Vivuan Comes Out Of The Closet

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Hubby overheard that his wife was playing behind his back.

There is absolutely nothing in the world that can compare to the feeling you get when you start out your day by finding out that your wife is a party whore.

Like most men I found out strictly by accident. There is a restaurant right across the street from my office and it has been my habit to stop there every morning on my way to work and have coffee and toast while I read the morning paper. The restaurant was laid out with high-backed booths along the wall just inside the door and along the back wall and then tables and chairs filling the area off the ell. I came in the front door and grabbed the first open booth along the wall. Stella brought me coffee and said, "The usual?" I nodded my head and opened the paper to the business section. I could hear the people in the next booth talking and I recognized the voices of Stan and Mike, two guys I work with. I debated joining them and then decided not to. I didn't know how long they had been there and they might have just been getting to leave.

They were talking about the weekend NFL games and as I read my paper their voices would sometimes intrude on my concentration. Then there was a change in the tone of the conversation and I heard, "So, did you get any of Vivian's pussy at the party Saturday?"

"Yeah, but I wish that I could get there first for a change. She's good pussy and a great fuck, but sloppy thirds and fourths get old after a while."

"Hey, don't feel bad. The last time Lance went out of town and she came to the party alone I was the ninth in line. She was still good, but awful loose."

It suddenly dawned on me that it was my wife they were talking about. I had been at the same party on Saturday and I know I was the only Lance there and I was certainly the only Lance that had a wife named Vivian. As if to confirm things for me Mike said, "Do you think Lance knows?"

"No. He goes off and plays poker and shoots pool and leaves Vivian to walk around and socialize, and drink of course, thank God for that."

For me that was the most telling part - I did play poker that night and Viv always got a snootfull.

"One of these days Lance is going to wake up to the fact that all anybody needs to do to fuck Vivian is to get enough booze into her."

"Pray that it doesn't happen anytime soon. I kind of like having available pussy on the weekends."

"Yeah, it's too bad we can't find a way to have more parties during the week."

"You don't need a party during the week. All you need if for Lance to go on one of his business trips."

"What do you mean?"

"The last time he went on a trip I stopped by his house and told Vivian I wanted to ask her advise on a problem I was having with my girlfriend. Then I acted nervous and said that maybe my being there with Lance gone might give the neighbors the wrong ides and I suggested that we go to a lounge where we could talk without causing talk and she agreed. At the lounge I poured the booze in her and when I brought her home I stayed and fucked her all night long. I can't get over the way she always thinks that it is Lance fucking her."

"Think it's only an act?"

"Hell no. No one can drink as much as she does and still be able to put on an act."

"No, I don't suppose so. Hey, look at the time. We need to get going."

I was holding my paper up in front of my face as they left their booth and headed for the door. When they were gone I put the paper down. Suddenly I had no interest in anything that it contained.

I didn't want to believe it, but Viv and I were the only Lance and Vivian at that party and I remember Viv's being very wet when I wanted to make love when we got home. I also remembered something she said the next morning, "You were great last night sweetie. I don't think I have ever been more satisfied." I didn't think anything of it at the time; I wrote it off as a wife stroking her husband's ego. What else could it have been since I fucked her for about five minutes, came and then fell asleep. The only way she could have been "more satisfied" after my sorry performance that night would have been for her to have been fucked just like Mike and Stan said she had been.

I thought back to other parties that we had been to and the times I had made love to her when we got home and it occurred to me that she had been really wet almost every time. I tried to remember the times that I hadn't left her alone to go off and play cards or shoot pool and I couldn't remember her being wet after any of them. But thinking, wondering and knowing are not the same animal and I had to know for certain and the only way that was going to happen was for me to set Vivian up.

There were problems with setting Viv up to see if the tale was true. First, the only proof I could accept would be to see it with my own eyes. The question there was two-fold: Could I handle seeing her with another man (or men) and what would I do if it was true. That prompted a third question - did I really want to know? As far as I could tell from looking at other marriages Viv was pretty much top of the line as far as wives went. Did I really want to jeopardize what we had over something that had apparently been going on for some time and that hadn't hurt me at all? Next would be getting her to a party and using a plausible excuse for why I couldn't be there with her and the party also had to be some place where I could observe without being observed. It was a lot to think about and I probably would have spent months thinking about it had not fate taken a hand.

Ralph Miller, one of the guys I worked with, and his wife Angie were going to celebrate their twenty-fifth anniversary with a party. Angie is a good friend of Viv's so Viv would definitely go if I went or not. The party was being held at Ralph and Angie's home which was a one story rambling ranch style house so there were no second floor windows to worry about. It was also sitting in the middle of one acre of land just outside of town which meant no nosy neighbors to be reporting a Peeping Tom and low windows that I could see in. It was also good bet that the shades would not be drawn because of no neighbors and best of all, Viv would surely go. It was almost scary - I couldn't have wished for a better set of circumstances.

I knew about the party before Viv so I primed the pump by telling her that I had to fly to Detroit to take care of some stuff concerning my father's estate. Viv did not care much for my family (nor I hers) so I knew that she would try and beg off going with me and she did. Two days later she got the invitation to Ralph and Angie's party, "Can't you cancel your trip and go the following weekend?"

"No sugar, I can't. This weekend is the only one that all three of my brothers and my sister could agree on. You go ahead and go to the party and have a good time."

That Friday I kissed Viv goodbye and carried my almost empty suitcase out to the car and headed off. Three blocks from the house I turned south and drove to the motel that was closest to Ralph and Angie's. I checked in for two nights and then sat down with the half dozen books I'd brought to read until party time the next day.

On Saturday, as soon as it got dark, I put on my black sweatshirt, a pair of jeans, black tennis shoes and an old Navy watch cap and headed for Ralph's place. It was a cold October night and I didn't expect to run into any partygoers. They might go out on the patio for a breath of fresh air or a smoke break, but I figured that the sides of the house would be safe for me and from the sides I could see into almost every room including the basement. Viv was already there when I got there and I settled into the bushes along side the house and waited to see what I would see.

Over the next three hours I watched Viv go from sober to drunk and I saw more and more liberties taken along the way. Her ass was felt up, her tits were caressed and she was kissed half a dozen times. Three hours into the party Stan walked up to her and handed her a fresh drink and started talking to her. As he talked he kept moving to his side a little at a time and each time he did Viv would move with him. It took me several minutes to realize what was going on - he was herding her toward the door! Five minutes later he had her outside and I was able to move close enough to hear him say, "Damn, it's cold out here. Let's go sit in the car."

Ten minutes later I saw Stan put his hand behind Vivian's head and push it down into his lap. It did not come back up for almost five minutes. Before it did I saw Mike walk out of the house, go out to the car and get in on the other side of Viv. When she came up from Stan's lap Mike's hand pushed her down into his. Stan got out of the car and went back into the house and several minutes later Ralph came out and got in the car and when Viv came up from Mike's lap she was pushed down into Ralph's. Mike went into the house and Dave came out and I wondered how many cocks Viv was going to suck before the night was over. But when Mike went back into the house it was Stan who came back out. He got in the car and waited until Viv's head came up from Dave's lap and then he gave her the fresh drink he'd brought her and I suddenly realized that I had not been paying close attention. Each of the men who had gone out to the car had taken her a fresh drink. They were going to keep her blitzed all night!

Viv finished the drink that Stan had brought her and then Stan and Dave helped her get into the back seat. Minutes later I saw her legs come up as Stan settled down between them and they kicked and waved in the air as Stan fucked her. After Stan it was Dave and then Ralph who was followed by Mike and then two guys I didn't know and then the cycle stared over again until each of the men had fucked Viv a couple of times.

Around three the party began to break up and I wondered what would happen next. Viv was obviously too drunk to drive and I wondered if she would crash at Ralph and Angie's. I wondered if Angie knew that the husband she was celebrating her anniversary with had fucked my wife three times and gotten a blow job. If Viv crashed at their place would Ralph sneak away from Angie in the middle of the night and pay a visit to Vivian?

But Viv never got out of Stan's car. Mike came out of the house with Viv's purse and he must have already taken her car keys out of it because he got in her car. I saw a little convoy form up and head out. Stan was in the lead, followed by Mike, Dave and the two guys I didn't know. I ran for my car and managed to get them in sight and then I tagged along behind them until I realized that they were all heading toward my house. I couldn't see Stan's car from where I was and I wondered if he had Viv's head in his lap as he drove.

I hung way back when they turned into my neighborhood and I gave them plenty of time to get parked and get into the house before I turned the corner and parked at the end of the block. I got out of the car and headed toward the house. Luckily, our house is a ranch style so I had no second floor to contend with and if the blinds weren't closed I should be able to see what was going on. I naturally headed for the bedroom and when I got there I was surprised to see that it was dark. I checked the other two and found the same thing. I moved back to the front of the house and found that they were all in the living room.

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