The Watcher
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What started out as just getting away somewhere quiet, ended up in a complete change of life style in another country.

I decided to go to the bush and get as far away as possible from any distractions. That is what is so good about Australia; it is so vast and uninhabited, that not many miles out of any city you are in the bush. Miles upon miles of Malee or scrub, but unfortunate little water in this the driest continent. Years ago I had come upon a little green oasis, by an old windmill driven pump that no longer works well. It had once been used for stock watering, but had fallen in disrepair, but the pump rose up and down slightly and when the broken windmill turned a small trickle of water was present.

I had come here before to seek solitude, the spot was a few miles in and well hidden from the main road. It was easy to repair the shelter I had erected the first time I camped here, to shield me from the fierce sun, and act as a camouflage for my little camp. A friend of mine had rigged a collapsible solar panel, which recharged my laptop, and I was able to stay out here to write my stories, as long as my food lasted. My motorcycle was the best means for travel in this land.

At least there was no fear of predatory animals in this land, only snakes and all the time I had been coming here I had never seen one. Bird's yes and all the other bush animals I have seen coming to drink at the small supply of water.

I had been camping here for four days, when in the distance I heard a motor's engine spluttering, and sounded if it was on its last legs, but it was a good distance away. This land looks mostly flat, but there are some undulations, which you don't see until you are right on them, but the ground looks level from afar. I took my binoculars that I use for my bird-watching, and scanned the direction where I thought the noise was coming from. It was a camper van, what fool would try to drive one of these through scrub like this I thought, and so far from the main road. The engine noise stopped, and two women emerged, one older woman and one young. Other than that I couldn't tell, so what, I thought they're not bothering me, I will leave them alone.

I got back to my work and thought nothing more about them. A few hours later I thought I heard motorcycles, but farmers here use them all the time and maybe out checking stock. The thoughts kept niggling me, as I had never heard any motorcycles in all the time I had been coming here. They had sounded coming from the same direction as the camper was parked. Curiosity got the better of me, and I once again got my binoculars and trained them on the camper.

Sure enough two trial bikes were standing a bit back from the camper, and as I swung my binoculars round I saw two youths in their late teens standing over the two women, with their trousers off. The younger woman was curled up, and it was obvious even at this distance she was crying. The older woman was lying on the ground spread-eagled with her dress open exposing her whole body.

The youths looked like they had ransacked the camper, as there were items lying all around the door that was open. I noticed the cycles had no registration numbers, so these youths hadn't been riding on the road, but were either local, or from a parked vehicle nearby. From there dress, what I saw of it, I am certain that they were locals, from somewhere in this vast area.

I approached as close as I could, the brush here was well spaced out, so most of the distance was covered either on my stomach, or in a hunched running squat, keeping a close watch on the two riders. I had reached a point about 30 metres away from the camper, without showing my presence. I found a scratch hole under a bush, no doubt made by one of the kangaroos, which were abundant in this area.

Now I could see the whole scene clearly. The two youths I would say were in there late teens or early twenties. Both with small scrawny goatee beards, dirty greasy long hair and both wearing high heeled riding boots of the type favoured by jackaroo's. As typical of the youths of this age, they held a tinned beer in their hand. The dark-haired one was holding his penis in the other hand and peeing all over the older woman lying spread-eagled on the ground. I also saw the reason she couldn't close her legs was, she had them tied to a metal tube of the type you use on camper annexes. The same with her arms, so these two had staked this poor woman out, and were now further humiliating her by urinating all over her. By the looks of her blood covered upper thighs they had performed some other dreadful act on her.

In this sun she was going to burn, as she had a very fair skin. I saw that she was conscious, as she was glaring at the two and they were laughing at her discomfort.

The young woman who looked about fifteen or sixteen was curled up in a foetal position, and she was crying, that I could tell by the way her upper body was shaking. Her back was towards me, but there was blood on her torn dress.

I then caught the last part of a sentence the dark headed youth said to the younger looking ginger haired youth.

"... get it and be right back."

They both were pulling on their trousers, and the dark-haired one got on his motorcycle and drove up a well used path I hadn't see previously. I heard the motor sound slowly receding into the distance.

I couldn't just let these two continue to molest these women any more. What could I do? If I approach the one by the camper, I may get halfway and the other returns, then I'm caught between the two.

I'm not a little chap by any means; I stand six feet four and a half and two hundred and ten pounds. No doubt I could take them both easy, but people tend to carry firearms around here, though I hadn't seen any they still may be present. So the cautionary approach was the one I would take, until I could have the odds firmly in my favour.

I remembered the coil of wire that was by the old windmill, and I thought of a way to at least take out the one who had ridden away. If only he would stay away long enough, and return the same way as he went. I backed out of my hiding place, and keeping my eyes on the ginger haired youth, I run backwards until I felt he could no longer see me. I then sprinted to the windmill and collected the coil of fence wire.

Taking a roundabout route, I circled the camper, and reached the small track at a place well hidden from the camper. The worst part about this land there was no stout trees to secure my fence wire to. The bushes though had reasonably thick branches, but were springy. The bushes would have to serve the purpose for what I wanted from them. So at chest height I wrapped one end round a couple of branches on one bush, and across the path to a similar bush, but I had to stretch the wire to enable me to twist it on to itself. I wished I had gone and got the pliers from my tool bag, but time was of the essence, and I hoped that this would be enough to at least topple the dark-haired youth from his motorcycle. I knew that these people almost lived on their machines, and were always on the lookout for unexpected danger. He had ridden up this path earlier and I hoped he was less observant on his return, that is if he returned this way.

Twenty minutes later I heard the sound of a motorcycle getting closer and closer, as I hid well back from the track. I was thinking, he wasn't returning by this route, as the sound seemed to disappear. Then out of nowhere he was almost on top of me, and I heard the twang of the wire, and I saw the bushes sway as the wire tightened, and the sudden roar of the engine.

I ran from my hiding place to the track, and the rider was lying prone on the ground. His head at a unnatural angle, a rifle had pierced his chest and the butt was sticking up in the air. I rushed and cut the motorcycles engine, and then knelt beside him and tried to find a pulse, but there was none. I had only meant to stop him but I had killed him instead.

That left one, and I felt confident that I could handle the one left, so I approached the camper. As I walked towards him I could see he was worried, as no doubt he had heard his friend's motorcycle, and instead of him appearing, I had appeared. I had approached so his motorcycle was to my left and each step put it behind me. So to get to the motorcycle he had to first pass me.

I think he had decided to try to bluff it out, as he suddenly walked towards me and made the fated mistake of putting both his hands on my chest in an attempt to push me off. I swung both my arms round in an arc and struck his wrists, and knew by the sound that I had broken either one or two of them. His head had come forward and I head-butted him on the bridge of the nose and he dropped to the ground. Not a word had been spoken, no excuses or denials.

I had no sympathy for him, and with a towel which was lying on the ground I bound his wrists together behind his back. And with another piece of material I bound his ankles together, and then tied him by the wrist bind to the water can holder behind the camper. He was still out cold all during this time.

I went to the older woman, and released her, and she pulled her dress together as she sat up. I then went to the younger woman and she cowered away from me at first then when she saw the red-headed youth tied up she came with me as if in a dream. I got them both into the camper and as comfortable as possible.

The most frustrating was their English, which was poor, and they were traumatized and in shock. It took me a long-time to convince them to stay put until I contacted the police.

The first thing I did was get rid of the wire across the track. I rewound the coil and replaced it by the windmill. I then got on my motorcycle and headed for the highway. Whether it was luck or not, soon after I started towards the nearest town, I saw a police wagon coming towards me. I started flashing my lights, and I stopped until they reached me.

"There are two foreign women who have been raped and abused about 12 kilometres off the road. I have one of the youths who had committed the offence tied up, and unfortunately the other has been killed falling off his motorcycle." I told the Senior Constable who had alighted from the 4x4 wagon.

"You show us the way and we will follow you. If someone is dead we'll radio in for back-up, so get going." He directed me.

It was nice to be able to roar up the road knowing the police car following was not clocking me. I slowed down after I turned off into the bush, but the police car kept close to my tail, and we were speeding through the bush faster than I normally would have done.

We pulled up short of the camper, and the youth was still tied up. But he now was crying, either through pain or humiliation, I don't know. The police officer went into the camper, and soon came out and went straight to the radio. The Senior Constable and I went to look at the dark-haired man on the track. It was obvious that he was dead.

"You done a good job getting him off his motorcycle, that's Jimmy Drews who is the local scramble's champion, or should I say was. His father isn't going to be too happy about this."

"You know him then." I asked

"Yes we have had reports of similar happenings along this stretch of highway, and we suspected strangers, I wonder if it was these two all along. I suspect the other will be his cousin Wade Drew. I'm sorry but I'm going to charge you over Jimmy's death and for assault on Wade, I'm sorry it's the law."

"I help someone and I am the bad bastard, I should have left the women to them."

"I don't think anything will come out of it, I think you'll become a hero."

"I had better, as if I get hit for this, I wouldn't even spit on anyone even if they are on fire."

"Come on you done the right thing, I have to go by the book. The glory boys will be here shortly and they would insist I charge you, so it's done, I've left a big loophole purposely to give you at least a hole for appeal."

He said no more as he walked back to the site.

Within a half-hour a police helicopter had landed, and taken off with the two women. Then two hours later the place was swarming with police, and an ambulance. The ambulance stayed as Wade was attended to by the paramedic, while being questioned by a police officer and a police woman.

I thought I'd been ignored, until the Senior Constable came up to me with a cup of coffee and a Glad-wrapped pack of sandwiches and handed them to me.

"Sorry it's the usual tomatoes and ham, they never seem to have any other. After you've eaten that go and pack your gear, as we have to take you to the Police Station, we'll put your bike in the back of the paddy wagon with you."

"I'm being taken in the wagon?"

"Sorry, I have to do it that way."

So an hour later I was locked in the back of their paddy wagon. Then bouncing around like a ball in a tumbler until we hit the highway, and then to the station where I was placed in a cell awaiting my interrogation.

I was given a pad of statement forms and a pen, and told to write everything which happened. The two detectives interviewed me. It was obvious that they were only going through the motions. I was released and told to report back the next day. Where I was to stay was going to be the problem, until a German consulate member came up to me and thanked me for what I had done for the two women. When I mentioned the accommodation, he took me to the town hotel and paid for my nights stay. He said he would be in contact soon then left.

Great I though, my own countrymen treat me like I had committed a crime, but a foreign country was thanking me and even paying for my hotel accommodation.

The newspapers were full of the heroic deed of saving these two foreign women, but no mention was made of my name. Of course the father of the dead youth denied his son would ever do such a dastardly deed, and it must be a case of mistaken identity. I wonder what he will say when the DNA samples taken confirm his son's involvement. I suppose he will say they were planted there. He had some influence in the community and he was using every bit to lay the blame from his son.

Three weeks later I had a call from a consulate member who said that Marie Billigmeier would like to meet me. I knew from the newspapers and the police that this was the woman's name who I had rescued

"Where does she want to meet me?"

"Could you meet her tonight at the Crown Hotel at seven?"

"Certainly, have I to wear a tie or anything?"

"She wants to talk, and take you to dinner and it would be proper to dress accordingly."

"That's all right you tell her I'll be there."

I did have a suit, I wore it to visit my editors or for interviews, but it hasn't brought me any luck so far. I wouldn't say I was broke, but my pocket hasn't seen two ten dollars together for a long-time. I can afford to live in this flat because it belongs to a friend of mine who is in the Antarctic, and I am watching it for him. I gave up on the Centrelink, as nowadays they have that much red tape over unemployment payment, which they make you feel like a leper leeching off the state.

I dressed though in my finery, and even if I say so myself I looked real smart. I don't think the porter would throw me out as I entered the posh Crown Hotel. I took the public transport to the city and entered the Hotel. I went to the reception and asked for Marie Billigmeier. I was expected and escorted to her rooms by a bellhop, or whatever they are called.

When I entered there were three people in her room, and it wasn't just a room but a suite, with a sitting room with other rooms leading off it. I honestly didn't recognize any of the people. A woman in her middle to late thirties approached me with her arm outstretched.

"So you are the man who rescued me and my daughter from these vile men, I have to thank you so very much."

I took her hand and thought, God surely this isn't the same woman who was on the ground spread-eagled, she's beautiful, much younger than she looked that day, and obviously well off.

"Really it was nothing." I replied suddenly lost for words, because of embarrassment and because this beautiful woman was so close. She was way above my league, and I get flustered in this type of company. When I tried to talk to her in the camper her English wasn't as good as this. Maybe it was the shock of the event at the time which prevented her speaking in English, for she still had the guttural German way of speaking English.

When she planted a kiss on my cheek, and pulled my hand close to her body I was completely lost and weak at the knees.

"I would like you to meet Corina, my daughter, who also you rescued."

"Sehr erfreut. I speak little English." She said

She too was so different, but her skin looked so fresh and her body so well proportioned, I think I had judged her age right as a delightful 16-year old.

"This is Mr. Muller from the German Embassy."

This wasn't the man who had spoken to me outside the hotel; this was someone high up. So what was the significance of this woman?

"I know your name is Martin Housefield, but what do you do Martin to earn a living?" Marie Asked me.

Something told me that she knew perfectly well what I did, but wanted me to tell her. I wasn't proud of my work record so far. I was 35 years old, and I had nothing to show for it. I was always chasing that elusive rainbow, which was over the horizon. I just couldn't get a toehold on the ladder up, and I was left scrambling on the bottom.

"Well to be truthful, nothing. I try to write novels, but none have been accepted. Just not what the public or should I say publishers want."

"We will have to try to do something about that, but first we would like you to join us for dinner.

She took my arm and linked her arm into mine, she was taller than average and the top of her head came up to my shoulder. We descended to the restaurant, where we were shown to a nicely secluded table.

I couldn't see any band, so it must be piped music, but they were playing soft old-fashioned slow danceable tunes, the ones I like. It was the kind of music that you can get real intimate and up close with your dance partner on the floor.

"Would you like to dance Marie, if I can call you that?"

"Yes I would love to, and you can call me Marie."

She was a beautiful dancer, and I thought she would want to keep the proper distance apart, but no, she came up real close, and we were dancing cheek to cheek. Not only cheek to cheek, but she was up close to my rising erection. She wore the most pleasant perfume, and the silkiness of her dress all combined to create a sensuous atmosphere.

"You dance well Martin; I haven't enjoyed dancing like this for a long time."

"Marie I have to say the same about you, you fit nicely in my arms, and we haven't tripped over each others feet once."

"Why, is that a usual happening with your partners?"

"Yes, they seldom have this type of music; it seems all the places I go to everyone do there own thing, and just jump around on the floor."

"My sentiments entirely, so we agree on some things. Let's return to the table, I have a proposition to put to you."

"I am returning home in two weeks, would you like to come to Germany, I live 130 kilometres east of Munich near Passau, where my home is."

"I have to wait on the trial."

"There will be no trial, Wade Drew has admitted to the offences, as well as two others. He has pleaded guilty, so we are spared having to appear, so we are going home."

"I would love to travel to Germany, but I just couldn't afford it, I doubt if I could afford the taxi fare to the airport."

"That's not what I asked you, I asked you if you would like to come."

"Yes I would, but how?"

"The Baroness has her own Lear jet and you will fly in that." Herr Muller said.


"Yes Martin, I am a Baroness and the head of a large organization, I brought my daughter here on a holiday, and we wanted to travel incognito. But as you know was a disaster, I had heard that Australia was not a country where women could travel alone, but I dismissed it as rumour, not at all like Europe where women are a little safer.

"Why are you asking me Marie, all I did was try to stop the two men from hurting you any more."

"Yes you put yourself into danger, to help two women whom you didn't know, and you treated us like human beings. We have been humiliated, and we know that you don't find us dirty, from what we've been put through. I think you will find that others don't treat us the same. I also know you are in a hole, and I'm giving you a hand out."

"Marie I've hoped for this for a while, and I appreciate the opportunity."

"You may curse me before you are through, for I intend to have you groomed to run one of our companies, do you still want to come now."

"Yes Marie I still do, I will have to get my passport renewed, and do you think you could lend me some money to do this."

"Ha! Ha! So you are really without funds, give your passport to Herr Muller he will have it done quicker than you can do."

"I don't carry it with me, but I have it in my flat."

"It will be collected from you tomorrow, and returned to you before you leave, please sort out all of your affairs within two weeks." Herr Muller said

"Mister, I could have everything cleared by tomorrow, except the passport."

"Further instructions will be given before we leave, so until then let's eat."

I danced both with Corina and Marie, and both were lovely dancers, but I liked the way Marie held me close to her when there was a slow waltz. I knew that she had felt my erection as she rubbed herself against me. She felt so nice, as I said all silky and soft, especially her bottom. I started to have carnal thoughts about her, but I doubt that I would ever get the opportunity to try.

At the end of the evening a taxi was arranged to drop me off home, but before we parted I was kissed on the cheek by both Marie and Corina.

The next two weeks passed so slow, I kept fantasizing about Marie, it was funny I had hardly thought about them after the incident. Now after one evening I could hardly have an hour pass without the two of them coming to mind. To travel in a private jet was way beyond my wildest dreams; the only other time I had flown was in a cheap flight, where everyone was packed in as close as sardines. They keep on saying that this country is classless, but I have found there is more class distinction here than anywhere else.

The day before we were meant to leave, my passport, with an EU Passport in my name, in addition my instructions for leaving were delivered by courier. Also included was five hundred dollars in local currency. How did they manage to get me an EU passport, this gave me unrestricted movement throughout the EU countries.

With the money I had received from the sale of my motorcycle I had bought a new suit, and in fact refitted myself out with new clothes.

I arrived at the departure lounge and was met by Herr Muller, who quickly ushered me through the formalities, and got my money converted into Euros. Then on to the waiting jet, it seemed small alongside the huge jumbo jets, but when I realized that this was only for the three of us, we had so much space it seemed criminal.

Marie looked like she had come out of a fashion magazine, and my fantasies soared again. After takeoff the young flight attendant served us a meal, and it was like no airline meal I had heard of. It was served on plates not on a compartmentised tray. Since our takeoff had been at dusk, it was soon dark outside and the cabin lights were turned low so we could watch a movie.

Marie and I were sitting on a settee like seat, and I placed my arm around her. As soon as I did this she came close into my chest, and looked up at me with doe like eyes. I knew there and then that I was going to live the fantasies I had been dreaming of during the past two weeks. I leant down and gently placed my lips on hers. Marie reached up and placed her hand behind my head, and pulled me down so our lips crushed together. My tongue and hers started exploring each others mouths; she sucked my lower lip into her mouth, and run her tongue back and forth across it, sending shivers up and down my spine.

I tried to place a hand on her breast but she pushed my hand away." Not yet just kiss and hold me, that's all I want just now, just to be held."

That suited me fine, as she was so cuddly and I enjoyed her closeness, and her smell, I have never had a woman who smelt so nice and felt so soft to hold. Her lips were like butterflies as she started kissing my face, fluttering from one part to the other, but always returning to my lips.

"I love your perfume, and you feel so lovely and soft Marie, I could hold you forever."

"Martin I want us to be lovers, but not yet, I want you to be patient, I still feel the violation that I had been through, and I want to make love to you but I need time."

"I didn't know you felt that way about me; I thought that you were only doing me a favour because I had helped you."

"Yes at first, but when we were dancing I realized the reason I asked to meet you was because I wanted to see you again, for my own. I loved the way you held me, and I felt that you were meant for me, our ages are the same or near about that it makes no difference. I want you; have you any feelings for me."

"Marie, I have been fantasizing about you and I for the last two weeks, there was hardly an hour went by that I wasn't thinking of you or Corina. There must be some deep feeling, which meant something, I was looking forward to seeing you again, that was why the days seemed so long."

"It is a start, at least you haven't said you love me, which I would have doubted, but to fantasize over me is a lot better, I hope we had a nice time."

"We sure did, but the kisses weren't as nice as they are now."

"I hope the rest then is better than your fantasies "

"I hope so Marie."

With our feet up on a stool, and covered with a blanket we dropped off to sleep in each others arms. I felt that I was in heaven, having Marie so close, and speeding across the skies.

As we were approaching Singapore Corina gave us a shake. "Wake please" she said "You like my Mutter?"

"She is asking if you like me, well do you."

"Of course I like you didn't I tell you last night?"

"Just seeing if you have changed your mind"

I pulled her to me and kissed her full on the mouth and held her close.

"Yes I think you do Martin, I won't doubt you any more."

We only stopped in Singapore to refuel and we were on our way a short time after.

Eventually we landed at Munich and were met by a large Mercedes car, which whisked us away within fifteen minutes of landing; I was never seen by a customs or immigration officer. We were waved through the security gate so everything must have been in order. Two hours later we approached a huge house set in a well-manicured landscape and in the distance, I saw a river.

"That's the Danube you can see Martin, you will have a better view from the house."

"Is this your home Marie?"

"Yes it is and it could be yours also, if all goes as I plan."

"What do you mean by that Marie?" I said trying to act dumb, of course, I knew what she meant and I had not realized how much she had included me in her life.

Meeting us was an elderly woman, who like Marie was impeccably dressed, and was smiling as she hugged Corina and Marie. She had a puzzled look though, as Marie introduced us. "Grandma this is Martin, Martin my Grandmother Hilda."

In perfect English she said." I see that you must have made a great impression on my grand-daughter, for you are the first man she has ever brought home."

This statement puzzled me, if I were the first she had brought home, who was Corina's father?

There were so many doors leading from the hall and entrance that it must be confusing for someone new to the house. Our bags were brought in and placed at the foot of a staircase, while we entered through one of these doors into a small but comfortable sitting room. It was obvious that this was the room that Hilda had been sitting before our arrival. There was an open newspaper and a half drunk cup of coffee on a small reading table, with a smouldering cigarette in an ashtray.

Within five minutes coffee was served by a middle-aged woman from a trolley, which she left after serving out the cups.

"So why have you brought Martin here Marie?" Hilda said straight out.

"At first, I was going to have him trained to take over one of our companies in Australia, but now I want him here near me," Marie told her Grandmother.

"You don't mean at last you have found a man that you like?" She said this as though it was something unusual.

"Yes Grandma, I think at last I have found a man that I like, and I feel that he is the right one."

"Young man you must be something special for Marie to think that way after all the things that has happened to her in the past."

Now I was completely confused, as I had no idea what things had happened to her, only what had occurred in Australia.

"I haven't told him yet Grandma, please let me tell him myself."

"Well I think you should before you get too serious, Marie," the old woman scalded.

"Maybe you are right, Grandma, Martin come I will show you your room and I will explain everything to you." Marie took me by the hand and led me from the room. She took me up two flights of stairs and along a passage to the right, explaining who the people were in the pictures on the wall. There were also two suits of armour and from the size the men must have only been just over five feet tall who had worn them, one even had a star shaped hole in the chest plate.

The passageway was dimly lit and with the carpets and the velvet type wall covering, we made no sound as we walked along it. Marie opened a door second from the end and we walked in. The room type I had seen before and was definitely a man's room by the furnishings which was all a dark red wood including the wall coverings, with a small window on the south side. My two suitcases were placed at the foot of a single bed which too was made of heavy solid turned wood with wooden balls atop the four corner posts of the bed.

Marie sat on the bed and patted the space beside her. "Martin what I am about to tell you is only known to my family, I feel that I must tell you now before our relationship goes any further."

"Look Marie I just like you the way I find you, there is no need to unburden your past to me."

"I must so you will understand why I am a bit hesitant in allowing you to touch me."

"Oh well, if it will make you happy go ahead, but I doubt if it will make me feel any different."

"When I was nineteen just a year older than Corina, I was raped at a debutante's ball by a group of so-called young gentlemen. As a result Corina conceived, and being a good catholic young woman I refused to have an abortion. After that I kept a distance from any male attention."

"Please Marie, I don't want to know."

"No you must Martin I want you to know. As I said I kept away from all male company that was why my grandma was so surprised when I brought you home. I promised Corina that I would take her anywhere she wanted after she finished school, and she wanted to tour Australia. She knew that if we had arranged it through our own names we would have been living in hotels. Corina wanted to see the country as it was and we rented the camper so we could travel around as we wanted. Well you know what happened after only five days into our holiday.

The only time men have come close to me has resulted in forced sex and humiliation. I have never had any tenderness from a man, which is why I hold back with you. I would love to feel what other women feel but I am afraid, by what has happened in the past. Now the pattern has started with my daughter, we must be cursed."

As she said this she burst into tears and held her head in her hands and sobbed and the tears were marking her dress as they fell on to her lap. I put my arm around her and drew her close.

"I'm sorry Marie you have had a very unfortunate experience, not once but twice in your life. I understand now why you are afraid and I won't do anything that will hurt you and let you choose when the time is right. I do like you very much and I love to be near you, and hold you."

"Martin, I am sorry I haven't much experience around men, my parents died in a plane crash when I was young and Grandma brought me up. I have no sisters or a brother to confide in, my grandfather was killed in the war. So me being a man hater, until I met you, I have had no contact with men. Please be patient with me I would love to have you near, and I feel comfortable in your presence."

I held her closer and lifted her chin with my hand and kissed her fully on her soft tear wet lips, I just touched them and she put her arms around my neck and kissed me tenderly back.

"I haven't had that much experience with women, I will admit that I've had a girlfriend or two but they haven't lasted. I think the longest relationship I've ever had was two months. I have never lived with a woman, so I am an innocent in their ways. I think the only way you can learn about each other is by close contact in all circumstances and you can only get that by living together."

"Oh I don't care Martin, maybe we can learn together. At the moment I love having you near me."

We held each other close for quite some time and slowly her tears stopped and she smiled at me. "I suppose you think me silly, crying like that?"

"Not at all darling, you have to get it out your system."

"You called me Darling, so you do love me, you just don't want to say it." I got another hug, and the smile on her face became even bigger. We returned downstairs but this time she was clinging to my arm and the smile never left her face.

"I see that you are very happy Marie, did you tell him everything?"

"Yes Grandma, and he doesn't mind, do you Martin?"

"Not in the least, I don't care about her past, but I now have a better understanding how she feels."

"That's good but I don't want you to do anything to hurt my Marie, she is all I have."

"Oh I'll look after her all right."

Marie and Corina had to go into Munich the following afternoon for an appointment with a Medical Specialist as they had taken blood samples and various tests in Australia and had been sent to Germany. They were to be given the results and the follow-ups were to be done here. This was something I knew nothing about, and was a bit of a shock when she told me. She was only to be gone for the one night and would be returning the next afternoon.

After Marie had told me about her past Hilda changed, and was now joking and teasing me, and it was obvious that she was glad that I had borne no regrets about Marie's past. It was obvious that she now was glad that Marie was no longer a man hater and was looking at me with doe eyes.

After the pair of them had left and Hilda and I were sitting in her sitting room, Hilda asked if I would like a drink and I accepted a Drambuie, I love that drink and it lasts a long time. I am not a heavy drinker, but Hilda was knocking back the Gin at a fast rate. The drink didn't appear to affect her at all, and she had drunk almost a half bottle. We talked about Marie mostly, about how she grew up and all the small things that you seldom get to hear about a person. Eventually I called it a day and excused myself and went to bed, the time was almost eleven o'clock.

I was lying awake, the room, the bed, and the whole atmosphere was strange and I hadn't got used to the night noises of this house. I did hear the door slowly open, there was enough light from the window to see the door and I watched it open and Hilda stepped into the room. She was wearing a blue nightdress, and it must have been made of a silky material for the light caught it and it glistened. She crept closer to the bed, and I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep.

"Martin, Martin." She whispered. I paid no attention, but I felt her lips on mine and she kept them there for a little while but just barely pressing, "Can I come into bed with you?"

I just lay there, then I felt the clothes drawing back and she slipped into the bed and put her arm around me. I opened my eyes and looked straight into hers.

"What are you doing here Hilda?"

"I would like a cuddle, having you in the house has brought back old memories that I thought had long ago vanished, I'm not too ugly that you wouldn't hug me Martin."

"No your not ugly, at all in fact you are a nice-looking woman, but I wouldn't want to upset Marie, as I think that I am in love with her."

"Nothing of this will ever go beyond us, I love my Grand-daughter more than anything else in this world and I want her to be happy and I think you can do just that."

I slipped my arm under her shoulder and pulled her close. "My Hilda you do have a lovely body." As I felt her breasts squash on to my chest.

Then I felt her hand go down and rest on my penis, I sleep in the nude so she had unrestricted access. "Martin, I must say you are a well-built young man."

For my size I didn't think I was especially endowed, but my friend who is in the Antarctic had remarked when he had seen me in the shower, that he thought I was built like a donkey. Now here was a woman who I would say had some experience say the same thing. No matter what, her touching me sure got a response and I was getting bigger by the minute.

"Oh I have to see this," Hilda said, as she pulled the bedclothes back and gazed at my penis, causing me some embarrassment. "Yes it is big and wonderful." As she now gripped it in her hand even if her long fingers couldn't go round the shaft. She fell back on to the bed and pulled the covers up once again with her left arm over me and her right holding my penis.

"How I envy Marie, have you two been making love yet?"

"No we have not, she is still a bit frightened."

"You must be frustrated Martin, you think you would like to relieve that build-up, and at the same time make an old woman grateful, remember the saying 'Don't bleed, don't tell, and we are as grateful as hell.' That could apply to us Martin." As she was saying this she was slowly sliding on to my chest and had her legs straddling my hips.

I felt her hand guide my penis to between her legs and the moist feeling on the end of my penis as it separated her vaginal lips and entered her body.

"Its almost there Martin, please, I'll do all the work, just lie back and enjoy it."

I never approved or disapproved but I suppose she took my silence for acceptance, and she slid back some, raised her hips up, and I started slipping my penis inside her moist warm vagina. I felt her vagina stretch as though this was the first time, and she was having difficulty getting me all in. Not only was I long but thick also, in fact the circumference is almost eight inches, for I measured myself once when I was hard.

She started rising and lowering herself, but her nightdress was getting in the way so she drew it over her head and threw it behind her. My, I was expecting to see droopy sagging breasts but hers only had a slight drop and they looked wonderful with her trim waist and her wide hips. I could see my penis disappearing up into her body and it was a lovely sexy sight. So to help her I placed my hands under her bottom and lifted her as she was rising and let her go as she was coming down. Slowly she was being impaled by my penis and she now had a smile on her face and her head thrown back.

"This is wonderful Martin; I have never thought I would ever feel like this again, I can now die happy, knowing I have had a big penis."

"You still have a good bit to go Hilda; you have to put your bum on my thighs."

"I'll get there just give me a little time." She continued to lift and drop but then she was now going a bit faster and gaining ground.

The feeling was intense and I just had to help as she came down I pumped my hips up and she gained more, then she dropped and I felt her bottom on my thighs. She stopped and looked at me. "Martin, I have you all in and I feel as full as I have ever felt, it feels as if you are up to my chest, don't shoot or it will come out of my ears." She said laughingly. "This is so nice." And she wriggled her bottom gaining a few millimetres; I was so far in I was feeling her cervix pressing on the head.

Hilda started her rocking and raising and lowering herself slowly to almost removal and then dropping, followed by a few quick thrusts of her hips and back up again. I could see that this was a very enjoyable thing for her and I was enjoying it too. Unfortunately I had a tightening of my anal sphincter and I could feel myself beginning to shoot, without much other warning I pumped my sperm into her hot receptacle and she wiggled with pleasure.

"See you did manage to come in an old woman, so I know you do like me doing this."

She then took the covers in her outstretched hands and dropped down on to my body and put her legs between mine and held my penis inside her with her tightly clasping legs.

"Martin, thank you, please don't worry Marie will never know, I can assure you, I think that we are going to get on fine together, please don't let this drive you away from me."

"Hilda I like you a lot, and I'm always glad to help a woman in need,"

"Oh! I was in need, that's for sure." She said nibbling my ear.

In fact we went to sleep in that position but in the morning she was cuddled up to my back with her arm around my chest, running her fingers through my hair.

"Morning lover, God I loved that, I feel like a new woman, I must get back to my bed before Teresa comes with my morning tea." She slipped out of bed and slipped on her nightdress and left the room.

I lay there feeling as guilty as sin, feeling that I had betrayed Marie, not only betrayed her but with her Grandmother. Then I hadn't been with a woman for a long time and Hilda wasn't objecting, also I was keeping it in the family. All these thoughts were going round and round in my head, when the door opened and in came Hilda again. This time she was dressed and I could see that she had showered and was looking so fresh and she had a wide smile on her face.

"Come on sleepy bones get up and shower, you will feel a lot better, I will have breakfast served so be quick." She leaned over and gave me a sloppy kiss full on the lips, and I suddenly got an erection. I was glad she had left the room as it would have been a bit awkward getting to the bathroom with a ten inch pole sticking out of my body.

The shower quickly made me shrink and by the time I shaved and got downstairs I was back to normality. Hilda was still smiling, but no reference was made to the previous night, and we ate our breakfast as she read the paper. I used to like reading the paper in the morning but what was the use trying, as the newspaper was in German. I knew hardly any of that language, so I suppose I would have to learn or get hold of a paper written in English.

I had brought my binoculars with me and I was watching the river traffic that afternoon. Thinking there was a lot of water traffic so far inland when a pair of arms came round my waist, I was kissed on the neck. From the perfume I knew right away who it was, Marie.

I turned and put my arms around her shoulders and kissed her full on the mouth. "God I missed you, what took you so long." I said with a smile.

"I'm all clear, there is no Hepatitis or anything we both have been given a clean bill of health, but I have to go back in three months. That is one worry off my mind."

"Grandma and you seem to have become good friends what have you two been doing?"

I nearly lost my breath it was the way she said it, if she only knew what we had been doing I think she would have a fit.

"Oh we had a long talk last night and it was all about you, but the child photographs weren't brought out."

"Well I'm glad about that, I'll have to go and hide them before she does bring them out. Truthfully she seems a lot happier, I think you are good for her and I now feel a lot better leaving you with her when I have to go to the office."

"Are you leaving again?"

"I have to I have the company to run, Corina and I have had a long holiday and we have to return to work."

"What about you, do you know anything about electronics, pharmaceuticals or plastic manufacturing?"

"Not a thing, sorry."

"Have you had a business background, or training?"

"Again Marie, no."

"See I think that you should stay and look after Grandma, she could do with someone to keep her company."

"I can't sponge on you like this I have no money except what you gave me."

"Look around, what do you need money for, if you want some I will give you some. For me please look after my grandmother, that will be enough, I will be home every night, except the night of the monthly board meeting, when it's too dark to fly."

"What do you mean by that Marie?"

"I fly to work by helicopter and fly back."

"Who flies you?"

"Why I do, I have been flying helicopters for years."

"Where is the helicopter I haven't seen one around?"

"It's having its routine service and I will be taking the pilot back when he delivers it, today want a trip?"

"Certainly, I've never been in a helicopter."

We returned to the house, and Hilda was still smiling and was looking at us both.

"You make a lovely couple, I think you two are going to be very happy together, look after him Marie he's worth it."

"My that is praise coming from you Grandma, you have taken to Martin."

"I think that you two should get together and work out what you are going to do as I have asked Martin to take care of you"

"Oh yes we will get together all right and I am sure he can take care of me." Hilda replied.

That afternoon a blue and white four-seater helicopter landed on the lawn outside the house.

"Is that yours Marie?'

"Yes that's my toy it's a Robinson R44 Raven, and it does me fine, come on I'll give you a ride."

We met the pilot as he was coming to the door. "Hans this is Martin, my fiancé I'll be taking him with me do you mind riding in the back."

"Sure it's nice being a passenger now and again."

We climbed in and Marie handed me a set of headphones and told me to put them on, as we wouldn't hear each other because of the noise, I saw that Hans already had his on at the back. I strapped myself in as well, as I felt rather exposed sitting up here. Soon we were off and we seemed to just shoot straight up.

"Wow you sure get off the ground quick."

"This baby will climb at 1000 feet a minute but we are not climbing that fast it just seems fast."

"How fast will this fly, Marie."

"Oh 130 miles an hour," Hans cut in "and has a ceiling of 14,000 feet."

"I would rather be a bit lower than that thank you."

"Can you fly far on a tank it must guzzle the fuel?" I asked like a real novice that I was.

"No it has a range of just over 600 kilometres on 120 litres of fuel"

"I've had a car that used more fuel than that, I didn't think that they were that good on the fuel."

We came in to a small airfield and landed by a maintenance hanger where there were other helicopters in various stages of repair, just like a car garage, somehow I never pictured helicopters being repaired.

Marie took off and was chatting with some control tower and we took a different route back and came over the river and I was able to see all the different ships close up.

"Well are you enjoying your ride, darling."

"Now you are calling me darling, does that mean your feeling a little more secure with me?'

"Oh yes I know that I can trust you, but please darling don't rush me, gently please."

We seemed to be approaching too fast but without any effort she pulled up and gently put the plane down and switched off. It was then I saw a man run out pulling a trolley and he started to fill it up with a hand pump.

"Who's that Marie, and what is he doing."

"That's the mechanic who also keeps the helicopter full and washes and covers it up every night, when I'm home."

She appeared to dismiss the man as though he didn't exist. This was another Marie I found.

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