The Swap Party
Friday A

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, True Story, InLaws, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Foot Fetish,

Desc: True Sex Story: Friday A - A series of letters from a friend describing her adventures before, during, and after a swap party. Posted with her permission. Codes will be updated as more letters are received.

Friday Afternoon

Hi S

I hope you are ok. I'm really sorry about this morning. I tried really hard to stay on but my computer wouldn't let me. I hope we can talk again soon.

I said I'd tell you what happened at the party so here goes. I'll try my best to remember everything. Somethings are a little hazy though. I hope you don't mind if I change names.

I guess I should start on Friday since I ran into one of the other guests while out with Allie. We'd gone out to go to the library and go shopping and just walk around and things when being me I stepped wrong and broke a strap on one of my sandles.

I had some spare shoes and socks in the car to use at the gym. I don't go much but Amy has me keep them in the car any way. She also says it's useful to have them in case of an emergency so I'm glad they were there. So I exchanged my sandles for trainers in the car. And yes I was very careful about how I did it so no one could see up my skirt.

Where we were there are a lot of shops nearby and I remembered there was a shoe store that also did repairs so we drove over to see how much it'd cost to fix them. The sandles were a present and I didn't want to just throw them out for one little strap. I wasn't sure if the store would be open or not though since some of the stores there have odd hours. Mostly they're only open a few hours a day.

I lucked out as the shop was open, so we went in and looked around. We were the only ones in there and it was real quiet. Kind of spooky really. We did call out a little but not too loud. The bell on the door was louder. We didn't want to shout as the place just makes you be quiet. When the owner called my name I about jumped out of my skin. Allie jumped too.

I suppose we looked silly holding each other and shaking but we were scared! He smiled and said "Hi Samantha. I'm sorry. I didn't meen to startle you."

After telling him that it was ok and introducing Ed to Allie I showed him my sandles. He looked at the strap and said "No problem. I'll be back in a few minuets" and he went back into the work room.

I was surprised to see him there. I'd forgotten he ran the place. I was also really embarressed. The last time I was in his shop I was wearing a collar and he was fucking my feet while I sat in one of the chairs that were in the middle of the room. When Allie asked how I knew him I started blushing. Her eyes got big and she said "No way! Him?"

I stammared "He is nice"

She said "Wow" and after a bit asked how I met him. I didn't really want to tell but after a lot of pleading from Allie I finally told her that Julie had introduced us. She said "Ah" like that explained everything. I suppose it does kind of.

We looked around some more before she asked "So what's his thing?"

I was a little confused so when I asked "His thing?" she said "You know. His thing" and I got it.

What was Ed into. I said "Um well" and looked around the shop.

She said "Well" and looked around too. Then she looked back and forth between my face and the shoes for a bit and the she got it. Her eyes got really big and said "No way!" I just blushed and nodded. I think that kind of shocked her.

She said "He,,, and you,,, " and then looked at my feet. I could feel my face getting hotter as I knodded. She said "oh my"

If you haven't guess it by now Ed has a big foot fetish. A real big foot fetish! The last time I was with him, at a party not in the shop, he spent more time on my feet then anywhere else. Not that I minded. It felt good. A bit weird true but good. Besides he give the most increadable foot rubs! I think he only runs the shop so he can have some fun.

After a while he came back out smiling and said "Here we go. Tell me what you think and held my sandles up in the palms of his hands. We were both suprised he was done so fast and came over to look. He'd sewn a new piece of strap over the break and fixed the old one so it wouldn't rub me wrong. Not only that but he'd sewn a piece on the other sandle so they matched. It was increadable! They looked like they were made that way to begin with!

He seemed really pleased with our praise. Then he asked "Shall we try them on?" and I blushed. That usually ment have him put them on my feet and possibly more. I nodded though and let him lead me to the chairs and sat down. When I was sitting he knelt at my feet and looked at me like he was asking permission. I knodded again. Then he tilted his head a little towards Allie who sat next to me, like he was asking is she ok with this? I nodded again and he smiled. He picked up my right foot and begain to untie my shoe.

The took my shoe off and began to massage my foot. It felt soo good! I couldn't help moaning a little. Then he slipped my sock off and tucked it into my shoe. He kissed the top of my foot and then began to massage my foot again. He didn't just massage my foot though. He also massaged my ankle and calf which felt fantastic!

When he finished he lifted my foot again kissed each toe and then the sole of my foot before placing it on his lap. As he did he pressed my foot into his crotch and I could feel his hard cock. Then he picked up my left foot set it on the thigh and started untying that shoe.

The thing is he placed my right leg so it naturally turned out and with my left leg up and bent he could see right up my skirt. It was embarressing. Even more so with Allie right there watching. She gasped as she saw him look up after as he took my shoe off and smile. So I know she knew what he was doing.

What was worse was that it was also terribly arousing and by the time he'd finished massaging my left foot I was biting my lip to keep from moaning and trying not to squirm in the chair, while praying he couldn't see I was getting wet and knowing that he could.

While he was rubbing my left foot he said that he'd gotten an invitation to Julie and Brian's party and asked if I was going. I knodded yes and his smile got bigger. He sucked my big toe and it made me gasp. I think Allie gasped too but I'm not sure.

Then he said "Let's try on your sandles and see how they fit" and pressed that foot against his cock. Then he placed my right sandle on his thigh, picked up my right foot gave it one more kiss and then slipped the sandle on it. Then he buckled the strap and let my leg rest and moved to my left foot. By the time he'd finished buckling that sandle both knees were up my thighs were spread, my skirt was in my lap, and my wet panties were totally exposed.

Nobody moved for a bit after that. It was like time had stopped. I was breathing hard though. I felt so hot! He asked how they felt and t took me a couple tries before I could say good. Then he slid his hands over my feet, over my ankles, up my calfs and shins to my knees closing my legs as he did so. Some how that felt so intimate I could help gasping. Then he kissed my knees and then ran his hands back down to my feet, lifted them off his lap and placed them on the floor. Then he stood up and took my hand and said "Try walking around some and tell me how they feel" and helped me up.

I felt a bit selfconsious walking around with them watching me. I always have felt that way in those kind of situations. It was worse this time though because while my feet and legs felt energised and alive my knees were wobbly. I think he knew this because he took my hand again and walked me around the shop a few times.

When was came back to our seats he asked how the sandles felt. They felt great. Like new! That made him smile a lot when I told him. He asked if it was rubbing wrong and I said no. He guided me back to my chair took off my sandle just to make sure and then put it back on and said I was all set. After I thanked him he asked Allie how she was doing. She squeaked, blushed and said she was ok. He asked how her sandles fit and she said ok again. He asked not to tight or too lose. She shook her head and then said "Well" and then said it felt a little tight across the top of her foot but that it didn't bother her.

He asked Allie if he could look and after looking at me to make sure it would be ok she let him look. I think it was his tone that helped. It was more professional I guess? It was also very gentle.

He took her sandles and socks off and then rubbed the lines off of her feet. He gave her a nice foot massage too though he didn't take things as far as he had with me. I think he didn't want to scare her. When she was relaxed he gave her the same questioning look and after looking at me gave a little nod. He smiled and gave each foot a kiss. Then he gave her feet a gentle squeeze and placed them back on the floor. He excused himself and went back into the back. Allie looked like she was tried to figure out if she was disapointed or relieved that he'd stopped there.

He came back a couple minuets later and slipped Allies sandles back on her feet and walked around the store with her. She looked thrilled. I guess he'd done something to stretch the straps a bit because they weren't tight anymore and she could wear them without them rubbing the top of her foot raw.

We both thanked him and when we asked how much we owed him he said it was nothing and not to worry about it. I asked if he was sure and he said he was was happy to help and told us to let him know if we had any problems. We thanked him again and he walked us to the door just outside though he gave me a hug said he was looking forward to seeing me tomarrow. I felt my face flush, my nipples harden, my pussy gush, and my feet start tingling. The he gave me a light kiss and reminded us to call if we had any problems and backed into the shop and the door closed. Allie said wow. I was speachless, aroused, and totaly stunned! I'd just let Ed play with my feet and got aroused from it. And then made a date to fuck him the next day! All while Allie watched!

She had to try a couple of times before we started walking back to the car. On the way I asked if she'd mind if we went straight home and she giggled and said that would be ok.

When we got home I gave Amy a long deep kiss and said "Take me to bed please!" She looked back and forth between me and Allie and then shrugged, scooped me up and took me to bed. I'm pretty sure Allie heard me but I don't care! It was increadable!

I've got to go now. I'll write and tell you about the party later.

Love you

Friday Evening

Hi S

Here's the rest of what happened over the weekend.

After Amy and I made love we cuddled and talked about the party for a while. I was nervous about it. I still am really. I haven't done this kind of swap before. We've swapped but not one on one like this or with the rules the way they are.

We talked it over and she reasured me that everything would be ok and then we made love again. This time it was nice and slow without the desperate urgency I felt before. Just soft kisses and gentle touches. It was wonderful.

When we finished it was close to dinner time so we got dressed, me in a bathrobe and Amy in a t-shirt and shorts, and went into the kitchen. Allie was helping Ben set the table while Trish and John cooked. Laura was trying to get Allie to tell her what had happened at the shoe shop. When they saw us come in they looked at us and smiled. That was embarressing! Amy looked pleased with her self though.

Trish and John are our roommates and Allie stays over with us alot as we live closer to the college than her parents. Ben and Laura are good friends and family and we have a special relationship with them. I'd forgotten what day it was while I was with Amy so I was a bit surprised to see them. I was also a bit embarrassed as well as pleased. I love them both a lot! Amy's first but they're a very close second. I think she feels the same. Only with me being first for her. If she didn't we wouldn't have the relationship we have have now. They'd just be good friends.

They all said hi and Laura said "It sounded like you had fun." to which Trish said "At least they didn't wake me up this time". I could feel my face getting hotter and hotter. Then Laura said that she was trying to get Allie to tell her what had happened in the shoe store and asked me what had happened. I guess Allie had let something slip while they were waiting for us. Trish and John wanted to know too. Ben asked if it could wait a while.

When they asked why, he said he needed to borrow me for a while and gave me a pained look.

I guess we kind of had an effect on him.

Amy said "Sure. The keys are on the dresser."

Ben said thanks and grabbed my hand and pulled me along after him. While I was waiting for him to undress I hear John say that he'd "never trap his cock in one of thos things" and Trish ask Laura how she could stand it. I heard her say that she was boiling and that she'd cum in a second if she could. Then Ben groaned as I unlocked and removed his cock from the tube. Then Ben was pulling me to the bathroom to wash. Somehow my bathrobe got taken off along with his clothes so we were both naked as we dashed through the hall and into the shower.

Ben came as soon as I started washing him but he didn't go soft. When he was clean I sucked him a little and then we dried off. As soon as we were dry he picked me up and carried me back to the bedroom. He placed me on the bed and then laying next tom me and leaning over kissing me and caressing me.

After sucking my nipples he kissed me on the lips again and when I spread my legs he slid between then and then into me. He felt so good!

I guess we got to Laura though. Just as I was getting close to cumming Laura appeared in the doorway. Her breasts were exposed and she was panting heavily. She had this desperate look on her face when she asked where the keys were. I knew how she felt and felt bad for keeping her locked up so I quickly pointed to them. She pounced on them and turned to Amy and begged "Please!"

As soon as Amy said ok her skirt was off and Amy unlocked the chastity belt. She tried to rub her pussy but Amy slapped her hands away and said "No touching remember?" Laura gave a strangled cry and ran from the room. Amy chuckled and said "I knew she couldn't last" and then Laura reached back in and yanked Amy out of the room.

Ben came watching that. He'd continued to fuck me while watching Laura undress. When he came in the shower I'd thought he'd cum a lot but I think he came even more this time. I felt like he'd flooded me. I didn't mind though. It felt good. Thinking about it now it felt right too. Condoms are nice and I feel safer with them but it just feels right to me to feel the guys cum in me. It's where it belongs after all.

Anyway after Ben came he collapsed on top of me and lay there panting for a while. When he'd caught his breath he lifted off of me and started to applogise but I stopped him by kissing him. I suppose you think it's weird not being upset that I didn't get to cum but I wasn't. And it's not like it was his fault we got interrupted. Well I suppose it was our fault in a way but you know what I meen. And even it we hadn't gotten interrupted it would have been ok. I still felt really good. I'm not saying that an orgasm wouldn't have been nice. And they are really nice! It's just sometimes for me sex is more about love and sharing more than the end result. Yes sometimes sex is about the orgasm but sometimes it isn't. And even when it is when there's love with it the orgasm is so much better! I'm making a mess of this. I'm sorry.

Any way. After I kissed him he kissed me back and we just held each other for a while until I felt him slip out of me. Then he rolled off me and onto his side. Then we heard a tapping. It was Allie. She was holding her hands over her eyes and trying not to peek. I blushed but I could tell Ben was grinning. She stammered a bit but told us dinner was ready. We thanks her and said we'd be in as soon as we got dressed.

Since the shower was occupied, and we were both hungry we just started getting dressed. I slipped on a pair of panties and my robe while he pulled on his undershirt and started looking for the rest of his clothes. They were kind of scattered about.

He found his boxers and sat to put them on when I stopped him. His cock was still all shiny and wet and I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable later on so I knelt in front of him and took his cock into my mouth to clean it. I think he liked that as he moaned and started running his hands through my hair. I liked it too. : )

When it was clean of us I let his cock slip from my mouth and blushing gave it a kiss and tucked it in to his underwear. He bent and kissed the top of my head and finished dressing. He'd just pulled his shirt on when Amy and Laura came back in dripping wet. I guess they couldn't wait to dry off.

Amy shoved Laura onto the bed then turned and gave me a kiss. When she released me I was a bit weak in the knees. She said to save some dinner for them and then dived between Laura's open thighs making her gasp.

We left them with a smile and went into the dining room and froze. Sitting at the dinning were Allie's parents. They weren't upset though. They looked pleased really. Everyone did really. Tim said "Have a seat. It sounds like you two worked up quite an appetiet. Trish started laughing and the rest followed. Even Ben laughed and agreed. I was so embarressed I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. Ben had an arm around me and gave me a squeeze which made me smile even though I was still blushing. He pulled a chair out for me but just as I was about to sit Andrea stopped me.

She said "Wait Sam. You can't sit yet."

I was confused and asked "Why?"

Her answer shocked me. "Because you'll never get pregnant with his cum leaking out of your pussy like it is"

Allie and me both exclaimed "Mom!" and "Andrea!" at the same time. I think even Ben was shocked as his arm tightened against me.

Andrea just gave me a look and said "Don't give me that. You're not using any protection and he came in you right?"

I knodded dumbly. I still don't know how she found out about that.

Allie yelled "Mom!" again but Andrea just said "Hush dear you'll understand when you start trying." Allie's face got so red so fast! She looked down at her plate and I heard her say "Mom" really quietly.

Tim reached over and patted her hand and said "Not too soon I hope." and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Allie's face got ever redder and she said "Dad!" even quieter than she'd said "Mom". I'm pretty sure she wanted to join me under the floor right then. I'd have made room for her.

Andrea smiled at Allie and then turned back to me and said "Now you sister of mine need to get horizontal."

Trish just had to say "Isn't that how she got this way to begin with?"

John spit out his coffee and Tim nearly fell off his chair laughing. Even Allie was trying not to smile. Forget under the floor. I wanted to keep going until I got to China! China still sounds nice. Or maybe Tibet?

Ok yes we are trying but we're not trying really hard. Mom says the stress of trying makes it harder. And we're not exactly in a hurry. Well I am but the others aren't. So we're just taking things easy and enjoying each other while hoping it happens. The thing is we hadn't told any of them we were trying. Allie swore later that she hadn't told them and that she hadn't even known for sure. Amy's whole family is kind of like that. It's kind of spooky at times but it's also nice because if something happens the whole family is there for you.

Andrea still laughing took me from Ben, spun me around and marched me back into the living room. When we got to the couch she spun me around again and pushed me down on it. I tried to protest that it wasn't time but she ignored me and called over her shoulder for Tim while pushing me back down. She moved out of the way just in time for him to grab my ankles and lift them up over his head so only my shoulders, neck, and head were still on the couch.

I screamed in suprise and my robe flew "up" into my face. And naturally he couldn't hold my ankles together. Oh no. He held them spread apart so everyone could see where the cum had soaked through my panties. While I was trying to cover my self I heard Andrea say "All that sperm wasted" and then I was being spun around and deposited on the end of the couch with my lower back raised up on a cushin, my thighs were on the arm of the couch, and my lower legs and feet dangling in the air off the side. I felt like I was upside down as my head was lower than my hips.

I tried to get up again but Andrea held me down and told me quite firmly that I was staying put and that if I tried to get up before she said that she'd call mom. She would do it too. And Anne would come too! So I laid there like a good girl even though I wasn't happy about it. I did get to at least cover up again. When I heard Allie ask and Andrea explain that I had to stay I like that to make sure the sperm got to wear it was supposed to go I groaned and covered my face with a pillow. China didn't sound far enough away then. It still doesn't.

After a while the noise from our bedroom stopped and Amy and Laura came out. Amy looked happy though Laura looked a little worn out and was leaning against Amy. Amy just had a tank top and shorts on. All Laura had was her blouse which was kind of see through and completely unbuttoned. I'm not sure she noticed though. She looked kind of dazed.

Amy stopped and asked what I was doing on the couch and I heard silverwear dropping and laughter coming from the kitchen. I told her to ask our beloved sister and went back to being grumpy. I couldn't help it. I was hungry and embarrassed. Besides she was standing on the opposite end of the couch from my feet, so she was above me, and talking upside down makes me dizzy.

Amy took Laura into the dinning room and got the story. She laughed told me sorry and then they started eating. I aked if I could have something to eat. I didn't get anything. I asked a couple more times. Then Tim said Ben could give me something to eat.

I heard Ben say "Sure" and then it sounded like he was dishing me up some food. Yay Food!

Just before he could bring it to me though Trish asked "And where are you taking that?"

Ben said it was for me and Trish told him in no uncertain terms was I eating spagetti upside down on the couch. I wasn't sure how I'd eat upside down anyway but I was willing to try. I was hungry. I yelled "What can I eat?"

Trish nixed everything we were having for dinner and more. I think she was just being difficult. We eat munchies on the couch all the time and she was denighing me crackers. I complained again and Tim told Ben again to go feed me. I should have kept my mouth shut.

From where I was I could see part of the dinning room. so I could see some of them but not all. I couldn't hear them either, when they were quiet, but I saw Allie gasp. Her hands covered her mouth and her eyes got really big. The others started laughing. I knew what ever it was, was going to be so embarressing. I started to get up when I heard Andrea tell me not to move. So I resigned my self to whatever happened. Then Ben came out stood in front of me and pushed his pants and underwear down, freeing his cock. I think my look of shock matched Allie's.

I tried to protest, not that he isn't yummy. I'd have done sucked him gladly if they all didn't know I was doing it and couldn't see. They kept countering all my arguments though. Finally I said that Allie could see but someone said "It wasn't anything she hadn't see me do before." I think both of us prayed Scotty would save us.

Ben appologised, though he was smiling, and said that they wouldn't let him bring anything else. I heard Laura say that she thought I liked sucking him. Tim said to pretend he was a lollypop. Amy suggested a sucker. Trish a tootsie pop. Then John asked how many licks it took to get to the center of Ben's tootsie pop and they all started laughing again. They were having way too much fun.

I saw Andrea's head pop out and she said "I thought you were hungry?"

Then I heard John say "I could feed her."

Followed by Tim saying "I could give her seconds."

John replied "That sounds like desert to me" which was followed by a choking noise and the girls laughing. I think Tim forgot John was gay. I'm pretty sure I saw Allie trying to sneak out but I can't say for sure since Ben blocked my view. I'd pulled him closer started sucking on him. It didn't sound like I was getting off the couch until I'd sucked one of them and he was my choice. Besides he is yummy.

So there I am lying with my pussy in the air, and sucking Ben's cock while they finished dinner and started on ice cream. I think I got the better meal even though I was embarrassed. Ice cream would have been nice though. When he moaned Trish called out "Don't spill any on the couch!".

Someone else said "Better in than out" and they all were all laughing again.

Ben knelt on the edge of the couch facing fowards my feet and lifted my head so I could suck him. He reached down and helped support my head while the other opened my robe and started caressing my breasts. I moaned and then he groaned. Then he moved closer and put one leg under my head so my head was resting on the inside of his thigh. I had to to turn my head towards him more and tilt my head back further but that made the angle better as he was almost over me facing towards my feet. The he reached up with his free hand and started rubbing my clit through my panties. That made me moan more. I think he liked me moaning as he started rocking his hips and gently fucking my mouth.

After he made me cum I laid there enjoying the glow while holding his cock in my mouth. I felt good. And I'd managed to forget the others for a while. I was twirling my tongue around the head when Ben grunted and flooded my mouth with his cum. I was surprised and had to work to swallow it all. Some still spilled out but I wiped it off my cheek with my finger and then licked it clean. Ben kissed my tummy which made me smile. Then he leaned back and Andrea was leaning over me.

"Did you enjoy your appentizer?" she asked and I just groaned and covered my face with the pillow again. The others started laughing and I suppose it was funny and I did enjoy it but still. I can only take so much teasing even when it's nice teasing. I started to cry.

Andrea sat on the edge of the couch and pulled the pillow away from me. Then she appologised for teasing me so much and said she only did it because she loved me. The others had joined her and agreed. Then she kissed me on the forhead and said lets get you some dinner. Then she patted Ben's cock on the head and said "Good boy"

That made me giggle. The others started too. Ben did something that made his cock twitch and she said "Down boy" and everyone was laughing. Then Amy was kissing me and everything felt better. Dinner was good too.

We talked and they got the shoe store story out of Allie and me. Amy already knew as I'd told her earlier in bed. Andrea and Tim teased Allie about letting Ed kiss her feet. Allie was looking as upset as I felt earlier so I said "Andrea" and when she looked at me I just stared back and she blushed. Then she told Allie she was glad she enjoyed the foot massage and kissed her cheek. Allie looked so surprised! I don't think she was expecting her mom to drop it like that. Tim started to say something but I think Andrea kicked him under the table as he jumped.

We talked more for a while and then they left as it was getting late. They did make us promise to give them all the details later though. After everyone had left. Amy and I went to bed. She held me until I fell asleep. I think she might have wanted more but I really needed her to hold me then. It had been an emotional day and I was scared about the party. She made me feel safe and loved though so I could relax and sleep. I did get up during the night and tried to talk to you but you weren't on so I went back to bed.

That's all for right now as I've got to go. I'm sorry it's taking so long to tell you the details though. It's just easier to talk than it is to type though. I could try to type faster but then my fingers get into knots and I type some weird words that I can't even understand. So I guess it's better for me to go slow than it is fast. I'll try to tell you more about the party soon.

Love you

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