The Backpacker

by Alistair Acorn

Copyright© 2006 by Alistair Acorn

Sex Story: The experience of a backpacker in Australia

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   .

This is a true story of a part of a backpacking holiday in Australia in 2002. Only the names and some small details have been altered to hide the identities of the people involved. I now believe there are more situations like this happening than there are in the imagination of some writers.

I loved the wide open roads of this land, far different from the roads back home where your views are hidden by hedgerows. The furthest one can see is about a hundred yards without seeing a house or habitation somewhere.

Here one can see as far as the horizon with the road disappearing into space and not a sign of life either side. One has to be careful walking Australian roads, for drivers have a bad habit of trying to knock down walkers and cyclists. That is why there are so many bodies found on lonely stretches of road here. I have been deliberately forced off the road by these people that now I walk towards the oncoming traffic. On these lonely roads if I hear a vehicle behind me I get on to the soft shoulder.

During my four thousand kilometre walk I have had no-one stop and ask if I wanted a lift. It's not like walking in Europe where you will be asked at least a couple of times per kilometre if you would like a lift. I suppose if I were a young woman this wouldn't be the case, but a 6 feet 5 inch man weighing 18 stone is another matter. Anyway I never asked and I enjoyed the experience of the walk. All the tales one hears about the helpful 'Ausie' can be dispelled, maybe twenty to thirty years ago, but not the present generation.

I was a few hundred kilometres north of Perth, on the Great Northern Highway heading into nothingness. The only concern I had was water but with care I can managed until the next supply. During one of my stops at a café where everyone who used the road seemed to stop, which by the way wasn't that many for I had walked for hours without a single car passing me at times.

As I entered this particular café I passed a Winnebago camper and four wheeled covered trailer attached to the rear with Queensland plates. It was the biggest I had ever seen, it was as large as a coach and in fact I envied the owners for owning such a lovely camper. Inside the café were two women in their late fifties, early sixties. Since they were the only ones in there I assumed that they were the owners of the camper or that their husbands were in the toilets. I noted only two empty meal plates were on the table, so I doubted the later.

"That is a lovely camper you have," I commented as I took off my pack and placed it on the vacant seat in the booth next to theirs.

"I am glad you like it, we are on a round Australia tour, and we have been travelling for three months now. What are you doing, you're not Australian?" The one closest to me asked. She looked like a schoolteacher, well-dressed and had enough gold bracelets and chains around her neck to sink a ship. Whether they were real or not, I wasn't sure. Her hair was a lot longer than one sees in a woman of her age and well-groomed and wavy. She must have dyed her hair, for I could see no grey hairs at all. Her silk blouse showed that she had large breasts, well presented by the bra she was wearing. All I could see of her skirt was that it was over her knees.

"I'm walking around Australia, and you are right I'm not an Australian," I replied.

The other woman with her was also well-dressed and she too had long hair, but was up in a bun type roll worn at the back of her head. She was wearing a T-shirt with a logo on the front advertising jeans and she too had well protruding breasts, which at that time were resting on their table. I couldn't see what she was wearing below the waist, but she too wore gold bangles, but not as many as the other.

All this I took in with just a glance as I walked over to the counter and ordered a breakfast for myself. I returned to the table and when I sat down they moved round and sat at the opposite side of the table. "You don't mind if we sit down here and talk to you, do you? Oh, by the way, I'm Bette and this is my friend Joyce."

"Nice to meet you Betty and you too Joyce, I'm Duncan," I said.

"Not Betty, Bette everyone gets that wrong," she said with a giggle.

"So where are you from?" Enquired Joyce.

"Scotland Joyce, I have been here for eight months and I have walked all the way from Sydney and enjoyed every minute of it." I said giving her a smile for she had that mother personality and you could tell right away she would be easy to talk to. Bette was a bit deeper and sterner looking, yet she was the one who had talked first.

"Surely you got a lift some of the distance," Bette intervened.

"No; not one. It has been shank's pony all the way," I replied.

"Poor dear and where are you heading now?" Joyce asked.

"Nowhere in particular, just heading north."

"We are heading that way would you like to join us for a short way," She asked and her eyes almost begged me.

"Sure why not, I will then get a ride in your beautiful camper," I replied.

After I had eaten my meal and the two women had drunk another two cups of coffee each we left the café. It was then that I noticed how small Joyce was she was only about 5 feet 2 inches tall and was front heavy, just like Bette who was about 5 feet 7 inches tall. They both wore dresses, calf length, with low heeled shoes and stockings. "Put you pack in the trailer it will be safe there," Bette said to me as we walked to the rear of the trailer where she unlocked the gate. Inside was various loose items as well as two trial bikes and I placed my backpack among the other items.

The inside was like a palace, with all the luxury one had in a normal home. In front were two swivel armchairs, for that was the only description I could give them. Also there was an easy recliner chair set against the driver's side but back about three feet. It was towards this I was guided, as the two women sat in the front seats. It was Bette who was behind the wheel. Bette handled the large camper like a pro and within minutes we were speeding up the highway. The camper drove as silent and as smooth as any coach I had driven in. The view I had was fantastic of this flat land with hardly any vegetation to be seen higher than two feet tall as far as the eye could see.

After two hours driving and having passed through no towns, villages or even seen a house, Bette pulled off the highway down a dirt track which was marked 'lay-by' and stopped the camper. "Time for a rest and I need a pee. We will stop here for an hour or so and have a coffee or something before we move on," she said getting out of the camper with Joyce.

Five minutes later Joyce returned and put the kettle on and sat down on her seat and swivelled it around to face me.

"God you are a big chap how would you like to make love to me?" She said as if she was asking for a cup of tea or something.

"Joyce, you are old as my mother."

"I never asked about your mother, have you ever made love to a woman my age?"

"No, never," I stammered.

"Duncan, I honestly have never asked a man outright like this before, but there is just something about you that draws me to you. If I never asked, I doubt if you would even think about it. So what do you say, stay with us a few days and if you don't like what you get then you can leave, no strings attached. I will tell you straight, I have been married twice, the longest lasted ten months and that was twenty, no twenty-five years ago and I've been off men since. So if you make love to me it will be the first in a long-time for me."

I just couldn't believe this was happening to me, never has a woman asked if I would like to fuck her. It has always been the usual cat and mouse game, catch me if you can, but I'm not running very fast. Granted Joyce wasn't at all bad looking, in fact I would have to say attractive, maybe a bit short for me, but why not, what had I to lose.

"Joyce, I've never been asked outright like that before, but I'll stay with you a couple of days and then see how it goes," I managed to say. I was glad of my suntan, for I felt that I was as red as a beetroot under it, for my face felt flushed. All the male bravado had vanished by her outright question, leaving a blustered shell.

"Wonderful, you won't regret that decision Duncan, we will look after you like a prince," she said.

"You said we, I thought you said you," I got out, now regretting I had made the previous decision.

"Oh I think Bette will want some loving if she sees me, but then she is a different kettle of fish, so to speak. I don't think she has ever had a man. Oh she has spoken of wanting to experience the lust of the flesh, but has always turned away at the last-minute, so she may even do the same now. That doesn't mean I will change my mind, for I think that you are the man that can satisfy my lust. Does that flatter you, men love to be flattered," she said with a wicked smile on her lips.

I got hard there and then, just by that smile on her face. God I was acting as though I was an eighteen year old again instead of a man of twenty-five. I suddenly remembered I was all sweaty and unshaven and no way was I going to bed a woman in this state, I had my pride too. "Joyce I hope you don't mean here and now for I need a shower and a shave first."

"No silly, I understand, but we will be staying at a caravan park tonight. Once we are hooked up you can either have a shower here in the camper, or use the showers in the caravan park," she said coming over and her head was just up to my chest. I bent down and placed a kiss on her upturned face. I only gently brushed her lips, but that seemed to be enough for Joyce at the present.

"Thank you, I knew I had made the right choice," she said turning as the kettle was now boiling, made the coffee and handed me a mug, "Sugar if you want it is on the table."

Just then Bette came into the camper and the two of them exchanged looks and I saw Joyce just nod her head slightly and Bette smiled. She picked up her mug of coffee, held it in two hands and looked over the brim at me for a few seconds before taking her driving seat, but turned inwards too.

"Duncan is going to stay with us for a couple of days at least," Joyce said, but I knew that Bette had got the message from Joyce when she entered. "When we stop for the night he wants to have a good shower, so I told him he can either have one here once we are connected, or have one in the caravan park showers."

There was underlining messages passing between the pair of them so I just left it at that, but now I took more attention of Bette. Even though she was striking now she must have been a real beauty in her younger days. Why hadn't she married and as Joyce said, shunned away from men, maybe I will find out soon.

After our coffee and everything tidied away we once again hit the road. We passed through one town but never stopped in the town, but followed the signs to the caravan park, where they had booked in previously. There was a hive of activity as the annexe was set up and all the connections made. I had no idea how these were did, so I took the opportunity to gather my toilet items, fresh clothing and made for the shower and washing block.

While in there I put all my dirty clothing into the washer and then took care of shaving and showering. When I finished the washing machine had stopped so I hung my clothing on the line and returned to the camper.

"Bette has gone into town on one of the motorcycles and I see you are nice and clean, my you are a handsome brute," she rattled off as I entered. I knew exactly what her designs were as if she had hung a sign around her neck, "I'm ready now". She was standing in what one would call the lounge with a dressing-gown on and I doubted if she had anything under it.

She came right up to me and instead of our lips just touching I gave her an open mouth kiss which she returned. At the same time placing her arms around my neck and pulling me down harder on her mouth. It was so easy to pick her up and with our arms wrapped around each other and her feet off the floor, we ground our mouths together. She tasted as sweet as any woman I had previously been with, in fact a great deal better than some.

Our mouths came apart and she looked at me. "Move to the bed at the back Duncan, please now."

So moving to the rear I entered a large bedroom with a double bed made down and placed her on it as I removed my clothing, which wasn't much, a pair of shorts, underpants and a Tee-shirt.

"Oh my, you are a big man aren't you!" She said her eyes glued to my now erect penis which was at a slight angle off my body and as hard as a rock, with my circumcised purple head looking like a ripe plumb.

Joyce just undid her dressing-gown and with a slight movement of the arms had shed the item to the floor. I was right she had a lovely small compact body, granted her breasts were sagging a bit but with the weight of them was there any wonder. She had let her hair down and it seemed to flow from her head and cover the bed sheet. Her public hair was almost non-existent for she had cut it that short but the dark outline was clearly visible.

She needed no preparation for she had her feet firmly planted on the bed and her thighs wide apart, giving me full view and access to her treasure wonderland, with the pouting swollen lips.

"How do you want me Joyce on top or under?" I asked.

"I don't care as long as I feel you inside me, we can do it anyway you like after that." She said holding her arms out for me to come to her.

Taking my now rigid shaft in one hand I placed it between her puffy lips and immediately felt the heat from her body and gently as I eased in I felt her warmth move slowly up the shaft. Wow she was so lubricated I slid right into the hilt.

"Duncan, you surely have filled me to the limit, this is what I have been needing, a man with a gigantic cock. I never told you why my marriages didn't last. The two I married didn't have the right equipment to satisfy me, but oh my, you certainly have and I've just got it in. Now can you use it?"

"I will do my best," I said withdrawing and pushing it into the hilt once again, touching her cervix as I did so."

"Oh harder and faster Duncan, hurt me, I want you to hurt me," she cried trying to lock her legs around me.

Now not only was I pounding into her warm and willing body she was pushing her hips hard into me making a slapping sound as our bodies met. This was something out of this world, I can't remember feeling so relaxed and contented with any woman as I was with Joyce at this moment. But then I must have felt like this before, I just can't remember it.

"Hold my breasts, please," she pleaded, but I had a hold of a lovely soft bottom pulling her into me, but I did as she asked. Taking a breast in each hand and rolled my thumbs around her huge aureoles which had the nipple standing out like thick pencils about half an inch. They felt so soft in my hands too, as I worked them gently. The only part of her which was touching the bed was her shoulders for she and I were fused together and with her legs wrapped around me her lower body was off the bed. I was sunk in as far as it was humanly possible from this position and I could tell she loved every inch of me that was buried inside her. Of course she wasn't the only one; I too was enjoying her body as much as I ever could with a woman.

But all good things must end and I felt my orgasm rising and then I exploded into her. God it felt just great as Joyce felt my unloading gripped me tighter with her legs now higher up my body and her arms around my neck once more and kissing my cheek and neck. "Oh that was wonderful, oh why wasn't it like that when I was younger," she said with a sigh.

After a short time I slowly slipped out of that now soaked love-nest and I reached and took a moist tissue from the box by the bed and wiped myself and her also.

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