Revenge or Is It?

by slutsam2002

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Cuckold, Interracial, .

Desc: True Sex Story: A row on his birthday leads to sexual adventure

This happened about three months after my one night stand in Liverpool with Keith.

It was Chris's birthday; Chris was my long term boyfriend/partner at the time. We had been going steady for about eight years.

We had decided a couple of days earlier that we would go out for a meal and then onto a late night showing at the cinema.

It was about six in the evening when we started to get ready, Chris and I both climbed into the shower. I wanted this to be a special night for Chris, so I took Chris's cock in my fingers and started to masterbate him. It didn't take long before his cock thickened and became quite hard with my ministrations. Whilst I was doing this Chris reached out and cupped my cunt. He slipped his middle finger in between my lips and sawed his hand gently back and forth, this sent shivers up and down my spine and I could feel my clit starting to protrude.

Chris then added a second finger, so that he could squeeze my clit and rub both my cunt lips at the same time. This sends me wild having pressure applied to my clit and lips simultaneously. He then moved his other hand up to my right tit where he started to rub and pinch my nipple. I grasped his head with my free hand and pulled it down to so his mouth was on my other tit. Chris need no instructions and quickly started sucking it, as he sucked my nipple I curled my hand around his now erect cock and pumped faster and a little bit harder.

Chris sucked on my nipple, making it hard and stand out, he then gently bit down on it and pulled his head backwards, pulling my nipple out.

I felt a familiar feeling warm feeling start from my throbbing clit and surge up to my belly, at the same time a tingle swept down from my nipples and collided together. My knees felt like rubber and I moaned "Oh God, Yes, faster darling faster." My orgasm was fast approaching. Chris, suddenly shoved two fingers into my wet cunt, and that did it my orgasm hit, I saw sparks before my eyes, moaned out load and leant on Chris for support as my legs gave way.

After recovering somewhat, I realised that I still had Chris's cock in my hand, pushing him back against the shower wall; I stepped in close so that his cock was pressed up against my belly. I continued to rub him and start kissing him, I told him that 'I have a big surprise for you when we get back to night', Chris's cock started to throb in my hand at this, I knew what going through his mind, he would get to fuck me. Chris doesn't last long when I wank him, he usually cums in a very short time and today was no exception. I felt his cock expand and jerk twice as he came. Chris groaned as his cum spurted out and covered my stomach. As I continued to milk his cock, I rubbed his cum over my skin with the head. The final dribbles of cum oozed over my fingers, quickly brining my fingers up to my mouth I licked each one clean.

The look on Chris's face was of shock as he knew I didn't like the taste of cum, but that was before Keith had persuaded me to suck him clean after fucking me in Liverpool and again after mixing his seed with Simons who had also emptied himself in my cunt when I was passed out.

I placed each finger in turn in my mouth and slowly sucked it clean; Chris's jaw nearly hit the floor at this.

Smiling at him I said "Just you wait till we get back tonight".

Making an 'o' with my lips, I pushed my index finger quickly in and out several time like it was a cock.

Grabbing Chris's head with both hands I quickly kissed him and told him to leave and let me finish getting ready.

As it was Chris's birthday, I had secretly bought some new underwear from an Anne Summers lingerie shop in Leeds. This consisted matching, very pale blue lace half cup bra, thong knickers and a suspender belt, I had also purchased a pair of black lace topped seamed stockings and a pair of 4" black high heel shoes. When Chris was at work I would wear the shoes around the house to get used to walking in them and to break them in, so that they would not give me blisters.

After getting out of the shower and drying myself, I could not stop thinking of what Chris would do when I suck him till he cums in my hot mouth and then swallows it.

I finished towelling myself dry and started to get dressed. First of all I put the suspender belt on and then rolled a stocking up each leg, taking care not to ladder them and also ensuring each seam was striaght, and I then attached them to the clips on the suspender belt. The nylon stockings and especially the lace tops rubbing against my skin made me feel as if each leg was being continually caressed. I could feel myself starting to get horny and my cunt moisten slightly as I took several steps to pick up the thong lying on the end of the bed, the suspender belt straps were gently biting into my bare flesh with every stride.

Deep down inside I knew I must ignore the heat that was starting to build up in my cunt, or else I would never finish getting dressed to go out. I sat down and on the bed and put each foot into the thong and pulled them up over my knees, standing I gently eased them all the way up. They fit perfectly, but felt weird in a good way, turning to face the dressing table mirror, I saw myself wearing my first thong.

I was shocked by what I saw but also thrilled at the same time,

the pale blue lace was tight against my cunt and revealed everything. I saw that it made my lips bulge out, making my cleft clearly visible and I could see my clit as the lace pressed against it.

"WOW" I thought, "If this is what it's like, I will wear more of them in future".

I just had find out what they felt like, so I reached down and lightly rubbed my mound. I could feel my cunt hair and also every crease and fold of my lips but it was when I touched my clit that I nearly lost it. My light touch sent a jolt of electricity racing up my spine.

Reluctantly I stopped feeling my thong covered cunt and I reached out and grabbed the bra, putting it on, I felt the lace hug my breasts and as the half cups tightened against them, the lace came up just under each nipple, with my teats resting on the lace. Looking at myself in the mirror I knew Chris would be pleased as I looked like one of the women from his girlie mags. He thinks I don't know he buys them, but I do and I like to read the stories as I masterbate and fuck myself with my toys.

I was hoping that tonight we would have some hard wild fucking around the house and not just in the bed room. Chris always likes it slow and takes a long time, giving me oral sex for ages before making me cum with his tongue, he says 'he loves the taste of my hot wet cunt'. He will then fuck me but Chris cums fairly quickly, usually within minutes after putting his 6" cock in me.

Tonight I wanted him to last longer, that's why I jerked him off in the shower, deeply hoping that with me dressed this way would do it.

{Boy, it's funny how wrong a girl can be but also right at the same time).

I put on a dark blue long sleeved blouse and a 3/4 length split black skirt, with a two button waist band, the split came to about four inches below my hips and there was also a button about mid thigh to stop it coming open. I was just putting the finishing touches to my make-up when Chris shouted "Sam the taxi will be here in ten minutes"

"OK love I'll be down in five" I shouted back, and applied a dark red lipstick.

As I descended the stairs I could feel the lace on my bra rubbing against my nipples and causing jolts of pleasure to emanate from them, this combined with the pressure of my thong against my clit and the suspenders on my thighs was going to make for a very interesting night out.

{As it turned out, it was a very interesting night but not in the way I imagined it would}

Anyway I tried to ignore the sensations that my underwear was causing as I joined Chris in the living room, when I saw him I was disappointed that he had not made any real effort for tonight as we had planned it days ago. Chris was dressed in jeans, trainers and a long sleeved shirt and before I could say anything to him, the taxi beeped his horn.

Chris said "Ok that'll be him", and took my hand and left, with Chris locking up behind us.

We had booked a table at a restaurant called the 'Coccina'. It was supposed to be a very good but quite Mexican restaurant. Anyway we entered the place and was shown to our table and ordered our food.

Neither of us realized how much chilli they use in their food and we ordered some wine to drink with our meals. Chris does not normally drink but because of the hot spicy food and the occasion we had two bottles of white wine, with Chris consuming most of it. I stopped at three glasses, as I didn't want to be drunk when we got home.

All thought the meal Chris was kept running his hand up and down my leg, trying to reach my covered cunt, He knows that I go wild having my clit played with and my cunt fingered, this always starts my cunt leaking it's juice. He would then go down on me and lick, suck and finger my hot cunt for ages making me cum several times. Tonight I was not going to let him get that far, -well not just yet, maybe I would let reach his goal in the cinema. Several times he got close to finding out I was wearing stockings. You see Chris has a fetish about stockings, he told me that 'he likes the feel of them rubbing against his skin when he sucks my cunt and when he fucks me. Every time he neared the tops of them I stopped him from finding out I was wearing them.

I knew Chris would get more frustrated as the evening wore on. I hoped by doing this he would be more aggressive in our love making, by just fucking me long and hard with no foreplay.

The light touch of Chris's hand caressing my leg, combined with the sensations of my new underwear was very erotic and being in such a public place was making my cunt pulse and my nipples harden. I knew that I would soon loose all control and not be able to stop Chris from discovering part of his birthday present.

Just As I thought I could not take anymore the waiter came over and enquired 'if the meal had been satisfactory'.

'Saved by they bell' I thought and told Chris that "we had better get going or we'll miss the film"

We paid for our meal and left, walking to the nearest taxi rank we had to pass a night club called meastro's.

As we walk passed the club, two of Chris's friends spotted him and came over and wished him 'happy birthday'.

They all started chatting, Chris was somewhat drunk from the wine but they talked for about ten minutes before they persuaded him to join them in the club. I really didn't want to go, as I wanted tonight for ourselves but reluctantly I agreed to join them, hoping I could persuade Chris to leave after a short time in there.

Once inside Chris completely forgot that I was with him. His friends kept buying him drinks; I could see that most were doubles of some sort. After about an hour of this, he was very drunk, and was staggering about. His friends thought this was funny but the management didn't, a bouncer came over to Chris and asked him to leave.

As we left the night club, Chris was trying to apologise and make up for ignoring me. He tried kissing me and holding me but I wanted none of it, I had had enough and wanted to go home. He started to feel my leg and discovered the button holding the lower half of my skirt together. He tried to undo it but instead he tore it off. That did it, I'd had enough of him so I slapped him hard, and told him to "Fuck off; I've had it with you so get your own bloody taxi, you bastard".

Chris just stood there in shock as I got into a taxi and drove off

When the driver ask "where to Love?" I saw that the driver was black, I mean really black, like the colour of a very dark room.

So I told him, it wasn't till a couple of minutes into the journey that I caught him looking at me in the rear view mirror, when he saw me looking at him, he asked "Who was that drunken sod, your husband"

"No just my boyfriend and He's not normally like that" I replied without thinking, "It's just that today's his birthday and he's had a bit too much to drink".

He then enquired "So tonight was going to be special evening for him then" and at the same time he reached up and adjusted the rear view mirror.

Several thoughts whirled round in my head, 'Do I tell him No, Then the names Keith and Simon popped into my head, and an inner voice was telling me to tell him yes'. Not only were there these thoughts but there was also something about him that was making me want him, some sort of animalistic attraction that drew me to him.

So after a short pause I answered "yes, it was going to be special night".

It was then that I saw why he had moved the mirror. My skirt was open exposing my nylon clad legs; he could clearly see my stockings and my white thighs.

The funny thing was that the thought of this black taxi driver, oogling them was making me hot again.

I made no attempt to cover them, in fact I 'indavertently moved my legs slightly, allowing my skirt to open even more. I could feel the cool air on the tops my thighs and so I knew he could clearly see them and possibly catch a glimpse of my thong...

As he drove, he continued to look more and more in the rear view mirror at me.

I could feel my cunt moistening again, my clit throb and my nipples harden as I closed my eyes and leaned back and wondered if a real black cock would be anything like using my black vibrator. As I was wondering what a black cock would feel like, vivid images of the first time I used my black vibrator came to flooding back to me.

It couple of days after the night that Keith fucked me. I couldn't stop imagining what Simons, Asian cock would have felt like, if he had fucked me when I was awake. So I had secretly went out and bought a vibrator, I tried to get a brown one but couldn't, so it had to be a black one. I guessed that Simons cock was about 8" the same size as Keith's, I got one roughly the same length.

I used it the very next day after Chris had gone to work leaving me in bed. As I got the vibrator from it's hiding place, I passed my dressing table and saw my self, suddenly an idea popped into my head, ' why not see it as well. With this I adjusted the mirror so it was pointing at the bed. Sitting there on the bed, holding it in my hand I was surprised at the contrast between it and my pale skin. Rubbing my hand over it, I felt very wanton, looking at myself in the mirror I raised to my lips and started to lick and kiss the head. With my other hand I started to play with my nipples. As I rolled, squeezed and gently pinched them, I wondered if Simon had done the same thing with them that night and a small shudder went through me. My nipples became very hard and stood out further than I'd ever known. I pushed more of the vibrator into my mouth and started to suck it. In the mirror I could see my cheecks hollowing, and a sparkle in my eyes, that I never knew I had.

It was then that I realalized why men want us to look at them when sucking them. The vibrator sliding into my mouth, my hollow cheecks and eyes sparkling all made for one big erotic sight.

At this piont I slowly lowered my hand onto my covered mound, and was astounded at how wet my knickers were, they soaking wet with my juice. Looking at myself at them I could see that the crotch had changed colour.

My knickers were yellow, but my juice had turned them much darker.I could see that they had gone slightly transparent with it. As I placed my hand on my mound and slowly stroked myself, I could feel my orgasm start to build slowly.

Lowering the vibrator to my tits, very slowly I rubbed and pressed against each one in turn. The hardness of my nipples made it feel like they were being pushed into my tits. I felt jolts of pleasure when I pressed my new toy against them. My orgasm was starting to gather pace, the pulses from my cunt were getting quicker and stronger. My breathing became faster and beads of sweat were appearing over me.

I couldn't wait any longer, so I lay down with my head propped up by a couuiple of pillows at the head of the bed and frantically pulled at my knickers, nearly tearing them off me in my haste. Planting my feet flat on the bed with my heels tight against my ass. I forced my knees wide apart, as I did this I actually saw my cunt lips peel apart giving me a 'man's view' of my wet slit and fuck hole... I grabbed the vibrator and quickly rubbed it up and down my wet slit. I nearly hit the ceiling as I saw and felt this big black cock scrape my clit.

Placing it at the entrance to my very wet hole I paused before gently easing it inside me.

It was uncomfortable at first, but I was determined to take it all, I could feel my cunt stretching to accomadate this black intruder. Slowly I started to ease it further in; looking down I could see my cunt lips being pulled out and then pushed in as I gently fucked myself.

"NO this is wrong, Simon would have just fucked me hard and fast" my

subconcious said, and deep down I knew it to be true.

'He had just used my cunt as a recepticle for his spunk, not carring that I was asleep, all he had wanted was to empty his balls in me'.

so I started to pump the vibrator faster into me.

My God, It looked and felt fantasic, watching this 'black thing' using my cunt. I could feel my orgasm building fast, my belly was on fire, my nipples ached and I could feel my cunt juices wetting my heels as it oozed out around the vibrator.

I started to buck my hips in time with my thrusting and I hit my cervix several times. As I was doing this I used my free hand to rub my clit.

I was so close to cumming that it hurt, I gave a one last hard shove and simultaneously squeezed hard at my clit. That sent me plummeting over the edge, I bucked and screamed, my cunt hair was matted with cunt juice, I was sweating profusely, but most of all I was happy but extremly tired. Leaving the vibrator inside me, I turned onto my side and started to drift off to sleep. As I closed my eyes, I felt the vibrator slip from inside me, my cunt unwilling to let it go. As if finally slid out of me I felt an emptiness and a longing to fill it.

The driver brought me back to the present by saying "I'm Wayne by the way"

He asked me my name to which I replied "Sam, short for Samantha" and he generally gave me lots compliments, telling me things like, I had really nice name and that I was very beautiful.

I just smiled at him and said "That's very nice of you to say so".

He also told me that "If you were my girl, I would not go off and get drunk"

Chris hadn't said anything like that to me in months, and I felt really flattered by it. As I looked at the back of his head I wondered if he was trying to chat me up.

As the taxi approached my home I dug into my purse for my keys, as I found them, the image of Wayne pounding my hot cunt flashed before my eyes, it was then that I knew I had to see if he wanted me, so I exclaimed "OH fuck, No"

Wayne stopped the car twisted round and asked "what's wrong?"

"My keys aren't here so I'll have to wait for my boyfriend to get back" I stated.

"Look, I'll tell you what, I've nearly finished for tonight so Why don't you come back to my place and wait" he offered.

"I don't know," I said, already knowing that I would go.

"It's up to you Sam. but its freezing outside and you could be waiting for quite sometime" Wayne said.

I already knew this but looked anyway, just to give the impression I didn't. He continued saying "and the drunken stated your boyfriend is in, No taxi will pick him up".

"I suppose your right" I said, "but only a couple of hours and you'll bring me back", inwardly I was overjoyed, He Was chatting me up, but I hoped it wasn't obvious.

I insisted that I pay the amount the, as I got the money out, Wayne radioed in and told them he was calling it quits for the rest of the night.

As he drove to his home I found out he was 35 yrs old and from Gambia, he also told me he was single but had a one brother who was married with a fourteen year old son. It turned out that Wayne lived on the other side of Bradford. We pulled up to a block of flats and getting out I saw there were three other blocks arranged in a square.

When we approached the main door to the flats, Wayne opened it for me, and as I entered he put his hand on my arm. His hand felt hot on my arm and a small shiver shook my body.

Taking the lift to his flat I expected him to try something but he didn't.

'I felt disappointed, was it just my imagination that he asked me back here to his place to try to fuck me, or was he just feeling sorry for me.

I hoped it was to fuck me, as the constant sensations of my new cloths and my thoughts were sendng me crazy with lust that I could bearly conceal or contain.

'I was ready for some hot raw fucking, but were my hopes of this non-exsistant'.

Upon entering his flat, we went into the lounge where Wayne turned on the lights and also put some music on and then came over to me and asked me to dance.

I agreed and stepped closer to him, he put his arms around my waist and held me close. I could feel the heat eminating from his body and it felt good, we danced like this for several minutes before I felt his hand slide down onto my ass. when I didn't object to this, Wayne moved his other hand down as well, he started the knead my cheecks. I streched up and slid my arms around his neck pulling us tighter together. I could feel my cunt gettimg wetter and I knew that Wayne

could possible feel my very hard nipples pressing into his chest. I grasped Waynes head and pulled him down to me, kissing him. He pushed his toungue into my mouth and started to explore my mouth, I'm not sure how long we kissed for but it semed like ages.

Wayne shifted position slightly, he moved one leg in between mine. I knew he was trying to prise mine apart, as he did this I could feel his cock pressing into my leg. It felt a lot bigger than chris's or even Kieth's, it seemed to be twice the size of my boyfriends.

I slowly eased my feet further apart giving Wayne easier access. He took advantage of this by pulling me towards him, my mound firmly resting on his thigh.

As we continued dancing, he rubbed his leg over my mound, caressing my ass and kissing me, all this was making me hotter and hotter.

With the constant pressure and the rubbing of his thigh on my mound plus all the arousal from earlier was making me shake, I could feel my body approaching release.

I held Wayne even tighter to me whilst forciing my cunt harder down onto his leg and grating my hip from side to side, I felt my clit swell even more and the heat from it spread throughout my body. I knew that I was close; Wayne must have sensed I was close because he pushed his thigh quite hard into my mound, and squeesed me, almost like he was trying to crush me.

I felt helpless, weak and small in his embrace, unable and unwilling to stop him doing what he wanted. My pulse rate was racing and I moaned as my cunt let loose flooding my knickers. This blackman had made me cum just from dancing with him

Wayne must have felt me cum because he suddenly released me without saying anything. moved across the room and sat down on the settee and said in a soft voice "Strip for me Sam".

At first I didn't quite catch what he said, but then he repeated it slightly louder and undid his tousers exposing himself and smiled at me.

I looked him striaght in the face and then diliberatly lowered my eyes, I saw Wayne's cock which was by now fully erect as he slowly played with himself.

His was the first real black cock I had ever seen, I had seen pictures of others in some of the magazines Chris buys and the sight of a real one was definately turning me on.

Adding to this was thought that anyone could be watching from the other blocks through the open curtians of Wayne's flat.

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