The Secret Life of the Zoo
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Humor, Zoophilia, Furry, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Voyeurism, Size, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A special event takes place at the Greenville Zoo, which turns out to be a perfect time to shed some light on the secret lives of a few of the inhabitants. One relationship begins, while a one night stand happens, and another relationship hits a peak among much merriment.

"You know, I really hate this shit." Wilson grumbled as he picked through the racks of clothes. "One day, I swear, I'm going berserk on their asses."

"You don't like getting dressed up?" Barry arched his long neck and raised a confused but inquiring eyebrow. "It should be a nice night."

"Oh no, I don't mind this. It's a break from the monotony." Wilson crossed his thick arms, covering the bulk of his barrel chest. His lumbering form turned slowly, facing his friend. "Do you know a fucking seven year old was flinging peanuts at me for an hour? I don't even like goddamn peanuts!"

Barry chuckled as he went back to choosing his tie for the evening's affair. While tonight's party was a special event, his friend's after hour tirade was a regular occurrence. He only wished that Wilson's memory wasn't so acute.

"Well, what are you going to do?" Barry shrugged his narrow shoulders in a sort of resigned way. Sometimes the tactic of feigned indifference helped to soothe his friend's insulted pride.

"I think one of those damn things almost put out my eye!" Wilson shook with thunderous rage, his elephantine feet lifting and falling in frustration. With each stomp, the floor of their small apartment shook. "The sign says not to feed us! It's not like it's not in English! And what the hell was his mother doing?"

"Handing him the peanuts?" Barry offered sarcastically, turning his attention back to the clothes rack that hung in his closet.

"Handing him the peanuts!" Wilson bellowed in confirmation, the aspiration and perspiration showing on his furrowed grey brow. He shook his head sadly as the rage started to slowly flee his mind.

Hearing the heavy elephantine sigh of his best friend, Barry could sense that the tirade was almost over.

"You know what I blame?" Barry never took his attention away from the racks of clothes. With so much neck to cover, he always felt that choosing the right tie was essential to his attire. In fact, it was pretty much the center point around which he decided the rest of his clothes.

"The parents?" Wilson replied, with a sense of certainty in his voice.

"Nope." Barry smiled as his hoof seized on a long golden tie, pulling it out and holding it against his tan fur for contrast. "The cartoons."

Wilson paused in mid movement as he thought about that, his trunk reached up and scratched the side of his head. Then he turned and looked at his friend for an explanation.

"The cartoons." The giraffe repeated, frowning as he returned the tie to the rack. "They perpetuate these myths. You must like peanuts and be scared of mice, because that's what the cartoons say."

"I guess." Wilson's broad shoulders shook slightly at the mention of mice, he honestly didn't care for them himself. "Think I should wear the tux tonight? How about the blazer?"

Barry glanced at his roommate from across the room, it was bad enough he was having a hard time picking his own clothes out. Now he was going to have to dress him too.

"Kids these days." Barry offered with a resigned shrug. He thought maybe distracting his friend back to his previous annoyance might force him to pick his own clothes.

Wilson rolled his eyes, the exasperated suddenly appearing on his face again. "I swear, I know why Uncle Ralph went crazy. One day I'm going to snap and trample some 'innocent bystanders' myself."

Barry shook his head slowly, he had no doubt that his friend really had no intention of doing any such thing, but stranger things had happened.

"I'm going to wear the tux." The elephant stated, matter of factly, the fingers of his thick paw grasping a hanger and pulling the dark black suit from the rack. "I want to get some tail tonight and I ain't coming home alone."

Seeing that his friend had made his decision, Barry decided it was safe to pull out the clothes he already decided on hours ago. A light gray suit, a dark red tie, and a freshly pressed white shirt.

"Oh yeah, Big Poppa is going to get some tonight." Wilson's trunk caressed the lapel of his suit like he was stroking the leg of a fine woman. "If my boxers are hanging off the doorknob, don't be barging in on me."

A good hearted chuckle echoed out of Barry's long giraffean throat. "If your boxers are hanging off the doorknob, I'd have a hard time finding the door."

To all outside eyes, it looked like just another quiet night at Greenville Zoo. All the tourists had long since left. The gates had been locked. The janitors had swept the pathways and collected the garbage. Even the zookeepers seemed to have all gone home.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The pathways that the average person would expect to be empty, we're actually teeming with life. Animals wandering freely through the pathways of the labyrinthine lay out of the zoo.

And still, that wasn't an accurate description of the situation. To the casual observer such a description would make one think of a mass of chaos, when the animals had thrown open their cages and taken to an uncontrolled fervor of activity.

Instead what the observer would see would look very much like the average day in the life of the zoo. Pedestrians strolling on two legs throughout the zoo, congregating and chatting at the various intersections and plazas that dotted the zoo map.

All of the animals behaving, for lack of a better description, like humans.

"So when is this wedding going to start?" Maureen leaned against the green metal railing that separated the pathway from one of the small grass pastures that dotted the zoo. She absently scanned the movements of the crowds with her narrow brown eyes, trying to discern their general movement.

Lola glanced at her friend for a second, had a thoughtful gaze, and then began to giggle uncontrollably. Her eyes bulging from the strain and giving her face a maniac look of insanity.

"Hey, watch the drool!" Hillary instinctively took a step back from her friend, glancing down and double checking that no errant flicks of spittle had made it onto her perfectly white dress.

Hillary liked the white the white cotton and lace contrasted against her thin brown fur, she flexed her long busy tail and curved it around herself. Slowly starting to groom it and pick bits of lint out of the brown and black fur rings.

"Sorry." Lola, the hyneaess meekly replied, the embarrassment managing to stifle down her giggles.

"Hey." Hillary glanced at Maureen, "Where's Tony? I thought he was your date tonight?"

Maureen rolled her eyes in annoyance at the mention of her on again off again boyfriend. She knew the lothario is probably deep in the midst of trying to grease his way into some unsuspecting female's charms.

"The pandas just came out of quarantine. He probably thought his best chance would be to get his teeth into them before anyone warned them." Maureen wrinkled her nose in annoyance, giving slightly snooted face a predatory appearance.

It was easy for her to imagine the cheetah with his slick words prying the new girls away from their virtues. She'd been on the receiving end of his ways more than a few times.

"Where did the pandas come from anyway?" Hillary asked with interest, her whiskers twitching in thought. She didn't often find herself in the loop of zoo gossip.

"Beijing Zoo I think. They shipped Arnold off in exchange." Maureen laughed, "One wild guess who got the better end of that deal. Arnold is probably hiding under a rock in some Chinese zoo right now."

Hillary blinked for a minute, trying to remember which one was Arnold. She was never good at names either. When she failed to find a mental picture to associate with the name, she finally asked. "Arnold?"

"Yeah." Maureen shrugged. "He was the old tortoise. Never came out much. I guess I wouldn't either if I had to carry that thing on my back all the time."

"Poor Arnold." Lola said with distinct sympathy, even though she immediately broke into a new set of giggles.

"Why do you even go out with Tony?" Hillary, the raccoon asked, tearing her mind away from the enticing prospect of foreign panda triplets.

Maureen shot her friend a cold, withering stare, "What do you care? You don't even live here. You just sneak in every night. I mean, really, you're lucky we even let you hang out with us."

The retort caused Lola to descend into another round of giggles. Tense situations seemed to have that effect on her more often than not.

The two friends stared at each other, saying nothing.

"Helllllloooo, ladies!" Fergus shouted as he leaped in front of them with a flourish. He spun his arm elaborately, placing it across his mid section, and then bowing deeply.

In stunned silence, the trio of girls stared at the flamboyant parrot, attired in red velvet felt and a giant hat.

He stood up fully, the large emerald feathers of his crest standing proudly against the evening breeze. "And why are you three lovely ladies standing here unescorted?"

The trio of girls stared silently for a moment more, until Lola started to giggle again. The other two beginning to laugh outright, until all three were almost falling over from convulsions of laughter.

Fergus stood, frowning, wanting to slink off, but embarrassed into silence.

"I knew it." Maureen groaned out through tears of laughter. "Pirate days went straight to his head."

"Next time, he'll show up with a peg leg and an eye patch!" Hillary added in laughter. "We'd better hope they never you in a slasher movie attraction, Fergie."

"Take a deep breath." The young woman said reassuringly. "You need to calm down."

"I am calm!" Cleo shouted back, betraying her frayed nerves. She had no intention of shouting of course, but the words sort of came out on their own.

"Calm. Suuuuure." Beryl replied, looking incredulously at the wolfess in her pearled, ivory white dress. "Give me your hand, I want to show you something."

Cleo took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves. She figured her bridesmaid was about to show her how her hand was shaking. Try to prove to her just how bad her nerves were racing, so all she did was concentrate on keeping her hands still.

Even as she tried to still her hands, Cleo's ears short stubby began twitching. The nervous energy searching for a way out of her body. Still, with a quiet confidence, she extended her left hand to the human woman. Smugly waiting to see what she'd say now.

"Look." Beryl replied with a satisfied sound, holding the wolfess' paw in her hand.

"What?" Cleo spit out, annoyed, her lips instinctively curling and sharp white incisors peeking out. "My hand isn't shaking!"

"I know." Beryl frowned, trying to quietly calm her friend. "But your claws are out and all tensed up. If you keep this up, you'll shred your dress even before the ceremony starts."

Cleo sighed heavily, realizing that her friend was entirely right.

Beryl squeezed Cleo's paw tightly, reassuringly. "Here, sit down. I'll go and get you a cup of tea. It will help calm you down."

Cleo slumped into the offered seat, playing little heed to wrinkling her dress. At this point she wasn't even sure she needed it.

"Here. It's a little cold. But just sip it slowly." Beryl offered the small white tea cup down to the reclining wolfess.

"Beryl?" Cleo asked in a low, almost scared voice. Not making any movement to take the cup. "Am I doing the right thing?"

Beryl stared down at her friend, blinking slowly as she processed the question. But she didn't feel like she could answer it properly without knowing more about what brought the question on.

"What do you mean?" Beryl asked slowly, trying to take a reassuring tone.

"With all of this?" Cleo grasped part of the dress in her lap and lifted it up, shaking it slightly in annoyed confusion.

"You're just nervous, that's all." Beryl knelt down next to the chair and whispered into the wolfess' furry ear. She reached to the bride to be's face and slowly start to rub her neck, just below her jaw line.

Cleo groaned softly at the reassuring touch. It seemed to help calm her mind, though she couldn't figure out why.

"As much as I hate to admit it." Beryl whispered playfully. "My brother is a really nice guy. And you're both lucky to have found each other."

Cleo nodded slowly, somewhat agreeing with the words she was hearing.

"I've seen you two together. I know you two really are in love." Beryl added, the words starting to come easier now. She found herself not thinking about them, just saying what she felt in her heart. "You know you're both happier when you're together than when you're apart."

"I guess you're right." Cleo replied half heartedly, staring down and the bunched dress in her lap.

"No." Beryl said slightly sternly, moving her hand to hook the underside of Cleo's chin, turning her head so she could look the wolfess in the eyes. "I know I'm right. Now say it."

Cleo's lips curled into a slight smile, "Okay, you're right. Now stop trying to stare me down like some sort of alpha female."

Beryl smirked and leaned closer, giving her friend a small peck on the end of her nose.

"Hey, hey, hey!" the short mass of gray and white fur stumbled into the room, promptly walked into a wall, and fell over flat on it's ass.

"Holy Jesus." Vincent growled in annoyance as he watched the small bear staring blankly up at the ceiling. "This fucker is stoned again! God damn koalas all go through life in a haze!"

"At least he's dressed." Dave said as he ambled over to check on the fallen form. "Usually he's naked and hanging upside down from a tree."

"I thought naked and hanging from a try was your thing?" Vincent chided the monkey. "Usually flinging crap on the guests."

"Hardy-har-har." Dave sneered with sarcasm. "Aren't we the comedian?"

Vincent looked at the groom with pleading eyes, "Why did you ask him to be groomsman anyway?"

"Who?" Brendon inquired, trying to diffuse the antagonism between the wolf and the monkey. "Lawrence or Dave?"

"Our resident dope head." Vincent's annoyance now redirected towards the groom. "Lawrence of course."

"It seemed like the right thing to do." Brendon shrugged slightly. "He was the first friend I made here."

"Yeah." Vincent shook his head slightly. "He was probably trying to see if he could score a hit from you."

"It will be fine." Dave tried to provide the voice of calm reason. "I'll get him sobered up and no one will know the difference."

"Ooooh." Lawrence moaned in amusement as he was propped up by Dave, the room spun around his eyes. "Good eucalyptus."

Vincent rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the groom. "I don't know why you're going through with this."

Brendon glanced at the wolf in surprise, "Because I love her, of course."

"Yeah, well, love is fine and all." He cast an appraising eye up and down his friend slowly, trying to spot anything that seemed out of place on the groom's tuxedo. "But just one girl? I mean, there's a whole bevy of them out there. While limit yourself?"

"Some of us aren't the wolves the others of us are." Brendon replied with a good hearted chuckle.

"Well, I just want you to remember one thing." Vincent snorted in reply to the good hearted jab. His paws reaching to straighten the already immaculate tie of the groom. "You cheat on my sister and I'll just have to kill you."

"Got it, boss." Brendon gave his best man a wink, then glanced at his watch. "It's just about time. You ready to do this?"

In the day time the rotunda was usually four times a day for a family friendly comedy show, meant to amuse the juveniles while their parents recovered. Happy smiling, interns in uniforms that made them look like they might be zookeepers told bad jokes and occasionally trotted out some tired animal for display.

Hawkers would wander the aisle ways and try to sell everything from sugar laced soft drinks, just what you needed to help calm down your children, to food, and cheap trinkets.

With that in mind, it was hard to recognize the same rotunda that the inhabitants now congregated into. Long bolts of white lace ran along the sides of the benches, hanging down in boughs decorated with bright red roses. The stage covered with plants, flowers, and soft carpeting. Bolts of cloth hanging from the overhead shelter and red carpets laid out down the stairs leading to the front of the stage.

The overhead speakers that usually piped in tinny, calming, friendly music now played soft gentle tones. Relating the romantic aire that the bride hoped would welcome all of the couple's friends, try to show them the smallest glimpse of what the bride and groom felt for each other.

The seats were already mostly full, a multitude of forms and shapes lining the benches. Interspersed in them the occasional zoo keeper or other human who was privileged enough to know the truth of what went on after hours in the zoo.

"There she is." Wilson nudged Barry in the side with his elbow, before rubbing his hands together like a mad scientist in some old B-movie. "There's the lucky lady."

Barry extended his neck, bending it down as he narrowed his eyes. Finally spotting the source of the elephant's attention.

"Sandra?" Barry said in surprise. "You're after Sandra?"

"That's right." Wilson confirmed happily, starting down the stairs of the rotunda, with every expectation of sitting right next to the blonde haired zookeeper. "I've seen the way she's been looking at me. She wants me."

Barry swallowed slowly as he tried to think of a tactful way to reply to his friend. The time the lump in his throat took to travel down gave him plenty of time to think of the right response.

"You're out of your mind." Barry replied incredulously. "She's way out of your league."

"Yeah, right." Wilson continued on, undaunted, even as Barry could only see nothing but disaster resulting from this.

"Dude, she works with the gorillas. The gorillas." Barry's voice was almost pleading now, his only intention trying to protect his best friend from the crushing rejection he expected. "You know how the gorillas are."

"Gorillas, scmaillas." Wilson shrugged, still unconcerned. "Once you go elephant, you don't go back."

"At least wait until later." Barry countered. "I heard that women are always more receptive after a wedding."

Wilson paused and thought about that, glancing at his friend to see if this was just a trick. "Really?

"Really." Barry nodded, hoping to hell Wilson would buy it.

"Let's sit back here." Maureen said as she started into the very first empty bench at the rear of the rotunda. Her eyes already narrowing and scanning the other guests, a predatory look of venom on her face.

"Back here?" Hillary protested, looking around annoyed. "I can't see a thing from back here."

"Oh shut up and sit down." Maureen spat back, distracted with her spying and having no patience to argue with her friend.

Lola started giggling uncontrollably, the exchange spurring on her cackling. Her laughter cut off by a loud yelp of pain as Hillary's heel found Lola's toes.

"Bastard." Maureen muttered as her eyes zeroed in on her prey, focusing like a laser beam.

"It was an accident." Hillary quickly defended herself, thinking that Maureen had spotted the toe stomp.

"It was not." Lola grumbled, lifting her foot and rubbing her toes through her open toed shoes.

"What?" Maureen glanced at her friends, confused, then immediately turned her gaze back to the prey. "That bastard is out with those pandas. I swear, I'm going to kill his ass and use his skin for a coat."

Hillary and Lola stared in surprise at the sudden ferocity of their friend's emotions. Lola finally breaking into a small round of giggles again.

The background murmuring of the audience slowly faded to silence as the penguin waddled his way across the stage. He was dressed in a dark suit that covered his natural tuxedo-like feathers.

All eyes were on him expectantly as he wandered the stage, seeming to make sure everything was in its proper place. Oliver was always one to follow through on the smallest of details.

He finally made it to the center of the stage and looked over the audience slowly, then glanced off stage and nodded.

The groom entered from the side stage, followed by his best man. Vincent, unused to being the center of such a spotlight, felt immediately uncomfortable. He could feel his fur bristling and the sweat on his skin.

Brendon was busy just make sure he walked properly, didn't fall on his face in front of the assembled audience, and managed to keep his lunch down in his stomach where it belonged.

As a picture of contrast, Lawrence had no such misgivings. The koala followed Vincent, only staggering slightly as he walked. He patted his pockets in an annoyed way. He was sure he had kept a stalk in his pocket for later. But now it was no where to be found.

Dave, the final member of the line up, kept a close eye on Lawrence as they walked. He was ready to grab the koala before he turned in the wrong direction, kept walking, or some how found something else to gnaw on.

Brendon glanced back at his groom's party, and then looked to Oliver with an anxious smile. It seemed like he was begging for the penguin to get on with it.

The music in the over head speakers went to silence briefly, before returning to life with the familiar strains of a wedding march. The lights of the rotunda reduced, making it a more homely, romantic atmosphere. Then the first of the bridesmaids appeared at the top of the small arena.

The figure moved slowly, gracefully. The image of light pink satin and chiffon, gliding down the stairs like a ghost. First one pink ghost, then a second, then a third.

The music changed, taking a more traditional tone as the third bridesmaid made it to the stage. A new pink figure appearing at the top of the rotunda, this one Brendon easily recognized as his sister.

He couldn't help but smile as he watched her descend the stairs. Grateful that she agreed to do this for him. Even more grateful that he was able to share this secret life with her.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs, the music changed once again, growing louder and more brassy. Without exception, all attention then focused to the top of the rotunda stairs.

Brendon caught his breath as he saw the figure dressed all in white appear. She looked like a statue carved from flawless alabaster. Just standing at the top of the arena. Then she began to descend the stairs as well.

Brendon could feel the smile on his face, grinning so wide that it made his face hurt. He was sure he looked like a complete idiot, but he couldn't help it. He didn't think he could stop smiling if he tried.

He held his breath as Cleo descended the stairs, only when he started to feel light headed and dizzy did he remember that he still needed to breathe occasionally.

She crossed the stage and took her place next to him and he had to fight off the urge to reach out and hug her. he bit down on his tongue, trying to keep from speaking as well. There was so much he wanted to say.

As he stared at her face he could barely make out the nervous twitching of her whiskers beneath the veil. He could see that she was even more anxious than he was.

His wide smile melted to a more reassuring expression, giving her a small wink. Trying to show her everything was going to be fine.

"Would you care to dance?" Despite Barry's warnings, Wilson had proceeded across the plaza and come to a stop in front of Sandra's seat.

The blonde woman looked up at the elephant that loomed over her, easily dwarfing her size. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence where she just stared up at him. And, for the first time, Wilson started to question if Barry was actually right.

If he could sweat, he was sure he'd feel it welling up on his forehead. He was feeling more and more anxious; it already felt like it had been an eternity since he had first asked her to dance.

"I would love to." Sandra said, smiling, offering her hand up to the relieved elephant.

Wilson graciously accepted her hand, holding it steady to help her stand. Then silently, except for his heavy footsteps anyway, led her out to the dance floor that had been set up In the middle of the plaza.

For all his boasting and bravado, Wilson found little to say as the zookeeper and he danced at a discreet distance. A look of panic appeared on his face as the first dance ended and the music changed tempo, switching over to a slower more intimate rhythm.

His trunk twitched in indecision, his thoughts conflicting like spatters of multi-colored paint. Thoughts of running off the dance floor and abandoning her. Graciously escorting her from the dance area. Moving forward and embracing her, taking the first step ahead.

"Shall we?" Sandra asked, her blue eyes sparkling through strands of golden blonde hair. Stepping forward, she slipped and arm around his waist and placed her other hand into his.

"Yes, please." Wilson managed to stammer out, feeling relieved that the decision was made for him and more than happy with the results. His trunk snaking down and resting on her shoulder, slowly breathing in the scent of her hair.

"Look, he's an asshole." Hillary shrugged, trying to mentally prod her friend into movement.

"A total asshole." Lola added, small giggles slipping out of her lips after the words.

Maureen glanced across the table at her two friends. She felt dejected, crushed. Her initial rage had passed and left only a depressed pit in its wake.

She knew where Tony, her erstwhile boyfriend was, along with the trio of pandas he was busy trying to woo. She started to look in that direction, but was interrupted.

"Don't even look at him." Hillary ordered, leaning so that she'd block her friends view even if she tried to look. "He's not worth it. Forget him."

Maureen glanced at Hillary's face and blinked for a moment, then offered a weak smile in reply.

"There you go." Hillary smiled, reassuringly. "Come on, let's go dance. It will help you forget about him."

Hillary hopped to her feet, standing expectantly over Maureen. The lynx reluctantly started to stand, not seeing a point to trying to argue with her friend.

Lola felt totally out of place and incredibly uncomfortable as she watched her two friends walk towards the dance floor.

Hillary, realizing that someone was missing, turned and smiled at the hyenaess still sitting at the table. "Well, what are you waiting for? Come on!"

Lola's giggles resumed as she bolted to her feet and raced along to join her friends.

Brendon couldn't believe that this wasn't all a dream. The enormity of the day settled into his mind in this one, crystalline moment. Holding his new wife close as they glided along the dance floor.

He knew music was playing, but he couldn't hear it. He could feel the beating of Cleo's heart against his chest. He knew they were moving in time with the music, but that was it. Nothing else mattered.

He could feel the weight of her head on his shoulder. Her warm breath caressing the side of his neck.

He squeezed her harder to him, he couldn't help it. The little bit of space between them still seemed like an intolerable distance. A gulf that he could span just by pressing her harder to him.

"I can't breathe." He heard her whisper in his ear, a playful tone to her voice, but still edged with seriousness.

"Sorry." He whispered back, releasing his embrace slightly

Her head moved and then she was looking up at him. Her warm brown eyes stared up at him, acceptingly. As if they were saying that this was it. And no matter what came next, from now on they'd face it together.

In his heart he knew that was true.

He leaned in closer, kissing her, lightly at first, but then with a fierceness that showed the emotions he was feeling inside. He fought the urge to jab his tongue into her mouth, in the back of his mind it didn't seem right. To do something so intimate when they were the focus of so many people's attention.

Unable to completely resist the urge, he let the tip of his tongue invade her mouth. Sliding it across the smooth enamel of her teeth. He felt her mouth opening willingly, almost enticing him further. But he restrained himself to just touching the top of her teeth, the sharp edge of one of her incisors tickling the underside of his tongue.

"They look great together, don't they?" Beryl asked a bit dreamily as she stared at the newlywed couple.

"Yeah, I guess so." Vincent replied with a slight shrug. It had been a long day and it was already starting to wear him out.

"Are you jealous?" Beryl glanced at the wolf with an amused smile.

Vincent regarded the woman like she had just hit him in the face with a stick. "Me? Jealous? Are you kidding?"

"Well, you're not much of conversational partner." Beryl smiled more, before turning her gaze back to the dancing couple.

"Sorry." Vincent apologized, but didn't really mean it. "Tired and my mind isn't really on talking."

Beryl raised an eyebrow without turning her attention back to the best man. "So then what is your mind on?"

"You know," Vincent started to murmur, seeming to change the subject. "There's a tradition at these things that you probably don't know about."

Beryl glanced at the wolf again, "Oh? Do tell."

"Yeah." Vincent leaned across the table and whispered, attempting to sound as convincing as he could. "Where I come from, when someone gets married, the best man and the maid of honor fuck like bunnies til the morning too."

Beryl blushed slightly in surprise, "Oh really?"

Vincent could tell she wasn't buying this, but he figured if he was in for a penny he might as well go in for a pound. What's the worst that could happen?

"It's for good luck you know." He added, winking.

"Well then," Beryl smirked, rising from her seat. "If it's for good luck, we'd better get to it."

Wilson felt like pinching himself as he reached for the doorknob of his apartment. Even in his wildest dreams, he hadn't expected the night to go as well as it did. Here he was, with a beautiful woman on his arm, standing outside his apartment. Just on the other side of the door laid potential nirvana. It was so close, so possible, that he could almost feel it already.

And then, just like that, Wilson's nature got the better of him. Suddenly things seemed too perfect. Little fears began creeping up in his mind; each one represented something that could potentially go wrong.

They started small, but then seemed to reproduce exponentially, crowding out all other thoughts in his mind. Until all that was left were the doubts.

"Wilson?" Sandra asked, glancing up at the suddenly frozen pachyderm. "Is something wrong?"

Zookeeper mode took over Sandra's mind. It was what she did on an every day basis, so it was easy to slip into the old familiar role. She'd never worked with Wilson before, but that hardly figured into the situation.

"What?" Wilson glanced down at the woman, startled. He no longer saw an object of desire, but instead saw someone who was just waiting for a chance to tell him that she had changed her mind. Or that she was joking around with him. He glanced up over her shoulder now, fully expecting the troupe of gorillas she normally worked with to come running down the hall, shouting insults at him before lifting him up and tossing him naked into the penguin pool.

Sandra stared up at the obviously nervous face of the elephant for a second, then started to pat his arm reassuringly. She thought about repeating her question, but instead just assumed that she knew what the problem was.

"Are we going to go inside, or what?" She whispered, taking a half step closer to him and leaning into the bulk of his chest. The fabric of his tuxedo tickled her face, the slight smell of his skin slipping into her nose and tickling her senses. "I don't want to stay out in the hallway all night."

Wilson blinked at her for a moment, feeling a couple of the little fears pop and dissolve into lost fragments of thought. "Are you sure you want to?"

Sandra smiled up at him; she felt her cheeks grow warm as she mustered the courage to be a bit bolder. She leaned up onto the tips of her toes and ran her fingers along the edge of his ear flaps, before lifting it slightly up so that she could whisper just to him.

"I'm sure I want to." She cooed into his ear, softly. "I'm more than ready to feel you between my thighs."

The bluntness of her words caught Wilson by surprise, instantly popping a half dozen of the mental bugaboos inside his head He could feel the crowd of self doubt quickly thinning, even as he the front of his trousers go tight.

He was about to say something when he felt Sandra's hand on the front of his trousers. Her fingers tracing the thick girth of his shaft. Following it's length down his trouser leg.

"Oh my." He heard her whisper in surprise, as she found she'd have to bend down if she intended to find the end of his penis.

With the sound of her surprise, a handful more of the self-doubts withered away inside his mind. What was once a crowd was now only a handful of concerns. And all of them had one name in common.

"Barry." Wilson tried to whisper, causing Sandra to glance at him questioningly. "My roommate. Barry. He might be home."

Wilson started to turn the doorknob to the front door while praying that they wouldn't find Barry sitting on the couch in his underwear watching television while eating cereal from an ashtray.

Sure, on most days that wouldn't be all that unusual a site for Wilson to come home to. But right now it was the last thing he wanted Sandra to have to see. He figured that appreciation of a lanky half naked giraffe couch potatoing had to be an acquired taste.

So it came as a great relief to Wilson that the door opened up onto a dark and still apartment. He held the door open, letting Sandra enter first. "My home is your home, madam."

"Thank you." Sandra smiled as she stepped through the offered door, her eyes scanning the dark apartment. She was reluctant to venture in to the unknown territory too far, not being familiar with the furniture's layout.

Wilson was fairly sure that Barry hadn't gotten in yet, but he was still anxious to retreat to the relative safety of his own bedroom. With that hope still high in his mind, he flicked the lights on and glanced around.

"Oh, this is very nice." Sandra said honestly, stepping past the foyer and into the living room. "Red leather couch? Very bachelor padish."

Wilson smiled at the compliment; at least he thought it was a compliment. "Can I take your coat?"

Sandra glanced at him and nodded with a smile. Instinctively he reached out with his trunk, grasping the back of her wrap and allowing her to step out of it. Her fingers moved to caress the end of his trunk, a touch as light as a feather that made his skin tingle.

He moved the wrap to his paw, and then walked to the closet, carefully hanging it up.

Sandra glanced around the apartment, boldly proceeding across the living room and stopping in front of one of the closed doors. "Your bedroom?"

"No." Wilson took off his on suit jacket and hung it in the closet as well. "That's Barry's. And I wouldn't go in there if I were you."

Sandra glanced at the closed door for a second, then chuckled lightly before looking back to Wilson. "Is Barry going to be home soon?"

Wilson thought about it for a second, honestly not sure what the right answer would be. "Maybe. Probably. I don't know. We didn't really compare notes."

"Well then." Sandra crossed the living room, passing by Wilson on her way. Her hand lightly grasping hold of the end of his trunk and tugging him towards the only other closed door. "Let's excuse ourselves before he does, then?"

Hillary shook her head sadly; she knew it was a bad idea to let Lola drink the champagne. She didn't say anything when she had the chance, and now she was stuck with it. She might have met the situation with a little more resolve if she had any idea how poorly the hyena was able to hold her alcohol.

"Come on." Hillary groaned at the lynx sitting in the seat on the other side of Lola. "We can't let her go home like this."

Maureen, already less than pleased with the evening, showed even less concern now. "Why not?"

"Pffffsssssst!" As if adding her own thoughts to the conversation, a noise like air leaking out of a punctured tire pushed out from between Lola's flapping lips.

The hyena's eyes blinked open after a second, followed by a rapport of giggles that threatened to start her crying.

Hillary watched the hyena for a moment, and then glanced back up at Maureen. "Just because we can't."

Maureen rolled her eyes in annoyance, "So what are we going to do with her?"

"Can't she stay with you for the night?" An uncomfortable silence set into the conversation immediately following the words leaving Hillary's lips. The tension made her whiskers vibrate and twitch.

"Bwa-hahahahaha!" Laughter exploded out Lola's lungs, forceful enough to make her sit back up in her seat and survey the room a new. "I wanna dance!"

"Oh no, you don't." Hillary quickly latched onto her friend's paw, pulling her back down into her seat.

Maureen tried to rub the stress out of her eyes. The hyena's outburst did even less to convince her that she wanted to help. It did, however, forcefully demonstrate that she probably had no choice but to help.

"She can't come home with me." Hillary's voice slipped into pleading mode now. "There's no way I can sneak her out of the zoo."

Hillary, being a raccoon, wasn't really one of the zoo's normal inhabitants. But she did know a few ways in and out of the park that the officials hadn't discovered.

"Fine." Maureen let out a sigh of resignation. This turn of events was going to seriously cramp her previous plans of sitting around all night and feeling grumpy. "Just help me walk her back to my place."

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