Mummys Litle Pet

by Pagan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Coercion, Blackmail, Mother, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mothers what is your little boy thinking?

Oh shit, he thought, he hoped his parent's hadn't heard the bed springs creaking as he played with his erect cock. He stroked it up and down admiring how big it was, 8 inches and fat, not bad for a boy of his age, he was thinking of his beautiful mother, her sexy body and her big tits were never far from his mind. Spiting on his hand he moved to the edge of the bed trying to lessen the noise as he drifted back to his fantasy.

His mother was home alone, he saw her out in the back yard getting down clothes from the line. She was dressed as always in a short dress, no, this time I think a skirt and revealing top, she always dressed in a sexy way she didn't care, she was perfect if a little short but oh those legs and that bottom. He stroked a little faster as he saw her blond hair over her shoulders, tight waist and pert bottom only just covered by the short skirt, short enough that showed off her strong thighs as she reached up for the pegs.

The two black tramps slid un-noticed into the house and started searching; he imaged them seeing her through the kitchen window and thinking the same as he always did, sexy bitch. She turns and heads back to the house her large breasts pressing the clothes into the basket, she arrives at the back door and opens it unaware of the man behind it.

She's grabbed, clothes tumble out of the basket, as it falls the other man comes out from hiding holding the large kitchen knife, "Shhh little lady, don't make me puncture that fine body of yours," Jack's hand slowly moved up and down as he thought, this wank could go a long way. Both men took an arm each and marched her to the kitchen table, "Sit down and don't make a sound, while you join us in a bottle of this home made brew you have here."

Both men watched as she held the bottle to her trembling lips and started to suck the liquid out, one put his hand under the bottle and held it firmly in her mouth the other smiled as he took a swig from another, "Looks cute with the neck of that bottle in between them pretty lips don't she?"

The other smiled as he held the bottle firmly," Sure do, now we had us some drink, we can have some food later but why don't we take this opportunity to try us some of this fine white ladies hospitality, I'm sure she wouldn't mind after she finishes this bottle and look, I have another and she is going to finish both of them that should make her more than willing to suck on the black meat."

The two men laughed as they forced a second bottle in her mouth holding it the same and making sure it was being drunk quickly, as she did they pulled the bottle away and let her head roll back over the chair back, the man behind holds her jaw looking at the glazed eyes.

Jack had seen that look many times when his dad was away and mother fancied a drink, he knew drink made her hot and horny, it didn't take a bottle to have her going upstairs for her vibrators, he also knew when his father was randy and wanted a fun fuck he would fix her a few drinks and that would get her going, lucky bastard.

Jack spat on his hand and rubbed it over the head of his cock and went back to his fantasy.

As the man held her jaw the other undid the buttons on her blouse, not that there were many as she always showed a great deal of cleavage, her hands came up to stop him but the one holding her jaw covered her mouth and then her nose forcing her hands up to save herself, that left the other to follow down the short skirt undoing those front buttons as well, as the two men lifted her the skirt fell off and they pulled the blouse off her shoulder letting it drop on to the floor leaving her in heeled black shoes, stocking, suspenders, tight pants and a cut away bra, a beautiful sight as they helped the drunken woman up the stairs for some fun.

Jack could fell the hardness of his cock, oh how he wished he could have her like that. The two men picked the first bedroom they found, it was Jacks and they let her fall on to his bed, he had seen his mother naked before he had watched her have a few drinks then in the bath playing with her self or looked through the keyhole in their bedroom when dad was away, now his fantasy men were going to fuck her, his mind took back the picture.

"She a fine piece of white ass hope she can take a big piece of black meat in all her holes," as he pawed her legs. "Guess there's only one way to find out," the other said as her ripped her pants off and pulled the other half of her tits out of her bra," Lets get her legs open and suck that cunt before we fuck the bitch."

It was as if Jack was above his own bed staring down at his mother, he imaged her legs being pushed apart and a black head buried between them, the licking he could hear was proof his mother's cunt was wet and she couldn't put up a fight with the amount of drink and she was now easy pray as the men worked on her cunt and nipples, the more she groaned and begged them to stop the faster they licked and sucked until Jack imagined her lovely legs pushing her hips up so as the black tramp could slide his hands under her and pull her cunt into his slurping mouth the other stops licking her tits.

"Your a hot ass little bitch aren't you, your old man not doing you enough, how about my cock in your mouth?" she looked and groaned as her cunt heated her she was forced to lick his black monster cock.

The other slid up and knelt rubbing his cock on her slit, it is really wet, Jack could see the black cock end, it was dripping as she groans, her discomfort was a joy for them," Want him to stick it in?" her louder cries and pleading eyes now had them laughing, "He can't seem to find it, how about you put your hands down and show him it."

They watch as her hands slide down to her lovely blond bush, her hands are grabbed and forced onto her clit making her rub herself until they can let them go, she continues to wank at her dripping nub while he tickle's her opening with his cock.

As Jack imagined the first one filling her mouth with thick streams of cum and the second ramming her cunt full of thick black cock.

Jacks fantasy took a different turn; he saw the black tramp fucking her mouth but as he did he saw a note on the dresser, reaching over the tramp grabs it, he hears him say, "Hay buddy listen to this, Alfred away on Sunday, get food so as can have three days of peace, well, well its Sunday and this little cock suckers on her own until Tuesday what say we get some rope and tie this little fuck bunny up and keep her company for three days?"

The one fucking her looks at the big tits bouncing as he fucks her, "Ya, could do with some good food, a few beers and a whole lot of fucking this bitch and as you say tied up we can switch her a few times and make her look after our every need."

The one with his cock in her mouth laughed, "Sure fancy seeing these tits with some rope around them squeezing them up fat and big and this bed could be bouncing non stop, hear that white bitch we are going to tie you real tight and you'll be having some big black cock fucking you for three days and there ain't nothing you can do to stop us, now swallow." Jacks imagination took over, he could see himself with his mother and his father out of town and her so hot he could do what he liked to her, he thought if only that could happen, him fucking her day after day; he couldn't hold any longer and he grabbed his handkerchief and blew himself in to it, laying back he held his throbbing cock as it emptied it self.

He pulled himself off the bed, staggered to the bathroom, had a piss and washed his hankie, quietly he went back to his room and laid the wet hankie over the radiator, got back in bed and stroking his cock, he smiled as he drifted to sleep.

Jack Hawks, son of Katrin and Alfred, had a nice house. Father was a manager for a farming firm not a big man but good at his job and married to a very beautiful woman.

Katrin a polish immigrant needed to marry and took Alfred very quickly just after her arrival from Poland, she is one of a large family in more ways than one, that's were Jack gets his large physique from, he had grown in to a big boy, no longer, Mummy's little pet, his father was very proud of him, football, running, weight lifting he was a giant in his collage but father had never noticed the giant bulge in his sons trousers when his wife was sexily dressed.

It was only going to take one thing to force Jack from dream to reality and it came one Saturday night. Jack had been in bed a few minutes, he hadn't had time to get a hard on when he heard his parents come home, boy were they drunk, they were soon falling their way up-stairs and in to their bedroom, Jack got up and peered out of his door, they hadn't shut theirs and Jack could see everything.

He felt a great surge of jealousy as he watched his father ripping at the buttons of her blouse and sticking his head between her tits, then down to pull her skirt off. She undid his shirt then knelt in front of him unzipping him and letting his trousers fall, putting a hand inside his pants she pulled his cock out, Jack was shocked to see a five inch thin dick being sucked in to her gorgeous mouth. There was no foreplay, no enjoyment in what they were doing, he lifted her on to the bed and with his trousers still round his ankles he pulled her pants to one side and stuck it in her, she held him close as his head strained upward forcing himself hard in to her and they rutted like school kids having a quickie behind the bike shed, soon it was over, and Jack closed his door.

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