but, to my shame I was getting excited. Sexually excited at being humiliated in front of her family and my twin sister. My cock strained in my chastity device as I gazed upon close to ten inches of cock. The family cheered and clapped as my wife's lover stood next to her with her cuckold husband kneeling in front of them accepting his total Christmas humiliation.

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